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Where is the Celebrity Caterer these days?

Does anyone on here know where is CC these days? He had great gossip on here. I miss his threads.

by Original Posterreply 1302/08/2013

He's been banished, or banished himself, following a Troll-Dar-related episode.

I miss his posts.

by Original Posterreply 105/11/2010

He said he wouldn't post anymore once troll dar showed up.

by Original Posterreply 205/11/2010

Trolldar scared him off as well as everybody else good. Try to keep up, dear.

by Original Posterreply 305/11/2010

He said celebs could identify him by stuff he had posted in other threads if he continued to give out secrets.

by Original Posterreply 405/11/2010

He was also caught talking to himself with Trolldar. Perhaps he's taking a hiatus due to that embarrassment. I hope he returns.

by Original Posterreply 505/11/2010

Me too, r5.

by Original Posterreply 605/12/2010

[quote]He was also caught talking to himself with Trolldar. Perhaps he's taking a hiatus due to that embarrassment.

What he was doing in "talking to himself" was giving correct answers to the items. He should be banned foever!

Seriously, he would have to be stupid to ever come back because every time he posted anything, some numbnuts would have to jump right in to say that he was once caught "talking to himself." Troll-dar was a stupid idea because it has built up a whole generation of troll-dar trolls.

by Original Posterreply 705/12/2010

CC was so dead on with the secrets from tv shows such as Castle, etc.

by Original Posterreply 805/12/2010

Perhaps you'd like to come down off your high-horse, R7?

If you re-read my post I never said he should be banned; I merely stated that he was caught talking to himself, which he was.

I also said I hope he comes back, but clearly you flunked your reading comprehension class at school.

by Original Posterreply 905/12/2010


by Original Posterreply 1005/15/2010

You posted on the same thread twice! BLASPHEME! CALUMNY!


by Original Posterreply 1105/15/2010

so what gossip did he have?

by Original Posterreply 1202/08/2013

He had some kinky stuff about Matt Lauer.

by Original Posterreply 1302/08/2013
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