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Johnny Galecki denies gay rumors on THE VIEW

'Big Bang Theory' star Johnny Galecki denied rumors that he's gay on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated), but remained tight-lipped about any current romantic involvements. "I've never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that's not offensive?" Galecki said of gay rumors. When asked by Whoopi Goldberg whether he has a girlfriend currently, Galecki was cagey. "Do I have a girlfriend? No. But I wouldn't tell you right now even if I did," he said.

by Miareply 7801/07/2014

"A girlfriend? Depends on what you mean."

by Miareply 105/17/2010

What a great answer.

by Miareply 205/17/2010

"Johnny and I are not gay! And even if we were--which we're not--it's none of your business."

by Miareply 305/17/2010

"Do I have a girlfriend? It depends on how you define [italic]have[/italic]."

by Miareply 405/17/2010

Johnny dated Michael Hitchcock (Waiting for Guffman, Best In Show) for a while a few years ago.

by Miareply 505/17/2010

What a loser. why didn't he just say, "I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is".

by Miareply 605/17/2010


by Miareply 705/17/2010

He doesn't exactly deny it.

And I hate, hate, hate that "Do you have a girlfriend?" question. It assumes everyone is hetero. I'm disappointed in Whoopi for asking it.

If it has to be asked, how about something like, "Do you have romantic relationship right now?"

by Miareply 805/17/2010

He didn't deny anything, he said "I've never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that's not offensive?" Couldn't have been a more perfect answer. Even Whoopi said why is this question even being asked? The rumor started because he played a gay hustler romping around nude on Broadway.

by Miareply 905/17/2010

That is about the classiest answer to that question I've ever heard.

by Miareply 1005/17/2010

He should have asked them if they were gay, straight, bi or transgendered.

by Miareply 1105/17/2010

Gay or straight (or in between) girlfriend had too much makeup on. Just saying.

by Miareply 1205/17/2010

He didn't lie if is actually bi-sexual.

by Miareply 1305/17/2010

R5 Really? That's one of the gays on United States of Tara, right? Weird couple. So the TBBT is a pretty gay show with Jim being gay and Johnny and Kunal being rumored to be gay.

by Miareply 1405/17/2010

Don't forget the uber dyke who played Johnny's science girlfriend at first.

by Miareply 1505/17/2010

[quote]The rumor started because he played a gay hustler romping around nude on Broadway.

Started long before that. His Broadway turn just confirmed how much he's packing.

by Miareply 1605/17/2010

Galecki pings to high heaven in that clip

by Miareply 1705/17/2010

Are you saying he has a big dick, R16?

by Miareply 1805/17/2010

That's exactly what he's saying, r18. The proof is in the pudding, and Johnny's pudding was pretty darned huge based on seeing him in "The Little Dog Laughed."

by Miareply 1905/17/2010

R19, if I remember correctly, people here couldn't seem to even determine whether he was cut or uncut.

by Miareply 2005/17/2010

That was based on the blurry photos. Anyone who saw the play could tell he was cut.

by Miareply 2105/17/2010

He was born in Europe, R21, so he is likely to be uncut

by Miareply 2205/17/2010

What 'likely' is great but the fact is he is cut.

by Miareply 2305/17/2010

Loved the answer to the question that he gave. Did not like the orange base makeup, he looked like a yellow bug light.

by Miareply 2405/17/2010

Prove it, R23

by Miareply 2505/17/2010

How does one 'prove' something like this.

When he was on Broadway I saw him multiple times at the gym locker room. He was not shy and he was quite CUT. I also was born in Europe to American parents and was cut.

On stage there might have been room for doubt but a foot away in a locker room there was NO doubt, he was cut.

I know of no way to PROVE this to your satisfaction so go jerk off to your fantasies and leave the fact out of it.

by Miareply 2605/17/2010

He denied nothing OP. Your headline is deceiving.

by Miareply 2705/17/2010

I believe him. I never thought he was gay, anyway.

by Miareply 2805/17/2010


by Miareply 2905/17/2010

R29 Massive idiot.

by Miareply 3005/17/2010

He be gay.

by Miareply 3105/17/2010

he is listed here as uncut:

by Miareply 3205/17/2010

Naked photo:

by Miareply 3305/17/2010

Yes, that's such a reliable website, isn't it, r32? We can certainly count on their veracity.

by Miareply 3405/17/2010

That's the same blurry picture. It proves nothing. But if you saw the show from close enough, you know he's cut.

What's more important in that picture is the proof of his being hung.

by Miareply 3505/17/2010

R34, it's not perfect, but it is the best website of its kind on the internet.

by Miareply 3605/17/2010

R35, he just looks average to me.

And he looks uncut according to some of the posts.

by Miareply 3705/17/2010

But it's all just unsubstantiated gossip and heresay, r36. It proves nothing about anyone, except for those who have shown their cocks publicly or have talked about being cut or uncut.

by Miareply 3805/17/2010

[quote]What's more important in that picture is the proof of his being hung.

He's also 5'2"

by Miareply 3905/17/2010

Of course, he's gay? What is this April Fool's Day?

by Miareply 4005/17/2010

Whoopie did apologize for asking. It was on her cue card she was just reading from.

by Miareply 4105/17/2010

Why do we want him? I could take or leave him, but he's not exactly a looker.

by Miareply 4205/17/2010

I think the huge vein that pops out of his forehead every time he smiles is very attractive.

by Miareply 4305/17/2010

[quote]So the TBBT is a pretty gay show with Jim being gay and Johnny and Kunal being rumored to be gay.

Tell me more about Kunal Nayyar rumored to be gay.

by Miareply 4405/17/2010

R38, as you admit yourself, the majority of the male celebs on the site have had their circ status confirmed in movies or interviews

by Miareply 4505/17/2010

Humor, evasion, wit, outrage, shrugs and doublespeak may have their places, but I prefer a simple "yes" as an answer to the "Are you gay?" question, if a person is gay.

Until that's the natural and usual response, we'll always have societal issues. And gay youth will continue to suffer growing up believing something is wrong with them, no matter how much pc niceness is offered. If a gay person refuses to say she or he is gay, the message is just that.

by Miareply 4605/17/2010

There was a tacit denial in there. Shame, he and Danny Masterson remain a dirty fantasy for me. Who was the dude cohost? I honestly thought it was Ellen for .002 seconds.

by Miareply 4705/17/2010

R46 has a point

by Miareply 4805/17/2010

Why don't these discussions--!of Galecki's sexual orientation ever mention the paternity suit he faced in New York? That was real and implies that he has sex with women.

by Miareply 4905/17/2010

Or, R49 it was a ruse orchestrated by his publicist or manager to deflect the rumors.

by Miareply 5005/18/2010

The question would never have been asked on live TV if it had not been cleared in advance. The View would never try to trap one of its guests by surprising them with a question like that. That's not how The View operates; they want a reputation of being celeb friendly.

His answer is wonderful -- "I've never really addressed those rumors because I always figured why defend yourself against something that's not offensive?" It is indeed a perfect answer to that question.

In fact, it's so perfect, its one he could never have thought of off the top of his head. The answer had to have been scripted in advance. No doubt by his publicist.

So, the bigger question really becomes what's going on that Johnny suddenly needs to address these rumors? The rumors have been around for about a decade. So, why address them NOW? Is he up for a movie role or something?

by Miareply 5105/18/2010

Interesting theory.

by Miareply 5205/18/2010

He was excellent in the otherwise dreary, overrated and overacted Little Dog Laughed.

by Miareply 5305/18/2010

[quote]Little Dog Laughed.

Till it saw how much Dan was packin'.

by Miareply 5405/18/2010

[quote] What's more important in that picture is the proof of his being hung. He's also 5'2"

He's 5'5". And big, thick dick trumps short stature any day. Although 5'5" is pushing it.

by Miareply 5505/18/2010

Is this a joke? How could be possibly pass for straight? I mean, can you IMAGINE him with a girlfiend?

by Miareply 5605/18/2010

"[R35], he just looks average to me."

Watch his crotch on TBBT. He looks far above average in most of the costuming.

by Miareply 5705/18/2010

that was a weird show. The announcer said at the top of the show how Johnny Galecki will address a rumour that has followed him for twenty years and then Whoopi seemed awkward about havind to bring up the topic.

Galecki wanted to address it though. Seemed to be the purpose of the visit.

by Miareply 5805/18/2010

R56 There are rumors he's dating or dated co-star Kayle Cuoco

by Miareply 5905/18/2010

So, these rumors have followed him for twenty years - since he was 15? There must be something to them, then.

by Miareply 6005/18/2010

Johnny and Ryan Phillippe have a tense confrontation scene in "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

by Miareply 6105/18/2010

Jim parsons, I’m pretty sure he’s gay TOTALLY Johnny Galecki, I'm not sure Kunal Nayyar, recently married. Helberg, is married Kaley, is engaged to a man when she said "YES" when only had 3 months of relationship. ¬¬

by Miareply 6201/22/2012

"The rumor started because he played a gay hustler romping around nude on Broadway."

Wow, I'd better be careful about accepting straight roles then.

by Miareply 6301/22/2012

on a side note, tom everett scott starred with him on the bway show. He's the one showing his ass in the nude pic of JG. TES would work out at equinox on colombus every morning, and at 9am would finish, strip down and walk to the sea room, buck naked. and then sit in the steam room, buck naked. I was late foe work every day....

by Miareply 6401/22/2012

From his wiki page. [quote] Galecki was involved in a short relationship with his Roseanne co-star Sara Gilbert in his teenage years and they have remained close friends since the show.[7][8] He also secretly dated his The Big Bang Theory co-star Kaley Cuoco for two years, though they did not reveal their relationship publicly until after it ended, as Cuoco revealed to the CBS newsmagazine Watch!.[9]

The relationship with Sara Gilbert is suspect.

by Miareply 6501/22/2012

Everybody knows the actor who plays Sheldon is gay, but the Indian one is too, right?

by Miareply 6601/22/2012

r65 - not really. Gilbert didn't come out until after Roseanne, and she, like millions of other kids, probably wasn't out at such a young age. It makes sense that two teenagers starring on a show together as a couple would have a relationship with one another. I don't see any reason to doubt that Gilbert and Galecki were involved during their teen years.

by Miareply 6701/22/2012

Is that really done, r50?

by Miareply 6801/22/2012

Johnny is so cute! I think he's very talented too. Swoon.

by Miareply 6901/22/2012

More likely he had a relationship with this guy.

by Miareply 7001/22/2012

Galecki was in a play with John Mahoney and IIRC Mahoney's orientation denials got conflated with Galecki's. That's when the gay rumors really took off.

by Miareply 7101/22/2012

I had no idea he was that hot. He's so dorky looking on TBBT.

by Miareply 7201/22/2012

WOW, for real? Johnny Galecki and Michael Hitchcock and John Mahoney??? those men are TOO old, at least you guys have to learn to lie, Gosh.

by Miareply 7308/01/2013

Who cares? And why should Whoopie care?

Is this what they talk about on the VIEW?

by Miareply 7408/01/2013

If he was ugly you AIDS infested Pozzzzzz face assholes wouldn't care.

by Miareply 7508/03/2013

You know the drill, R75, because you've posted a lot of your hate-filled shit: "Die in a grease fire - which you can start with the zits on your face." The sooner the better.

by Miareply 7608/03/2013

He's always pinged my gaydar. I think he's cute. I doubt coming out would hurt the kind of career he has.

by Miareply 7708/03/2013

Look at these sad pictures of a guy who is trying way too hard with a girl that isn't really into him:

by Miareply 7801/07/2014
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