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The Joe Franklin Show et al.

How many of you remember Joe Franklin's TV show? Wasn't Joe always on WWOR (Channel 9) in Secaucas,New Jersey? I probably misspelled the name of the town. Sorry.

I just remember that he had lots of funny, quirky, D-listers, most of whom would have been great dinner party guests.

I seem to remember a female guest who was promoting a very cheesy 45RPM called "The Space Shuttle Shuffle". That must have been about 1983.She was a great conversationalist, though.

My cousin, an astrologer and a very funny, intellectual lady actually appeared on his show several times. She remembers that she came on after a model who never ended up making any huge mark. Anyway, at the end of the show, Joe asked the model, "So, do you think "Diane" (my cousin) could become a model?"

The model took on a very cold expression and blurted out, "Yes, but she would have to work very,very hard."

By the way, my cousin was no slouch.

Joe Franklin belongs to a former age which valued TV guests who could hold a conversation rather than those who simply have a "project" to promote.

Do you remember this show? Or, even better, what were some of the many regional talk shows that you remember watching as a kid? What made those shows entertaining for you?

by Tonyreply 1302/24/2013

I watched him in NYC in the 90s. Adored that show.

by Tonyreply 105/16/2010

I actually met him at Sardi's over ten years ago. My cousin (his former guest) was in a slump and I mentioned her name to Franklin. He immediately remembered her and told me to tell her to call him so as to be on his radio show of the moment.

He was such a gentleman.

His show should have been available to a wider audience.

Thanks for your comment, R1.

by Tonyreply 205/16/2010

Googling for clips now.

by Tonyreply 305/16/2010

His adoration of old Hollywood made him ping off the charts. Sad to hear he's passed.

by Tonyreply 405/16/2010

Joe Franklin is still alive. I don't know about pinging, but I saw him at a Broadway show about a decade ago with a beautiful woman hanging on him that was young enough to be his granddaughter.

by Tonyreply 505/16/2010

He did not ping for me at all. He was eying some cute blonde at the bar after speaking with me. She must have been in her late twenties.

I'm pretty sure that he's a pussy hound but NOT a big Bush supporter.

by Tonyreply 605/16/2010

Billy Crystal used to imitate him on SNL in the 80s. That's the only reason I now who he is.

by Tonyreply 705/17/2010

He does weddings and Bar Mitzvahs now

by Tonyreply 805/17/2010

I met Joe Franklin backstage at a They Might Be Giants concert.

I remember thinking--this is life in New York.

by Tonyreply 905/17/2010

Bebe Buell bump!

by Tonyreply 1002/22/2013

[quote]Joe Franklin belongs to a former age which valued TV guests who could hold a conversation rather than those who simply have a "project" to promote.

First, it takes a host who can bring out the best in his guests. Joe Franklin had that ability as did Merv Griffin.

Second, it takes a producer who can sign guests who can talk beyond their most recent project.

Third, it takes an assistant who provides the host with plenty of recent material and notes on the guests so they have a number of topics they can cover.

Another thing that Joe Franklin and Merv Griffin had going for them is that they socialized with many of their guests. They gathered at places away from their studios.

by Tonyreply 1102/24/2013

There was a time when Regis Philbin could bring on people for very good interviews because he knew them socially and knew their non-showbiz interests, too. By the time Kelly Ripa was on "Live", he no longer knew the guests, had no idea what they did in or out of showbiz, and couldn't even pronounce their names.

by Tonyreply 1202/24/2013

The poor man's Larry King.

by Tonyreply 1302/24/2013
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