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Andy Cohen

This thread is about Andy Cohen. He is the Vice President of Entertainment from Bravo. Does anyone on here thinks he is weird? Just aking. What makes him tick?

by Original Posterreply 18605/11/2015

Dick = Tick.

by Original Posterreply 106/16/2010

He sometimes looks like someone hit him in between the eyes with a hammer. That being said, I would love to lick his hot, sweaty ballsack.

by Original Posterreply 206/16/2010

Andy has been blessed with terrific looks and keen business acumen. He can have any man he wants and is wholly responsible for the success of the Bravo network. That's Andy in a nutshell.

by Original Posterreply 306/16/2010

Andy makes me all boyst.

by Original Posterreply 406/16/2010

Blessed with terrific looks???

He seems rather slow and dull. I can't imagine he's the best "host" they could find.

by Original Posterreply 506/16/2010

His show is doing gangbusters and he is the sole reason. His popularity has surpassed even that of some of the housewives. He's very entertaining. He is extremely good looking but doesn't take himself that seriously, which makes even more attractive.

by Original Posterreply 606/16/2010

Oh dear, another thread on Andy Cohen.

by Original Posterreply 706/16/2010

I have to agree with the fact that he is slow and dull, r5. I am definently sure that his popularity has surpassed than any of the housewives, r6. I think that the housewives are so jealous of his popularity.

by Original Posterreply 806/16/2010

I bet his hole holds many, [italic]MANY [/italic] untold secrets.

Musky! Musky! Musky!

by Original Posterreply 906/16/2010

How much money u think he makes

by Original Posterreply 1006/16/2010

Hi Andy! You must be reading this thread (if not posting.)

by Original Posterreply 1106/16/2010

She really needs to spend more time on program development.

And less time starting threads about herself on DL.

Get back to work, Miss Cohen.

by Original Posterreply 1206/16/2010

I don't know. I think when Andy talks he sounds very corny and weird.

by Original Posterreply 1306/16/2010

When will he hit the wall? He's in his 40s now. All that smoking and HEAVY drinking all the time can't be fixed with a few shots of Botox in the long run. God knows how much he was into the drug scene, or still is. Any dish?

by Original Posterreply 1406/16/2010

I met him years ago at Satella (sp?). He was very nice. I think he was working for a newspaper or maybe The New Yorker.

by Original Posterreply 1506/16/2010

I dont like that he is so nice to the housewives. I want one of them to turn on him so he can really queen out and put those bitches in check.

by Original Posterreply 1606/16/2010

I wonder if she's ever been rocking in a sling? She has that look.

by Original Posterreply 1706/16/2010

You do all realize that Andy is the Housewives' boss, right? He is producer and creator of those programs. He's not just the host of his little chat show.

by Original Posterreply 1806/16/2010

R16 never saw him go after my beautiful, successful, maternal and sexy wife Victoria.

by Original Posterreply 1906/16/2010

r14, was he really a heavy smoker and drinker? That would explain how his voice got to that irritating pitch. He got some GOOD work done before the reunion shows. His face looks younger but his hair looks the same.

by Original Posterreply 2006/16/2010

Yes, how much money is ole Andy pulling down from Bravo every year? $250,000 big ones???

by Original Posterreply 2106/16/2010

Please stop calling Andy "she." HE is a man. He has a penis and testicles, he's got a hairy chest, and he acts like a man. Referring to him as a fish is all types of wrong.

by Original Posterreply 2206/16/2010

Get her @ R22!

by Original Posterreply 2306/16/2010

I'm sure Ms Cohen makes well in excess of 1/2 a million per year plus bonuses.

She has that dirty, call boy on speed dial, likes to get fisted thing going on.

Yes, a smoker.

by Original Posterreply 2406/16/2010

On her private time, she likes to relax in a matching bra and panties.

And only responds to the name "Yetta."

by Original Posterreply 2506/16/2010

yes, r24, MR. Cohen makes at least 2 million a year, but I think he's UNDERPAID. He is the hardest working man in show biz, producing all the wildly successful reality shows on Bravo and then hosting that delightful and breezy yet insightful after-show. He works tirelessly and should be paid more.

HE does not have a call boy on speed dial. That's rubbish. Andy can have any man he wants. ANY MAN! He doesn't need to pay for the company of attractive gentlemen. He does not get into fisting. He is very vanilla and wouldn't do anything a straight person wouldn't do. Thus, he has oral sex with other guys but rarely has anal sex.

He has smoked on occasion, but he can take it or leave it. I know a (scorchingly hot) guy that hooked up with Andy last year, and this guy tells me that Andy's breath smells like a mixture of Scope and testosterone.

by Original Posterreply 2606/16/2010

he made bravo profitable. no small feat.

should be pulling $4mm for that alone.

by Original Posterreply 2706/16/2010

Mz Andy's PR flacks have found the thread...

by Original Posterreply 2806/16/2010

"no small feat"

r27, how do you know he has big feat? Tell me more.

by Original Posterreply 2906/16/2010

Anyone can make a network profitable by selling shallow and stupid.

I presume he's shallow and stupid as well.

by Original Posterreply 3006/16/2010

I like him, but his reunion show is just him reading questions off of index cards that viewers submitted. He's fun to watch though because he's clearly enjoying himself seeing the women tear one another to shreds.

by Original Posterreply 3106/16/2010


by Original Posterreply 3206/16/2010

Every time he does a promo for his Watch What Happens he sounds like a 16-year old high school girl. He's got to be a bottom who probably complains the whole time it's going in and then hits high-pitched squeals while you're hitting it.

by Original Posterreply 3306/16/2010

r30, well why haven't you? I think you should get started.

by Original Posterreply 3406/16/2010

Who the fuck cares about all these housewives? It's a rhetorical question because apparently a lot of people do. I think those shows are the biggest fucking waste of time. They're the worst.

In my opinion, I feel that TV has hit a new all-time low with those housewives shows. I can't even believe those shitty shows exist, and that's saying something with all the crap that's on TV.

by Original Posterreply 3506/16/2010

He doesn't make $2 million and his claim to fame is sleeping with Barry Diller.

by Original Posterreply 3606/16/2010

He's out and proud and not some step and fetchit fag like DL fav Bradley Cooper.

by Original Posterreply 3706/16/2010

[quote]Anyone can make a network profitable by selling shallow and stupid.

you make that sound like a bad thing.

it's 'merica where stupid and shallow are the culture.

by Original Posterreply 3806/16/2010

r.22, have you heard Andy speak? That is no man speaking, it's a teenage girl. Unless...r.22 are you, well, Hi Andy Cohen at r.22

by Original Posterreply 3906/16/2010

I like Andy Cohen. I'd nuzzle those man-boobs any day.

by Original Posterreply 4006/16/2010

He's a vapid, clawing starfucker.

by Original Posterreply 4106/16/2010

Look up the word "tool" in the dictionary and at meaning no. 3 (slang) - an idiotic human being - you will find a photo of Ms. Cohen.

And every Jew in America hates him for his constant mis-use of the word "Mazel"....

by Original Posterreply 4206/16/2010

Any man in his 40's who talks and gestures like a teenage Valley Girl has issues out the whazoo. Not sexy.

by Original Posterreply 4306/16/2010

"In my opinion, I feel that TV has hit a new all-time low with those housewives shows. I can't even believe those shitty shows exist, and that's saying something with all the crap that's on TV."

Uh, no, the all time worst show was in the 90's with "90210"...the worst crap ever to hit tv.

by Original Posterreply 4406/16/2010

Andy at R26 just couldn't help himself.

Scope and testosterone? MARY!

Yes, honey, we dig you-- don't be so defensive!

by Original Posterreply 4506/16/2010

R44, while I agree 90210 was no Masterpiece Theatre, it was fun and cheesy. With cute boys. Next you'll tell us you didn't like Melrose.

by Original Posterreply 4606/16/2010

I thought that R26's rant/tirade was fucking hilarious.

Transparent, much?

by Original Posterreply 4706/16/2010

I work with him...his position requires no actual producing. Bravo acquires a program and he and a few others slap their name on it. He is a very successful joke...and partially responsible for the downfaall of civilisation with the shit Bravo replays on air.

by Original Posterreply 4806/16/2010

Andy dear, Double Exposure. WTF?

by Original Posterreply 4906/16/2010

It is weird to think of him as doing anything real because he always seems kind of dim on his talk show. Not every intelligent person is a scintillating personality, but they usually do not come off as mentally challenged.

by Original Posterreply 5006/16/2010

I agree that he is a tool but I'd like to fuck around with him at least once. I'm a sucker for a hairy chest.

by Original Posterreply 5106/16/2010

R51 sums up every lay that Andy has ever had. And with that as the criteria, I'm sure he's had many, many a lay. I envy anyone who can project so much power and so little substance; artifice is his art and he its Picasso.

by Original Posterreply 5206/16/2010

"...artifice is his art and he its Picasso."

Salieri has arrived.

by Original Posterreply 5306/16/2010

I think the guy is a bottom. On the other hand, once he had a magazine cover revealing a woman’s breasts. He said, I find this picture a turn on because I realize I’m a butt man. Yes, I too think he is really, really handsome. I get the feeling he grew up rich and privileged. I don’t know why I get that vibe?

by Original Posterreply 5406/17/2010

How does he misuse mazel?

He seems like a cool guy. Love those pics of him w Daniel Craig in St Barts. I don't get the hate.

by Original Posterreply 5506/17/2010

He is cute, not that good looking. I'm sure he is a total bossy bottom. He is from St. Louis I believe. So being from the Midwest I am sure he is not a ho-bag. Thanks for that.

by Original Posterreply 5606/17/2010

I think he's adorable and would love to date him though I think one date talking about those horrible women the whole time would be the last.

by Original Posterreply 5706/17/2010

You do realize that the persona is all an act, no? He is not like that in reality. He is not much different than other gung ho producer types -- but cross him and he'll cut you off at the knees.

by Original Posterreply 5806/17/2010

I believe it, r58.

by Original Posterreply 5906/17/2010

I like how he shows off his box.

by Original Posterreply 6006/17/2010

He's a terrible interviewer. He doesn't listen to what his subjects are saying, and often gets caught off-guard if he doesn't have a prepared remark.

Perfect example; during the RHONY reunion show, he had a stack of comment cards attacking Jill. Bethenny pointed out that they'd been piling on her (which anyone with a brain would already know), but Andy had more cards, so he just stupidly plowed along and read another one.

Bethanny jumped on him, and instead of being able to recover and move to something else, he looked shellshocked and panicked for a bit, and then finally did the "We'll be right back after this" schtick.

He can't think on his feet for shit. Don't know why he ever thought (besides ego) he'd be a good host for live shows.

by Original Posterreply 6106/17/2010

yet you continue to watch, r61.

by Original Posterreply 6206/17/2010

Well...he's hot.

by Original Posterreply 6306/17/2010

I like his wonky eye and his fey mannerisms.

by Original Posterreply 6406/17/2010

Lucky guy, considering that he seems as dumb as a brick.

by Original Posterreply 6506/17/2010

I sense a ton of hate and jealousy in this thread. It's a given to say that Andy is outrageously hot and incredibly handsome. To say otherwise is the equivalent of saying that the earth isn't round or that water is not wet. Andy is also a terrific interviewer. He asks the tough questions the viewers at home yearn to ask.

by Original Posterreply 6606/17/2010

r66 = Victoria from TRHofOC

by Original Posterreply 6706/17/2010

Yes, I'm the Andrew Troll (aka the Victoria Troll, aka the Jillian Troll). I've made it my life's mission to defend the very attractive and hugely successful people who are maligned by resentful, envious nobodies.

by Original Posterreply 6806/17/2010

[quote] "I like how he shows off his box."

Me too R60. He obviously makes a very concerted effort to so. Always has his legs splayed and is ALWAYS showing a packed basket of goodies.

I bet he's a real rascal in the sack.

All that fur. Mmmmmmmmm.

by Original Posterreply 6906/17/2010

Have I got a girl for him! Oh wait, is he a faigela?

by Original Posterreply 7006/17/2010

Bravo gets low ratings for all of their shows, including the Real Housewives. It's like the 15th most popular CABLE channel, ratings-wise. Fox News is consistently #1 or #2, by comparison. Gay people are basically the only ones watching the channel.

by Original Posterreply 7106/17/2010

R71 = Alberta Einstein.

by Original Posterreply 7206/17/2010

If we were at a party, I'd cut a path through you swooners who think this guys is "incredibly handsome" and srike up a conversation with r58.

by Original Posterreply 7306/17/2010


by Original Posterreply 7406/17/2010

While it doesn't get huge ratings numbers, isn't Bravo a very profitable division of NBC Universal.

I would imagine that their content is all very cheap to produce and that they their audience is a very attractive one to advertisers.

by Original Posterreply 7506/17/2010

What will be the next city to have a Real Housewives series? Miami?

by Original Posterreply 7606/17/2010

R75 calls it: their demo skews towards affluent, educated urban professionals. Many gay guys, working women, young marrieds. That's a dream demo for advertisers.

by Original Posterreply 7706/17/2010

Who knows, r76?

by Original Posterreply 7806/17/2010

Even I, a hick from a flyover state, am laughing at the posters who wonder if he makes $250,000 or half million a year. Get with it, guys! Even the managers of small midwest companies make that kind of money. Are you really so naive about the kind of money TV producers, execs, and on-camera talent make these days?

by Original Posterreply 7906/17/2010

I don't see "educated" people enjoying the Real Housewives and the rest of that dreck. At least not anyone well-educated.

by Original Posterreply 8006/17/2010

Isn't he good friends with Kelly Rippa and her hunky husband? I think there were pics of him spending time at Rippa's summer place.

by Original Posterreply 8106/17/2010

Andy Cooper enjoys them r80. You know why? Because deep down...all gay men are 12 year old girls!

by Original Posterreply 8206/17/2010

[quote]I don't see "educated" people enjoying the Real Housewives and the rest of that dreck. At least not anyone well-educated.

My friend, an Ivy League-educated (MD Harvard; MPH Harvard) is an attending physician and faculty member at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell. He and his friend from medical school watch all the housewives programs and while watching them, they chat to each other on FB with running commentary. They each DVR the shows and watch them multiple times, sometimes back-to-back. Same for the reunion shows. And now that Bethenny Getting Married is on, it's the same thing. I don't know why they're so obsessed. They even text in their votes for that stupid Mazel of the Week shit.

by Original Posterreply 8306/17/2010

R80, The Real Housewives franchise is undeniably trash tv, but if this board is any evidence, it has gone over like gangbusters with gay men and working women in major urban areas -- I would imagine this demo has a higher than average education level and disposable income.

by Original Posterreply 8406/17/2010

DL is full of elderly men who only approve of watching PBS, apparently.

by Original Posterreply 8506/17/2010

That's a great point, r85.

by Original Posterreply 8606/17/2010

[quote] DL is full of elderly men who only approve of watching PBS, apparently.

And unemployed young'uns who can post bitchy comments during a work day, apparently.

by Original Posterreply 8706/17/2010

I wonder if Andy has ever hit this?

by Original Posterreply 8806/17/2010

Maxine is all a-twitter that Andy is under federal investigation for conspiratorial liability in getting the White House party crashers to do it for their Housewives show. I don't know - my gut says if Andy (or Bravo) just suggested it, they haven't committed a crime, but if Andy (or Bravo) actually did anything such as falsify credentials to get them in there, he could be in a heap o'trouble.

Andy's post on the matter in the Huffington Post at link.

by Original Posterreply 8906/17/2010

Andy Cohen is a schlockmeister in the tradition of Alan Carr and Ross Hunter. At least those two men had enough sensitivity to stay in the closet and keep from embarrassing the rest of us gays.

by Original Posterreply 9006/17/2010

"My friend, an Ivy League-educated (MD Harvard; MPH Harvard) is an attending physician and faculty member at New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell. He and his friend from medical school watch all the housewives programs and while watching them, they chat to each other on FB with running commentary"

Which neatly illustrates how overrated Harvard and its graduates are.

by Original Posterreply 9106/17/2010

I would like to know why does the tv watching public find him threatening.

by Original Posterreply 9206/17/2010

When I read that he was once a producer for 48 hours and CBS News I was shocked. I mean, this is the same guy whose deep conversation is anywhere from who had cosmetic surgery to being a host to a gathering of women who bitch at each other.

I think he is really handsome, but what ruins it for me when he dose that girlfriend talk. I'm sorry I but I cringe when he dose that. The guy is an adult not a high school girl.

by Original Posterreply 9306/17/2010

Jesus, I didn't know that, r18. No wonder I hate him. I find him to be a tool, really. He's not funny yet seems to think he's hilarious. I often wondered, "why on earth did he get that hosting gig?" for the reunion shows. He is not a good host.

I can't help but wonder if he started this thread.

by Original Posterreply 9406/17/2010

surely he makes well in excess of over 1 million per year, 250K is just not alot of money today.

by Original Posterreply 9506/18/2010

Uh, 1 million isn't even so much for a yearly salary any more in NYC.

by Original Posterreply 9606/18/2010

Andy looked like he wanted the reunion show for the Real Housewives of New york to be over with. He looked distraught and uncomfortable.

by Original Posterreply 9706/18/2010

[quote]"Andy Cohen is a schlockmeister in the tradition of Alan Carr and Ross Hunter.At least those two men had enough sensitivity to stay in the closet and keep from embarrassing the rest of us gays. "

[bold]Alan Carr[/bold] in the [italic] CLOSET?!?! [/italic]

[italic] [bold]OH MY SIDES!!!!! [/bold][/italic]

by Original Posterreply 9806/18/2010

Alan Carr LIVED in caftans. Seriously.

by Original Posterreply 9906/18/2010

Thanks for the laugh (at you, that is), R3, R4, R6, R22, R62, R68, R70, and most of all R26, and R66.

I never thought there was a point to troll-dar till now. Helps weed out the insane.

by Original Posterreply 10006/18/2010

Alan Carr wasn't publicly out of the closet the way Andy Cohen is, reinforcing to the world the stereotype of the silly, shallow, gossipy gay man.

by Original Posterreply 10106/25/2010

God I hate him can't understand all the hype about him.

Did like how he shut down that blonde chick thinking she was going to replace Dina on the Nj Housewife show.

by Original Posterreply 10206/25/2010

Me too, r102.

by Original Posterreply 10306/25/2010

[quote] ...reinforcing to the world the stereotype of the silly, shallow, gossipy gay man.%0D %0D True, but DL spends most of its time reinforcing that stereotype too.%0D %0D Some members of the LGBT community fit the stereotypes. I don't think they should have to hide themselves or pretend to straight because of it.

by Original Posterreply 10406/27/2010

Didn't he fix his wonky eye

by Original Posterreply 10506/27/2010

He has an obvious overprodcution of the saliva glands, but that's good for cock sucking.

by Original Posterreply 10606/27/2010

Speak for yourself, r106.

by Original Posterreply 10706/27/2010

He has fat teeth.

by Original Posterreply 10806/27/2010

LMAO r108

by Original Posterreply 10906/27/2010

does anyone know his email address?


by Original Posterreply 11007/23/2011

[quote]does anyone know his email address?



by Original Posterreply 11107/23/2011

She's so very, very ugly that she can only be described as "ANDY COHEN" -what a cross-eyed fugo turd.

by Original Posterreply 11207/23/2011

My ex claims she attended the American School in Japan with Andy, where she claims to have clobbered Andy with her backpack during some playground hi-jinx. She goes on to claim that this back pack smack attack knocked Andy into a greater consciousness which allows him to create winning entertainment

by Original Posterreply 11301/21/2012

She and Andy would have been twelve years old at the time of this alleged incident

by Original Posterreply 11401/21/2012

Girlfriend, what are you looking at?

by Original Posterreply 11503/24/2013

Andy has gorgeous feet.

by Original Posterreply 11603/24/2013

Andy has money, power and influence. And he's openly gay.

Therefore he must be hated and despised by the porn addicted basement dwellers of Datalounge Land.

by Original Posterreply 11703/24/2013

[quote]Andy has money, power and influence. And he's openly gay. Therefore he must be hated and despised by the porn addicted basement dwellers of Datalounge Land.

Yes, he's openly gay therefore we MUST ignore the fact that the garbage he presents on TV is a major contributor to the dumbing down of America. He's openly gay, so we have to genuflect before Andy Cohen and proclaim him to be the most handsome and brilliant man on the planet.

by Original Posterreply 11803/24/2013

You sneer R118, but isn't that how other groups advance, by supporting their own come hell or high water?

by Original Posterreply 11903/24/2013

r118, he convinced Anderson Cooper to come out. What's bad about that?

by Original Posterreply 12003/25/2013

[quote]he convinced Anderson Cooper to come out.

Link please. I followed those stories in the media but saw no reference to Cohen providing inspiration to Anderson Cooper. It doesn't show up on a Google search. Please provide a link. That would be an interesting aspect of the story.

by Original Posterreply 12103/25/2013

[quote]but isn't that how other groups advance, by supporting their own come hell or high water?

Like those who supported Joseph Stalin or Joseph McCarthy?

by Original Posterreply 12203/25/2013

Not relevant R122. Andy Cohen is not a Stalin or a McCarthy. He's one of our own and we should support him.

by Original Posterreply 12303/25/2013

R123 = President of Jeffrey Dahmer Fan Club

"He's one of our own and we should support him."

by Original Posterreply 12403/25/2013

J.D. is dead R124, so your point has no bite.

by Original Posterreply 12503/25/2013

This guy is sad and needs to grow up - he's still obsessed with Madonna like he's still a teenager and has her "Sex" book from 1992 on his coffee table, as well as a poster of hers on a door.

by Original Posterreply 12603/25/2013

[quote]J.D. is dead, so your point has no bite

Amazing R125. You're now telling us that if Dahmer were still alive we should be supporting him because he's gay.

Intelligent gays are sure to agree that they don't want to support someone simply because that person happens to be gay.

While Andy Cohen isn't #1 on my own list of non-support, he's on that list along with Kevin Spacey, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Gannon/Guckert, John Roberts, George Rekers, Larry Craig, Bishop Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, and Andrew Sullivan among the gay people you support because they're gay, R123.

by Original Posterreply 12703/26/2013

There's something about his eyes that just creeps me out. They seem cold and dead.

by Original Posterreply 12803/28/2013

Andy Cohen Birthday Bump!

Happy Birthday, Andy!

by Original Posterreply 12905/18/2013

Andy Cohen's feet are ugly r116 and those pink socks are just heinous.

by Original Posterreply 13005/18/2013

Andy looks like he has just given up and is indulging on weed, food and drink. And probably sex.

Watching him last night interviewing Cher, I could not believe how fat - flabby fat - he has become.

by Original Posterreply 13106/28/2013

OMG, I just watched a clip of the interview and Cher REALLY needs to stop with the plastic surgery and layers of makeup! She looked like a ventriloquist.

by Original Posterreply 13206/28/2013


At Andy's age, it benefits him to gain a few pounds.

If he had been super fit, he may not have fat, but his face will look haggard.

by Original Posterreply 13306/28/2013

Andy is in the same bottom-feeding company as Harvey Levin of TMZ. Some people should stay in the closet.

by Original Posterreply 13406/28/2013

I had never watched this guy's shitty WWHL show until last night, and now I know why nobody likes him. He is SO childish and annoying, and those "OMG!" facial expressions were beyond irritating.

by Original Posterreply 13506/28/2013


On fashion police this week, when talking about a dress, Joan said it was a "shiny silver bottom, or as the gay community calls it, Andy Cohen"

by Original Posterreply 13611/02/2013

Anyone notice how Andy on last night's wwhl was obsessed with Zachary Levi's shoes and what size they were.


by Original Posterreply 13711/06/2013

Yes, he does seem to be a bit of an odd duck.

by Original Posterreply 13811/06/2013

Okay - people do know he did NOT create the Real Housewives right? Not one show or episode. They shot it as a test series to sell to a cable network, Bravo bought it. Even all the other franchises are not made by the same production companies. Andy is not the creator of anything. He is an executive at bravo who manages talent. Basically he is the face of Bravo. Nothing more. He never created Queer Eye, or Real Houswives or Shas....none of it.

by Original Posterreply 13911/06/2013

That was so weird r135

by Original Posterreply 14011/07/2013

R139 he helps decide who they cast/fire/bring back. He even made a video talking about it recently.

by Original Posterreply 14111/07/2013

r141 once the show is greenlit and on Bravo yes. He has no casting input to a new Real Housewives. Say a new production company came to Bravo saying they have a "real housewives of Chicago." It would already be shot and sold that way. If it got picked up then yes Bravo and Cohen can make suggestions on casting to keep it on the air but no, he is not a creator of the franchise, or any show on Bravo.

He does not pick the chefs for top chef, or the shas for shas of sunset either.

He was a talent booker on CBS this morning before he moved to Bravo..and Bravo was a channel that showed Opera before it merged with TRIO.

by Original Posterreply 14211/07/2013

I wonder how long he'll stay at Bravo?

by Original Posterreply 14304/11/2014

He has quite a prominent bulge

by Original Posterreply 14404/11/2014

Here's Andy Cohen saying he has a hand in which housewives are hired/fired (skip the article and just watch the video):

by Original Posterreply 14504/11/2014

He hasn't been doing a very good job picking them lately.

by Original Posterreply 14604/11/2014

He did once the shows past first season - and still does because part of his deal in leaving his exec role was he retained executive producer credit on the current franchises. Any new Housewives franchise he would not.

by Original Posterreply 14704/11/2014

Someone said in the other thread that Andy was responsible for the decision to hire the boring Quinn and boring/annoying Peggy on RHOOC? Is that true? If so, I'm not shocked he was demoted. Those were 2 of the worst choices EVER of any city.

by Original Posterreply 14804/11/2014

Wow just saw the one with Cameron Diaz and Andy just stared at her the whole time. The other guest was more of an annoyance to Andy. A caller asked what their real housewives name would be, Cameron gave hers and Leslie was thinking and Andy goes "that's okay.." and went right back to Cameron. God what a psychophant.

by Original Posterreply 14905/01/2014

I love that he has all of these homophobic people on his show like Tracy Morgan and never confronts them. Morgan still states his "stabbing my son if he was gay" bit was Freedom of Speech and has no remorse for it.

by Original Posterreply 15005/01/2014

Is Andy a top or bttm?

by Original Posterreply 15105/01/2014

Have we had DL verificatia on Mr. Cohen's dick size?

by Original Posterreply 15205/01/2014

On howard stern he claimed to be a top but on another thread someone posted they had had a one nigher with Cohen and he was a bottom that time and average in size.

by Original Posterreply 15305/01/2014

He comes across as self-loathing somewhat so I can see him not saying he was a bottom or versatile just to seem "manly".

by Original Posterreply 15405/01/2014

Oh HATES being called queeny. He was so pissed at Tarim Killian's portrayl of him because it came off to queeny and he kept saying "I am not queeny.." He hates being short too, lies about his height and wears lifts. Someone referred to him as a pocket gay once and he got offended and said "I am 5'9"" If he is 5'9" I am Wilt Chamberlin because I have met and been around him more than once. He is lucky if he is 5'5"

by Original Posterreply 15505/01/2014

Good Tea, R155, more more,please

by Original Posterreply 15605/01/2014

Cohen is a fame whore who collects celebs. The perfect example was the show with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. He was pretty dismissive of Mann to the point of being rude while fawning over Diaz. You could tell Mann and Diaz were pretty good friends as they giggled and talked to each other while Andy prattled on, which seemed to annoy him as he wanted to be Cammy Diaz's bff!!! He even ignored the instagram bodybuilder he had as bartender. This is typical Andy he is drawn to the most famous person in the room...the rest are just fodder. He even brought up his stupid dog and had to remind Cameron she met Wacka before...making a point to Leslise.."see we ARE friends too!!"

by Original Posterreply 15705/01/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Original Posterreply 15805/01/2014

That bitch has cold dead eyes.

by Original Posterreply 15905/01/2014

he kind of outed Cameron Diaz, like he did to Oprah. He never outs guys though. ( he even had Tyler Perry on the show)

by Original Posterreply 16005/01/2014

r150 I agree. I was surprised that he didn't confront Melissa Joan hart or Fantasia.

by Original Posterreply 16105/01/2014

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter both looked ridiculously hot on Wednesday 4/30 WWHL.

It was a gay man's wet dream with two hot boy banders, and Dustin Zito and Zach from Real World.

I love how Andy danced that little dance with Dustin about his "girlfriend" and how he hooked up with girls in "The Challenge."

Andy knows the tea, but he seems to get a thrill out of asking closeted guys about their relationship status.

Zach is built like a Greek statue and I would ride him until Tuesday. I wonder he Zach and Dustin are sharing a hotel room in NYC? That would be hot!

I have to say, Jordan Knight looks fantastic for 43 years old. He looks like he's in his 20's or 30's.

by Original Posterreply 16205/01/2014

Diaz was quoted as saying all women have been attracted to another woman. Diaz just said she had been with a woman - she followed up with "you asked if I had been with a woman you never asked what context"

You will notice how much of a fame whore he is when Cameron said "I didn't plead the fifth!" Andy goes "you might be the first female start to do that..Oh no Meryl Streep did not plead the fifth..."

You could tell by the look on her face Cameron was thinking "Meryl Streep did this shitty show?"

by Original Posterreply 16305/02/2014

Is Bravo pushing Andy out the door?

by Original Posterreply 16405/02/2014

No - they did an conscious uncoupling - basically "Bravo" felt that Andy was taking too much credit for any success on Bravo. He was too tied to Bravo with his twitter handle of BravoAndy and his popularity on WWHL. Cohen really did nothing to stop the belief. He was garnering a lot of negative feelings among other Bravo execs and rather than it be too late to do something, they decided to cut the head off the snake as it were. Cohen looooves being famous more than anything so he was not going to risk losing WWHL. He did negotiate executive producer credit on the more popular housewives franchises and got a nice golden parachute as well as a two year deal for wwhl to guarantee him a job.

by Original Posterreply 16505/02/2014

r165 Good summary of what happened.

by Original Posterreply 16605/03/2014

Do they not vet the housewives. Porsha is a rabid anti-gay supporter and preached about it to her church.

by Original Posterreply 16705/11/2014

Cohen = Bozo

by Original Posterreply 16805/11/2014

Anyone see him with Ricky Martin---I thought he was going to explode..(Andy) in a ball of gay fire.

by Original Posterreply 16905/21/2014

Miss Cohen was very embarrassed tonight when the discussion turned to him possibly being a power bottom. Mel B. and Mark Paul Gosselaar were ribbing him - she kept asking him if he's exclusively a top or does he switch it up, and he tried to deflect.

by Original Posterreply 17008/06/2014

i caught that too - that he had to tell them off camera he was a power I know someone who hooked up with Cohen a few years ago - and cohen was definitely on bottom.

by Original Posterreply 17108/07/2014

[R171] Bitch, thats the last time I tell you amthing!

by Original Posterreply 17208/07/2014

Just saw the episode with Daniel Radcliff where Andy was DROOLING over his security guard...he really is a shameless famewhore.

by Original Posterreply 17308/08/2014

It will be news when he has a male on the show where he doesn't drool.

by Original Posterreply 17408/08/2014

He is equivalent to the Kardashians and Bieber. He is the worst of television. He has dumbed down TV even more. He should go. Anyone enjoys a train wreck once in awhile, but he is one of hundreds of no talent people we are now subjected to thanks to reality TV. And they wonder why America is getting dumber. It is unbelievable he "wrote" a book and has another one coming. At my local bookstore, his first one was on the $5 table for a few months and nobody bought any, according to the manager. He and I were laughing about it one day. Nate Berkus' book and Miss Barbra Streisand's book also were on the sale tables--no interest. I don't watch him, but his name seems to come up on here a lot.

by Original Posterreply 17508/08/2014

And why does drooling over an anonymous security guard make Andy a "famewhore?"

by Original Posterreply 17608/08/2014

Because he said "does he do part time work for talk show hosts?" ..yes because Andy needs security. Also did you see the forced HYSTERICAL laughter when Rebecca Romain did that lame parody of Aviva? It wasn't not funny.

by Original Posterreply 17708/09/2014

He had sex with Lance Bass. Now we know why he and Anderson never fucked. Two bottoms.

by Original Posterreply 17805/06/2015

[quote]What makes him tick?

A desire to impress people by having celeb phone numbers stored in his cell phone. What he doesn't mention is that they don't answer the phone when they see that Andy Cohen is calling.

by Original Posterreply 17905/08/2015

Ouch. r179 sort of says it all.

I wish I was on tv all the time, it's addictive I imagine.

by Original Posterreply 18005/08/2015

Wait--was Meryl Streep really on his show? That cannot be true.

by Original Posterreply 18105/08/2015

He's a bullshitting douche with no redeeming qualities. Anyone who's a fan is someone I would avoid.

by Original Posterreply 18205/09/2015

Of course he's weird. All those in the entertainment ass-kissing celebrities realm are weird. Their lives are so far removed from normal life. Andy fawns over the housewives of the dirty filthy rich and famous, drooling with compliments, catering to their egomania. He's everything that is wrong with the world. He promotes such vile, rotten scumbags of society, the overpaid rich who practice decadent sex and idol worship. Evil. He's possessed by Satan. Thou shalt not engage in false idol worship!

by Original Posterreply 18305/09/2015

I want to have brutal rough sex with him. I want him to slap me around, spit on my, curse at me, call me gay slurs, I want to see his face twisted in insane rage, glaring his teeth as he chokes me. I want him to shout at me, saying all that I believe about him, about the housewives, about Bravo is a complete lie. I want him to call me a fawning celebrity groupie who would eat his shit if ordered to. In other words, I want Andy to bitch butch it up and show me his evil, demonic possession side. I want his dick to HURT as he slams it into my filthy ass that I call a cunt along with my queenie girlfriends. I want a new, evil Andy, bearing his hairy chest, sweaty forehead, an Andy with a foul mouth, an Andy the world never sees... the locked dungeon Andy!

by Original Posterreply 18405/11/2015

I like him. He seems kind of normal, except that he CAN put up with those housewives, without slapping them. Good grief, I'd have to rip out Nene's throat with my teeth.

by Original Posterreply 18505/11/2015

For some reason r183, you kind of make all of that sound exciting and desirable. I can't figure...

by Original Posterreply 18605/11/2015
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