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Is Keanu Straight Afterall?

It appears Keanu Reeves gave Charlize a very affectionate send-off recently. So, have we all been wrong about the boy?

by David Geffinreply 25005/07/2016

Well he sure didn't seem to be when he brought his new bf to Bruce Sommers birthday party.

by David Geffinreply 105/04/2010

so sweet.

by David Geffinreply 205/04/2010

He has always been straight. And he's also had a long string of drug/booze buddies, like straight guys with $ do.

by David Geffinreply 305/04/2010

OP, why would we think Keanu is straight? What is so special about a kiss on the cheek?

by David Geffinreply 405/04/2010

He kissed her on the cheek and gave her a hug. OMG, they are getting married!!!

by David Geffinreply 505/04/2010

Since she broke up with her longtime beau and has hit a dry spell in the movie world, maybe she needed the PR.

by David Geffinreply 605/04/2010

Ricky Martin and Rebeca de Alba

by David Geffinreply 705/04/2010

I've been hearing "bi" rumors about both of them for years. I've also been hearing weed-related rumors about both of them for years, so it's possible they're made for each other.

Except as actors. Dear Lord above, don't let them make another movie together!

by David Geffinreply 805/04/2010

The funny thing about being a celebrity is you can't even go to dinner with a friend without the paps saying you are dating. Maybe friends, maybe occasional fuckbuddies but the paps blow it all out of proportion.

by David Geffinreply 905/04/2010

It's not much different when you're not a celebrity R9. Half the gossipy hausfraus in my office think I've banged most of the secretarial staff.

The thing is, when you're a celebrity, the speculation is magnified.

by David Geffinreply 1005/04/2010

Aren't any of you affectionate with your female friends?

by David Geffinreply 1105/04/2010

Charlize is a functional heroin addict (well, not that functional any more), so this gives me a new view about Keanu.

by David Geffinreply 1205/04/2010

So does that photo at R7 mean that Ricky Martin did beard?

by David Geffinreply 1305/05/2010

Yes R13, Ricky and Rebeca de Alba were in an on-off "relationship" for a few years.

by David Geffinreply 1405/05/2010

Can you elaborate, r12? I know she loves the weed but herion??

by David Geffinreply 1505/05/2010

Keanu Reeves gives co-star Charlize Theron a long hug (and kiss!) good-bye on Monday night (May 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif. Keanu, 45, and Charlize, 34, weren’t shy about their PDA while waiting for the valet after sharing a romantic dinner at Bouchon restaurant. The couple drove home separately. Mr. Reeves and Ms. Theron starred together in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November. Watch the video below of Charlize and Keanu hugging and kissing!

by David Geffinreply 1605/05/2010

That looks like a friends hug to me. I think Keanu actually looks awkward and uncomfortable.

by David Geffinreply 1705/05/2010

Keanu ALWAYS looks uncomfortable when kissing a girl(not on film). I don't think he wants to give them the wrong idea. Are his female friends so stupid that they don't know he's gay? Talk about being in the closet, he sets a new standard.

by David Geffinreply 1805/10/2010

Does Keanu turn all his friends onto heroin?

by David Geffinreply 1905/10/2010

Keanu moved to New York. I think he moved because of a boyfriend. He seems to be staying in Brooklyn, even though he has an apartment in Manhatten.

by David Geffinreply 2005/19/2010

Whoa people, don't suggest Keanu might be gay.

No on second thoughts, do. It'll fuck with fangirl Ehrenstein's head for weeks.

by David Geffinreply 2105/19/2010

Yes, I know Ehrenstein is sure Keanu is straight, even though everyone around Kee knows he is gayer than a cruise ship full of peacocks.

by David Geffinreply 2205/19/2010

Good point, R7!

by David Geffinreply 2306/11/2010

Why are his fans so stupid?

by David Geffinreply 2410/03/2011

"Afterall," OP?

You from Keanu U?

by David Geffinreply 2510/03/2011

No one ever seems to know who Keanu is with. I think he was with Rob Mailhouse for years but they broke up.

by David Geffinreply 2610/03/2011

I never understood that either R22 then again the same people who are in denial that Keanu is

gay think that Vin Diesel is LMAO "straight" even though he's a total muscle queen and a bottom which would make most of his Jr. HS/highschool teenage male fans either mad or totally blow their minds.

by David Geffinreply 2710/03/2011

Maybe he's bi and they are fuck buddies or maybe they are just friends having dinner. The paps love to blow this shit out proportion.

by David Geffinreply 2810/03/2011

Of course they do r28. It pays their bills it's in their interest, coupled withthe agencies and magazines that spin this shit, to make it look juicier than it is.

People, stars in Hollywood interact and socialise. We all know it doesn't mean they are bedding each other or about to embark on a voyage of romance. It just means mostly they went out and socialised for a few hours and then went their separate ways/home.

by David Geffinreply 2910/03/2011

He really was dating Parker Posey a few years ago.

by David Geffinreply 3010/03/2011


by David Geffinreply 3110/04/2011

Ehrenstein never thought Keanu was straight, he pretended he thought Keanu was straight.

Keanu's career is over.

by David Geffinreply 3210/04/2011

Keanu is Canadian.

by David Geffinreply 3310/04/2011

His Dad was an American citizen.

by David Geffinreply 3410/04/2011

Wasn't Keanu quoted as saying: "I'm not homosexual, I'm not heterosexual, I'm just sexual.'

by David Geffinreply 3510/04/2011

There have been at least two novels (pretend fiction) writen with Keanu as a lead character. In one he was fucking Fawn Hall. In the other, he was fucking Gus Van Sant.

by David Geffinreply 3610/04/2011

KR is more handsome and striking in person than I would have believed. I never found him "hot" from the movies although he is extremely goodlooking and tall, very masculine looking. Not that "androngist" look he has been given in many film roles.

by David Geffinreply 3710/04/2011

I think that in 0:50 there is what most of you want to see

by David Geffinreply 3812/21/2012

If it is true that gay guys can understand if another man is gay or not, what do you think of Keanu? Is he gay or straight?

by David Geffinreply 3912/24/2012

Is "afterall" like "adderall"?

Two words, people. Two words.

by David Geffinreply 4012/24/2012

R40, how irrelevant...

by David Geffinreply 4112/24/2012


Does Keanu like more women or men?

by David Geffinreply 4212/24/2012

That was the warmest, most genuine hug and kiss goodnight between close platonic friends. The media is so desperate for them to be a couple but this is pushing it.

by David Geffinreply 4312/27/2012

I want to know why Charlize is so late to that fashion show running in the last second when Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe manage to be on time and I'm sure that was no mean feat. Charlize is just so unprofessional.

by David Geffinreply 4412/27/2012

I've never gotten a gay vibe from him- just the opposite in fact. He seems straight as they come to me .

by David Geffinreply 4512/27/2012

R44 i don't get your point

by David Geffinreply 4612/27/2012

I don't think he is very straight...

by David Geffinreply 4712/28/2012

- Is Keanu Reeves gay?

- Well, he seems straight to you? Then, fine, he is straight...

by David Geffinreply 4812/28/2012


by David Geffinreply 4912/28/2012

Guys i think he is yours

by David Geffinreply 5012/28/2012

I've never seen any real proof that he could be straight. Until there's concrete proof, he belongs in the gay column.

by David Geffinreply 5112/28/2012

R51, oh sugar!


by David Geffinreply 5212/29/2012

He is not straight. Charming man.

by David Geffinreply 5301/13/2013

Why doesn't he come out before he loses his looks so he can find a hot guy?

by David Geffinreply 5401/13/2013

R54, probably he doesn't want to come out. I think it's obvious that he doesn't want to fall in a category, as it comes to his sexuality.

by David Geffinreply 5501/13/2013

R55 But his days as a leading man are long gone and he hasn't had a hit in a decade. Why give a fuck if you get put in a "category" at this point?

by David Geffinreply 5601/13/2013

R56 I think that some people are so narcissistic that they don't want to fall into a category even if they are famous or not.

I feel the same actually.

by David Geffinreply 5701/13/2013

I went through such a crush on him, back when he did that bus movie with Sandra Bullock. Not so much anymore.

by David Geffinreply 5801/13/2013

R58 Yeah, he's starting to show his age. Still good looking, but not as hot as The Matrix days.

by David Geffinreply 5901/13/2013

R59, i agree that Keanu is not aging as well as Brad Pitt for example. He is still presentable though.

by David Geffinreply 6001/13/2013

R60 Now I disagree with you about him and Brad. Keanu (when he has his hair cut and has that stupid beard shaved off) looks way better than Brad (who also needs to not have long hair or a beard).

by David Geffinreply 6101/13/2013

If ancient, hideous men like Calvin Klein or David Geffen can find hot guys, I'm pretty sure Keanu can still get one.

by David Geffinreply 6201/13/2013

Saw him in an airport years ago. He was right next to me, so I greeted him and told him I enjoyed his work. He was charming. He has a very soft not macho vibe. I don't think he is gay.

by David Geffinreply 6301/13/2013


by David Geffinreply 6401/13/2013

R63 Glad to hear he's a nice guy, but just because you don't think he's gay doesn't mean he isn't.

by David Geffinreply 6501/13/2013


by David Geffinreply 6601/13/2013

I agree that my opinion doesn't translate into fact, nor does anything said on this thread. I would like it if he were gay, but I didn't pick that up. Usually I can.

by David Geffinreply 6701/13/2013

Like Keanu Reeves, his younger sister Kim made her living in Los Angeles, but she stayed far from showbiz and instead made her career as a horse trainer. The 45-year-old has been battling leukemia for more than a decade. She reportedly spends most of her time on the Italian island of Capri these days.

In the photo below it is Keanu with his sister Kim

by David Geffinreply 6801/13/2013

Hehe sweeet!

by David Geffinreply 6901/13/2013

Keanu Reeves with his mother Patricia at the world premiere of The Lake House at the Pacific Cinerama Dome in Hollywood June 13, 2006.

by David Geffinreply 7001/13/2013

Wish the fraus would let him out the closet.

by David Geffinreply 7104/26/2014

he always been straight, only 1% of actors are gay.

by David Geffinreply 7204/26/2014

In his mid-40s, never been married or ever been in a serious relationship with a woman. You do the math.

by David Geffinreply 7304/26/2014

[quote]In his mid-40s, never been married or ever been in a serious relationship with a woman. You do the math.

Mid-40's??? Honey, he turns 50 this year!

by David Geffinreply 7404/26/2014

50 with no gf, no wife, no beard, no children, takes sister to red carpet I need to continue?

by David Geffinreply 7504/26/2014

Someone's bumping all of the Keanu threads today. He still does look amazing though. I just wish he wasn't doing horror schlock with Eli Roth.

by David Geffinreply 7604/26/2014

Will he beard for Cannes?

by David Geffinreply 7704/26/2014

[quote]Will he beard for Cannes?

Doubt it. I don't think he even bothers bearding anymore. That's one thing he's got going for him compared to other closeted actors.

by David Geffinreply 7804/26/2014

Enty has some strange blinds about him stalking and being obsessed with Charlize Theron.

Total bullshit of course, but still strange.

by David Geffinreply 7904/26/2014

His PR people must have been desperate. Better he stalk Charlize than come out the closet.

by David Geffinreply 8004/26/2014

Gus writing about Keanu...

"He lies on his back and I fck him...with his nipples pointed upwards and his fuzzy round egglike balls chafing this way and that just under my bellybutton....Or he will push me on my back and we do the opposite....we were a couple. Way back. I miss him. He never calls....I think that he has forgotten. He has a short memory. But I pine. I remember even though he doesn't. But I reserve those memories in the dustbin or in the closet...."

by David Geffinreply 8104/26/2014

What's the deal with that band he likes to wear on his ring finger now? Did he secretly get married?

by David Geffinreply 8204/26/2014

He's a married man in his last two films.

If he did marry his husband would be Tiger.

by David Geffinreply 8304/26/2014

Secret gay marriage, yes.

by David Geffinreply 8404/26/2014

He's 50, rich, good looking and absolutely never has a girlfriend, does that make him straight?

by David Geffinreply 8504/18/2015

How many times do i have to tell you hos, Keanu Reeves is the epitome of Bi.

by David Geffinreply 8604/18/2015

Charlize should have stayed with Keanu, whether he's straight or not.

He'd have been infinitely better for her image than Sean Penn.

by David Geffinreply 8704/18/2015

That's bullshit, the man is gay and in the glass closet.

by David Geffinreply 8804/18/2015

[quote]the man is gay and in the glass closet

I asked a friend who was once well-known in "entertainment journalism" (but has since moved on to other things) why Keanu's sexuality was rarely touched upon, even in the tabloids.

She said writers viewed him in much the same way as Jodie Foster. He wasn't bearding or otherwise actively trying to deceive the public. Moreover, he was liked in the industry, even more than Foster who has a somewhat brittle personality and occasionally controversial views (e.g. her defense of Mel Gibson).

As a result, there was a sort of unspoken agreement to give him a "pass" on that issue.

by David Geffinreply 8904/19/2015

I can accept that he's gay, but there is at least one girlfriend we know about. The one who had a miscarriage and then died some time after they had broken up. Or was there more to that story?

by David Geffinreply 9004/19/2015

The sexual ambiguity is exhausting! (see also: Gyllenhaal, Jake and Pattinson, Robert)

by David Geffinreply 9104/19/2015

He isn't gay. Here he is prancing on a beach with a group of young chicks and caught by a tourist

by David Geffinreply 9204/19/2015

I'm as gay as they come, R92, and I would have had fun goofing around with those French chicks like that for a laugh. Nothing sexual about it.

by David Geffinreply 9304/19/2015

He has no kids

Never linked with a woman for real

I think he's on his 40s

Yeah he's gay

by David Geffinreply 9404/19/2015

He's 50, and gay.

Jennifer was never a girlfriend, she was a drug buddy. I think it's entirely possible that the supposed stillborn baby was actually Chad Smith's baby.

Keanu has a large number of faghags. He seems to feel very comfortable with women.

by David Geffinreply 9504/19/2015

Why not just come out at this point? His career is non-existent these days anyway.

by David Geffinreply 9604/19/2015

He most likely out to family and friends

No need to come out to strangrs

by David Geffinreply 9704/19/2015

[quote]No need to come out to strangrs

That is such a fucking cop-out.

by David Geffinreply 9804/19/2015

It is a cop out. He is only a leading man, the way Liam Nesson is a leading man. He could come out...what is he? Another Merv Griffen?

by David Geffinreply 9904/19/2015

r92 Two of those girls are his sisters.

by David Geffinreply 10004/19/2015

Some of his fans search and search for evidence of his girlfriends but they never find any.

by David Geffinreply 10104/20/2015

Gay men always say entertainers who aren't whores or have married/steady partners to be gay. He could be asexual for all we know. Perhaps he only 'hooks up: with women, and because he's rich, tricks. Who knows. He may just have fuck buddies. He may be bi.

by David Geffinreply 10204/20/2015

Oh for Christ fucking sake...only a moron would think Keanu is asexual. That's just stupid. He's a 50 year old man and he's gay. Period.

by David Geffinreply 10304/20/2015


by David Geffinreply 10404/22/2015

Lol, every time I see a celebrity described as "asexual" I know it's a fangirl in denial.

by David Geffinreply 10504/22/2015

R 92 poor keanu has no rhythm

Interesting r89

by David Geffinreply 10604/22/2015

Can someone start a thread to discuss celebrities we think might die in the closet? Even Rock Hudson had his memoirs, but I can't see Keanu doing that. Or will he?

by David Geffinreply 10704/22/2015

He's probably bisexual with a preference for men. The love of his life was River Phoenix.

by David Geffinreply 10804/22/2015

His fangirls are unbelievable. The man is 50, he even posed for pictures in a glass closet, the girls still didn't get it.

by David Geffinreply 10904/22/2015

I would have thought River was the love of his life but if that's true, why wasn't he with River the night he died? That makes no sense to me.

by David Geffinreply 11004/23/2015

Where is your evidence that Phoenix was "the love of his life"?

Honestly, that sounds like a RPF fantasy.

by David Geffinreply 11104/23/2015

When Keanu described his grief at River's death, it seemed very important. I felt like River's real feelings were expressed in the fireside scene in Idaho. I say that because Mike Water's (River's confidant) said River was saying how he really felt...of course at the time, people skirted over that statement, BECAUSE RIVER AND KEANU HAD TO BE STRAIGHT. Since his death, we have discovered that River was not straight. Keanu had an affair with Geffen (for sure) so we know Keanu is not straight. In his book, PINK, Van Sant seemed to repeat an encounter that Keanu had shared with him (River and Keanu in a small trailer, on set...).

Does that offend you?

by David Geffinreply 11204/23/2015

If Mrs. Patrick Campbell actually knows something, she should spill.

by David Geffinreply 11304/23/2015

Since when was River not straight!? He had some same-sex flings as an adult. There were stories of him being sucked off by some of the MOPI boys,but all of his relationships were with women. Certainly curious and definitely a damaged guy, but properly queer? Nah. I've always believed the very same about Reeves which was probably why they had such a simpatico.

I also remember those days and no one was talking about them(Reeves and River) being in love or gay et al until MOPI, even though they had made at least one other film together. If it was so obvious,why weren't people talking about how in love with each other they were then? It's all too convenient. And whoever believes that Van Zant is a totally reliable source..... honestly.

by David Geffinreply 11404/23/2015

Oh shut up PR troll. This is Datalounge and a little honesty would be nice.

Are you that old drunk, gay apologist, David Ehrenstein?

by David Geffinreply 11504/23/2015

R112, there are a lot of reasons a person can be heartbroken at the death of a friend or a co-worker, without that person being "the love of your life". A true friend is certainly worth mourning, and of course nothing provokes a display of grief like guilt. Considering that Phoenix died of drug use, and I've heard plenty of worrisome stories about the making of "MOPI", I'd say that there's a possibility that Keanu could have experienced guilt feelings when Phoenix died.

Frankly, I think that's more likely than actors showing their true feelings on film, and that is exactly the sort of thing that reminds me of slash fiction.

by David Geffinreply 11604/23/2015

Keanu was still using, when he wasn't working, as far as I know. He thought of it as a terrible accident, nothing more. I guess you're fine with anything, as long as River and Keanu aren't gay?

by David Geffinreply 11704/23/2015

You boys frequently make the wrong calls

by David Geffinreply 11804/23/2015

Keanu had a gf. that pregnant junkie who died in a car crash.

He is bi. His cock went into her vag to create that baby. Deal with it.

by David Geffinreply 11904/23/2015

Most people say that River was straight, but he did have a few gay encounters during MOPI. I think that he was most likely pansexual. He seemed to eschew labels while maintaining a moderately high level of privacy (until his tragic death, unfortunately).

by David Geffinreply 12004/23/2015

It has been said, that he stalks her all the time. And has never really ever gotten over her. However that being said, I'm sure he has had many intimate moments with men as well. Typical actor who just gets what actors get; Adoration from all big surprise op!

by David Geffinreply 12104/23/2015

I've been hearing "bi" rumors about both of them for years. I've also been hearing weed-related rumors about both of them for years, so it's possible they're made for each other.

Nope...It's coke. that's her thing. She is a massive coke head.

by David Geffinreply 12204/23/2015

Oh yea... someone posted heroin about her as well. It's true that has been said.. but she's more of a daily user of coke for recreational purposes. She can be bitchy based on this habit of hers.

by David Geffinreply 12304/23/2015

Jennifer Syme was never his girlfrid and the baby more than likely belonged to Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Keanu has never once claimed her or any other woman as his girlfriend.

by David Geffinreply 12404/23/2015

Why do you have to come here and lie? Keanu has no girlfriends and only in your sick fangirl mind, does he stalk anyone. If he stalked anyone, it would be a guy, who has a big dick.

by David Geffinreply 12504/23/2015

You're right he has yet to claim a female as a steady..

by David Geffinreply 12604/23/2015

R124, He was on Leno and was asked about the baby. He called her his girlfriend. I saw that interview.

Nobody gives a shit about him anymore, he should just come out as bi. He fucks everything.

by David Geffinreply 12704/23/2015

Keanu was a huge cokehead...same as his good friend Downey was a huge cokehead.

I don't know if he's still a coke head or not.

by David Geffinreply 12804/23/2015

And he's 50 years old...never has a girlfriend. Now tell me how straight he is. He's filthy rich and he used to be the best looking thing in Hollywood, in 28 years, never one girlfriend, you figure it out.

by David Geffinreply 12904/23/2015

Keanu has a 30 year old son who lives in an East Coast City. Product of a jump-off. His son is married and just had a kid....Keanu is a grandfather, believe it or not. The son is blondish...only looks like Keanu when you put it in context. But yes, the son is scary attractive. His mother was an Austrian model.

I shouldn't be saying this.

by David Geffinreply 13004/23/2015

No. Jay Leno never ask him about that baby and Keanu has never claimed even one girlfriend. His sister once said he dated Autumn Macintosh, total BS.

by David Geffinreply 13104/23/2015

Your sick fangirl mind.

Not really. Just what's been said. You being so defensive, might make you more so then me. Just saying...

by David Geffinreply 13204/23/2015

I'm just sick of the lies and you saying Leno commented on the baby...that was an out and out lie, because everyone in Hollywood knew Keanu was furious about that baby and he never had a baby...figure out why?

by David Geffinreply 13304/23/2015

I said this in another Keanu thread awhile ago, but a friend of my sister's used to be a trainer in New York. A fellow trainer at his gym, male and incredibly attractive, dated Keanu for a time. Everyone employed at the gym knew. Keanu would show up to pick up his boyfriend, bring him lunch, etc. They didn't try to hide their relationship. My sister's friend said Keanu was very polite and quiet.

by David Geffinreply 13404/23/2015

I'm sorry but I never made a comment about leno.

by David Geffinreply 13504/23/2015

This fangirl here is getting on my nerves and I know plenty of people know Keanu is gay but because Datalounge is ruled by closet cases, usually no one says a word.

by David Geffinreply 13604/23/2015

You are ac very sick bitch, at R130. Really sick.

by David Geffinreply 13704/23/2015

I have it on very good authority that that Austrian model is "Bruno."

by David Geffinreply 13804/23/2015


For you to say something solely based on random choice or personal whim is not only arbitrary is highly insulting to the folks who run this site. You cant even articulately dissect an existing argument against nor provide proof. Human rights to members of the LGBT community is not effectively protected by your comment, if anything your mocking it by this claim.

by David Geffinreply 13904/23/2015

You sound like a moron. There is nothing wrong with expecting a little honesty about a gay actor, here, on a gay gossip site.

by David Geffinreply 14004/23/2015


Not the claim you nimrod, but the comment on closet gays running the site.

by David Geffinreply 14104/23/2015

The person talking to themselves throughout this thread seems unhinged. It's also worrying that they believe whatever Van Zant says must be true. GEt another hobby, dear. Like I said before, no one mentioned, hinted, or eluded to Reeves and River being more than friends and co-stars until MOPI. The Geffen rumor didn't kick off until around then either.

FWIW, all signs point to bi. Parker Posey, Lynn Collins, Bojanna, Syme, Moss and the woman that got herpes from him. All of those seem like totally genuine hook-ups, if not long-term relationships. Those other women, McIntosh, deCadenet, that Brit = clearly staged. The thing with the trainer in NYC and the stuff from Toronto also ring true, to me.

and no, YOU CRAZY CUNT, I'm not a PR shill. Does that offend you?

by David Geffinreply 14204/24/2015

K winked at me while we were pissing at the urinal of the Shark Club in 1987.

by David Geffinreply 14304/24/2015

Would Keith Mayerson have spent so much time on him, if he wasn't gay? I don't think so.

by David Geffinreply 14404/24/2015

R142, if you aren't a shill, you are simply a pathetic fan girl who's hoping and praying Keanu will some day realize how special you are and ask you out. I seriously hope that will happen for you. THAT would be perfect.

by David Geffinreply 14504/24/2015


by David Geffinreply 14604/25/2015

Im telling you one of these days he's gonna go the way of Bruce Jenner. Full public interview and all.

by David Geffinreply 14704/25/2015

I think in his heart, he wants too but who would let him?

by David Geffinreply 14804/25/2015

Wrong again bitch!! You are nauseating and sound way more like a fangirl than anyone else here.You must be that Ardith devil that comes around periodically. God you are pathetic AND tedious!

by David Geffinreply 14904/26/2015

Gee, you seem a little upset, r149? Too bad.

And giving orders to the fool at R142, that's precious. She's the only one who doesn't realize there has NEVER been a girlfriend.

by David Geffinreply 15004/26/2015

I'm looking forward to a couple of his films.

by David Geffinreply 15104/27/2015


by David Geffinreply 15204/30/2015

When is he going to do bill ted 3

by David Geffinreply 15305/01/2015

Keanu went to manny and his wife's house. Pic was posted on Instagram. Manny and wife seem very nice. Will he be in Vegas to watch the fight?

by David Geffinreply 15405/01/2015

[quote]Manny and wife seem very nice.

No dumbass, Manny is not nice. He said he is against gay marriage. He's an ugly little troll. And shame on stupid Keanu hanging out with that pig.

by David Geffinreply 15505/01/2015

The only good thing I've heard about Keanu lately, he's going to be in Bad Batch and so is Jim Carrey and Diego Luna. I think that's a GOOD thing.

by David Geffinreply 15605/04/2015

I don't think he is gay. He may have slept with Hollywood daddies towards the top but I don't think he is gay in real life.

by David Geffinreply 15705/04/2015

He's 50, never with a girlfriend...I guess you think he's asexual?

by David Geffinreply 15805/04/2015

Sometimes I wish there were informed people who felt like talking about Keanu. I don't mean people who are informed about the image his publicist created...

by David Geffinreply 15905/06/2015

R159 - I don't think people close to him gossip because he's a nice person, and people tend not to sell a nice guy out.

He's not straight, I'm fairly certain of that.

by David Geffinreply 16005/06/2015

No, he isn't straight and he's still working but his films are small...he could come out.

Do any of River's friends or family know that Keanu was one of his serious lovers? I believe River was being honest in that fireside scene...I think he felt compelled to reveal his feelings.

by David Geffinreply 16105/06/2015

This thread is piss yellow . .

by David Geffinreply 16205/06/2015

K.R. is too creepy to be homo

by David Geffinreply 16305/06/2015

R161 - I'd say that River had more than one male lover in his life, going by what one of his girlfriends said. Whether Keanu was one of them is hard to say.

by David Geffinreply 16405/06/2015

You don't think Jeffrey Dahmer was gay, r163?

by David Geffinreply 16505/06/2015

It seems pretty easy to identify Keanu as one of River's lovers.

Mike Waters said River said how he really felt in the fireside scene.

by David Geffinreply 16605/06/2015

I think Keanu's most recent director is a lesbian. I believe he is partial to lesbians and transsexuals.

by David Geffinreply 16705/07/2015

No gossip about Keanu Reeves? There must be good gossip from the past.

by David Geffinreply 16805/10/2015

John wick 2 has been green lighted so I read.

Kemau has a franchise.

I'm so happy I could cry.

by David Geffinreply 16905/11/2015

The only thing that happens in Wick, Keanu kills 87 different people...what? Is he going to do it again? John Wick was fine was smooth, shot well, Keanu is always good with stunts but it doesn't bare repeating.

by David Geffinreply 17005/11/2015

No, Keanu is not straight. Do you think i would end up with Sean if Keanu was straight?

It's plain baby, 1+1=2

by David Geffinreply 17105/11/2015

Apparently he never dated any of his female co-stars, not one. Draw your own conclusions, because he has worked with great beauties.

by David Geffinreply 17205/11/2015

R162 lol

by David Geffinreply 17305/11/2015

R172 dating his female costars is considered bearding on DL. All roads lead to Rome up here in this old yeller.

by David Geffinreply 17405/11/2015

The thing is, I don't believe Keanu wants to beard. I just think he wants to pass as straight without having to make any kind of commitment. That is the way Keanu tries to keep working, he never stands up for anything, he just keeps his mouth closed and hopes he can pass for asexual.

by David Geffinreply 17505/11/2015

So no gossip? He's been working on two films in California yet no gossip?

by David Geffinreply 17605/14/2015

[quote]Apparently he never dated any of his female co-stars, not one.

There were lots of rumors about him and Lynn Collins after The Lake House was released. She seemed to enjoy the attention.

by David Geffinreply 17705/14/2015

I can't see Keanu turning down grade A international pussy

by David Geffinreply 17805/14/2015

R177 - Lol that picture is tragic. He's so not into it at all.

by David Geffinreply 17905/14/2015

No he was not with Clair Forlani...just stop lying.

by David Geffinreply 18005/14/2015

Of course he turns down international pussy, since he's not into it.

by David Geffinreply 18105/14/2015

For you, r180...

by David Geffinreply 18205/14/2015

[quote]Is Keanu Straight Afterall ?

Yeah, you useless fairies let me know how this one works out for y'all.

by David Geffinreply 18305/14/2015

Give me a break, Clair was either married or engaged to her current husband, Dugray, or whatever his weird name is. Clair, just one more faghag. His fans will never wakeup but most people here should understand what the truth is.

by David Geffinreply 18405/15/2015

He's so gorgeous, men and women have probably been trying to suck him off forever. He seems to have that laid back, "one love" vibe so I'm guessing depending on mood, his answer has probably been yes to both men and women throughout the years. If he's really horny, there probably haven't been boundaries with men.

When he was younger, most people accepted as common knowledge in Hollywood that he'd had sex with River Phoenix. I don't know if he's exclusively anything but I doubt he has hang-ups about it.

by David Geffinreply 18505/15/2015

It's weird because I thought most people assumed they were lovers, yet Van Sant acted as if he had to quiz Keanu before he knew.

by David Geffinreply 18605/15/2015

R179 Or he's just pissed that his picture was being taken.

I do wonder what the real deal with him is. Will we always just be wondering?

by David Geffinreply 18705/15/2015

R182 And that proves what exactly? They could just be friends.

by David Geffinreply 18805/15/2015


by David Geffinreply 18905/16/2015

When I watch Keanu's interviews, it seems like something is wrong with he just nervous or is there more to it?

by David Geffinreply 19005/25/2015

Hellooooooooooooo he's GAY people. A lazy bottom that gives head while totally stoned! That's the story!

by David Geffinreply 19105/25/2015

Yes, he's gay but gay is normal, I'm not sure that Keanu is. His friends love him, which is nice but that means they don't talk about him. I wish someone could diagnose it Asperger's Syndrome?

by David Geffinreply 19205/25/2015

I'm hoping The Whole Truth will be interesting.

by David Geffinreply 19305/30/2015

Did I hear he's had major face freshening and is sort of handsome again?

by David Geffinreply 19405/30/2015

I don't get the obsession with this guy.

He seems like a nice enough chap, why isn't he left alone?

by David Geffinreply 19505/30/2015

Who cares OP? he's old and his looks are gone.

by David Geffinreply 19605/30/2015

The new trailer is out for Knock knock. Oh dear, dear, dear.

by David Geffinreply 19705/30/2015

His looks aren't long as he stays in shape.

by David Geffinreply 19805/30/2015

[Hellooooooooooooo he's GAY people. A lazy bottom that gives head while totally stoned! That's the story!]

Right on!

by David Geffinreply 19905/30/2015

[quote] Hellooooooooooooo he's GAY people. A lazy bottom that gives head while totally stoned! That's the story!

right on!

by David Geffinreply 20005/30/2015

She practically has a vagina!

Of course Keanu is gay

by David Geffinreply 20105/30/2015


by David Geffinreply 20205/31/2015

Leave him alone? He's a fucking Hollywood actor, the last thing he wants is to be left alone, r195.

by David Geffinreply 20305/31/2015

Three indisputable truths:

1. Keanu is heterosexual.

2. Keanu's Hamlet was the greatest Hamlet ever.

3. The sun rises in the west.

by David Geffinreply 20405/31/2015

I love cock

by David Geffinreply 20505/31/2015

Such a touching send off, brought tears (of laughter) to my eyes.

by David Geffinreply 20605/31/2015

Could he ever come any of his films still sell?

by David Geffinreply 20706/01/2015

He really needs to come out. He has great stories to tell, he could go on for days.

by David Geffinreply 20808/24/2015

At least his career is looking up.

by David Geffinreply 20908/27/2015

No. He isn't straight.

by David Geffinreply 21008/29/2015

Afterall???????? His industry affair with Geffen in the 80-90's...closeted all these years with supposed "girlfriends" I hear he is troubled riddled with booze N drugs and he is not straight!

by David Geffinreply 21108/29/2015

What was the story with the woman he was going to have a child with? Drug buddies who occasionally had sex?

by David Geffinreply 21208/30/2015

Keanu ogles Patrick Swayze.. nuff said

by David Geffinreply 21308/30/2015

Keanu is fairly smart about who he fucks, apparently he doesn't fuck around with men who like to brag about it.

I think he was fairly open about his affair with Geffen, then he had to quickly get in the closet because of Speed.

I wondered if Sandy Gallin was actually the one who told George Christy about Keanu and Geffen?

by David Geffinreply 21408/30/2015

I wonder when his next film is being released? He has been in a few.

by David Geffinreply 21508/31/2015

So he went to Deauville to be given some kind of award at the fest and he wears a spiffy tux and that ungroomed beard. What an idiot.

by David Geffinreply 21609/04/2015

Jeez, leave the guy alone He's in his 50's and whether he's gay or not shouldn't be anyone's business anymore. Let him live his life in peace.

by David Geffinreply 21709/04/2015

Of course it's our business. We want to do him!

So apart from a bag of coke and a g-string, does anyone have any ideas of how to seduce him?

by David Geffinreply 21809/04/2015

I don't want to do the fucker, I just think it's time for him to show a little honesty. He's 51 and super wealthy, he can afford to come out. How many low life, Merv Griffens do we need?

by David Geffinreply 21909/04/2015

he's GAY luvs giving BJ's stoned....hanging low with once in a while...but I wonder if he and David Geffen are still friends and or hookup sometimes?

by David Geffinreply 22009/04/2015

He is gay, looks great most of the time and has three films waiting to come out, if they ever will.

I think he may have burned some bridges...studios aren't very friendly.

by David Geffinreply 22109/04/2015

Why did he mention Don Knox and his schlong, in Deauville? Why?

by David Geffinreply 22209/06/2015

R222 elaborate, please - Who is Don Knox? Don Knotts or Rob Knox? - Deauville? - Are you speaking in tongues?

by David Geffinreply 22309/06/2015

Don Knox was a comedy actor who worked in TV and film.

Deauville is a town in France...they have a film festival and Keanu was honored.

by David Geffinreply 22409/06/2015

Sorry, I thought his name was Don Knox and it was Don Knotts. My mistake.

by David Geffinreply 22509/06/2015

Thank you for elaborating!

by David Geffinreply 22609/06/2015

R212 The story I have heard about the baby-momma is that she was the typical hanger-on with no real talent so she ended up an assistant. She worked with bands and David Lynch and briefly fell in with Keanu's mom or youngest sister. By all accounts she was a nice kid from small town SoCal. Yes she did drugs, but Kate Moss was more of a drugged up whore than Jennifer Syme could have ever been. Syme was no goody-goody but those accounts of people calling her money grubbing and drugged-up what have you, were just people kicking the body and being cruel. The part she played in that Naomi Watts movie was pretty much who she was.

I'm guessing she fell in with KR via his mom and the jump-off resulted in an accidental pregnancy. no great conspiracy, probably just drunken fuckery = OH SHIT! He didn't want it but his mom liked Syme and helped talk him around to tolerating the idea. And then the kid was still born. Does that mean he's straight? I have no idea, but my gut has always told me bi-get it where you find it kind of guy, and a definite heartbreaker either way. Too much of a head case to keep for long.

Below is a picture of Reeves, Syme and sister Katrina. If the date is correct then they were spending time together while he was training for the Matrix in LA in the winter of 97. The pregnancy was 2 years after this picture.

by David Geffinreply 22709/06/2015

I read stillborn and not still born.

by David Geffinreply 22809/06/2015

R228, yes the baby was stillborn not still born.

by David Geffinreply 22909/06/2015

The Keanu /Geffen marriage rumor was based on sightings of Geffen and "Keanu" giggling their way thru high end boutiques on Rodeo Dr.The touch feely twosome were high as kites and could not keep their hands off one another. Miss G showered his fiance "Keanu" with $500 custom shirts and Gucci shoes at Georgios and Barneys. "Keanu" was seen openly canoodling with his future hubby on the streets of BH. Yes it was Miss Geffen but No "Keanu" was not Keanu Reeves. It was Jimmy Duval. Jimmy's attentions to the Velvet Mafia did not go unrewarded, in fact the little minx fucked and sucked his way to a role in Madama Emmerich's Independance Day.The real Keanu doesn't "do" Rodeo Dr or short men.

by David Geffinreply 23009/06/2015

No that was not James Duval...why are you lying?

by David Geffinreply 23109/06/2015

Nope no way afterall OP!!!

by David Geffinreply 23209/07/2015

R227 - Thanks for the info.

by David Geffinreply 23309/08/2015

I read the first rumor about Keanu and Geffen in January 1992. Then in 1994 at the time of Speed the rumor was all over the place. Keanu and Geffen denied knowing each other but that was a huge lie and they made a mistake ever telling it. Everyone knows that Keanu auditioned for films that Geffen produced and many people knew that Geffen had a connection to Keanu's mother. There was no way in hell that Geffen and Keanu did not know each other.

by David Geffinreply 23409/08/2015

Straight to my bed

by David Geffinreply 23509/08/2015

If he knew would probably be straight to your bed.

by David Geffinreply 23609/09/2015

r235 What does the nice man with the low hanging balls have to do with anything?

r236 was that an insult or a compliment? Could be both...

by David Geffinreply 23709/09/2015

I took it as a compliment.

by David Geffinreply 23809/09/2015

If you are Pinochio, you could probably have his balls in you mouth, while fucking him with your nose.

by David Geffinreply 23909/09/2015

Keanu was always partial to Pinocchio.

by David Geffinreply 24009/10/2015

I really believe Keanu is in love with Tiger...if Keanu married him could Tiger be a US citizen? Just curious.

by David Geffinreply 24109/11/2015

It was said that he was seen with Jamie Clayton again, over this past weekend. Maybe tranny pussy is better than natural pussy?

by David Geffinreply 24209/23/2015

Who the hell is this older woman who is Keanu's supposed girlfriend.

By the way, look at this mess of a man, then tell me he wants to work in Hollywood.

Hope I can link this.

by David Geffinreply 24309/28/2015

Keanu has three movies, ready for release, so I think he will be bearding for awhile.

by David Geffinreply 24410/03/2015

He still looks pretty good, when he lays off the Botox.

by David Geffinreply 24510/03/2015

He has a movie opening tomorrow, Eli Roth directed.

by David Geffinreply 24610/08/2015

Apparently married yesterday. Wonder why? Maybe he is just another George Clooney, 51 and married for the first time. Why?

by David Geffinreply 24701/29/2016

R247, I don't find anything to backup your claim he got married.

by David Geffinreply 24801/29/2016

I didn't care whether he was gay when he *was* gay. Again, enough with the dredging.

by David Geffinreply 24901/29/2016

Even though he could get married, he never will, he is old fashioned gay.

by David Geffinreply 25005/07/2016
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