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Holland Taylor

Is Actress Holland Taylor bisexual or is she truly a lesbian and all of her flirting with men all for show?

by Curiousreply 17711/30/2015

Fabulous tunnel.

by Curiousreply 105/27/2010

Sorry, what does that mean?

by Curiousreply 205/27/2010

"Flirting" is, by definition, "just for show."

by Curiousreply 305/28/2010

She's a BOD but a FABULOUS BOD.

Hence, she can flirt BELIEVABLY.

It's not her, it's your perception of her.

Fem-fems can pull it off.

by Curiousreply 405/28/2010

She is, indeed, fabulous! One of my favorite BODs...

by Curiousreply 505/28/2010

all for show

by Curiousreply 605/28/2010

thank you all very much . . .

by Curiousreply 705/28/2010

Has Holland ever been in a known long term relationship? What do you New Yorkers and/or LA dwellers know?

by Curiousreply 805/29/2010

I thought she and Iris Love were together forever? Or was that Liz Smith?

by Curiousreply 905/29/2010

Okay... what the hell is a BOD?

by Curiousreply 1005/29/2010

Bi On Demand?

Bit Over-Done?

Ballsy Old Dame?

Bitch, Once Dunbar

by Curiousreply 1105/29/2010

I too am curious. To you in LA and New York - Has Holland Taylor every been in a known long-term relationship?

by Curiousreply 1205/29/2010

What is considered long-term for a relationship?

by Curiousreply 1305/29/2010

That was Liz Smith. Unfortunately, this question has been asked many times and never answered. Some thought that she was involved with Stephanie Faracy and another person said she was involved with a younger woman who left her and she was bitter about it. Other than that we haven't heard.

by Curiousreply 1405/29/2010

what's a BOD?

by Curiousreply 1505/29/2010

Brother of Dorothy?

by Curiousreply 1605/29/2010


by Curiousreply 1705/29/2010

I had the "pleasure" of having dinner with her in LA years ago--I am gay man--Liz Smith was there--Holland is one of the most unpleasant people you can meet--she is a closet lesbian--and she thinks her talents have not been appreciated--really not a nice woman

by Curiousreply 1805/29/2010

There was a Blind Item years ago, when HT was playing Judge Roberta Kittleson on "The Practice", about " older actress who plays a judge on a popular series who was seen making out with a beautiful, androgynous, and much younger woman under the mistletoe, at a Hollywood lesbian holiday party". A little while later, there was a Blind Item about an older, closeted tv and film actress who had a much younger partner who was prgnant....The consensus view was that the actress in the BI was Holland Taylor. All this gossip prceeded the gossip about HT being used and dumped by her younger partner. Is all this true? It's hard to tell as HT has always been able to fly under the radar/hide in plain sight/etc.

by Curiousreply 1905/29/2010

Couldn't "closeted tv and film actress" have been ex-soap star Deidre Hall?

by Curiousreply 2005/29/2010

What films have Deidre Hall been in? I remember both those BIs and I also believed them to be HT.

r18 I have heard the same thing and other people on the board have mentioned she appears to be bitter. It's too bad.

by Curiousreply 2105/29/2010

HT certainly fit the "older actress who plays a judge in a popular tv series" perfectly. I too think it's sad if Holland was embittered by her ex who took advantage of her...Lord knows there are plenty of lesbians who'd like to heal her broken heart!

by Curiousreply 2205/29/2010

When you say, Holland is one of the most unpleasant people you could meet, would you be wiloling to elaborate?

by Curiousreply 2305/29/2010


I kind of like that. It should be a word.

by Curiousreply 2405/29/2010

She is straight, as we see her on TV, duh. Everyone knows gay people are not believable when they pretend to be straight.

by Curiousreply 2505/29/2010

How does gay people who pretend to be straight are not believable relate to Holland is one of the most unpleasant people you could meet?

by Curiousreply 2605/29/2010

There was someone who said they knew some women who had been treated very badly by HT, and that she was a "ballbuster"...He said something to the effect that, while Taylor has a great reputation among those she has worked with, her reputation on a personal level is horrible.

by Curiousreply 2705/30/2010

I worked for her manager for several of the nicest most down to earth people I had ever met...

by Curiousreply 2805/30/2010

Her manager was down to earth or she was?

by Curiousreply 2905/30/2010

What kind of manager - business?

by Curiousreply 3005/30/2010

R28 proves what R27 wrote.

by Curiousreply 3105/30/2010

I hate to hear she's a bitter bitch, cause I loves me some Holland.

by Curiousreply 3205/30/2010

Has anyone ever wondered if this beloved actress suffers from NPD (Narcissitic Personality Disorder)? It is a very serious diagnosis, and I am asking this in the most loving way possible.

by Curiousreply 3305/30/2010

Why do lezzies want to know this about an old granny like HT? I like the shallowness of gay dudes more. At least there's a new crop of young "is he or isn't he?" H-wood studs to speculate about every season.

by Curiousreply 3405/30/2010

Ha Ha.

by Curiousreply 3505/31/2010

Are you people into Granny-Trannies?

by Curiousreply 3605/31/2010

Personally, I have always liked older women (and as I have gotten older, so have the older women...). I always liked Holland as an actress, particularly her turn as Peggy Peabody in "The L Word". No she's not a young "twinkette", but she definitely has an intelligent, patrician persona which many lesbians find appealing...

by Curiousreply 3705/31/2010

Yes, I too find Holland Taylor extremely appealing.

by Curiousreply 3805/31/2010

She needs to cut back on the pancake makeup, but looks pretty damn good for 67.

by Curiousreply 3905/31/2010

Some of us just photograph better!

by Curiousreply 4005/31/2010

wow r39, what shade would you say those teeth are?

by Curiousreply 4105/31/2010

Didn't she have horrendous "work" done? Like Hunter Tylo-style trout lips?

by Curiousreply 4205/31/2010


by Curiousreply 4305/31/2010

Holland has a lesbian jawline.

by Curiousreply 4405/31/2010

r33 I was going to post that, yes I believe she does.

by Curiousreply 4505/31/2010

[quote]Why do lezzies want to know this about an old granny like HT?

I think some girls are still looking for a mother figure. Though, Holland Taylor seems anything but nurturing.

I had a crush on a woman in her late 40s when I was in my mid 20s. My therapist helped me figure it out in no time. I had distant parents. My father was physically absent for a good chunk of my childhood, but my mother was there and I still felt not cared for. Anyway, it's just a theory.

[quote]According to Freud, a girl, like a boy, is originally attached to the mother figure. However, during the phallic stage, when she discovers that she lacks a penis, she becomes libidinally attached to the father figure, and imagines that she will become pregnant by him, all the while becoming more hostile toward her mother. Freud attributes the character of this developmental stage in girls to the idea of "penis envy", where a girl is envious of the male penis. According to the theory, this penis envy leads to resentment towards the mother figure, who is believed to have caused the girl's "castration." The hostility towards the mother is then later revoked for fear of losing the mother's love, and the mother becomes internalized, much the same as the Oedipus complex.

by Curiousreply 4605/31/2010

Freudian theory is not (thankfully) held in as high regard as it used to be, r46. The idea of "penis envy", for example, is complete hogwash.

by Curiousreply 4705/31/2010

Probably most celebrities have some degree of NPD...

by Curiousreply 4805/31/2010

What is a lesbian jawline?

by Curiousreply 4905/31/2010

Hello Genius,

Not all lesbians had "nurturing" mother figures.

by Curiousreply 5005/31/2010

Certain of us see in Holland a mother figure. How do you explain the fact that Holland likes "much younger women"?

by Curiousreply 5105/31/2010

Holland Taylor is a very attractive woman. It does not matter what her age is.

by Curiousreply 5205/31/2010

Some of us are closer to the same age as she is so she wouldn't be a mother figure. Not everyone on this board are in their 20s.

by Curiousreply 5306/01/2010

If you queens can gush over a bloated Alec Baldwin cause "he's such a bear" and he'll "always be sexy no matter what his weight is", then I don't see what's wrong with Holland Taylor.

by Curiousreply 5406/01/2010

Love her or hate her, HT is one of those actors that makes ANYTHING she is in BETTER.

Long may she act.

[And the one tome when I met her, she was standing next to Tomlin, she couldn't have been nicer.]

by Curiousreply 5506/01/2010

HT has been quoted as saying she always thought she would get married in her 60s. I can't help but wonder if she thought that our society would evolve to the point that gay marriage would be acceptable in the 21st century, or if she thought sex would not be an issue by the abe of 60, so she could marry for companionship...At any rate, Liz Smith (who, perhaps, has lunched at Ms Taylor's Y) still claims to occaisionally have sex...

by Curiousreply 5606/01/2010

Do pussies get tighter or looser as they age?

by Curiousreply 5706/01/2010

"Do pussies get tighter or looser as they age?"

What about assholes?

by Curiousreply 5806/01/2010

Kids, Lighten Up.

by Curiousreply 5906/01/2010

I want to hear about her plastic surgery.

by Curiousreply 6006/01/2010

She's excellent even on the lamer-than-lame "Two and a Half Men," where she has to work with a terrible script.

She was BRILLIANT on the long-forgotten (and short-lived) 1990s sitcom "The Powers that Be" (created by Norman Lear.) She played the wife of Senator John Powers, played by John Forsythe.

DL faves David Hyde-Pierce and Joseph Gordon-Levitt also starred.

by Curiousreply 6106/01/2010

Holland Taylor in "The Powers that Be", circa 1991-92.

by Curiousreply 6206/01/2010

I remember her from the soap Edge of Night. She was great back then too.

by Curiousreply 6306/01/2010

She was quite scary in "Edge of Night." I loved her storyline, in which she killed herself and framed her sister-in-law for it. (I think I'm remembering correctly, I was awfully young then.)

by Curiousreply 6406/01/2010

This clip features Holland as the ghost of the EVIL Denise Cavanaugh on The Edge of Night...

by Curiousreply 6506/01/2010

Oh yes, she was deliciously evil as Denise Cavanaugh on Edge of Night. Denise did all kinds of rotten manipulative things to her husband Miles and then tried to kill his sister April. Then the diabolical Denise was diagnosed with terminal cancer. At this point,you got the storyline correct. Denise then set about killing herself while planting evidence to point the finger at April. It was a briliant story because it turned out, Denise's supposedly crippled father-she always called him Daddy- overdosed her to put her out of her misery.

by Curiousreply 6606/01/2010

Her evil laugh was PRICELESS!

by Curiousreply 6706/01/2010

Another EON clip featuring Holland...

by Curiousreply 6806/01/2010

Thank you to whom ever posted the Powers That Be clips of Holland. She is absolutely hilarious!

by Curiousreply 6906/01/2010


by Curiousreply 7006/03/2010

In the picture [R39] posted there's a visible scar that resulted from Holland's brow lift, on her forehead just under her hairline. Her surgeon should have hidden it better, perhaps within the hairline.

And, to [R41], the shade of those teeth In that photo appears to be C-3, which is in the yellow family and is relatively dark (the higher the number, the darker the shade). Our teeth darken as we age. She could bleach them, but then any crowns/veneers she has would need to be remade to match the new shade.

by Curiousreply 7106/15/2010

Shes the next kurt cobain.

by Curiousreply 7206/15/2010

She needs to come on out!

by Curiousreply 7306/15/2010

She was involved with some professor.

by Curiousreply 7406/15/2010

R74 Would she have met that professor while getting her Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the unaccredited private University of Santa Monica founded by Roger Delano Hinkins (seems to be a Ron L. Hubbard kind of guy).

by Curiousreply 7506/15/2010

Was that a male or female professor, r74?

by Curiousreply 7606/15/2010


by Curiousreply 7706/21/2010

She reminds me of Jessie Royce Landis

by Curiousreply 7806/21/2010

who is that?

by Curiousreply 7906/21/2010

Holland is a hottie and saucy too. Love it!

by Curiousreply 8006/21/2010

I am so in love with Holland Taylor.

by Curiousreply 8106/21/2010

Her butt's rather pruny but they get that way when they're old. Luckily, women don't seem to care how fat or skinny or old a woman is so long as she's a either a bitch or a needy mess, and dear Holland can fit at least one of those categories.

by Curiousreply 8206/21/2010

Holland's butt is small and sexy - more than anyone else's I can think of.

Whoever posted this is a moron and an absolute asshole.

by Curiousreply 8306/21/2010

r82, you are certainly a misogynist. I can't help wondering how disgusting your ass looks?

by Curiousreply 8406/21/2010

For being nearly SEVENTY yrs. old, Holland Taylor has a damn fine butt. I recall reading years ago that Holland has a tattoo on said butt and that she showed it to Joan Rivers when Joan had her Emmy Fashion Review show (presumably off air). Do any Dataloungers have any knowledge of this tattoo?

by Curiousreply 8506/21/2010

One cheek says "small." The other says "sexy."

by Curiousreply 8606/21/2010

r86 How could you possibly know this? I don't believe you.

by Curiousreply 8706/21/2010

If Holland is so promiscuous as to show her ass to Joan Rivers and others, then she is not the woman I thought she was. Got knows how many woman AND MEN she has probably been with.

She is no longer sexually attractive to me if she cannot be discreet. Yuk.

by Curiousreply 8806/21/2010

Good riddance! One less rival.

by Curiousreply 8906/21/2010

R87 R86 Was just joking. Did you read post R83?

by Curiousreply 9006/21/2010

When did Datalounge become a place for prudes? Maybe Holland is just proud of her ass.

by Curiousreply 9106/21/2010

I find it hard to believe that HT has a tattooed as...

by Curiousreply 9206/25/2010

My attraction to Holland is based on how she's a classy lassy

by Curiousreply 9306/25/2010

Her younger lover was on DL recently, crying about how hard it is to be her partner. Anyone catch that?

by Curiousreply 9406/25/2010

Yes and I believe she started this post as well.

by Curiousreply 9506/25/2010

[quote]Is Actress Holland Taylor bisexual or is she truly a lesbian and all of her flirting with men all for show?

r95...I think you're right. Wow.

by Curiousreply 9606/25/2010

Some of us are closer to the same age as she is so she wouldn't be a mother figure. Not everyone on this board are in their 20s.

There are 60-70 year old lesbians here? That should not be surprising but it is to me.

by Curiousreply 9706/25/2010

[quote]She is no longer sexually attractive to me if she cannot be discreet. Yuk.

I'm sure Holland will be crushed to learn this.

by Curiousreply 9806/25/2010

r97, yes there are.

by Curiousreply 9906/25/2010

Wait until she's finished eating at the "Y", and ask her yourself!

by Curiousreply 10006/26/2010

r98, I am insanely in love with Holland Taylor. I only want her to flash her booty to me only.

by Curiousreply 10106/26/2010

[quote]Wait until she's finished eating at the "Y", and ask her yourself!%0D %0D %0D Depending on what she's eating at the "Y", OP may have more to worry about than flirting..

by Curiousreply 10206/29/2010

The luncheon menu from the "Y" always includes: Chalupas, tacos, beef-curtain subs, fur burgers...

by Curiousreply 10306/29/2010

You left out lady-ham and girl mayo.

by Curiousreply 10406/29/2010

Don't forget oysters, clams, mussels...

by Curiousreply 10506/30/2010

All of this speculation is useless without photos. Do they just not sell cell phones with cameras in California? Is it a green thing?%0D %0D Come on people. We can sneak them across the border if we have to (give the minutemen something new to worry about). How hard can it be to snap a candid of a 67 year old? Even if she does work out at the Y, there's got to be some dyke left in LA that can snap and outrun her.

by Curiousreply 10607/01/2010

Someone please invent a pussy cam, so we can catch HT eating at the Y.

by Curiousreply 10707/01/2010

bodacious old dyke?

bulimic Ottoman dentist?

bratwurst on datenutbread?

by Curiousreply 10807/01/2010

she is a cougar and dating her agent- thats what a woman in texas told me

by Curiousreply 10907/01/2010

Is her agent the "49-ish lesbian" from the "Dating a celebrity" thread?

by Curiousreply 11007/01/2010

Good question, R110. I wondered the same thing.

by Curiousreply 11107/01/2010

Good. Now we're getting somewhere. Sex and age of agent, please, and whether she works out and the Y...

by Curiousreply 11207/02/2010

bump for agent's name

by Curiousreply 11307/03/2010

come on, someone here must have imdbPRO

by Curiousreply 11407/04/2010

I don't have IMDB Pro, but a quick internet search shows that Holland has 2 agents--Bob Gersh and Marcia Hurwitz (who is appears to be a woman in her 40s...I found a picture of her accompanying TIM CURRY to some Hollywood function...)

by Curiousreply 11507/04/2010

Here's a linkk to the Curry-Hurwitz photos..

by Curiousreply 11607/04/2010

good work, r115. we'll meet up at old man winchell's house later and compare notes.%0D %0D the only problem is she's 58, and a 10 year difference doesn't count as a cougar kill (at least in my book).%0D %0D if she is the gf looks like HT moved on from the young 'uns, not surprising if the pregnant gf rumors are true.

by Curiousreply 11707/05/2010

I was merely answering a question, r117...I have not said, nor do I know if Hurwitz and Taylor have anything more than a business relationship! I was merely showing that finding who a celebrity's agent is, is an easy exercise in this internet age!

by Curiousreply 11807/05/2010

Six pages on this idiot? Really? Christ.

by Curiousreply 11907/05/2010

wasn't being critical, r115. i'd tried to find the name and couldn't. i thought r109 meant that the agent was a lot younger than HT.

by Curiousreply 12007/05/2010

Come on, r119! On a website that can sustain page-upon-page about talentless and soon-to-be-forgotten celebrity 'flavors of the week', surely 6 pages on an appealing and talented actress isn't suprising.

by Curiousreply 12107/05/2010

r66, Denise plotted to frame both Miles and Nicole for her "murder," but instead hapless April was accidentally implicated in it. %0D %0D Denise's ghost first appeared at 6:46 in the Nola-poisoning-Miles story - it was creepy.

by Curiousreply 12207/05/2010

Holland should be given her own show. She has the charisma and could pull it off.

by Curiousreply 12307/05/2010

Hollad Taylor for MAME Broadway Revival 2012!

by Curiousreply 12407/05/2010

Who is Justine Beaver? As for calling Taylor talented? Bitch, phuleeeze. Her weathered old snatch could act its way out of a wet paper bag!!

by Curiousreply 12507/05/2010

[quote]Holland should be given her own show. She has the charisma and could pull it off.%0D %0D %0D well, maybe if she'd quit messing around with her agent, the poor woman would have some time to find HT some decent work

by Curiousreply 12607/05/2010

Oh, that should be couldn't act its way out of a wet paper bag!

by Curiousreply 12707/05/2010

[quote]Her weathered old snatch could act its way out of a wet paper bag!!%0D %0D hey! i've had work done, i'll have you know! Plus, as you may have read, I get a work out at the Y every day.

by Curiousreply 12807/05/2010

btw, did anyone see the play she did in galveston about ann richards? any good?

by Curiousreply 12907/06/2010

LOVE this bitch bump

by Curiousreply 13002/27/2012

I would love to ride her hard all night. She has that "fuck me hard" look about her and I love copper heads!

by Curiousreply 13107/25/2013

She used to be called Dutch Taylor, but changed it after the war.

by Curiousreply 13207/25/2013

She wrapped the NY run of the Ann Richards play last month. Did a great job. Love her.

by Curiousreply 13307/25/2013

[quote]What is considered long-term for a relationship?

I think for lesbians it qualifies as "long-term" if they've been to Home Depot together at least three times.

by Curiousreply 13407/25/2013

Remember her in "Next Stop Wonderland"?

by Curiousreply 13507/25/2013

another funny clip from

Next Stop Wonderland

by Curiousreply 13607/25/2013

In an interview from last year she admitted to being a bit of a slut (countless "relationships".

Bad reputation in that area.

by Curiousreply 13711/07/2013

Holland has been in a relationship with Belgium and Luxembourg for centuries.

by Curiousreply 13811/07/2013

If she isn't gay, why is she named after a country famous for its dikes?

by Curiousreply 13911/08/2013

Just for those of you dying to know, the carpet matches the drapes.

by Curiousreply 14011/10/2013

Was just out to dinner with Sarah Paulson. New couple or old friends?

by Curiousreply 14101/17/2015

She was the boss on Boson Buddies and the reason I still go nuts for a woman in a lady suit.

by Curiousreply 14201/18/2015

Sarah Paulson really goes for older ladies, doesn't she?

She's friends with Keaton, Lange, Taylor... hmmm, Meryl watch out.

by Curiousreply 14301/18/2015

[R143] Older ladies know stuff about lesbianing.

by Curiousreply 14401/18/2015

Holland Taylor isn't denying the rumor she actually seems to be having fun with it on Twitter.

by Curiousreply 14505/26/2015

It seems Liz Smith gets her fingers into all the lady pies, doesn't she? Including Taylor's.

by Curiousreply 14605/26/2015

She became more famous than I did. And I had to go marry Dan Aykroyd.

by Curiousreply 14705/26/2015

Jesus Christ, ALL celebrities have narcissistic personality disorder. It is the main prerequisite to be an actor/singer/entertainer/media personality, etc.

I can't believe there are people out there who think any of these people could be everyday Joes.

by Curiousreply 14805/26/2015

[R141] So was that their First Date? Are they officially a couple now, or just FWB?

by Curiousreply 14908/04/2015

Paulson and Taylor seem all over each other on twitter, it's kind of hilarious. I was just reading very old posts about Holland here, and apparently Holland even then liked 'em 20 years younger or so.

by Curiousreply 15008/14/2015

Read over at Twitter that they are living together now. Anyone have tea to spill ??

by Curiousreply 15108/21/2015

[R150] Did she ever date any of her co-stars ??

by Curiousreply 15208/22/2015

R151, you didn't read that at twitter. Someone posted that yesterday on LChat.

by Curiousreply 15308/22/2015

[R153] So it couldn't have been posted to twitter also?

by Curiousreply 15408/22/2015

R154, where on twitter did you read it?

by Curiousreply 15508/22/2015

[R154] Didn't say I read it just that isn't it possible it was posted somewhere else also? This is the internet afterall. Wtf does it matter anyway? Maybe they got a DM at twitter letting them know about a post at LChat? Whoa - Inception!!

by Curiousreply 15608/22/2015

Hey [R129] - she's doing her play in Austin again at the Zach Scott theatre. And she's in NY for a play this fall.

by Curiousreply 15708/22/2015

R156, the reason I ask is because it was actually started on LChat. If it was tweeted the person that did it is either the author of the post and an idiot that believes everything they read.

by Curiousreply 15808/22/2015

Gotcha [R158] - no idea if they are living together, but it does look like they are dating.

by Curiousreply 15908/22/2015

Cherry Jones is totally understandable, but Holland Taylor!?

I remember when HT was on The Practice and she got so much hype as the "sexy older woman" for her role there. But that was 20 years ago!

by Curiousreply 16008/22/2015

[R156] secretly likes the PENIS. It's okay = come to the dark side!! LChat is craaaazzzzy!

[R150] Agreed. Cherry is still very attractive; Holland is grandmotherly.

by Curiousreply 16108/22/2015

Are Holland and Sarah really dating?

by Curiousreply 16208/22/2015

R162, a so called insider says they are not dating. So the answer is, who the hell knows.

by Curiousreply 16308/23/2015

Ms Holland definitely dines at the Y.

by Curiousreply 16408/24/2015

[R107] Yeah - in a 3 way with Sarah and Lady Gaga!

by Curiousreply 16509/10/2015

Anyone going to see Ripcord at MTC?

by Curiousreply 16610/08/2015

I need to scrub my brain to rid myself of the image of Paulson dining at that particular Y.

by Curiousreply 16710/12/2015

Me and John Simon must be the only ones left alive who saw her in Breakfast with Less and Bess at the Lambs Theater.

A delightful play that I'm surprised did not become successful in community theater.

Holland gave one of my all time favorite stage performances in it.

I'd like to think she's a nice person whom you could just go up to say how much you liked her performances without her giving you the Teri Garr look of disgust for just being alive.

by Curiousreply 16810/12/2015

Holland and Debbie Reynolds used to bump uglies. Agnes Moorehead would watch.

by Curiousreply 16910/12/2015

She is dating Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story.

by Curiousreply 17010/12/2015

[R170] That hasn't been confirmed. Just wistfully mentioned by more than one poster at L Chat.

Paulson can do better. And has. (She royally fucked up letting Cherry go)

by Curiousreply 17110/13/2015

I think they both confirmed it, R171.

I don't get the adulation Cherry Jones from lesbians. Lookswise, she's a middle age less frumpy woman hiding behind oversize shirts. It wouldn't kill her to put some lipstick now and then.

by Curiousreply 17211/27/2015

* put on

by Curiousreply 17311/27/2015

Cherry Jones doesn't need lipstick to be gorgeous. Those blue eyes, smoky voice and sex appeal draws them in. She will always be a kinder, more talented person than Holland. And I agree, Sarah missed the boat by cheating on Cherry and losing her.

by Curiousreply 17411/28/2015

Who the hell are you to be ordering women to wear anything r172? These kind of comments infuriate me. Women don't exist to look your version of pretty, cumrag.

by Curiousreply 17511/28/2015

You sound charming, R175. I bet you are single.

by Curiousreply 17611/28/2015

I bet [R176] is Orca Fat.

by Curiousreply 17711/30/2015
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