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What would happen if Zac Efron went to prison?

Discuss in colourful detail.

by a tasteful OPreply 2712/26/2013

OP shut the fuck up.

by a tasteful OPreply 105/22/2010

[quote]What would happen if Zac Efron went to prison?

Prison Cell Block G (for Gay): The Musical

by a tasteful OPreply 205/22/2010

Oh the buttfucking.... dear god the buttfucking that would go on...

by a tasteful OPreply 305/22/2010

He would receive an anal episiotomy at the hands (well, the cocks actually) of several large black men on the first evening.

by a tasteful OPreply 405/22/2010

He'd be gangfucked as the blatino prison boys belted out "WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!"

by a tasteful OPreply 505/22/2010

It would be the Troy battle all over again. But this time with Zac in the Helena position.

by a tasteful OPreply 605/22/2010

Disney Presents PRISON MUSICAL: STARS BEHIND BARS featuring the hit songs:

Be My Bitch;

Don't Drop the Soap; and

We're All in YOU Together

by a tasteful OPreply 705/22/2010

He would be beaten up because he's too pretty. The tough guys wouldn't touch him with a 20 inch pole.

In the end Zac would become some twisted, slime latino douche's property, and Zac's going to be looking worn out and bleached in about six months.

The slimey douche gets killed in a prison fight and Zac will become an outcast.

by a tasteful OPreply 805/23/2010

We could actually see this onscreen if they finally make The Robert Chambers Story.

by a tasteful OPreply 905/23/2010

OP you need to give this fantasy of Zac of yours up. This is the umpteenth variation of this and it's time for you to give it up. You like twinks we [italic] get [/italic] it.

by a tasteful OPreply 1005/23/2010

Seriously, OP. You need to shut up. This thread is closed.

by a tasteful OPreply 1105/23/2010

If he went to prison, someone would make millions selling "Free Zac" t-shirts.

by a tasteful OPreply 1205/23/2010

Hey, Zac might pull a Legally Blond and get all those prison toughs to do his bidding!

by a tasteful OPreply 1305/23/2010

Go to if you want to fantasize about your favorite celebrity.

by a tasteful OPreply 1405/23/2010

That's not funny.

by a tasteful OPreply 1506/19/2010

And sorry I forgot to sign my post.


p.s. my pussy STILL stinks

by a tasteful OPreply 1706/20/2010

[quote]What would happen if Zac Efron went to prison?

Every 'mo would leave protective custody.

Can you imagine him being all these black men's bitch

by a tasteful OPreply 1806/11/2012

I would love to see Zac Efron in a real-life OZ scenario as Stabler's prag. Can you imagine Meloni menacingly slapping his fat balls off Zac's butt?

by a tasteful OPreply 1906/11/2012

I'd kill, we're talking MURDER ONE, to be in his cell.

by a tasteful OPreply 2010/01/2012

Do prisoners get to shave or would Zac's chest and ass be all hairy?

by a tasteful OPreply 2110/01/2012

R21, I don't think Zac is capable of growing body hair.

by a tasteful OPreply 2210/01/2012

He would be lording it in the fields of play.

by a tasteful OPreply 2310/02/2012

Bomp, bomp

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lipton

Bubble till you feel the beat

Bomp, bomp

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lipton

Joy till reach defeat

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lippton

Bubble till you have no doubt

Bomb, bomp

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lipton

Joy's what it's all about

Bomp, bomp

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lipton

Bubble till you're on your feet

Bomp, bomp

Bubble, lubba, lubba, lipton

A simulated Holland treat

by a tasteful OPreply 2403/05/2013

"I don't think Zac is capable of growing body hair."

You are (thankfully) oh so wrong...

by a tasteful OPreply 2603/07/2013

Do you think Eve Plumb and the fake Jan ever met?

by a tasteful OPreply 2712/26/2013
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