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Rose Kennedy Schlossberg - Jackie 2.0 ?

Flirty wide-set eyes. A regal bearing. And that famous name. Here’s why brand-new Harvard grad Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is about to become . . .Jackie 2.0

There is something so familiar about the young brunette girl in the club wearing a simple white tee and jeans. The perfectly symmetrical features, the big eyes. The graceful way she carries herself — not like a model, exactly, more like royalty.It’s Jackie Kennedy all over again.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, eldest daughter of Caroline Kennedy, has been channeling the look and style of her late, fabulous grandmother ever since she was a teen.So far, she’s kept a low profile. But as she graduates from Harvard University next Thursday with a bachelor’s degree in English and starts to make her way in the world, she will be impossible to ignore — especially as her doppelganger is about to experience a cultural resurgence.

Jackie O is the subject of dueling film projects, both due out next year, and last week, Hyperion announced it would publish a series of interviews she recorded in 1964 with historian and family friend Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.Schlesinger, who started out as a speechwriter for JFK in 1960, stayed close to the family through three generations and got to know Jackie’s granddaughter before his death in 2007.“Rose was and is the leader of the pack — her opinion counts. She is highly regarded within the ever-expanding [Kennedy] circle,” the Pulitzer-winning author told biographer C. David Heymann in an interview for “American Legacy: The Story of John & Caroline Kennedy.”“In many respects,” he said, “she is the face and future of the clan.”


Rose Kennedy Schlossberg was raised on the Upper East Side, the eldest of 3 children of artist Edwin Schlossberg and, of course, Caroline Kennedy. Her name, which came from her great-grandmother, was chosen not by her mother but by Jackie — who, ironically, never liked her mother-in-law, or vice versa. But as she once told press secretary Pierre Salinger, “The old bat’s about 100 years old, so let’s give her some respect.”

The former first lady was a regular presence in Rose’s life, right up until Jackie’s death in May 1994, when her granddaughter was 5. Jackie used to make regular visits to the Schlossbergs’ apartment for what she called a “roll around” with baby Rose. When Rose was a little older, “Grand Jackie” — the Schlossbergs’ name for “grandma” — would take her on outings to playgrounds and museums, including the Met, right across the street from Jackie’s apartment.“Jackie, who lived just a few blocks away from the Schlossbergs on the Upper East Side, saw Rose basically every day and doted on her,” says Kennedy biographer Christopher Andersen. “Jackie knew it was important to sow the seeds of good behavior early on, and she tried to do that in the final years of her life. It was a mission for her.”

This is very long. There are 3 other pages at the link

by Kreply 5210/21/2013

Not seeing it.

by Kreply 105/21/2010

She's cute, but definitely needs some hair advice. Some make-up would help too.

by Kreply 205/21/2010

Why does she get so much ink? Who really cares?

by Kreply 305/21/2010

I do see a family resemblance but I see none of Jackie's style or grace. Plus the girl smokes pot, was photographed smoking a joint. Jackie never did anything stronger than diet pills and valium (well, until the very end, of course).

by Kreply 405/21/2010

With a name like Schlossberg?




by Kreply 505/21/2010

Here's a better photo of her, but she's no Jackie O.

by Kreply 605/31/2010

R5, do you have any idea how highly-respected Ed Schlossberg is?

by Kreply 705/31/2010

She looks like somebody famous in R6's link ... is it Audrey Tautou?

by Kreply 805/31/2010

That's a much better photo of her. It's hard to tell what will happen. Caroline didn't get the Jackie charm--it seemed to pass to JFK Jr.

by Kreply 905/31/2010

Drop the Schlossberg, and we'll talk.

by Kreply 1005/31/2010

She pings.

by Kreply 1105/31/2010

[quote]"The old bat's about 100 years old, so let's give her some respect."

Ah, Jackie. A great New Yorker, still sorely missed.

by Kreply 1205/31/2010

No, OP, she's not a courtesan whose benefactress is Bunny Mellon (if that's what you mean).

by Kreply 1305/31/2010

I see it in r6's link

by Kreply 1405/31/2010

She gave $350 whole dollars to the Obama campaign? Wow!!!

by Kreply 1505/31/2010

[quote]Caroline didn't get the Jackie charm

She didn't get JFK's charm either. She's, um, unfortunately, um, charmless.

by Kreply 1605/31/2010

What the hell is Rose Kennedy Schlossbeg's publicist doing posting on the Datalounge?

by Kreply 1705/31/2010

Rose may have some of Jackie's genes but she more resembles mom Caroline in the 70s when she was a college kid...she was so sloppy that her mother dispaired of ever making a proper lady out of her. She lived on "ZA" - her work for pizza - and doughy carbs that college food was back then and frequented Phoebe's Whamburger joint in Manhattan, and stopping at Serendipity for hot fudge sundaes. She was more Kennedy than Bouvier..Caroline declined her mother's wish to make a society debut at a debutante ball, preferring the life of a serious intellectual. Rose is definitely a girl of her time...unfortunately, that's not a plus, but a minus. Anyone born after 1970 simply doesn't know the niceties of being a very feminine girl, complete with charm, smarts, style and modesty. The tarts of today think they can just slap on some sunglasses and twist their hair up and they're Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn. Ah, ignorance is truly's better they don't know how wonderful life was back in the 50s and 60s and before, when the chrome (on the cars) was thick and the women were straight! HA!

by Kreply 1810/09/2011

Thank you, Faye Dolan. I remember Caroline Kennedy's own pot-smoking, pizza-eating, messy-haired post-college phase. She was not cute, and she's never been stylish. Her daughter may or may not end up contributing something of substance to the world. But it won't be because she's Jackie 2.0.

by Kreply 1910/09/2011

She's a lot prettier than her grandmother imo. And like someone here posted she does look like Audrey Tautou.

by Kreply 2010/09/2011

She's not bad looking. Prettier than her horsey mom, for sure.

But it's 2011 and no one gives a shit about any of the Kennedys anymore. All of the inspiring ones are dead.

by Kreply 2110/09/2011

Sorry, I think she is prettier than Jackie. I always found Jackie really odd looking. Here sister Lee was the real beauty buy Jackie did get the charm apparently.

by Kreply 2210/09/2011

She kind of looks like her mom Caroline, circa mid 70s.

by Kreply 2310/09/2011

She looks like Jackie Kennedy, if Jackie were half Russian Jewish.

She has darker, more Russian looks than her mother or maternal grandmother. She sometimes looks like Sarah Gilbert.

John Kennedy Schlossberg could definitely use some fashion tips.

by Kreply 2410/09/2011

Tatiana Schlossberg looks most like Caroline. God help the poor girl if she inherited the Kennedy Krinkle skin.

by Kreply 2510/09/2011

Tatiana has more problems than just her skin, R25.


by Kreply 2610/09/2011


Poor girl - so plain. It's as if Caroline's personality manifested itself.

by Kreply 2710/09/2011

Rose looks like a prettier version of Jackie O.

John Kennedy Schlossberg looks like a nerd and that is somewhat sweet. I am linking to a picture of him.

by Kreply 2810/09/2011

Why do we care about these people? Rich and entitled 20 year olds are not our saviors. We need to concern ourselves with the working and middle class kids and their futures since they're the ones who'll face the most obstacles.

by Kreply 2910/09/2011

All the Kennedy kids go through that messy stage. It's like a "pretend we are like the little people" rite of passage.

Eventually Tatiana will get her moustache and her moles lasered off, will lose the Sadie Mae Glutz/Charlie Manson hair and will wear nice clothes. But if she's got the Kennedy Krinkleskin, there's no cure for that.

by Kreply 3010/09/2011

Tatiana Schlossberg gets her looks from her father.

by Kreply 3110/09/2011

When I saw this headline I thought, 'dear lord, media! leave this little girl alone!'

I thought she was like 8 or 9.

Time flies.

by Kreply 3210/09/2011

Amen, R29. I get uncomfortable when our side fosters the royalty treatment looking for leadership in untalented second generation brats with famous names.

by Kreply 3310/09/2011

She looks nothing like Jackie.

by Kreply 3410/15/2011

Like R11, I too though she pinged just from the photo in OP's link.

Reading the story indicates she hung out with Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson last year.

Then again, she could simply be a BUG - bisexual until graduation.

by Kreply 3510/15/2011

Another one on the Audrey Tautou train.

by Kreply 3610/16/2011

She probably looks more like her father Edwin Schlossberg.

by Kreply 3710/16/2011

Yes, Rose looks mostly like her grandmother. Jack and Tatiana mostly look like Ed. Just a thought, I wonder what they think about their grandmother's tapes in which she sounds very shallow. Most importantly, I wonder how they feel about their grandmother being thought of as a gold digger!

by Kreply 3810/11/2012

Tat is fugly -she's lucky she's rich. Rose also has a giant honker.

by Kreply 3910/11/2012

In R34's pic, I'm slightly seeing Rachel Dratch.

by Kreply 4010/11/2012

She certainly fits the stereotype of Kennedys who drink and do drugs!

by Kreply 4112/22/2012

[quote]Plus the girl smokes pot, was photographed smoking a joint.

Clutch the pearls, Mary! The number of 22 year-olds in 2012 who haven't smoked pot can be counted on one hand.

by Kreply 4212/22/2012

Meh, she's no Somer Farkas. Now THERE is a modern day Jacky Kennedy style icon.

by Kreply 4312/22/2012

Lordy, she does have that Jackie thing going on. Much prettier actially if she fixed herself up. Hey Rose, you are 22 and rich. Timemto pur away childish things and be an adult. Your money,your looks, your name and if you haveit-your intelligence will open up a lot of doors for you. Choose one and step through, but choose wisely. You can go workin fashion like all the other rich girls who don't want to commit tomamrealmjob,move you can find something to do that will make a difference. Go change the world honey, and if that's too muc, then just go change a small corner, but MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!

by Kreply 4412/22/2012

There is a strong resemblance. Obviously a young woman of today isn't going to be running around in pillbox hats and a bouffant.

by Kreply 4512/22/2012

Is it true Caroline's marriage is effectively dead?

by Kreply 4612/22/2012

Jackie looked like she had FAS.

by Kreply 4712/22/2012

Boring thread, not worth the bump.

by Kreply 4812/22/2012

Those Schlossberg genes sure do trump the Irish.

by Kreply 4912/22/2012

R6. Why is she sitting next to Patty Duke?

by Kreply 5012/24/2012

I hope we soon forget about these offspring of the Kennedy's. The older generation were fine, contributors to society but the idea that these grandchildren are something to admire because of their name, is horse shit.

by Kreply 5112/24/2012

Rose sure is classy.

by Kreply 5210/21/2013
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