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Robert Downey Jr. What is his situation? Gay?

I watched him last night in Sherlock Holmes. Very gay relationship between Holmes and Watson in that film. What is Downey's story in real life besides being messed up with drugs? He looks better and better with age I think!!!

by sighreply 2605/24/2015

Here you go...

by sighreply 105/11/2010

He acknowledges that he is bi to some extent, and has had same-sex hook-ups in the past, but he's primarily heterosexual. Like, a Kinsey 1 or 1.5.

by sighreply 205/11/2010

Just the thought of him getting fucked in prison as has been reported...

by sighreply 305/11/2010

There was a long thread about this a few weeks ago.

by sighreply 405/11/2010

He a respectable straight "daddy" for his son. All the rest is up for grabs.

by sighreply 505/11/2010

[quote]All the rest is up for grabs. You got that right! We think of Robbie fondly every time we party in the shower room!

by sighreply 605/11/2010

he used to have guys fuck him while he was dressed as Wonder Woman - seriously! Well, at least he's creative...

by sighreply 705/11/2010

He's an insufferable narcissist.

by sighreply 805/11/2010

He's desperately in love with me, the poor lamb. Namaste.

by sighreply 905/11/2010

He was once openly bisexual, even acknowledging that he wasn't celibate during his prison stints. Now he's pretending that it's not true.

by sighreply 1005/11/2010

Everyone in Hollywood knew he fucked he's lost his memory.

by sighreply 1105/11/2010

So who is his boyfriend? He has the most incredible eyes...

by sighreply 1205/12/2010

He looked and sounded great on Craig Ferguson. Around 5:41 in the clip Ferguson made a comment that really did not go well. I usually love Ferguson but I got second hand embarrassment for him when he said that. It was just a weird moment.

by sighreply 1305/15/2010

Even his booking photo was hot, dammit.

by sighreply 1405/15/2010

Can someone give me the real tea on Miss Robert Downey Jr, like guys he slept with? He was mentioned him in the "How do gay/bi celebs on the down low satisfy their need for cock?" thread. He just looks like he is guilty of being a dick slut.

by sighreply 1501/15/2013

I seem to remember a small article, maybe in the NY Daily News or Post, that said that when went into rehab, it was to a program or support group just for gay men and women.

by sighreply 1601/15/2013

He's the one that got away

by sighreply 1701/15/2013

my boyfriend slept with him while they were roommates in rehab....says he topped him, had an average dick, but was fun.

by sighreply 1801/30/2013

I think he probably would like to get with a hot male every now and then. Lets be honest his wife is terribly unsexy and seems to have a boring personality. I am fine with him hooking up with either hot guys or hot chicks as long they are not Jude Law or Scarlett Johansson!

by sighreply 1901/30/2013

His general vibe seems mostly gay, not mostly straight.

by sighreply 2001/30/2013

I wouldn't care. He has a weird uncut penis anyways. Weird because he's Jewish. Anyways I'm sure that he's gay considering my parter said that he slept with several other dudes including DC. I reckon 75% of Hollywood is gay.

by sighreply 2102/05/2014

i get a 'whichever way the wind blows' vibe. his wife is fugly and boring as is rob lowe's wife, hugh jackman's wife, and most any wife where it's a long term marriage type situation. they're always ugly, notice? it's strange. actors will only stay long term with a woman if she's fug and not a threat or in competition with them for the mirror

by sighreply 2202/05/2014

Always thought he was attractive.

Rumored to be secretly hiv poz, maybe from prison.

by sighreply 2302/05/2014


by sighreply 2402/05/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by sighreply 2502/05/2014

can't we say he's bi and that be it?

by sighreply 2605/24/2015
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