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Michael T. Weiss

Further to the Dark Shadows thread, has anyone had any experience with M. Weiss? Were the rumors true re: his meth use? Was "Jeffrey" his declaration of being gay?

by V. Wintersreply 15111 hours ago

hopefully they were just rumors. Don't know but why go down that road when knowing the outcome.

by V. Wintersreply 104/12/2012

have you seen the lastest picture of him? He still looks good at fifty.

About the rumors I too hope they're just that, someone with to much time on their hands

by V. Wintersreply 204/15/2012

I used to always get him mixed up with John Wesley Shipp.

by V. Wintersreply 304/15/2012

Are you referring to Michael t. Weiss resembling John Wesley?

by V. Wintersreply 404/15/2012

Hes a hottie.

by V. Wintersreply 504/15/2012

MTW in "Jeffrey" = the personification of hot sexy hairy yumminess.

by V. Wintersreply 604/15/2012

Watching some of his older work. He's very is hairy. Can't wait to see what future work he has waiting for us fans.

by V. Wintersreply 704/21/2012

[quote]Was "Jeffrey" his declaration of being gay?

He is indeed gay, but I don't think he meant the film to be any sort of a personal declaration.

by V. Wintersreply 804/21/2012

At least he seems to have gotten off the meth. That kept him fucked up for many years after "The Pretender" was canceled.

by V. Wintersreply 904/21/2012

Why do you think he's gay, because he's fifty and never seen with a female?

by V. Wintersreply 1004/21/2012

Are you saying since the Pretender was dropped he went on a meth crash? It's possible the drugs were there while still filming the show.

by V. Wintersreply 1104/21/2012

[quote]Why do you think he's gay, because he's fifty and never seen with a female?

No, because he had a distinct penchant for multi-day drunken and drug-filled parties with scads of rentboys and male models. He would usually be found in a bedroom with three boys at a time.

by V. Wintersreply 1204/21/2012

[quote]Are you saying since the Pretender was dropped he went on a meth crash? It's possible the drugs were there while still filming the show.

No, all the stories indicate that he took his Pretender money and went a little crazy after the show was canceled. I've heard that the Pretender set was extremely professional, as was his behavior during the filming.

by V. Wintersreply 1304/21/2012

Hot guy. Esp. in Jeffrey. I thought he went on a long drug binge after his show and kind of disappeared. Definitely heard he's gay, and the rumor was when he was on drugs, a power bottom.

by V. Wintersreply 1404/21/2012

and you believe the rumors or do you know someone that was part of this get together?

by V. Wintersreply 1504/21/2012

He used to be a personal trainer years ago. Everything about him was sexy, down to his deep voice. I wonder if he and John Wesley Shipp know each other, seeing as though they're both ex-soap actors and living in glass closets. Speaking of JWS, has he ever played a gay character before?

by V. Wintersreply 1604/21/2012

That's why I find it hard to believe the story about him using meth. Sex parties sure I can by that but the meth? A person that takes good care of his being and care about he invironment, I just don't by the story. Plus reading old interviews he doesn't seem the type that wanted the lime light living on his lawn.

by V. Wintersreply 1704/21/2012

Meth was always involved, at least in the rumors of him being a power bottom.

by V. Wintersreply 1804/21/2012

"Speaking of JWS, has he ever played a gay character before?"

Yes, JWS was in a mediocre Harvey Fierstein B'way lay, "Safe Sex." He played gay and took his shirt off. That was the best thing about it.

by V. Wintersreply 1904/21/2012

I've always wondered, what exactly earns you the title of 'power bottom' rather than just a plain, old regular, everyday average bottom ??

Is there some type of certificate program ? Is it an online degree you can earn ??

by V. Wintersreply 2004/21/2012

He is gay, I slept with him on more than one occasion and met his ex-boyfriend..which was really funny because we looked like twins. Great kisser, nice tool (thick), loves to rim and bottom. Very sweet, kinda dark..and yeah he liked Tina.

by V. Wintersreply 2104/21/2012

Yes, R20. I believe Tom Cruise is the professor.

I think the program is called, Scientology.

by V. Wintersreply 2204/21/2012

I believe r21 but I don't understand how Weiss managed to do meth and stay attractive and (apparently) sane. Meth destroys your looks like nothing else ('cept Krocodil), and causes permanent brain damage ...doesn't it?

by V. Wintersreply 2304/21/2012

"I slept with him on more than one occasion"

Graphic details with lots of details and adjectives, please, or you're a liar.

by V. Wintersreply 2404/21/2012

Understand the bottom comment but what does Tina mean?

by V. Wintersreply 2504/23/2012

Never thought of him as a bottom, he looks like the type that love being in control.

by V. Wintersreply 2604/23/2012

I've seen him on three separate occasions in Park City, UT and each time he was with a different twink. He likes them young.

by V. Wintersreply 2704/23/2012

R25 Tina = meth

by V. Wintersreply 2804/23/2012

Why do people assume they can handle drugs, the substance will always be the controller.

by V. Wintersreply 2904/23/2012

UT, guess after filming the movie 'Network' he has a taste for the area. Young figures. He looked comfy in the photo with Tony Melillo but as you said he likes them young.

by V. Wintersreply 3004/23/2012

I see him quite often. He lives in my neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's funny - he will get on a packed L train at Bedford and none of the hipsters have any clue who he is. Which makes me think that's one of the reasons he moved there - it's perfect for anonymity.

by V. Wintersreply 3104/23/2012

So blondes, reds or brunettes?

by V. Wintersreply 3204/23/2012

he seems to thrive of his privacy which I understand I enjoy mind.

by V. Wintersreply 3304/23/2012

waiting on his next gig. Hope he's still alive

by V. Wintersreply 3411/25/2012

In response to a previous poster: it's possible to be healthy and take care of yourself, and still succumb to drugs. It happened to me. I'm extremely healthy conscious, have been a vegetarian for most of my life, worked out like a fiend, was totally muscled up and in ridiculously good shake, and I started doing crack. I did it almost every day for about a year. I still worked out, still looked good, but had a serious drug problem. is possible to be healthy looking and muscled up etc and still do drugs. They're not mutually exclusive. I stopped doing drugs. It just hit me one day that I was being stupid, and I stopped. I was able to break the habit without going to rehab, thankfully.

by V. Wintersreply 3511/25/2012

just to make sure I have this correct a bottom is the receiver and topper is the giver?

by V. Wintersreply 3611/30/2012


by V. Wintersreply 3702/02/2013

where are all the I SLEPT WITH MICHAEL T WEISS fans. I can't deny that I haven't had those dreams. Real dreams during the night. yes, yes we know he's doing the voice overs but a visual of him walking down the street or shopping would be nice.

by V. Wintersreply 3806/01/2013

He was the best Mike Horton on Days. Interestingly enough, there's been two gay Mikes. Wesley Eure and Mike T.

by V. Wintersreply 3906/01/2013

I used to watch him on DAYS OF OUR LIVES as a teen and then have fantasties. He was hot as hell

by V. Wintersreply 4006/01/2013

Looks like 21 got deleted I slept with him a few times - He was directing a play that a few of my friends were in and at the after party he kept telling me I reminded him of someone. I actually knew his ex too lol.

Very sweet but kinda dark guy. Def has a type, shorter than him (he is 6'3") muscular (not muscle mary size) slightly furry and younger than him . He is a very active bottom, his party choice keeps him going. The man can rim for days and loves a thick tool. He is incredibly sexy.

His use - it was recreational - I have seen or worked with him on several occasions and he was never tweaking working, and this was late 90's before Pretender. I think he gave it up by then.

by V. Wintersreply 4106/01/2013

That is good to know, dealing with the tweaking. His talent should stand alone.

by V. Wintersreply 4206/01/2013

interesting let me jump in. Have you in the recent pass years worked with him? And why hasn't he stayed with someone longer than a minute.

by V. Wintersreply 4306/01/2013

most importantly who picked up who?

by V. Wintersreply 4406/01/2013

don't know him but he's still beautiful

by V. Wintersreply 4506/01/2013

He was starring at me while I was talking to my friends, I looked over and smiled. It would have been creepy if he was not so hot. One of my friends introduced us. We started talking and he apologized for starring just that I reminded him of someone. I knew exactly who it was lol. The crowd at the after party slowly dwindled until I think we two were left. He said "i am enjoying talking to you want to come over and hang out?" We got to his place he offered me a drink we sat and talked for maybe 5 mins before he leaned in and we started making out. First time he did not tweak. We traded numbers but I figured ti was a one time thing. Sure enought he called me two days later apologized for not calling sooner and asked me out. Second time I got to his place he was wearing nothing but shorts. He gave me a hug and went right for the tongue. He said "you're spending the night right?" Had a few drinks - he eased into the "do you party" line..I forget how he said it but it was funny. I had done coke but never tina.

by V. Wintersreply 4606/02/2013

how long ago? I thought he didn't do drugs any longer.

by V. Wintersreply 4706/02/2013

R46 I am so jealous. I hoped he was a bottom ever since I saw his gorgeous bod in Jeffrey. He's my type. I sure wish I was younger.

by V. Wintersreply 4806/02/2013

Tina huh, sad if that's true. Drugs are such a waste of your health.

by V. Wintersreply 4906/02/2013

I want to make fun of your post, R35, but that's my story too - so good for you. Us.

by V. Wintersreply 5006/02/2013

Wish he would find someone to fall in love with. Wonder if he's a wondering eye or just met that one person yet.

by V. Wintersreply 5106/02/2013

True. So is he romantic or get down to business and why are you still here type of guy?

by V. Wintersreply 5206/02/2013

Did he insist on using a condom? He seems very free love when it comes to the bedroom area?

by V. Wintersreply 5306/02/2013

after your get together did you hear from him again or did he just lose your number.

by V. Wintersreply 5406/02/2013

Please tell me you took a shower. If not my fantasy have been melted away?

by V. Wintersreply 5506/03/2013

lol - yes we met up more and yes he has had more serious boyfriends. This was 1994 when I was a fetus. We were "mostly" safe. Yeah I have showered there lol spent the night more than once. We just kind of lost touch and I moved out of LA.

by V. Wintersreply 5606/03/2013

so what's his choice, brunette, red, blonde?

by V. Wintersreply 5706/03/2013

did you rim him? hairy ass?

by V. Wintersreply 5806/03/2013

he has so much engery, wonder does he go on forever. With you begging him to stop in order for you to have a half hour nap

by V. Wintersreply 5906/03/2013

Oh, to have that much engery!!

by V. Wintersreply 6006/03/2013

Hi 59 here that should read 'energy'. didn't proof read my writing. I'm too much of a goody-goody, I'm not sure how I would react if he came on to me. By what you're saying I'm his type

by V. Wintersreply 6106/03/2013

R61 I know what I would do. Buy coffee and see what happens.

by V. Wintersreply 6206/04/2013

work you are speaking about, was it something he wrote or just working on? Does he give good head. No one has mentioned this when talking about him. Always chats about him rimming nothing in relationship to oral sex.

by V. Wintersreply 6306/08/2013

seriously?? lol look I posted I slept with him a few times and I have to give detailed information about if he licked my ass counter clockwise or if he gives good head?

He was good, at everything and if you get a chance to ride that train hop on.

by V. Wintersreply 6406/08/2013

lucky you. just replying not the same person. if the opportunity came my way I would know what to do and blowing him would be one of my options.

by V. Wintersreply 6506/08/2013

funny you asked did he have a threesome with him. wonder has he ever been with a female and had a threesome?

by V. Wintersreply 6606/08/2013

He was walking sex in "Jeffrey". I would have been constantly hard filming that gym scene with him.

by V. Wintersreply 6706/08/2013

I could and would eat him for days. He wouldn't have to lift a finger. I'd cater to him

by V. Wintersreply 6806/08/2013

Sounds like if you meet him, and he says ' You look familiar to me', you're in. Everyone's got a line - just surprised his is so typical.

by V. Wintersreply 6906/08/2013

I know. Hey if that works I would go for it. Wonder what he's working on now besides doing voice overs.

by V. Wintersreply 7006/08/2013

It's sad that you can go from being a star of a network show to playing "handsome man at wedding" in Sex in the City 2.

I don't know how actors mentally cope in the entertainment industry.

by V. Wintersreply 7106/08/2013

Scoring more Tina. It's aged him terribly.

by V. Wintersreply 7206/08/2013

Did he really use Tina or just someone way of saying he's age. If you look at his early work his face is thin and chin (though beatiful is weak) could just be someone that's aging and looking their age

by V. Wintersreply 7306/08/2013

I could be his tina, save him money, be his servant. All and all of what he would need

by V. Wintersreply 7406/08/2013

He looks older than 50 - as if he's had a really rough life, or was a smoker, and drinker, for years, which I don't believe is true. I used to see him in LA , in the late 90's , jogging, or running the stairs, in Santa Monica Cyn. Looked fantastic. Drugs, especially meth, steal your looks amazingly fast.

by V. Wintersreply 7506/08/2013

anybody has a recent picture? he was so hot back in his "pretender" days. why doesn't he has more work now on tv? sad.

by V. Wintersreply 7606/08/2013

he likes his privacy. Plus in an older interview he once stated acting wasn't his only love. He enjoys plays and painting, writing and saving the world by living clean

by V. Wintersreply 7706/08/2013

wonder if he's involved with someone at this time or still prowling around for fuel.

by V. Wintersreply 7806/08/2013

Hope he's aged as well as Andrea Parker, who still looks awesome.

by V. Wintersreply 7906/08/2013

Hi Michael ! Tina says 'high'

by V. Wintersreply 8006/08/2013

Not funny, unless you were partying with him.

by V. Wintersreply 8106/11/2013

wonder what's he's doing at this moment?

by V. Wintersreply 8206/12/2013

R79 she looks amazing but doesn't do much on tv

by V. Wintersreply 8306/13/2013

r78, the condo in Brooklyn is co-owned with a man. Most likely his partner.

by V. Wintersreply 8406/13/2013

Well, I'm happy he's found someone to love.

by V. Wintersreply 8506/13/2013

Wonder what his partner looks like?

by V. Wintersreply 8606/13/2013

r84 happy for him, great actor, he needs to be in more stuff.

by V. Wintersreply 8706/13/2013

He is a great actor. Wish we could enjoy more of his work. And the person he's living with,I gets a star for staying dormant.

by V. Wintersreply 8806/13/2013

we need more mickey t

by V. Wintersreply 8906/14/2013

going to bed, wish he was beside me but we can't have everything.Right.

by V. Wintersreply 9006/14/2013

r46 Did you get him off as well or did he masturbate?

by V. Wintersreply 9106/14/2013

I actually believed it was just some saying that they slept with MTW just for the fun of gossiping. I'm beginning to believe he really is gay.

by V. Wintersreply 9206/15/2013

would love to see him play the part of a male in a relationship with a male and female at the same time.

by V. Wintersreply 9306/18/2013

He just keeps getting better with time.

by V. Wintersreply 9406/23/2013

I can imagine the things I could do to this man. Tying him up is one of them.

by V. Wintersreply 9506/23/2013

I rather him tie me up and pour luke warm oils over me. Bring me to the point of pleasure then stop and start up again.

by V. Wintersreply 9606/23/2013

[quote]Hi 59 here that should read 'energy'. didn't proof read my writing. I'm too much of a goody-goody, I'm not sure how I would react if he came on to me. By what you're saying I'm his type.

Except your 59, so no, you're not. But it's good to have fantasies.

by V. Wintersreply 9706/23/2013

Oh, what a night! I could have.

by V. Wintersreply 9806/23/2013

Late June in 2013, He does still look fabulous. I would give anything to peel his clothes off his body. Bath him and receive my fill of him.

by V. Wintersreply 9906/23/2013

Hopefully ssssoooooooonnnn!!!!!!!!

the pretender is coming back

by V. Wintersreply 10006/26/2013

can wait for this to happen!!!!!! Hey a Michael thread that made is past one hundred

by V. Wintersreply 10106/27/2013

glad I'm 102 not my favorite number but oh well. Heard about the up and coming projects bringing back the pretender but as of yet not response from the man that high lighted the show.

by V. Wintersreply 10207/05/2013

R8 you stated he is indeed gay. And how do you know for sure?

by V. Wintersreply 10307/10/2013

[quote]you stated he is indeed gay. And how do you know for sure?

Sworn affidavits and DNA evidence, of course!

by V. Wintersreply 10407/10/2013

Key word Gossip Board, no proof!

by V. Wintersreply 10507/10/2013

[quote]Key word Gossip Board, no proof!

Yes, honey. Just as there's no "proof" the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

by V. Wintersreply 10607/10/2013

There's also no "proof" he's straight.

by V. Wintersreply 10707/10/2013

I have been with him on several occasions and posted it.. he is gay.

by V. Wintersreply 10807/10/2013

What is this people are suddenly questioning whether Michael is gay? Has he got a movie coming out or something?

Micheal may not have made an official announcement to the press, but otherwise he's never tried to hide being gay. Even while he was on Pretender and likely could have advanced his career even further by being seen with a female.

But the fact is, he didn't do premiers with females on his arm. He's never been linked with a female. He's never been married. And he's in his late 40s.

Do the math.

by V. Wintersreply 10907/10/2013

[quote]But the fact is, he didn't do premiers with females on his arm

Thank heaven for that! I hate being done by guys when they still have women on their arms!

by V. Wintersreply 11007/10/2013

gay. knew some folks whom he had invested in some boutique hotels with him. had a bit of rough patch after his show ended, yes. don't know for sure if it was meth, but we have had some past associations in common, so it wouldn't shock me. nor should it any of you, if you've been at all cognizant of gay life in the last few decades. seriously, given that I've lurked and posted around these corners since almost the beginning, I can say that in seventeen years, the collective IQ around here has taken a tumble.

by V. Wintersreply 11107/10/2013

You've "posted around these corners"?

Jesus Christ.

by V. Wintersreply 11207/10/2013

I'm jealous. I've haven't had that chance to be exposed by him.

by V. Wintersreply 11307/10/2013

So I guess all the comments about him being a bottom are true.

by V. Wintersreply 11407/13/2013

His voice is DEEP. He must have nuts like coconuts.

by V. Wintersreply 11507/14/2013

never thought of his voice that want. chipmunk nuts due to deep voice.

by V. Wintersreply 11607/15/2013

reading these comments, he was or still is a bit of a whore, huh.

by V. Wintersreply 11707/15/2013

Well the women that were guess and let's not forget Ms. Parker were very attractive women. And he didn't even bit. Think of his soap days, he stated that his long term relationship had ended and not once was he spotted with a female.

by V. Wintersreply 11807/15/2013

last picture of Mr. Weiss can be found on Jarod safe house. Strolling on Beverly Hills street. Looking good in white pants and light blue pull over.

by V. Wintersreply 11907/20/2013

he does take very good care of himself.

by V. Wintersreply 12007/25/2013

I want to meet him

by V. Wintersreply 12107/25/2013

so do I. I have in many dream

by V. Wintersreply 12208/01/2013

hopefully soon we will be graced with his lovely face.

by V. Wintersreply 12308/11/2013

Does he still own his home in Venice, CA

by V. Wintersreply 12408/16/2013

I heard he has a place in Brooklyn but not sure is he still owns his house in Venice.

by V. Wintersreply 12509/03/2013

where is MTW?

by V. Wintersreply 12609/10/2013

I would prefer the figure skater Michael Weiss, those figure skaters always have such amazing asses.

by V. Wintersreply 12709/10/2013

Check out his back side in Iowa towards the end of the movie. Very nice, very nice. Say now that Wentworth Miller has open his door do you think Michael T. Weiss will be coming out anytime soon. Or has the key been tossed in the abyss?

by V. Wintersreply 12809/10/2013

hope he's not gay, love the fact that you would need to fight for him.

THE conqueror.

by V. Wintersreply 12909/11/2013

Of course he's gay, why would you hope otherwise?

by V. Wintersreply 13009/11/2013

why have you slept with him?

by V. Wintersreply 13109/11/2013

And here comes all the I did answers.

by V. Wintersreply 13209/11/2013

If you go to jarod safe house there is a new picture of him in Beverly Hills CA walking down the street. He's just like a good bottle of wine and cheese.

by V. Wintersreply 13309/23/2013

R126 I swear I don't have him tide up on my bed or freely walking through my home wearing a ball and chain.

by V. Wintersreply 13409/24/2013

We're not watching the last installment of the Star Trek into darkness.

by V. Wintersreply 13509/29/2013

Hopefully he doesn't wait to long to make an appearance. Has anyone checked the hospitals?

by V. Wintersreply 13610/12/2013

waiting patiently for your next job.

by V. Wintersreply 13710/23/2013

wait no longer. He's directing a play in San Francisco. Well look for the information.

by V. Wintersreply 13811/03/2013

Once again after doing project he's gone underground to his cave.

by V. Wintersreply 13903/13/2014

He's working on two projects in California.

by V. Wintersreply 14005/23/2014

He always made me hard when watching The Pretender.

by V. Wintersreply 14105/23/2014

Hopefully something will spark some attention to getting the latest information surrounding his work.

by V. Wintersreply 14207/03/2014

Where the hell is this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by V. Wintersreply 14308/11/2014

[quote]Yes, JWS was in a mediocre Harvey Fierstein B'way lay, "Safe Sex."

All of Harvey Fierstein's lays are mediocre!

by V. Wintersreply 14408/11/2014

Nice body but has a tard face. Always amazes when something comes out his mouth besides durrrr

by V. Wintersreply 14508/11/2014

R145 Who are you referring too?

by V. Wintersreply 14608/27/2014

It’s true.

by V. Wintersreply 147a day ago

[quote]Nice body but has a tard face. Always amazes when something comes out his mouth besides durrr

Hey, don't knock tard face. Jason Branch was one of the hottest guys ever in the game...and he had tard face.

by V. Wintersreply 148a day ago

Oh sorry, I meant it was true about his passing, not his ‘tard face.

by V. Wintersreply 149a day ago

MTW's cock belongs back on daytime!

by V. Wintersreply 15018 hours ago

Cumming down....with two cocks in my ass and one in mouth

by V. Wintersreply 15111 hours ago
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