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Well-Dressed Newscasters, Weather Forecasters, TV Hosts and Hostesses...And Some Not So Well-Dressed

I watch WNBC for local news mainly, and I've noticed that they have the best-dressed newscasters et al. Janice Huff, the Weather Forecaster, is the best-dressed of the lot. she has a flair for what looks good on her. Raphael Miranda (a new crush) dresses well, too.

The hosts of the morning shows on the networks look good too...with the exception of Meredith Viera and George Stephanopoulos. she looks frumpy at times. And he looks like a little boy whenever he dresses down.

How much of a clothing allowance do TV newscasters et al get? I imagine that on the local level not much at all.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 2202/15/2013

Janice Huff has put on a lot of weight over the years, but I agree, she always dresses well.

There's a woman who does weather on the FoxNY morning show who dresses horrible. She wears very low cut tops, and occassionally what would be considered a cocktail dress.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 106/18/2010

Chris Wragge always looks hot, especially when he dresses down on the Sat. show.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 206/18/2010

Brian Williams on NBC and Harry Smith on CBS Early Show

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 306/18/2010

No longer on, but Reid Lamberty always looked so classy when he was on the FOX morning news.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 406/18/2010

Lee Goldberg dresses really well - great color coordination, always a pocket square accent. It's too bad he's such a little man - he must get his clothes custom-made, 'cause no little boys' department would carry such stylish duds.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 506/18/2010

Chris Wragge bugs the shit out of me and I cannot really figure out why.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 606/18/2010

R6, because he is smug!

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 706/18/2010

Because he's a hot top fucking Lonnie Quinn?

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 806/18/2010

Lonnie Quinn is another munchkin.

I stood next to him at an event and thought someone had washed him in hot water without reading the label.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 906/18/2010

I think TV newscasters (female) should be dressed decently which shows professionalism. Business suits, not party dresses showing their cleavage, short tight skirts, etc. An outfit that commands respect and credibility is more appropriate. Thank you.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1001/22/2012

Imagine the Spanx* budget just for Gayle King?

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1101/22/2012

Maybe I missed the thread when the story first happened, but was the John Bolaris (Philly weatherman who was scammed by Russian chicks in Miami) story ever covered on DL?

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1201/22/2012

No R12 - we don't care about hetero newspeople here. There are plenty of gay ones to obsess about, and those we think are gay (like Wragge).

Blatant heteros get enough coverage elsewhere.

I also am crushing on Raphael Miranda, a hot papi who's partnered and OUT...

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1301/22/2012

Am I supposed to know who all these people are? Never heard of a single one...

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1401/22/2012

This thread really needs some UNDRESSED male newscasters.

Like Shirtless Sven Suundergard from Minneapolis (shirtless pics in Facebook profile):

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1601/23/2012

Sorry R16 but he's creepy

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1701/23/2012

Nice bod, creepy face.

How 'bout Chris Wragge shirtless...

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1801/23/2012

Raphael Miranda on Saturday evening news discussing important Giants/Patriots game: Sorry, I'm just not into football.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 1901/23/2012

...but I love watching the players in their tight, shiny pants.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 2001/23/2012

r4, our Boston DLers can see Reid on WHDH-7 co-anchoring early evening and 11PM news.

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 2101/23/2012

Janet Hoff We love you and watch the weather, news on WNBC because of you. I would love to know where you get the beautifull clothes you wear?

by Bonnie Prince Charliereply 2202/15/2013
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