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Spotted: Mariska Hargitay, Maria Bello, Hilary Swank and Debra Messing dining together Gjelina in L.A.'s Venice area, per this week's "Us Weekly." I wonder what they were discussing?

by Gossip Girlreply 3208/06/2014

Hmmm, I wonder who picked up the check.

by Gossip Girlreply 106/05/2010

Probably grilling Mariska about Chris Meloni's luscious ass.

by Gossip Girlreply 206/05/2010

Wow 2 ex's and coke mom.

by Gossip Girlreply 306/05/2010

Grace will eat anything.

by Gossip Girlreply 406/05/2010

They were discussing the actresses who would make great lesbian lovers thread on the DL.

by Gossip Girlreply 506/05/2010

Is the Deb Messing -- cunt poster still around? This is such an awesome set-up for one of their posts.

I so would've loved to have been a fly on THAT wall.

by Gossip Girlreply 606/05/2010


by Gossip Girlreply 706/05/2010






by Gossip Girlreply 806/05/2010

I didn't think Messing was a Dyke too.

by Gossip Girlreply 906/05/2010

Yeah with Messing there, you could play that old Sesame Street "which one of these things is not like the other? which one of these things is not the same?" game, heh.

by Gossip Girlreply 1006/05/2010

lol r10, too funny. I clicked in because I was wondering. I'd never heard too much about Debra other than slept with Eric McCormack(lucky bitch), I was a little confused.

by Gossip Girlreply 1106/05/2010


by Gossip Girlreply 1206/06/2010

We were discussing my eventual third Oscar and dominance over Meryl.

by Gossip Girlreply 1306/06/2010

Messing slept with McCormick? Something sounds amiss there.

by Gossip Girlreply 1406/06/2010

r14, Could be wrong, but it seemed pretty credible at the time. If she's hanging out with that crew though...

by Gossip Girlreply 1506/06/2010

Mariska has been spending a lot of time with Maria Bello lately.

by Gossip Girlreply 1606/06/2010

Maybe they were catching up for old times sake, r16.

by Gossip Girlreply 1706/06/2010

I heard that Hillary tried to order off the menu but Gjelina doesn't serve buckets of oats.

by Gossip Girlreply 1806/06/2010

All straight women are lesbian.

by Gossip Girlreply 1906/06/2010

So are Maria and Mariska back together?

by Gossip Girlreply 2006/06/2010

That's a lot of evil for one place. Were they celebrating Satan's birthday?

by Gossip Girlreply 2106/06/2010

Ok so I know I'm way behind but I just saw a clip of the Kathy G. episode of SVU.

That whole scene of "do you get a gay vibe from me" was so fucking awkward. Jesus, she couldn't even say it with a straight face.

by Gossip Girlreply 2206/11/2010

So true, r22.

by Gossip Girlreply 2306/13/2010

I wonder who picked up the chick.

by Gossip Girlreply 2406/13/2010


by Gossip Girlreply 2506/13/2010

I found this video of Mariska on YT talking about the Kathy Griffin episode. She starts talking about the gay vibe question at around 2.25. I just thought I would share the awkward smiling at the floor with all of you.

by Gossip Girlreply 2606/13/2010

They were discussion the nuanced aftertaste of lady ham juice.

by Gossip Girlreply 2706/13/2010

None of them goes THAT way. They're normal heteroseuxal women. They met to plan Peter H's surprise birthday party. It's as simple as that. Nothing to see here. Move on...

by Gossip Girlreply 2806/13/2010

Yeah, right? Dream on, r28.

by Gossip Girlreply 2906/13/2010

So back when she made the Matrix, Carrie Anne Moss was best friends with Maria Bello. Were they more than friends? Any dirt?

by Gossip Girlreply 3006/13/2010

We never talk about mariska anymore?????????????

by Gossip Girlreply 3108/06/2014

[quote] I wonder what they were discussing?

Peter Hermann's huge cock.

by Gossip Girlreply 3208/06/2014
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