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OMG, I was watching a gay pron movie over the weekend and realized that CHANNING TATUM was in it!

It's some military movie filmed in Czechoslovakia, called "Bang of Brothers." But I swear to God, Channing Tatum is playing one of the soldiers! Your welcome.

by Believe Itreply 3206/24/2015

Sorry ... YOU'RE welcome.

by Believe Itreply 106/10/2010

Thank you, OP. But I'm sure your quite mistaken!

by Believe Itreply 206/10/2010

It's actually a Hungarian video. Here's the back cover; which one do you think is him?

by Believe Itreply 306/10/2010

this one?

by Believe Itreply 406/10/2010

a look-alike

by Believe Itreply 506/10/2010

The one whose picture isn't shown, R3. The box says there are 10 soldiers in the video. Only nine are shown. Hmmmmm.....

by Believe Itreply 606/10/2010

But the video was shot in 2003, BEFORE Channing Tatum became successful, R5.

by Believe Itreply 706/10/2010

The guy in the center does bear a resemblance to Tatum, but it's not him.

by Believe Itreply 806/10/2010

Please people. He worked as a stripper in the late 90s/early 00s. How much of a leap is it to gay porn, really? I mean Vin Diesel did gay porn, too, before he hit it big.

by Believe Itreply 906/10/2010

Link to proof of Vin Diesel's gay porn past?

by Believe Itreply 1006/10/2010

R10, Vin's porn past has been discussed here before and there have been blind items pointing to this in the past.

by Believe Itreply 1106/11/2010

Well, that was so helpful, OP/r11.

by Believe Itreply 1206/11/2010

Channing Tatum was in Hungarian porn? Well, that's just . . . bizarre.

by Believe Itreply 1306/11/2010

[quote]Vin's porn past has been discussed here before Well, THAT'S the hallmark of credibility.

by Believe Itreply 1406/11/2010

There's probably lots of celebrities who did porn before they became famous.

by Believe Itreply 1506/13/2010

[quote]Link to proof of Vin Diesel's gay porn past? Well gee, let's see . . . There are billions of computers connected to the internets with billions of images on all those computers with billions of people using those computers for a dozen years or so. And yet NO one has ever posted a single link that proves R9's post. Not a single goddamn picture.

by Believe Itreply 1606/13/2010

R16 sounds angry. Like he has something to hide ... Vin.

by Believe Itreply 1706/14/2010

come on guys Vin is not gay nor has he ever been im gay porn so get off his back!!! or ill go Riddick on you

by Believe Itreply 1803/16/2012

Um, no, OP.

You're as blind as you are stupid.

Linked: screencaps of every scene. The slut you think is Channing Tatum is Rick Bauer.

by Believe Itreply 1903/16/2012

Of course we can see your confusion; you're blind as a bat.

by Believe Itreply 2003/16/2012


by Believe Itreply 2108/03/2012

R16= moron who thinks everything that's ever existed is on the internet. What a simpleton you are.

by Believe Itreply 2208/03/2012

Oh come on - they're all speaking Hungarian, and I didn't see anyone who really looked like Channing Tatum.

by Believe Itreply 2308/03/2012

if u need to see his porn movie mail me and i will send the full video to u.

by Believe Itreply 2407/08/2014

I have absolutely no idea what R4 TRIED to link to, because it clearly didn't work.

by Believe Itreply 2507/08/2014

A Gay PRON Movie? Is that about fish?

by Believe Itreply 2607/08/2014

You must be new here, toots. Now move along.

by Believe Itreply 2707/08/2014

Yeah, as R19 pointed out, OP was probably confused by Rick Bauer, who is a Channing Tatum lookalike (and has done a lot of hot scenes for various companies - I really like him in his MenAtPlay stuff).

Link obviously NSFW.

by Believe Itreply 2807/08/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Believe Itreply 2907/08/2014

Rick Bauer -- did someone choose that name after watching old episodes of Guiding Light?

by Believe Itreply 3007/08/2014

Channing makes me moist - like snack cake!

by Believe Itreply 3107/08/2014

by Believe Itreply 3206/24/2015
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