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Curtis Stone - Celebrity Chef

I want that man deep inside me in the worst kind of way. Naked pics?

by Just Sayin''reply 4801/28/2013

no love for this hottie??

by Just Sayin''reply 105/10/2010

A picture might help, dumbass.

by Just Sayin''reply 205/10/2010


by Just Sayin''reply 305/10/2010

There were some pics of him wearing just a chef's apron and shoes. I think he taped a segment for broadcast that way. Nice rear view. Try google images and you may find the photos.

by Just Sayin''reply 405/10/2010

Shirtless and a bare butt shot

by Just Sayin''reply 505/10/2010

Stinky linky.

by Just Sayin''reply 605/10/2010

Try this one

by Just Sayin''reply 705/10/2010

Dating actress Lindsay Price.

But I fantasize about him too!

by Just Sayin''reply 805/10/2010


by Just Sayin''reply 905/10/2010

[quote] I want that man deep inside me in the worst kind of way.

Everything I've seen of him makes him strike me as a big ol' bottom. IFHH.

by Just Sayin''reply 1005/10/2010

Yes R6 that is a bad link.

by Just Sayin''reply 1105/10/2010

On Rachael Ray right now. Not bumping a 2010 thread, but found this on search - so stuff it. Anyway, he's getting married to Lindsay Price and has a one year-old with her. Guess he's straight after all. Which is okay, because he's not aging well.

by Just Sayin''reply 1211/19/2012

He has gorgeous eyes and a great smile.

by Just Sayin''reply 1311/20/2012

It's the manscara he wears, r13.

by Just Sayin''reply 1411/20/2012

OT: But R12 reminded me. I heard on NPR that Rachael Ray donated $500,000 to help pets and families struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

by Just Sayin''reply 1511/20/2012

WORST LINKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Just Sayin''reply 1611/20/2012

I never found him to be hot, sexy or handsome in any way at all...huge nose, he does a bit of working out but nothing special...and that hair wtf just NO WNF (would not fuck)

by Just Sayin''reply 1711/20/2012

He has no personality.

by Just Sayin''reply 1811/20/2012

He's very average Australian in appearance. Many hotter examples available.

by Just Sayin''reply 1911/20/2012

The worst way? Honey, the worst way I could think of would be standing up, in a hammock.

by Just Sayin''reply 2011/21/2012

He's gross and unappealing but seems like a nice guy. Just nothing sexual for me

by Just Sayin''reply 2111/21/2012

I think he's not a natural blonde.

by Just Sayin''reply 2211/21/2012

Does he wear mascara?

by Just Sayin''reply 2311/22/2012

He's straight but I did have a three-way encounter once.

We both DP'd the same chick. There wasn't any touching between us (except a few times when our cocks and balls accidentally hit or rubbed up against each other).

He surprised me towards the end though and kissed me out of nowhere. Heat of the moment, I guess. We both blew our loads while kissing.

by Just Sayin''reply 2401/26/2013

And still NO shirtless photos!

by Just Sayin''reply 2501/26/2013

r24, holy crap, you're a lucky guy.

by Just Sayin''reply 2601/26/2013

How straight could he be if he's kissing you, R24?

by Just Sayin''reply 2701/26/2013


Are you one of those people that believe you can't kiss someone of the same sex and not still be straight?

I've never understood this narrow view on sexuality, especially coming from gays who get pissed when straights have such a narrow view.

by Just Sayin''reply 2801/26/2013

r24, hot fantasy, or...damn!

But, hon, he ain't straight if he's kissing you. Was it full on, tongue, ferocious??

by Just Sayin''reply 2901/26/2013

He's FUG.

by Just Sayin''reply 3001/26/2013

and dish on the dick

by Just Sayin''reply 3101/26/2013

Think of all the 'straight' guys who'll let a gay man stuff it up their ass, but won't let the gay man kiss them, R28. It definitely takes more emotional intimacy to kiss than to screw.

by Just Sayin''reply 3201/26/2013


I don't disagree with that. But it's still a narrow view to assume that all guys have hang ups and issues. Just because he was willing to kiss that guy in a sexual situation, doesn't necessarily mean he's still not straight but curious or whatever.

It happens.

by Just Sayin''reply 3301/26/2013

[quote]It definitely takes more emotional intimacy to kiss than to screw.

Where did you come up with this nonsense? During my my early 20's, I used to have guys in clubs French kissing me within 5 minutes of meeting them, yet didn't sleep with the majority of them.

by Just Sayin''reply 3401/26/2013

Were they gay guys, R34? Duh.

Try that in a straight club. Even the hidden bi guys who'd want your cock up their ass would pass on a kiss.

by Just Sayin''reply 3501/26/2013

r34, I actually had believed your tale, but now, with your defense of a ridiculous "true detail!" about the encounter has me believing you are bullshitting us.

Your response in r34 is laughable. Laughable. And not logical. It never happened. Or those guys weren't "straight".

I was one of those guys. I got drunk with my gf, and ended up kissing a guy at a club. The next morning I fucked her hard on the bathroom counter of my friend Mark's apt. I had to prove to myself I wasn't gay.

I've proudly sucked a lot of cocks since then.

by Just Sayin''reply 3601/26/2013

[quote]WORST LINKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What-ever! I tried okay??

by Just Sayin''reply 3701/26/2013

[quote]Does he wear mascara?

Yup, he also has sexy arms.

by Just Sayin''reply 3801/26/2013


by Just Sayin''reply 3901/26/2013

I could see one of them, R37. He has nice tits.

by Just Sayin''reply 4001/26/2013

Curtis kisses guys, but he's straight.

by Just Sayin''reply 4101/26/2013


I really couldnt make any sense out of what you were trying to say there. But it doesnt look like R34 was the guy who had the encounter with Curtis, if thats what you were trying to say.

by Just Sayin''reply 4201/26/2013

I can't believe some of you guys are taken in by this B.S. To quote R24 " our dick and balls touched accidentally" ?? There's nothing 'accidental' about those bits touching if you're DP someone. DP = double penetration...they're supposed to touch. Anyway, back to Curtis. I'd certainly let him, but it ain't gonna happen, cos it's a FANTASY, like the rest of the stuff here.

by Just Sayin''reply 4301/28/2013


Actually... apparently you're not familiar with sex with a woman, but when you DP a woman, it can mean that one guy was in her ass and one was in her pussy.

It really isn't that difficult to figure that out.

by Just Sayin''reply 4401/28/2013

r44, wouldn't that rip her to shreads? ...good lord.

by Just Sayin''reply 4501/28/2013

Lowest class accent I've ever heard. Dreadful.

by Just Sayin''reply 4601/28/2013

He looks like a dyke to me.

by Just Sayin''reply 4701/28/2013

Has a bastard out of wedlock. Oh, and a DUI, too.

by Just Sayin''reply 4801/28/2013
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