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Sarah Michelle Gellar

What the FUCK happened to her career?

I mean, really.

by Gloryreply 13001/05/2015

Susan Lucci is just more powerful than any of us realized!

by Gloryreply 106/09/2010

Not hot looking (varies between Raccoon face or downright rodent like) and her attitude is bad. She makes Lucci look like Little Mary Sunshine

by Gloryreply 206/09/2010

She had signed on to do a pilot for HBO that evidently went nowhere.

by Gloryreply 306/09/2010

She was Buffy. She was great as Buffy. But no one can see her without seeing Buffy. Very few iconic tv stars can get past that one role. Look at all the tv stars who tried, from all the way back to Pernell Roberts to Shelley Long to Eric McCormick. I can only think of a few who had those iconic roles and then shifted to tv: Ted Danson (but he went back to tv). Travolta. Who else?

by Gloryreply 406/09/2010

What I don't get, r2, is how she ever got hot in the first place, considering what you say? With all the actresses out there, why choose an average-looking chick with a bad attitude?

by Gloryreply 506/09/2010

Like Lucci, she's a Republican. Think of all the Republican celebrity women -- apart from C&W stars, you've got Angie Harmon, Shannon Doherty, Patricia Heaton -- really angry people.

That has to consume a lot of energy.

by Gloryreply 606/09/2010

When she first came on the scene in AMC, she had a real spark to her that these gorgeous hair tossers couldn't buy. She definitely had a electric presence on that show and on Buffy, but as she ages she comes off as shrill and unlikeable.

by Gloryreply 706/09/2010

She was gorgeous in Cruel Intentions. That film is a little guilty pleasure of mine and of course she did nicely in Buffy. Soon after it went off the air I read that she was taking Freddie's surname and trying for a baby. Now I guess she's a Republican stay at home mom?

And Freddie's looks are gone too. He used to be very cute.

by Gloryreply 806/09/2010

I have some vague memory after Buffy ended of Freddie making some comment about how Sarah was 'too good' for TV now, which, coming from her co-star in the Scooby-Doo films, I think cheesed a lot of people in TV off.

Wouldn't be surprised if either she took his 'advice' or his comments worked against her.

by Gloryreply 906/09/2010

What career?

by Gloryreply 1006/09/2010

She's a cunt.

by Gloryreply 1106/09/2010

She's not a great actress or a great beauty. End of story.

by Gloryreply 1206/09/2010

If she stayed on, she could've been the one whose hands got to fondle Aiden Turners and Cam Mathison's abs!

by Gloryreply 1306/09/2010

She's washed up. Next?

by Gloryreply 1406/09/2010

Poor thing!

by Gloryreply 1506/09/2010

Sara Michelle Gellar was very supportive of a crew member from Buffy who was in the last stages of an AIDS-related illness. She spent a lot of time visiting him. I know this first-hand.

I've also talked to her a couple of times and she seemed very down to earth.

by Gloryreply 1606/09/2010

She is a very stiff actress. I find it hilarious that she played Buffy when she is so awkward with her own body (her arms, for example, are always dangling, she has no idea what to do with them when she is acting).

On top of that she is kind of full of herself and cold.

The only thing that works in her favor is that by working on TV for so many years she got down all the technical stuff (she always knows her lines, where the camera is, she can repeat takes with no problem, etc...). Though even a monkey can learn by repetition, so that's not exactly an achievement.

by Gloryreply 1706/09/2010

Who really misses her besides the Whedonettes?

by Gloryreply 1806/09/2010

Great as Buffy, terrible in everything else. And she burned a lot of bridges in Hollywood.

by Gloryreply 1906/09/2010

You just know there's another beloved Korean horror movie waiting for a substandard remake. Sign her now!

by Gloryreply 2006/09/2010

Any dish about her, R2? Please and thanks.

Go read some of the stories posted about her in the tv casts who hated each other thread, if it's still around on DL. They explain a lot. Some of her movies went straight to video which helped kill her career too.

by Gloryreply 2106/09/2010

She's notoriously hard to work with and a total bitch. Her reputation precedes her and a lot of people don't want to work with her, hence few film roles outside of horror flicks where she's the headliner.

She did some movie with Alec Baldwin that never got released ("Girls guide to hunting and fishing" or something like that) and they HATED each other. Like of all the costars Alec has had in his career, she's #1 on the "will never go near again" list. Not like he's the easiest to get along with, but still.

by Gloryreply 2206/09/2010

"Very few iconic tv stars can get past that one role"

She's not iconic at all. I remember how the Buffy fantards used to say that she was "robbed" of an Emmy - yeah, right! She's a shitty actress with no charisma, that's why she disappeared.

by Gloryreply 2306/09/2010

She fired William Morris when they told the New Yorker that she was destined to be a great genre film actress and that was her limitation. All these years later, they were right.

by Gloryreply 2406/09/2010

She a great person and her career is fine. She's focusing on being married and her kid these days. Her pilot was HBO was picked up, but she signed a development deal with them. There was also rumors that she's playing Julia Hoffman in the Dark Shadows remake.

by Gloryreply 2506/09/2010

I remember The Grudge being a big hit (and I actually like it) and her being red-hot for a while after that, but I guess she just made supremely shitty choices.

She made two supernatural thrillers that seemed virtually interchangeable that nothing happened with, and the "Suburban Girl" flick with Alec Baldwin went straight to DVD (I seem to remember something about cunty blackberry emails regarding this from her being leaked?).

It does seem like she had a shitty attitude though, and shitty attitudes get you absolutely nowhere, no matter how talented you are.

Regardless, I've always found her interesting and I'd like to see her again in the right project. Good to hear about her HBO pilot. If HBO is good enough for A-Listers like Diane Keaton and Ellen Page, it's certainly good enough for SMG.

Maybe her career will get an Act 2 and maybe she'll show a bit of humility this go round.

by Gloryreply 2606/09/2010

"Her pilot was HBO was picked up"

Nope, it wasn't.

by Gloryreply 2706/09/2010

They filmed her HBO pilot but it didn't go to series. The script is brilliant and has a hilarious one-page rant about why Princess Di is bullshit.

by Gloryreply 2806/09/2010

I meant wasn't R27. Gosh I made a typo. No reason the yell like that. Geez.

by Gloryreply 2906/09/2010

In the past when I've asked people why they think she's a "bitch," I've been told she's professional, business-like, always knows her lines and marks, and expects others to as well. Yeah, what a horrible person.

by Gloryreply 3006/09/2010

Her pilot was called THE MARVELOUS MALADIES. I worked as crew on a movie she starred in called VANILLA FOG-it was called SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE when it was released. She was one of the producers on it but few people knew this. She got Betty Buckley fired for being an utter cunt to her and the rest of us, I will always like her for that. She could be a whiny, self-important little brat. We were told in advance never to refer to BUFFY. Every night she'd leave the set, saying shit like "Thanks, everybody, for putting in such a good day's work!" with an insincere grin on her face. Phony as hell. One time the prop supervisor responded with a salute and "Catch ya later, Buff!" Another time she wrote BUFFY on a piece of tape and stuck it over SMG's name on her director's chair. Now THAT was funny. SMG threw a mini hissy fit.

by Gloryreply 3106/09/2010

In response to R31, I have to say a lot of actresses (actors too but usually the ladies) get accused of being bitches because they aren't nice and friendly. Some people just aren't social. In an office environment, that isn't a big deal, you just avoid the breakroom, but sets are INTENSELY social places where you are scrutinized and surrounded by 100 blue collar crew members. There's lots of downtime. Any kind of anti-social behavior, or even desire to be left alone, which would be completely normal and not a big deal, is amplified and distorted in that environment. Especially if someone on the cast is the life of the party and just yucks it up non-stop. You, in contrast, are "weird" and "bitchy". And then when you're the star, and even maybe a producer, and are under more pressure, a cranky day combined with the desire to be left alone can get you a bad reputation.

I've spent a lot of time on sets and I don't care to yuck it up with the crew, I am not into small talk, I just want to do my job and leave, so if that's the case with SMG, I understand.

Then again, the one SMG story I have heard is probably the craziest non-drug story I've ever heard in Hollywood. It involved her talking to a director via a hand puppet.

by Gloryreply 3206/09/2010

[quote]Then again, the one SMG story I have heard is probably the craziest non-drug story I've ever heard in Hollywood. It involved her talking to a director via a hand puppet.

More, please.

by Gloryreply 3306/09/2010

More, R32, more!

by Gloryreply 3406/09/2010

SMG is a strong woman who acts professional on a set and expects the same, but because she's a woman she gets tagged as being difficult. I mean, we've heard this song before. I've learned a few things since I've been an adult.

When you are a minority (woman, gay man, some race/ethnicity that isn't white), if you expect to be liked on any job you can in no way act like most heterosexual white males. Blacks gets pegged with uppity and difficult. Women get pegged with bitchy and difficult. Gay men get pegged with "who does that cock sucker think he is?"

by Gloryreply 3506/09/2010

Would like to hear the hand puppet story too. Anyway, Sarah Michelle Gellar can be a good actress . . . as long as she has a good director forcing her to be one.

by Gloryreply 3606/09/2010

"Blacks gets pegged with uppity and difficult. Women get pegged with bitchy and difficult. Gay men get pegged with 'who does that cock sucker think he is?'"

The code word is "arrogant."

by Gloryreply 3706/09/2010

Screw you, R32, those were my observations of SMG on that particular set. If I see you on set I'll try to remove that stick out of your butt-it probably belongs to props.

by Gloryreply 3806/09/2010

"SMG is a strong woman who acts professional on a set and expects the same, but because she's a woman she gets tagged as being difficult."

No she gets tagged as "difficult" because she is rude to others.

She's just a stupid bimbo with no talent who got roles because she was "hot." She can't act and now that she's too old to play the "young hottie" her career is over.

by Gloryreply 3906/09/2010

You couldn't be more wrong if you tried R39.

by Gloryreply 4006/09/2010

You sound like a viperous nightmare to work with, r38.

by Gloryreply 4106/09/2010

Didn't she have a baby recently?

by Gloryreply 4206/09/2010

No, SMG is not professional. She is rude and indiscreet. She disses co-stars in public, most notably Lucci ...

by Gloryreply 4306/09/2010

R38 I wasn't trying to put you down, I was chiming in because I have seen actresses get labeled difficult for the reasons I described.

Re: hand puppet story. I only heard it once. I don't remember the blow-by-blow, but basically, a guest director on a Buffy episode came to her trailer, I think because she beckoned him? Or she wouldn't come out? I don't remember. And she made a puppet with her hand and spoke to him with it with a baby voice. No irony. No wink-wink. That was the story.

It really sucks to fuck with a guest director too as they are in the weakest position possible.

by Gloryreply 4406/09/2010

Oh and it owuld be the same for a male performer

by Gloryreply 4506/09/2010

She was very young with that Lucci business and Lucci is not all that. In fact she's the total bitch, treating a young girl like that because the fans didn't buy that Erica was supposed to be in early 30s during the original Kendall storyline. She took it out on SMG.

by Gloryreply 4606/09/2010

In defense of SMG, met her briefly once. Nice. Could have been bullshit all the way though. I thought she was very good in Buffy too, and yes, I am a Whedonite. However, it does sound like she was difficult on the set, and the subsequent Buffy actors I've seen and heard interviews from, well, you have to read between the lines. The nicest thing they ever have to say about her is that she's professional. No surprise, Emma Caulfield(Ron Paul Voter in '08) says she's still sort of in touch w/SMG. But, Emma may be a rethug, but she doesn't seem to have a problem with the gays.

by Gloryreply 4706/09/2010

I remember James Marsden commented in an interview that SMG took him aside and said (paraphrasing): "Listen, don't get pissed off if I don't hang out, invite your to parties etc. I like to keep work and personal life separate".

by Gloryreply 4806/09/2010

"Emma may be a rethug, but she doesn't seem to have a problem with the gays."

So that makes being a Republican alright?

by Gloryreply 4906/09/2010

No, that doesn't make it OK, but she did say her views are not as rethug as they used to be, Emma, that is. Just making a statement.

by Gloryreply 5006/09/2010


by Gloryreply 5106/09/2010

I'm so glad they replaced fat Willow from the original pilot with Allyson.

by Gloryreply 5206/09/2010

She is NOT a Republican!!! Her hubby however...

by Gloryreply 5306/09/2010

The monster on that Buffy set was Allyson Hannigan. Everyone knows it, its so funny that she has everyone fooled that she isn't a cunt.

by Gloryreply 5406/09/2010

So many actresses came out of the AMC ingenue ranks, why didn't anything happen to the best, Taylor Miller, the original Nina. She could have really worked that Grace Kelly-gone-bad vibe.

by Gloryreply 5506/09/2010

[r46] not the point. the point is she wouldn't shut up about it. not to mention that Lucci has had innumerable younger women co-stars -- who have not so much as hiccupped about her. SMG had to blab about something that was really no skin off her nose ...

by Gloryreply 5606/09/2010

I remember Hannigan saying in an interview that Julie Benz bullied her during Benz stint on the show.

by Gloryreply 5706/09/2010

Hannigan is a liar. If there was any bullying on the Buffy set, it was Hannigan, this is why if so silly when people call out SMG and totally ignore who was really causing the problems.

by Gloryreply 5806/09/2010

I am Buffy!

Not that charm free witch who changes her husbands diapers!

by Gloryreply 5906/09/2010

We really had a very long comprehensive thread about backstage shenanigans at Buffy, do we need to rehash it? I'd rather focus on SMG. But I can always fuck off too.

by Gloryreply 6006/09/2010

Was Hannigan really that much of a bitch?

by Gloryreply 6106/09/2010

Yes, we can rehash the whole Buffy Thread. I loved every tidbit, and let's have more SMG/Buffy stuff please.

by Gloryreply 6206/09/2010

Spill about Hannigan, plz

by Gloryreply 6306/09/2010

R32, there are plenty of actors, way more talented and famous than SMG by the way, who deal with the same "problems" on the set and they still manage to be nice to people. Sigourney Weaver and Paul Dano come to mind. It all comes down to personality. SMG doesn't have one.

by Gloryreply 6406/09/2010


by Gloryreply 6506/09/2010

Does anyone remember what Gellar looked like when she was on AMC? I do. She had brown hair, brown eyes, and a normal nose. Her transformation into "Buffy" was startling; the brown hair was dyed Barbie-doll blonde, with the help of contacts the eyes became pale green and the normal nose was whittled and scraped down to nothing. And of course the heavy makeup (thick eyeshadow and pink frosted lipstick) finished the product. I always thought Buffy looked like a baby hooker.

As for Hannigan, well, she's extremely lucky to have gotten a role on a popular cult tv series, seeing as how she's an unprepossessing, mediocre actress with a retard voice. The red hair comes out of a bottle. And yes, she is a bitch.

by Gloryreply 6606/09/2010

I met Amber Benson after she had left the show and I mentioned the things I had heard about SMG being difficult. She seemed genuinely shocked and said that she was always very supportive of the crew. Seth Green had implied that she gets a bad reputation for no reason. And I think there is NOTHING wrong with keeping personal and social lives eeparate. And the person who scoffed at the Emmy suggestion. Watch The Body and say it again.

by Gloryreply 6706/09/2010


Did you only watch the first season of Buffy?

SMG's look changed significantly, especially when Buffy went to college.

by Gloryreply 6806/09/2010

Her look changed, because the part required it.

by Gloryreply 6906/09/2010

SMG had something to do with it. The mini skirts went out at her behest.

by Gloryreply 7006/09/2010

SMG didn't get any power on that show until Season 4.

by Gloryreply 7106/09/2010

Why does everyone still insist she's a Republican? There is video of her after the last election saying what a great day it was because of Obama's win and the only thing marring it was that Prop 8 passed in CA.

As for the Lucci thing, what exactly has she said that's so awful? I've heard her acknowledge that they didn't have a great relationship and that they didn't get along, but I've never heard her say anything outright nasty. In fact, when she was on the Rosie show shortly after Lucci's Emmy win, Rosie commented on how great it was that Lucci had finally won and SMG said the same and clapped along as the audience applauded.

I'm curious to hear more about what went on on the set of Simply Irresistible. I remember at the time there was some behind the scenes footage of SMG arguing with someone and them tugging on a bag. At the time I assumed it was part of a scene, but it's not in the finished movie, and I've always wondered if someone caught her on film having a fight. Also, I want to hear about Buckley's cuntiness!

by Gloryreply 7206/09/2010

[quote]Also, I want to hear about Buckley's cuntiness!

If I remember it correctly Buckley and SMG were in a scene together. SMG's shots were done first. After the first take or two Buckley told SMG, so that everyone around them could hear: Is that how you're going to do it, dear? "It" meaning "that's your idea of acting in this scene." She, probably, had an expression of contemptuous pity on her face when she said that.

And she wasn't fired by SMG. She was fired by the director.

by Gloryreply 7306/09/2010

Old white men resent young strong confident Type-A girls who would roll over for them like dogs.

Example: Sarah Michelle Gellar, America Ferrera, Lea Michele

by Gloryreply 7406/09/2010

If it's true that Alec Baldwin dislikes SMG, that would make me like her far more than I do.

by Gloryreply 7506/09/2010


by Gloryreply 7606/09/2010

bumping for more insider info, of which I sadly have none.

by Gloryreply 7706/10/2010


by Gloryreply 7804/09/2011

She and Susan Lucci hated each other. In fact, I heard Lucci left a floater in SMGs dressing room toilet.

by Gloryreply 7904/09/2011

she's a great actress. No matter what you think, IF you've actually watched her in Buffy, you'd know.

I also heard she was polite, friendly and professional. Just like I am at work. So what that she didn't want to hang with the gang every day, that doesn't make her a cunt.

Hannigan was said to have been the bitch.

by Gloryreply 8004/09/2011

1. She was on one of the best shows of all time playing one of the most (now) iconic characters of all-time.

2. She's not into stunts. She's not controversial. She married Freddie Prinze Jr. the dullest actor alive. She just does NOTHING to stay in the public's mind.

3. After some strong choices (I Know ..., Scream 2, Cruel Intentions, The Grudge), she went the "young actress career killer" route - the ROMANTIC COMEDY. Once an actress goes down this path, few survive (see Kate Hudson) and SMG was just another casualty.

by Gloryreply 8104/09/2011

I don't know why there's such a debate over her nose being real or fake, you can tell it's real if you look at her AMC scenes.

by Gloryreply 8204/09/2011

Good point, r81.

by Gloryreply 8304/09/2011

She's been cast for some other pilot (not the HBO one) that has a chance of being picked up. Don't know how much of a chance.%0D %0D One of the biggest gripes I heard about her during Buffy was that in interviews she took credit for doing her own stunts. This pissed off a lot of people who thought her stunt woman was doing outstanding work that Gellar was taking credit for. I used to never pay attention to when the stunt double was substituted, but watching the reruns you can clearly see Gellar is doing very little.%0D %0D Hannigan %0D was very cruel to Amber Benson during Benson's entire run. But it was all behind the back crap. Benson found out, and it's pretty much why she left the show. Some suggest that Whedon set this situation up. Told Hannigan Benson was backstabbing her, told Benson Hannigan did the same. That kind of thing. Allegedly this is his m.o.

by Gloryreply 8404/09/2011

she's just not a good actress and that's what happened. and lea michele does indeed roll over for everyone!

by Gloryreply 8504/09/2011

R1, your response (love the author handle) is reason enough why SOME soap stuff should be allowed on DL.%0D %0D Do I want these boards analyzing to death every single plot point on daytime drama?%0D %0D Heck, no. But the occasional thread, response, whatever only enhances this place.%0D %0D

by Gloryreply 8604/09/2011

She just wrapped a pilot in NYC called RINGER. The series would shoot in LA. In it she, uhh, plays twins.

R73, I didn't say SMG fired Buckley I said she HAD her fired. Yes, the director said rather loudly "It's a picture wrap on Betty Buckley" and she was escorted out of the soundstage. A make-up lady told me later "She made Sarah Michelle cry. And NOBODY makes Sarah Michelle cry."

by Gloryreply 8704/09/2011

Want to see Sarah? Just tune into LOGO; apparently she and RuPaul are the only two allowed on the entire network.

by Gloryreply 8804/09/2011

She is the DEFINITIVE Kendall Hart!!!! Not that that actually means anything anymore (lol).

by Gloryreply 8904/09/2011

who cares what her political affliation is? The is a democracy okay commie libs!

by Gloryreply 9004/09/2011

I wonder if it irritates her that Reese Witherspoon has her career.

by Gloryreply 9104/10/2011


by Gloryreply 9207/05/2011

[quote]Just tune into LOGO; apparently she and RuPaul are the only two allowed on the entire network.

Except for *us*, bitches.

by Gloryreply 9307/05/2011

R91 - Reese is a better actor. Sarah is good, but Reese is better, especially at the dark comedy side.

by Gloryreply 9407/13/2012

How did Freddie Prinz Jr go from being so hot to so ugly, so quickly?

by Gloryreply 9507/13/2012

I think shes not much on the acting but I've always liked her.She might be washed up but hey she's got more money than most of us.Maybe she will land a good spot in tv again.Nothing wrong with Freddy he's just over emotional normal for a fish sign.

by Gloryreply 9610/29/2012

Ringer was one of my favorite shows at the time, I was very dissappointed when it was cancelled.

by Gloryreply 9710/30/2012

I was actually sad to hear that Allyson Hannigan was such a huge bitch and that she suppossedly took her dislike of the Tara/Willow storyline out on Amber Benson when it was Joss and Marti Noxon that came up with it.I wonder if her husband is a huge a douche too.

by Gloryreply 9810/30/2012

SMG last feature film was in 2009, almost 4 years ago

by Gloryreply 9910/30/2012

There is a rumor going around that when SMG worked on "The Return" she was such an asshole Sam Sheppard had to tell her to knock it off. She was pissing off everybody.

She doesn't treat the people who are "beneath" her with any respect.

by Gloryreply 10010/30/2012

Didn't Allyson Hannigan once date a member of Marilyn Manson's band?I remember she was on Conan or some other show and she was kind of smug.

by Gloryreply 10110/30/2012

Sadly, Sarah has a "wasting away" problem. She was only 4'7 to begin with, but now the shocking truth is she's barely 3 ft tall. She'll never get cast again unless it's as a munchkin in a remake of Wizard of Oz.

by Gloryreply 10210/30/2012

She has unusual features, but she was gorgeous the first couple of seasons of Buffy.

by Gloryreply 10310/30/2012

She's a Republican.

by Gloryreply 10410/30/2012

She has the appeal of a careerist child star. Ick.

by Gloryreply 10510/30/2012

Here she is with her daughter on Halloween.

by Gloryreply 10611/01/2012

Can't believe they let that homely bitch hawk Maybelline.

by Gloryreply 10711/01/2012

Why does anyone think Republican women are angry? That's just crazy Freudian projection.

by Gloryreply 10812/11/2012

You know, it recently occurred to me that Sarah was playing Kendall Hart in Cruel Intentions. To the letter.

by Gloryreply 10903/04/2013

She's not a Republican R6. You can find lots of instances online where she says she isn't, says she voted for Obama etc etc. She's pro all the good gay stuff, pro choice... This Republican rumor got started somewhere, probably here, and refuses to go away despite all the evidence to the contrary. I think she believes in the right to own a gun. But she isn't a Republican.

by Gloryreply 11003/04/2013

This thread proclaiming the end of her career was started before RINGER, which was wonderful, although it didn't last very long. Just goes to show that Datalounge is not a very good prognosticator.

by Gloryreply 11103/04/2013

Bump for more gossip, especially in regards to SCREAM 2. Apparently Jenny McCarthy's bitchy character in the third film was created as a response to SMG's bad behavior on set during the second movie.

by Gloryreply 11205/29/2013

Is that true, r112? I've never heard that.

She's on the new CBS sitcom with Robin Williams

by Gloryreply 11305/29/2013

Any more details about how Hannigan was back-stabbing Benson? Pretty please?

by Gloryreply 11405/29/2013

Apparently Wes Craven would call her "Sarah Darling" to calm her down when she was acting up, which became the name of McCarthy's character in SCREAM 3, R113.

by Gloryreply 11505/29/2013

I loved Buffy but not because of SMG. The writing is what made it...oh, and Spike.

I always thought she was a bad actress and definitely no beauty. Cute, at best.

by Gloryreply 11605/29/2013

I have no problem believing she was difficult during Scream 2 but I'm skeptical about the Scream 3 character being based on her. Scream 3 was written by a different writer than the first two and he wouldn't have been present to witness her behavior on set.

I do wonder what kind of stories are gonna come out from her new show. Part of her reputation is that she's super serious on set and just wants to get in, do the work, and go home. I don't know how that's gonna mesh with Robin Williams who is known for being a total clown, ad-libbing, and often disrupting the schedule.

by Gloryreply 11705/29/2013

I see her upcoming show flopping. If it flops maybe she can join American Horror Story for the fall 2014 season.

by Gloryreply 11805/29/2013

She was very professional on Scream 2. This was filmed during Buffy's second season. She had just worked with KW on I Know What You Did Last Summer and she begged for a part in Scream 2. She was only on set for a few days and there were no problems.

It wasn't until Buffy season 3-4 that she became a bitch.

by Gloryreply 11905/29/2013

Do you have some inside info R119?

by Gloryreply 12005/29/2013

Spike!!!! When he fucked Buffy that was the hottest thing I ever saw on TV!!!

by Gloryreply 12105/29/2013

I really enjoyed Ringer, too. The plot was like an old Bette Davis movie and there were some cute guys-- especially the gorgeous Justin Breuning, who played Steve Trevor in the 2011 Wonder Woman pilot.

Ringer was originally intended for CBS, where it would have fared better perhaps. It didn't quite fit in with the CW's lineup.

by Gloryreply 12205/29/2013

r119 she was young back then and a star of course she was a diva compare to young actors we have now she was normal. she's really professional. and besides not everyone like to work with joss whedon

by Gloryreply 12305/29/2013

Loved this AMC promo. Sarah Michelle Gellar is such a definitive icon of the 90s. She represented the teenage youth of the grunge era - disenfranchised, angry, rebellious:

by Gloryreply 12405/29/2013

Hannigan recently put another hab in at SMG. She said something along the lines of her hating being Buffy and hating it from around season 3. Sheesh.

by Gloryreply 12505/29/2013

lol hannigan bitchin about smg there's a joke in there...cuz she's no angel either for sure.

by Gloryreply 12605/29/2013

On Amber Benson's reddit Q and A just know, when asked who from Buffy she was the closet to she replied...the writers.

Tells you everything you need to know about Hanigan and SMG.

by Gloryreply 12701/05/2015

R127 - LOL. Link?

by Gloryreply 12801/05/2015

Lately she's probably been busy with her family. She had a kid couple years back and Freddie Prinze Jr. had spinal surgery and had to learn to walk again.

by Gloryreply 12901/05/2015

She was really good in Ringer.

by Gloryreply 13001/05/2015
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