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Another Gay Co-Anchor Leaves "World News Now"

Jeremy Hubbard Leaving 'World News Now;' Rob Nelson to Join By Kevin Allocca on May 13, 2010 11:51 AM First on TVNewser: "World News Now," ABC's middle-of-the-night news program, is about to see another change at the anchor desk. TVNewser has learned that Jeremy Hubbard, who joined the broadcast in 2008, is departing "World News Now" for a promotion to digital correspondent for ABC News. (Welcome back to daylight, Jeremy) ABC News is hiring Rob Nelson, morning news anchor at CBS-affiliate WWL-TV in New Orleans, to co-anchor the program with Vinita Nair. No word yet on his official start date. "World News Now" has been something of a revolving door for young, promising talent. Since the show's launch in 1992, the newscast's seen Anderson Cooper, Juju Chang, Alison Stewart, Aaron Brown, Kevin Newman, Ryan Owens, David Muir, and others pass through the anchor chair. [is there any male anchor for this show who WASN'T gay?]

by Sam Championreply 4110/16/2014

I don't think Jeremy Hubbard is gay. Isn't he married, too?

by Sam Championreply 105/14/2010

Don't forget Ron Corning was the anchor too - another gay man....

by Sam Championreply 205/14/2010

Kevin Newman isn't gay, either. He is now a big newsie in Canada, too. Award winning dude.

by Sam Championreply 305/14/2010

Jeremy Hubbard has lost a lot of weight in the past few months...manorexic?

by Sam Championreply 405/14/2010

Jeremy is looking quite thin these days. Don't know if he's gay but he doesn't wear a wedding ring.

by Sam Championreply 505/14/2010

I remember when Anderson Cooper was on WWN. One morning his mother showed up on his birthday with a big cake.

by Sam Championreply 605/14/2010

r4, he is certainly fading fast. Can they find people who are less boring for a overnight/early morning news cast? The last thing I want to see are these dullards if I have to wake up for a very early day.

by Sam Championreply 705/14/2010

World News Now looks like a fun place to work. I remember when they first started and Thalia would get pretty punchy by 4am.

by Sam Championreply 805/14/2010

I remember the Aaron & Lisa days... I'm old. I've only seen this guy a few times, but he seems right-wingy to me. Presents stories like he's sucking up to them when he reads about Tea Parties. If he's gay, I bet he tries to hide it.

by Sam Championreply 905/14/2010

Are you talking about Rob or Jeremy, r9? Rob isn't right wing - nor is he gay. Sort of a straight version of Don Lemon.

by Sam Championreply 1005/14/2010

Sorry, I'm thinking of the skinny white guy who has no chemistry with anyone, including the camera. Looks technically perhaps handsome, but like he never really smiled in his whole life.

by Sam Championreply 1105/14/2010

I think only Dan Harris, OP.

by Sam Championreply 1205/14/2010

Do they still do the World News Polka on Thursdays?

by Sam Championreply 1305/14/2010

Is Jeremy leaving because he's sick? He's been looking really ill of late.

I always liked Ryan Owens. He had a snarky, bitchy gay sense of humor - like he was always pissed he was working the overnight shift.

by Sam Championreply 1405/15/2010

That's a serious list of talent. Alison Stewart is terrific.

by Sam Championreply 1505/15/2010

Anderson Cooper was so fun to watch when he anchored ABC World News Now (was it originally World News Overnight?) How long were he and the fabulous Thalia on together? The tone of the program was and probably remains 'no one is watching, it's the middle of the night; we have to present these stories but otherwise let's have some fun and what the fuck'.

by Sam Championreply 1605/15/2010

I remember him with Juju Chang and Alison Stewart. Was he paired with someone else? He was only there for about two years, IIRC.

by Sam Championreply 1705/15/2010

Complete list of who anchored with whom and when at link

by Sam Championreply 1805/15/2010

Let's World News Polka!

by Sam Championreply 1905/15/2010

I miss Vinita! And yes, Rob's a fun boy...

by Sam Championreply 2007/18/2011

I liked Lisa McRee and miss seeing her on the air

by Sam Championreply 2107/18/2011

Another queen joins the team! Dan Kloeffler was flaming on this morning's broadcast. %0D %0D %0D In other news...Mike Marusarz changed his name to Mike Marza.

by Sam Championreply 2207/18/2011

What happened to the new guy, Daniel something, who's been on the past few months???

by Sam Championreply 2307/18/2011

Daniel Bieber! I love him! He's Canadian.

by Sam Championreply 2407/18/2011

His name is Daniel Sieberg. His last day was Friday.

by Sam Championreply 2507/18/2011

Jeremy Hubbard is not gay...Former ABC “World News Now” co-anchor and current ABC News correspondent Jeremy Hubbard is leaving the network and going back home, to Denver. TVSpy has learned Hubbard is re-joining KDVR Fox 31. Hubbard left KDVR, where he was weekend anchor and reporter, for ABC News in 2007.

Hubbard will co-anchor the 7pm newscast on KWGN-2 and the 10pm on KDVR-31. His last day on the air at ABC News is May 20. Tribune-owned KWGN and Local TV’s KDVR co-located their news operations at KDVR in 2008.

Hubbard, a native of Glenwood Springs, CO says, “My wife and I have a new baby, seven-month-old Charlie, and we can’t wait to raise him in Denver…the greatest city in America.”

by Sam Championreply 2604/24/2012

Yes r13 they still do the Polka on Thursday. I actually really like watching WNN. But does it seem like Rob is being demoted or am I not understanding the hierarchy for news organizations.

Also, speaking of repubs that girl Rob usually hosts with is a bitchy republican who has no skill in hiding her political preference. The way she rolls her eyes and snaps at Rob whenever he defends working women or suggests that the Trayvon Martin case was mishandled is just disgusting.

by Sam Championreply 2704/24/2012

Kevin Newman's not gay, but his son is (was the subject of minor media coverage when KN MCed a queer event a couple of years ago - see third item at link).

by Sam Championreply 2804/24/2012

I think Rob Nelson is in the closet. He seems so phony when he talks about his interest in women and he acts like a woman half the time.

by Sam Championreply 2907/10/2012

I've always liked Daniel Sieberg -- wish they'd bring him back.

Handsome guy in an unconventional way.

Smart, too.

by Sam Championreply 3007/10/2012

Is Bieber gay too?

by Sam Championreply 3107/10/2012

Daniel Sieberg has flash on his Facebook page.

What a douche bag and I mean TOTAL douche bag thing to do.

by Sam Championreply 3207/10/2012

What's wrong with the Flash? Does it mean he's gay? I thought the Green Lantern was the gay one.

by Sam Championreply 3307/10/2012

Rob Nelson is the best anchor on TV. He has it all-looks,great speaking,funny,etc. Overnight is NOT FUN without hjim. I certainly don't think he is gay. I doubt David Muir is gay either

by Sam Championreply 3402/01/2013

I find the newest guy really annoying, it's like he's trying to do bad stand up and not the news.

by Sam Championreply 3502/02/2013

David Muir is definitely gay. Please.

by Sam Championreply 3602/02/2013

bump for gay anchors!

by Sam Championreply 3702/02/2013

Hey Rob Nelson: Enjoying your one night news stand this morning. Welcome back - Richard

by Sam Championreply 3806/17/2013

Thank god that Rob Nelson is off the news show. He was not getting along with his female co-anchor. His ego preceded him always.

by Sam Championreply 3906/17/2013

I never cared much for Rob. He was just too "flamboyant", gay or straight.

My favorite WNN co-anchor was Ryan Owens. What a hunk! He's now a reporter for ABC out of Texas.

by Sam Championreply 4006/17/2013

Is anybody watching this with T J Holmes? God this man is a prick. He is obviously bitter that his career landed him in the overnight anchor seat. What a fucking priss.

by Sam Championreply 4110/16/2014
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