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Are leather jackets still cool?

Help me, fashionistas! The young and cool don't seem to wear them any more. Is that because the young and cool can't afford them, or are they out?

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4511/10/2014

Leather jackets are for the middle aged.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 105/11/2010

Vintage leather is cool.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 205/11/2010

Real leather will always be in style. Plasticy fake pleather will always be trashy.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 305/11/2010

They come back in basically about every ten years. Hold on to your old one.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 405/11/2010

Black leather bomber or motorcycle jackets are just... trying way too hard. Kind of tragic. Especially on anyone over 40. Next.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 505/11/2010

I have a simply cut touch longer than waist length black leather jacket, about 20 years old. People tell me all the time they love it-young and old- "I wish I had a jacket like that".

I have a brown leather down jacket, very warm, very heavy, probably outdated but people love that one too.

I rarely wear the brown one- but where the black one all the time in the inbetween cold weather. Can also be layered below wot make it warmer.

I don't pay much attention to fashion fads, never have. I watch for what I like, and buy it.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 605/11/2010

People would definitely point & laugh if I were wearing a leather jacket. It's 85 degrees outside.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 705/11/2010

My black leather jacket is 25 years old this year, and it looks really great!

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 805/11/2010

Leave leather jackets to the over 35 crowd op.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 905/11/2010


by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1005/11/2010

Are they "in" at the moment? No.

Can you look good wearing one? Depends on you and the jacket.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1105/11/2010

The motorcycle jacket is big for women this spring (and I suppose it'll follow them into fall).

The key as a man when buying a leather jacket is to go as small as possible trying it on and then size one up. It should be pretty fitted to give it a chance to mold your frame over time. Also, as a man I'd stay away from the motorcycle style of leather jacket (with the zippers and shit), it tends to look costume-y. Get a nice fitted bomber and if you buy a leather blazer keep in mind it's more trend affected than a bomber and will look dated in off years/seasons.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1205/11/2010

It's not really a question of being "out." Certain classics like a blue blazer or a leather jacket are never really "out." But they are certainly not "in."

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1305/11/2010

OMG, R12. A leather blazer? Just the concept made me throw up in my mouth a little. Does anyone wear these? Besides German terrorists in "Die Hard" movies?

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1405/11/2010

I always thought they were uncomfortable and made you look like a Greaser.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1505/11/2010

This thread just confirms what we all know: give adult gay men half the opportunity and they will act like rabid cruel 16 year-old girls.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1605/11/2010

[quote]give adult gay men half the opportunity and they will act like rabid cruel 16 year-old girls.


by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1705/11/2010

Justin Timberlake wore one on Oprah yesterday

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1805/11/2010

"OMG, [R12].

A leather blazer? Just the concept made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Does anyone wear these? Besides German terrorists in "Die Hard" movies?"

Get out more dear.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 1905/11/2010

Can anyone get away with wearing this? I covet it.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2005/11/2010

[quote]I always thought they were uncomfortable and made you look like a Greaser.

Only a problem if you're a Soc, R15.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2105/11/2010

Decreasingly popular as obesity rises. Fat people cannot wear leather.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2205/11/2010

I tend to think that the simpler the jacket, the less risk of it being trend dependent. Think of Aniston and her boring but classic style.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2305/11/2010

Only hopeless gay men would worry about this subject.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2405/11/2010

well,depends on who you ask! i'm a highschool girl and i wear one of those rock leather jackets. My friends love it, they say it really shows who i am. but on the other hand, i don't hang out with any of the scene prettykids. and most people in my band wear leather jackets. rock, punk, metal people. but some think its gay or out. those are usually the people who are obsessed with fashion though.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2504/16/2011

What about suede?

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2604/17/2011

Of course.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2704/18/2011

Go away, r25. OP, leather jackets are only worn by the elder gays.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2804/18/2011

It's basically the hipster uniform in NYC from October thru April. Some intrepid hipsters even try to rock leather in the summer by way of leather vests.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 2904/18/2011

I have a classic well worn brown bomber I wear often, I get a lot of compliments. I love my old leather bomber, I'll wear it forever.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3004/18/2011

I hate leather on a man. It is a sad attempt to be edgy and cool. %0D %0D However, leather pants in the right circumstances (like a bar/strip club/model in a magazine/porn site) make a fit tanned body really hot.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3104/18/2011

If one rides a motorcycle they are quite practical to keep one warm and break the wind.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3204/18/2011

This style of coat is terrible and outdated. Very " 90's FRIENDS episode" I picture David Schwimmer walking into the Central Perk...

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3304/18/2011

But THIS style is much more modern and chic.

Leather will never go out of style. It's like jeans. It has become a staple. You just have to know which style of jacket to wear.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3404/18/2011

R34 one of the ugliest jackets (and models) I have ever seen.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3504/18/2011

Brown over black leather, definitely. Brown leather isn't trying so hard. %0D %0D I associate black leather with elderly S&M queens or Jersey Shore housefrau. Tired and clueless.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3604/18/2011

It depends, OP. Do you have a Harley Davidson keychain?

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3704/18/2011

I agree - that is the ugliest jacket I have ever seen at r34. Way too busy and it looks uncomfortable. %0D %0D I have to say that leather looks good only on women - they know how to work the whole leather effect:

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3804/18/2011

A nice, well-fitting leather jacket is classic. But, you have to try on different styles/sizes to see what looks good on you. As r12 said, you need to go as small as possible. And I think any leather jackets that hang belong the waist are trashy (and scream "I have no ass!"). My favorite style is like the one in the pic below.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 3904/18/2011

R27 please marry me.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4004/18/2011

Are these still in? I remember everyone I know was into these, and arm stuff in general, back in the late 80s.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4104/18/2011

Red leather jackets, like in R20's link, are just about to get big in London. I'm guessing they'll be over in about a week, though, so be quick. Could you go with green? Or blue? In fact, I'm predicting colourful leather and pleather jackets will be all over the place by the end of the year. Trust me on this.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4204/18/2011

A yellow jacket could be totally hot.

by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4304/18/2011

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by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4410/11/2012


by Leather Tuscaderoreply 4511/10/2014
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