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"Great" films you HATE

[italic]Citizen Kane[/italic].

Talky, stilted, stagy, poorly lit, too long, and dull, dull, dull.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 41006/26/2016

Thank god - I thought I was the only man alive who hates that film.

May I also chuck Gone With The Wind into the mix as well. It's only about 2 hours too long.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 105/01/2010

All Godfather movies.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 205/01/2010

I often hate "great" films and wonder wtf people are raving about.

One that immediately comes to mind is Doctor Zhivago, a beautifully photographed, romanticized piece of tripe.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 305/01/2010

Triumph of the Will

by Savoy Cabbagereply 405/01/2010

Pretty much all the Oscar winners this past decade.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 505/01/2010

"It's a Wonderful Life" -- I hate Frank Capra's movies, this one most of all.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 605/01/2010

It seems like most gay people don't enjoy the Godfather movies for some reason...

Personally, I think Citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever made.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 705/01/2010

Add me to those who hate The Godfather films. I find them utterly boring.

On the other hand (from the perspective of a gay man), I also find Singin' in the Rain massively overrated. Donald O'Connor makes me want to throw something at the screen.

The Third Man. What's the big deal? That zither music constantly playing is so annoying.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 805/01/2010


by Savoy Cabbagereply 905/01/2010

I could never understand what people see in the smarmy "It's a Wonderful Life."

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1005/01/2010

R7, why do you think Citizen Kane is the greatest movie ever made? I'm really curious. I enjoy the movie, but I don't understand why so many revere this movie.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1105/01/2010

Sorry, I'm gay as a goose and anyone who hates Godfather 1 and 2 and Nashville ... well, I just feel sorry for them.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1205/01/2010

A lot of you strike me as the type of movie goer who doesn't understand why characters in the 1950s don't just do it already and why characters in period movies won't just say what they mean without all the restraint!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1305/01/2010

Silence of the Lambs.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1405/01/2010

Sad, stupid people posting here. "Hate" Citizen Kane and Gone With The Wind? WTF? I am sorry that people like you even exist. Seriously.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1505/01/2010

I really like GWTW and Citizen Kane, love Nashville and I think Godfather Part II is pretty much Coppola's masterpiece (well, neck and neck with Apocalypse Now, of course).

But what do I know? I like Bergman.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1605/01/2010

Ingmar Bergman hated [italic]Citizen Kane[/italic] and thought Orson Welles was a bad actor.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1705/01/2010

I'd like to see a comparison made by the above posters (Great movies I hate - and movies I love.).

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1805/01/2010

Lord of the Rings.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 1905/01/2010

I like Bergman, too, R16. [italic]Cries and Whispers[/italic], particularly, is utter genius. I have no trouble believing R17. Compared to Bergman, Welles was a monkey pounding the floor with a hammer.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2005/01/2010

Ditto to R9. Nashville was meandering and boring to me.

I didn't like L.A. Confidential, Across the Universe, or Chicago at ALL....and I've been handed my ass for saying so in queer circles.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2105/02/2010

I can see not liking Citizen Kane if you don't like introspective films. At heart, it's only a movie about a complicated guy, moments of his life that don't quite explain who he was.

However, it is fascinating to see some of the technique used, the styles borrowed from German cinema especially. I'm also unabashedly fond of the animated birds flying around during the picnic scene, and I think opening the film with silent credits and a lengthy newsreel was genius.

Welles could be a good actor, but DAMN he is bad in his "Macbeth." I was appalled at how amateurish he was.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2205/02/2010

Here's what Bergman had to say about [italic]Kane[/italic] and Welles:

[quote]To me, Welles is a phony. He is greatly overrated, empty, and uninteresting. [italic]Citizen Kane[/italic], which I have in my collection, for example, is of course cherished by all critics, always topping their lists of the best all-time films. To me, this is incomprehensible. Look at Welles's performance. It's cheap. Welles wears a mask, playing a potentate who is meant to be William Randolph Hearst, but we see the seams of his mask and his own skin all the time. Terrible! No, it's a bad movie, deathly boring in my opinion. [italic]The Magnificent Ambersons[/italic]? Oh no! Very boring as well. I never liked Welles as an actor either. In Hollywood, there are two categories of people: actors and personalities. I find this distinction very useful. Welles was a unique personality. But as Othello... I will not even tell you what I think, it couldn't be published.

(By the way, Ingmar Bergman loved [italic]Dallas[/italic] and [italic]Sex and the City[/italic].)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2305/02/2010

Citizen Kane is interesting from a historical perspective for its ground-breaking cinematography.

Today, it looks hackneyed, jaded and boring, mainly because it's been done and re-done so many times.

So, people who say they 'like' it are probably saying so to show-off that they know its historical significance, whereas if anyone were to objectively view it today they'd say it was boring, over-inflated tripe.

I only like Godfather 2. Brando, barely comprehensible, and mumbling and sleep-walking through the first one, makes me want to throw something through the screen.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2405/02/2010

I love Bergman, I honestly do, but I think it's funny the guy who directed "Hour of the Wolf" and "Passion of Anna" would criticize a film for being boring and showing too much of the actor and not enough of the character.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2505/02/2010


by Savoy Cabbagereply 2605/02/2010

Most of these movies I love or at least like very much.

I will never understand the love for Barry Lyndon, justifiably panned when it came out.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2705/02/2010

I love Bergman but that doesn't mean I have to agree with him about Citizen Kane.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2805/02/2010

I don't think these are considered 'great' but two movies many people liked that I HATED were Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and The Tallented Mr. Ripley.

Also, I think the Lord of the Rings movies are way overrated (and I'm kind of a nerd)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 2905/02/2010

Showing too much of the actor and not enough of the character - if that is what Bergman means by criticism I would suggest that he didn't understand Brecht.

Of course the fact that I can criticize Bergman on this front doesn't mean that I don't like Bergman. I love Bergman and I love Citizen Kane, a visionary work by a director with sensibilities quite different than Bergman, also a visionary.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3005/02/2010

Terms of Endearment X 10 Can't stand it. Also all Woody Allen films.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3105/02/2010

I hate Citizen Kane too, but LOVE Welles' Touch of Evil.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3205/02/2010

Avatar. FAIL.

& Gangs of NY. Was that POS considered "great" by anyone?

Old movies like Citizen Kane etc. are sort of over my head. The unreality about them and the black and white makes them just weird. I like some more than others (haven't seen too many but The Third Man > Citizen Kane for ex), but it's like apples to oranges trying to compare any of them to modern movies.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3305/02/2010

The "Godfather" films top my personal list. They top all the critics list, but to me they're a bunch of films about horrible people who ought to be dead. I can't love a film unless there are characters in it who are likeable, identifiable, or at least interesting.

Love "Kane"; like "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Bridge on the River Kwai", it's about terribly flawed people, but ones I can connect to and stay interested in.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3405/02/2010

R33 I couldn't get past the ridiculous costumes. The top hat cracked me up!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3505/02/2010

Hate the godfather movies too.

I do love Citizen Kane though

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3605/02/2010

Hate the "Godfather" movies

All of Tarantino's shit (like an 11-year-old made what he thinks is a "cool movie")

Don't hate Martin Scorsese but think most of his stuff is terribly overrated

I like "Citizen Kane" but one of the best movies ever made? Hardly.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3705/02/2010

On the Waterfront. Brando's scenery chewing makes it unwatchable.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3805/02/2010

Another vote for CITIZEN KANE

Not a fan of THE ENGLISH PATIENT or 2001.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 3905/02/2010

Citizen Kane

Pretty Woman

Terms of Endearment

Steel Magnolias

The Third Man

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4005/02/2010

None of the Godfathers ever did it for me either, but I love Martin Scorsese - esp Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Casino.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4105/02/2010

Another one: Chariots of Fire.

I even hate the score!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4205/02/2010

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Secrets & Lies

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4305/02/2010

Any movie by Chris Columbus, especially Goonies, Gremlins, Harry Potter I and Home Alone.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4405/02/2010

I think Kane bothers gays because it's about a spoiled mama's boy who's given away to rich people (gay fantasy) but it doesn't have a happy ending. Along the way he alienates people, cheats, hoards antiques and acquires a trophy spouse. He ends up in his castle alone (gay nightmare).

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4505/02/2010

Another vote for Citizen Kane.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4605/02/2010

Wait, are we talking about "great" films or popular films?

I don't think anyone is labeling Pretty Woman or Harry Potter as "great".

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4705/02/2010

Films from among the AFI's and various Greatest 100 lists (excepting anything animated, because I dislike them all"

Some Like It Hot

On the Waterfront

Dr. Strangelove


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


Singin' in the Rain

Meet Me in St. Louis

Bringing up Baby

Shawshank Redemption

American Graffiti

The Empire Strikes Back [and the rest of that lot]

Sound of Music


The King of Comedy

This Is Spinal Tap

Miracle on 34th Street

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4805/02/2010

I hate the Starwars trilogy. They're just B-movies. I guess most people don't consider them "great" but they are considered a popcultural milestone. I just think they're stupid.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 4905/02/2010

I'm going through a classic film phase right now via Netflix. I'm still in the 1940s. The only think I hate is not knowing for sure if they "did it" or not. Its all shrouded in symbolism and a bunch of nonsense. Like Joan buttoning up the sleeve of her blouse or something like that. I just want to know if they fucked or not.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5005/02/2010

We do this business about hating Citizen Kane every three months or so. Is it a big deal in your life? Do people at your workplace harass you about not liking Citizen Kane? Or do you feel compelling to prove occasionally that you're a complete rube?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5105/02/2010

"I've been Citizen Kane-Bashed!"

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5205/02/2010

The Godfather movies are basically male chick flicks aka dick flicks. Straight males love that tripe. It's unbelievable how bad the acting is.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5305/02/2010

Does anyone know what straight men see in the "Godfather" films? Really, what's the attraction?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5405/02/2010

Dawson's 50 Load Weekend. So contrived.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5505/02/2010

I love the Godfather I & II

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5605/02/2010

R54, it's the exaggerated machismo. The misogyny. The violence. The stupidity.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5705/02/2010

R56 = lesbian.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5805/02/2010

Out of Africa, and another vote for The Third Man. Sorry if this becomes a duplicate, it wouldn't take my first post.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 5905/02/2010

HATED STAR WARS. I only saw the first and that was enough to last a lifetime.

I like parts of Godfather II, don't love it like everyone's supposed to.

I'm a lesbian, r58. Fell better now?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6005/02/2010

I have no use for movies that would have no purpose without their special effects.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6105/02/2010

"I hate the Starwars trilogy. They're just B-movies. I guess most people don't consider them 'great' but they are considered a popcultural milestone. I just think they're stupid."

I'm a huge Star Wars fan, but don't consider the films great cinema either. They are intentionally meant to be modern takes on old, B-grade movie serials with some allusions to history and philosophy thrown in, yet a lot of people think of them as great but they weren't intended to be that way by George Lucas. When he did the prequels, he continued making them schlocky because that was his vision (a flawed vision with which he became lazy and tired, but his nonetheless). People, however, had made them part of the popular culture, milestones as, R49 put it, and were disappointed because they didn't live up to their expectations. They weren't great movies, but neither was the original trilogy. Both the original trilogy and the prequels have moments of brilliance, insight and good acting, but these occur more often when another director is involved; when great actors, e.g., Guinness, McDiarmid, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing) rose above the material; and when Lucas stumbled and fell on something good despite himself.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6205/02/2010

Another one: PSYCHO. Grad-B Hitchcock.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6305/02/2010

Casablanca; Lawrence of Arabia; all the Godfathers; all the Star Wars; all the Star Trek; South Pacific; The King And I; It's A Wonderful Life; Mary Poppins; Now, Voyager; Dark Victory; Titanic; Wuthering Heights...

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6405/02/2010

I'll second Chariots of Fire

Regarding Star Wars, there are movies that are considered great because they are made well and have amazing stories, acting, cinematograpy etc. Then there are popular movies considered great because they had a huge impact on culture and the industry. Not that these aren't good movies. They just don't fit into the first category of great.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6505/02/2010

Citizen Kane

Singin' in the Rain

An American in Paris

Lawrence of Arabia

(And I'm gay, too!!!)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6605/02/2010

R64 = a fan of "Ernest Goes to Camp"

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6705/02/2010

I like generally most of the films listed in these posts, but one film I can NEVER seem to si through or finish is "The Maltese Falcon." I mean, it makes me squirm for some reason

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6805/02/2010

Lawrence of Arabia is a great film the first time you see it on the big screen, but there's no reason to ever sit through it a second time.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 6905/02/2010

The Lord of the Rings movies were too freakin long!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7005/02/2010

[italic]The Sound of Music[italic] was sickening.

[italic]West Side Story[/italic] was a switchblade opera.

[italic]From Here to Eternity[/italic] was a soap.

[italic]Annie Hall[/italic] was an infantile romance.

[italic]Patton[/italic] was a propagandistic piece of shit.

[italic]Ordinary People[/italic] was a stifling bore.

[italic]The Departed[/italic] was despressing.

[italic]The French Connection[/italic] was half-assed nonsense.

[italic]One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest[/italic] was tripe.

[italic]Pride of the Yankees[/italic] was sentimalistic crap.

[italic]Jezebel[/italic] was a crock.

[italic]On the Waterfront[/italic] sucked.

[italic]The Lord of the Rings[/italic] series sucked balls.

[italic]Million Dollar Baby[/italic] was grossly overrated.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7105/02/2010

I don't like drunk movies like "Notorious." I've never seen drunks act like that. I don't like retard movies like "Forrest Gump." I've never seen retards act like that.

Movies do not have to be "story": Sokurov has showed what can be done in that respect. But Quentin Tarantino should be banned from making movies without story since he is not an artist.

Loved Nashville and Godfather, and Star Wars and LOTR are fine for their genre, but most of the rest of the movies listed I didn't like.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7205/02/2010

I don't know if it's considered 'great' but I could not tolerate "Lost in Translation".

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7305/02/2010

Hear, hear, R2!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7405/02/2010


by Savoy Cabbagereply 7505/02/2010

'Talk to Her.' Though it pains me to admit it since I'm a devout Almodovar fan.

"Great" book I hate -- 'Catcher in the Rye.' But I have to confess, I never got through the whole thing. I have low tolerance for self-entitled, whiny rich kids in the throes of an existential crisis. Even if they're ficitional.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7605/02/2010

I hate: Sound of Music Forrest Gump West Side Story

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7705/02/2010

Doctor Zhivago.

Holy shit--boring as Hell. . .and proof that 1960's bouffants do not belong in historical epics.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7805/02/2010

[/italics]You're a giant douche, R71 and not just for not closing your italics.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 7905/02/2010

Why is everybody writing in italics?

Here's one I dislike:


Especially Kelly in the title number.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8005/02/2010

[/italic][italic]Close Italics?[/italic}

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8105/02/2010


by Savoy Cabbagereply 8205/02/2010

Slumdog Millionaire.... blech.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8305/02/2010

I love Singing In The Rain apart from that awful wank of a dance number in the middle that starts with Gotta Dance. Terrible.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8405/02/2010

"Steel Magnolias". I know it's not considered "great". . .I just felt like saying I hate it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8505/02/2010

r58, you were close, bi-girl.

Loved Star Wars IV, VI, VI, hated I, II, III

I'm on the fence with Citizen Kane. Had to write papers one it in Film School, so I was force fed the greatness of it.

I also said Nashville earlier, I tried, tried and tried some more to get into that film but just could not. And I am an Altman fan.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8605/02/2010

[/italics]Close the italics, you Citizen Kanefaces!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8705/02/2010

For me, it's "Brief Encounter," mainly because of that woman's phony, stilted speech pattern.

Nobody ... really ... speaks ... inthat ... silly ... and ... ri ... diculousfashion.

I just want to shoot her every time she speaks.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8805/02/2010

[/italic] close italic

by Savoy Cabbagereply 8905/02/2010

Forest Gump. How did it win best picture over Shawshank Redemption???????

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9005/02/2010

Hate "Vertigo" too. I mean, really.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9105/02/2010

I agree, R51. It seems like DL has a thread 3-4 times a year where someone complains about "Citizen Kane." But realize that there would always be a thread where people complain about whatever movie was considered the greatest film ever, as though they have no idea that opinions vary, tastes differ, and films are art, not fact. You can't say "I don't like CK, therefore it's a bad film, and people who claim they do like it are just wankers" seriously, but people on DL sure like to think they CAN say that.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9205/02/2010

How do the gay boys not love Godfather II, DeNiro is the most good looking man I have ever seen in that movie. Could not take my eyes off of him. Beautiful, just amazingly handsome.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9305/02/2010

The Shawshank Redemption, Lawrence of Arabia, Some Like It Hot, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9405/02/2010


by Savoy Cabbagereply 9505/02/2010

Hate all the Godfather films.Can't stand all the mumbling and muttering and Chinatown, it's just horrid.

Hated Saturday Night Fever then and now...actually I might like it more now for the period detail. The cast were fugly and I never liked The Bee Gees.

I always thought Peter Sellers was a ham and an extremely unpleasant ANYTHING with him in.

Lawrence Of Arabia...oh the boredom.

Casablanca...I don't care who gets on that fucking plane.

Third Man...turn it the fuck off.

That's enough for now.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9605/02/2010

[quote]How did it win best picture over Shawshank Redemption??????? Speaking of over-rated crap.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9705/02/2010

Casablanca - I just don't get it.

Wuthering Heights - Meh

Gone Wit De Win - I jes don get it!!!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9805/02/2010

Any Woody Allen movie.

Jews are neurotic, we get it already.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 9905/02/2010


Will that work?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10005/02/2010

"Ingmar Bergman loved Dallas and Sex and the City"

He thought of himself as "The Miranda".

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10105/02/2010

There's a lot of repressed rage in this thread, especially regarding the Godfather movies.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10205/02/2010

I don't see what the big fuss about Dark Knight or Iron Man was about.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10305/02/2010

Lord of the Rings

Most of the Star Wars

Brokeback Mountain

Gone With The Wind

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10405/02/2010

What's repressed about the "Godfather" hate?

The hatred seems perfectly open to me.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10505/02/2010

I never got Woody Allen films. I simply don't find them funny and I don't understand the fuss.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10605/02/2010

[quote]Any Woody Allen movie. Jews are neurotic, we get it already.

I don't think you get very much at all, dear.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10705/02/2010

[quote] Regarding Star Wars, there are movies that are considered great because they are made well and have amazing stories, acting, cinematograpy etc. Then there are popular movies considered great because they had a huge impact on culture and the industry. Not that these aren't good movies. They just don't fit into the first category of great.

Very true. I think Avatar falls in that category with Star Wars. As does ET.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10805/03/2010

[quote]I hate the Starwars trilogy. They're just B-movies. I guess most people don't consider them "great" but they are considered a popcultural milestone.

People build Star Wars up just to tear it down. Even Star Wars fanatics don't think they're great films. In fact, part of being a hardcore fan is making fun of the horrible dialogue, uneven (to say the least) acting, and often ridiculous plot lines.

Obviously, it has had pop culture legs, and I guess it's considered "great" in terms of the business of movie making and marketing (part of of the first wave of summer blockbusters started the wave of toys, movie tie-ins, etc.), but the actual films have NEVER been considered great.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 10905/03/2010

No, Star Wars films are not great, but they're fun to watch and I adored SW when came out in 77, when I was 9 going on 10.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11005/03/2010

For me, The Wizard of Oz and the Star Wars films are in the same boat - crap films, but ambitious, and with some attributes - much more about storytelling (in a very heavy-handed sense) than great stories, or even great stories well told.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11105/03/2010

I just tried watching Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) tonight. Acclaimed as a masterpiece by critics and film scholars, cinephile friends of mine have raved about it for years.

I lasted 20 minutes before turning it off and putting it right back in the Netflix envelope. It was both boring and irritating. The story is about an elderly couple who lose their house to a bank and are separated to live with different children. But these elderly parents were selfish and inconsiderate, and I found them utterly, utterly annoying.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11206/14/2010

Just watched Citizen Kane. Complete garbage. Gonna bury it out back next to Signs.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11303/19/2013

Almost Famous - probably not normally considered a great film but surprisingly beloved.

Jerry Maguire - same thing.

Forrest Gump

Breakfast at Tiffany's

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11403/19/2013

Lord of the Rings. I could barely sit through one of the movies in the trilogy.

Star Wars. See above.

The Wizard of Oz

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11503/19/2013

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. It's hard to believe there are actually people who think it's a good movie.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11603/19/2013

Brokeback Mountain. Such a bore. Of course, Crash was ten times worse.

The Hurt Locker - another bore.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11703/20/2013

"Citizen Kane" is poorly lit? Whatever faults it has, absolutely none of them are technical.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11803/20/2013


And this is from an Ingrid Bergman fan. Actually, the movie stops making sense once her character enters the story.

They say they rewrote the film multiple times while shooting and she didn't know who she was supposed to be in love with in the story - well it shows, badly.

The first 20 minutes are very good.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 11903/20/2013

Doctor Zhivago: the music, the cinematography, the faces, sure, and yet how boring! Could never sit through it and yet I love the score, love Julie Christie, even have a thing for the Russian look of the film, but it's just much too boring...

Habla con ella. Hated, hated, hated that movie. No redeeming features. If you like Pina Bausch, go to the theatre or rent Dancing Dreams - Kontakthof instead.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12003/20/2013

Vertigo. What a bad, and very dated film this is. Hitchcock did much, much better in so many other films. That this misogynistic piece of crap made #1 on the BFI list says a lot about critics in the industry today.

PSYCHO is in my opinion Hitchcock's truly groundbreaking film. A B-movie that rises way above the occasion. But then maybe this was the case with most 50s B-movies, I haven't seen enough of them.

Diabolique was fantastic. And audiences prove Hitchcock didn't retaliate with Vertigo, he did it with Psycho.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12103/20/2013

Tree of Life, Malick is a joke

No Country for Old Men, the Coens are very overrated

Brokeback Mountains and Philadelphia, yawn

The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger was the only interesting thing in it

Argo and The Town, please Affleck and Garner must be the biggest ass kissers in HW

Social Network, Fincher just makes stale movies with mediocre actors in the lead.

Black Swan - stupid and overwrought

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12203/20/2013

Second Tree of Life. What an utter, Christian bore.

I did like Badlands though (this initiated my short-lived Sissy Spacek phase), and Days of Heaven had magnificent cinematography (as did Tree of Life, and most probably his latest).

Philadelphia is a very tepid movie. I doubt it's considered great.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12303/20/2013

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.

What a frickin A bore. We had to turn it off.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12403/20/2013

Saving Private Ryan. Garbage.

I was surprised how much I loved Tree of Life and how hated it was by every single person I know that watched it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12503/20/2013

I so agree with the OP!

And I hate those boring Godfather films, although there is one good scene.

No Country for Old Men was very overrated.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12603/20/2013

This thread has made me learn that straight men and lesbians love the Godfather. I had no idea.

I don't like the first Godfather, I find the third one boring, but I simply adore The Godfather Part II, which to me is one of the greatest films ever made it's that good. And I am a lesbian.

I wonder if macho straight men prefer the first Godfather. I suspect they do.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 12703/20/2013

Never liked KANE, and I've tried to like it for 40 years.

Don't like the GODFATHERS.

Loathe IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. Loathe it.

All copies of GONE WITH THE WIND should be destroyed.

On the other hand, I only recently figured out that VERTIGO is in fact a beautiful work of art.


by Savoy Cabbagereply 12803/20/2013


by Savoy Cabbagereply 12903/20/2013

My problem isn't that I hate the "Godfather" films so much as I can't get through them. I put them on, determined this time, and tune out after the same hour. Every time.

Same with "Magnolia". Love it, love it, oops, starting to lose interest, still like it, um... and turn it off after same spot one hour in. The same place I walked out in the movie theatre too.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13003/20/2013

Lots of silly posts on this thread

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13103/20/2013

Funny how Magnolia was a very strange film. Hate it and love parts of it at the same time. Well it does have Julianne Moore in it which helped tremendously.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13203/20/2013

The only movie I actually hated was Moulin Rouge!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13303/20/2013

[quote]They top all the critics list, but to me they're a bunch of films about horrible people who ought to be dead. I can't love a film unless there are characters in it who are likeable, identifiable, or at least interesting.

Well done, R34, DL narcissism summed up in one post!

You should probably just limit yourself to watching home movies of you and your friends.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13403/20/2013

Gone With the Wind

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13503/20/2013

How can one NOT like Nashville

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13603/20/2013

West Side Story

Black Swan

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13703/20/2013

Schindler's List. Overwrought and ham-fisted.

I know. It was the holocaust. But still. I really hate this film.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13803/20/2013

Years ago, I resented the Godfather films because they seemed to take up too large a space in the canon. Two Best Picture Oscars in three years? That seemed greedy to me. I would've voted for Cabaret and Chinatown. But I recently watched them again and damn if they aren't brilliant. "I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart." How can any film lover not be crazy about them?

I'm also gobsmacked by the distaste for other great films in this thread--Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Third Man, Vertigo, Nashville.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 13903/20/2013

One that's creeping on to, then up the critical lists is "Heaven's Gate"

"Much maligned"

"Much misunderstood"

No, not at all.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14003/20/2013


The Bridge on the River Kwai

Barry Lyndon

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14103/20/2013

Aah R139 ! "It was a son, a son, and I had to kill because this must all end!"

"They're my children too."


Citizen Kane, Vertigo, and even Casablanca to some extent (sorry Ingrid! I know you hated it too!) deserve what they get.

The Third Man is a bit boring but I could listen to that music endlessly.

Nashville is on my list, I have to see it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14203/20/2013

Part of the problem with CK is that, at the time, Welles was the uber-talented wunderkind playing this strange man who could have had everything but ended up with nothing.

From our perspective, Welles' life and death was even weirder than that strange fiction.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14303/20/2013

You're right R143, CK must have been interesting at the time. Today, for OW fans only. And for the great cinematography.

Otherwise, what a boring film. I only saw it once some 20 years ago and I still rememember how boringly long it was.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14403/20/2013

Two Academy Award Best Picture winners that I couldn't sit through:

Chariots of Fire

The English Patient

OMG they were SO boring!

And thank goodness video streaming was around for Lincoln, which enabled me to force myself to watch it little by little, in a time span of about a week - which I couldn't have done in the days of videos unless I bought (or someone else bought and lent me) the damn thing.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14503/20/2013

Anything with Orson Wells.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14603/20/2013

CK is a very cold film, hard to like but easy to admire. Except for the tacked-on ending, Magnificent Ambersons is much better, gives you characters you actually care about. TCM has replayed Grand Hotel several times recently and the bad, over-the-top acting is almost shocking, except for Joan Crawford. I can see why that movie really put over her career in talkies--she's the only one who seems like a real human being.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14703/20/2013

I guess each to his own taste.

I don't get the Godfather dislike (I'm a gay man also) but it might be a regional thing. I think the first two are a couple of the best American films made and the third just misses. I watched GIII recently after not having seen it in 20 years or so. It's a much better movie than I originally gave it credit for, though the plot gets a bit convoluted.

I don't understand how people don't know who Ilsa loves in "Casablanca". It's pretty clear to me she never stopped loving Rick.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14803/20/2013

Don't get Woody Allen movies AT ALL! Boring chick flicks pretending to be smart relationship movies. Even my grandmother falls asleep watching them.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 14903/20/2013

Any Judy Garland movie where she was the star (unlike Judgment at Nuremberg, where she was part of an ensemble).

I'm an **dergay and I simply don't get the fascination with her or her dumb musicals.

She was truly the Lindsay Lohan of her time and that is my only interest in her.

Flame away, Judy maniacs.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15003/20/2013

r149, don't grandmothers tend to fall asleep at movies? Being ancient and all.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15103/20/2013

I hate all of the following

Star Wars (and all its sequels)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (and all its sequels)

Alien (and all its sequels)

The Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises

Everything with Clint Eastwood

The Matrix

Anything with Tom Cruise

Old black and white movies

Stupid comedies like Airplane, Naked Gun.

Mel Brooks movies (stoooooooooopid)

Godfather & Goodfellas type movies

I prefer real-life drama and rom-coms.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15203/20/2013

Gee, you sound like a fun date, r152.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15303/20/2013

I think Altman's a genius but Nashville's a big turd.

The Third Man.

Raging Bull.

The Conversation.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15403/20/2013

R152 = equal opportunity hater who thinks he's soooo cool.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15503/20/2013

I thought The Master was awful. I havent been that bored at a movie in years. Overacted, pointless and utterly BORING.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15603/20/2013

R152 I feel sorry for you. It seems that you hate anything you deem as mainstream. I love all of the movies you listed and would much rather watch those than some artsy-fartsy weepy crap like "Amour".

I know a number of men (and women) here in NYC that are such movie snobs. If the movie made more than $1.39 at the box-office, they are pre-programmed to hate it. Movie snobs bore the shit out of me. Most are humorless and have anti-social personalities anyway.

Give me "The Empire Strikes Back" or "Alien" over "There Will Be Blood" any day.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15703/20/2013

R152 Anyone who hates "Airplane!" or "The Naked Gun" is dead to me. I love the other movies on your hate-list too, but those two movies still make me laugh after seeing them each over 100 times.

...and don't call me Shirley!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15803/20/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Savoy Cabbagereply 15903/20/2013

I hate every movie from the '80s that I have seen. To my knowledge there was not one good movie in that decade. They all sucked (St. Elmos Fire, Flashdance, Footloose, Fame, Beaches, Pretty in Pink, Red Dawn, etc.). Terrible actors and terrible movies.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16003/20/2013

Star Wars

Gone With The Wind

The Wizard Of Oz

Breakfast At Tiffany's

My Dinner With Andre

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16103/20/2013

Once Upon a Time in America. The Town. It's not a great movie. Not even "great".

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16203/20/2013

"The Great Big Failure" , starring Neely O'Hara.

Oh, wait, that's her real life.

Never mind.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16303/20/2013

Vertigo - I usually love Hitchcock movies, but I've never made it more than 30 minutes into this.

I don't know if Breakfast at Tiffany's is considered "great," but it is beloved, and I hate it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16403/20/2013

Lawrence of Arabia. I saw it when they brought it back to the Ziegfeld about ten (?) years ago, and couldn't believe how tedious it was. And how terrible I thought O'Toole was--those blank, if pretty, blue eyes sort of staring into the middle distance without a shred of honest, recognizable emotion or intelligence in them.... Ugh.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16503/20/2013

R160 If those are the only '80s movies you've seen then your opinion would be justified. However, the '80s had tons of terrific films.

Some Excellent '80s Films to check out:

The Empire Strikes Back, Airplane!, The Shining

Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Superman II

Blade Runner, Star Trek II, Poltergeist, Blade Runner, The Thing, The Road Warrior

Return Of The Jedi, The Right Stuff

The Terminator, This Is Spinal Tap, Star Trek III

Back To The Future, To Live And Die In L.A.

Aliens, Star Trek IV, Platoon, The Fly

Lethal Weapon , Planes Trains & Automobiles

Die Hard, A Fish Called Wanda, Naked Gun

Batman, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, Lethal Weapon 2

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16603/20/2013

[quote]I hate every movie from the '80s that I have seen. To my knowledge there was not one good movie in that decade. They all sucked (St. Elmos Fire, Flashdance, Footloose, Fame, Beaches, Pretty in Pink, Red Dawn, etc.). Terrible actors and terrible movies.

There were some/many good movies in the '80s. You're just listing the most popular, mainstream titles, aimed at the youth audience.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16703/20/2013


It’s a Beautiful Life

Citizen Kane (the second time)

all Star Wars movies

all Star Drek movies

Don’t hate, but don't get the love:

Wizard of Oz (after age 12)

Brokeback Mountain (Move to NY or CA, morons. It’s 1963, not 1863.)


The English Patient (the only movie I’ve ever fallen asleep during)


Nashville (and lots of Robert Altman movies)

Godfather I and II (I can't imagine people hating these)

An Unmarried Woman (and other Paul Mazursky movies)

Annie Hall (and lots of Woody Allen movies)

R149 Is your grammy’s last name “Hall”?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16803/20/2013

R166 I saw your list and almost had a fucking heart attack. I thought, "Who the fuck could hate all of those awesome movies?", then I realized you were making suggestions for the '80s hater above. Whew!

Yeah, the '80s had some killer movies to check-out. Some others-

Raging Bull, The Big Red One, E.T., Thief, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, The Untouchables, The Abyss, Full Metal Jacket, Eating Raoul, Tootsie, Vacation, Re-Animator, Return Of The Living Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Evil Dead, Brazil.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 16903/20/2013

Loved the first Matrix but the third one is just Christian alllegory crap.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17003/20/2013

It can't be possible that I'm the first one to mention Rocky.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17103/20/2013

"Brokeback Mountain (Move to NY or CA, morons. It’s 1963, not 1863.)"

You do realize that there are many closeted gay people in 2013, let alone in 1963, don't you?

And exactly how do you see these two very Western rural guys adapting to life in New York of that era?

Do you envision them working for IBM or do you see them joining the chorus of Oliver!?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17203/20/2013

EVERYBODY hates the Matrix sequels.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17303/20/2013

R171, I have always been so certain the Rocky movies would suck, I've never seen one. Oh, and the title is "Great films you hate."

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17403/20/2013

r170, the first Matrix was excellent. The 2nd one sucked. The 3rd one was just OK.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17503/20/2013

R172. I see Jack and Ennis working in bars most likely. Who wouldn't've wanted bartenders who look like those two? Or waiters.

Surely you don't assume rounding up sheep is all they're capable of doing.

It takes place between 1963 and 1983. I came out midpoint in that time frame. I knew instinctively I needed to go and live in a big city.

So take your IBM and shove it up your Oliver.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17603/20/2013

R171 I hated the Rocky movies. Soap operas for straight men. The Young & The Restless was less melodramtic than those weepers. I liked the fight scenes, but they were too few and too far between. Raging Bull was much better!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17703/20/2013

A Fish Called Wanda

Difficult for me to say because one of my lifelong loves is keen on it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17803/20/2013

Annie Hall


An Unmarried Woman

John Cassavetes's Faces

Pulp Fiction

by Savoy Cabbagereply 17903/20/2013

[quote]And exactly how do you see these two very Western rural guys adapting to life in New York of that era?

In the short story they briefly toy with the idea of moving to Denver. It makes sense that Denver would be the gay mecca for rural gays in the mountain West.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18003/20/2013

r177 - I am surprised by how many straight guys say Rocky is one of the best films of all times. They also love Goodfellas, which I can see.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18103/20/2013

[quote] I am surprised by how many straight guys say Rocky is one of the best films of all times.

Also Raging Bull.

I thought my str8 brother was going to kill me when I said I didn't like it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18203/20/2013


Citizen Kane It's a Wonderful Life Beautiful GIrls Rocky Close Encounters Airplane Breakfast at Tiffanys Manhattan Annie Hall

Meh The Birds

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18303/20/2013

Raging Bull - it's hard to like because LaMotta was pretty unlikable, but it's a great movie and one of Scorcese's best.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18403/20/2013

I have to say that I'm glad I don't know most of you who are posting here. Because most of the movies you despise have at least something about them that makes them popular or worthy of seeing at least once.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18503/20/2013

Dear Savoy mushroom head,

Citizen Kane is one of the greatest movies ever made! The Godfather pts.1&2, are as well. I read this thread to the disparaging comment about,It's A Wonderful Life. I assume there is one @ All About Eve too? The people who wrote that these are overrated,or bad know nothing about cinema. It's that simple. I'm sure the thread goes on to mention all my other favorites. It truly is beyond me that a gay man who would post on the DL,could be such a dullard.

Good luck to you.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18603/20/2013

Wow, some interesting choices. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one left cold by the Godfather films.

I realize GWTW is a (nearly) 4-hour soap opera but to have maintained narrative drive for that long is shocking in itself. I'm also amazed that anyone could take a 1,000 page novel and condense it down to 3:45 and still remain faithful.

We recently had an Eyes Wide Shut thread, so I'll skip all the problems with Kubrick.

I love Hitchcock but also find Vertigo oddly cold and unmoving. I much prefer the "flawed" Marnie to the "masterpiece" Vertigo.

But, ugh, Cries and Whispers is unintentionally funny, and not in a campy Valley of the Dolls fashion.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, here's what happens:

A group of women are in a house. The walls are painted red to let us know we're dealing with "female troubles." Subtle.

One woman has cancer. She sits up in bed every 20 minutes or so and screams at the top of her lungs.

There are two lesbian sisters who are apparently in love with each other.

Finally, another woman smashes a bottle of perfume and shoves a jagged shard up her cunt.

And, that's about it, folks.

Let me add that I generally find Bergman's films fascinating but this movie will only produce sighs and snickers.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18703/20/2013

Mary Poppins. Never bothered to seek an explanation for my hate, but I cant stand watching it longer than a minute, which is odd too because I like musicals and Julie Andrews in most of the movies she is in.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18803/20/2013

Star Wars.

Saying you don't like it nowadays is tantamount to hate speech.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 18903/20/2013

Second Mary Poppins. A bucket of droppins!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19003/20/2013

Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, and The Wizard of Oz (hated it even when I was a kid).

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19103/20/2013

Groundhog Day - no idea why this was considered funny

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19203/20/2013

Star Wars

Blue Velvet

The English Patient


by Savoy Cabbagereply 19303/20/2013


by Savoy Cabbagereply 19403/20/2013

THE VANISHING (the original Dutch version). It seems I've known about this film since forever, and many people (critics and other) have raved about it. I finally saw it last weekend because it was referenced on another thread, anticipating that I might have a good experience.

I didn't.

I did not like it. At all ("hate" is far too strong a word for this). I thought, "THIS is what people have been going on about all of these years???" Poorly structured, poorly plotted, poorly acted, poor character development, poor motivation. In a word: overrated.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19503/20/2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's is truly crap, then again what do you expect from Blake Edwards. Is it even considered a great film? Perhaps a very good novel.

Mary Poppins is extremely annoying and unwatchable. Like Alice in Wonderland on LSD. A few songs are good though, and Julie Andrews sings them perfectly.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19603/21/2013

There are lots of movies that aren't great, but that become beloved. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of them. Audrey Hepburn and Moon River (not to mention the rain-drenched finale) made it iconic despite all of its many flaws.

Had it starred Debbie Reynolds or Pamela Tiffin, no one would ever mention it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19703/21/2013

Had they kept more of the original story and had Marilyn Monroe played Holly, it might have been great. However, Marilyn was over 30 and Holly was supposed to be like 18.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19803/21/2013

I love Hitchcock but can't get through North by Northwest.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 19903/21/2013

[quote] Another one: PSYCHO. Grad-B Hitchcock

I'm sure you think your reference to a grade B movie is brilliant regarding Psycho, however Hitchcock DELIBERATELY made Psycho a grade B movie. He was miffed at the audiences showing up for Roger Corman and Hammer horror flms and decided he was going to show them how to do it cheaper, faster and with more of a bang and a profit.

He'd spent years working in B&W television with a tight budget and very little time for filming. So he filmed Psycho on a shoestring budget in record time, using Anthony Perkins because Perkins was contracted to make several pictures for Paramount and nobody else wanted to touch him because of the scandal where Perkins had to be barred from the set of a Tab Hunter film due to his mooning over Hunter in front of all of Hollywood

At this point, everyone in Hollywood knew Perkins was gay and was afraid he was going to ruin the reps of any pretty boys he took a fancy to. Hitchcock couldn't care less. All he cared about was that he wouldn't have to pay the leading man -- Paramount had already paid Perkins' contract.

Hitchcock handled the publicity for the film. The cheap grade B horror flicks used gimmicks like handing out vomit bags to moviegoers in the lobby, telling them the film was so gruesome that the bags would be needed. Hitchcock demanded nobody be allowed in the theater once the lights went down -- that was his gimmick. It worked. People screamed like never before when they saw Psycho.

It was the highest grossing Grade B flick of its time.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20003/21/2013

Dear Webbie,

I travel all over Europe and have access to literally hundreds of IP addresses.

Trying to ban or block me will only make it worse.

I am harmless.

Get over yourself.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20103/21/2013

Good post, R200.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20203/21/2013

Most of the Kubrick films. 2001 has some cool visuals, but mostly it's just boring. Have never gotten thru Dr. Strangelove. Eyes Wide Shut is one of the worst movies I've ever paid to see.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20303/22/2013

R200's a great post!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20403/22/2013

I couldn't get throught 5 minutes of Lawrence of Arabia. I could just tell it was going to be mostly vast cinematography and not much else.

I also tried to watch Citizen Kane but didn't get the appeal.

Hitchcock can do no wrong in my eyes though and I love Gone With the Wind.

Also hated Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Pretentious. Over-indulgent.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20503/22/2013

The Tree of Life

The New World

The Thin Red Line

Days of Heaven

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20603/22/2013

Robert Redford's "The Natural": (very boring)should have been titled "The Natural Sleep Aid") Bull Durham: (boring) should have been titled Bull Sh*t" Titanic: Leo and Kate Winslet made such an awkward couple. She was so big and robust hulk of a woman. He was so small and pretty. They should have reversed roles. It was much to long. I fell asleep what I thought was midway through. When i woke up that damn boat still hadn't finished sinking. Saving Private Ryan: (Extremely long and tedious) The movie lasted longer than WWII did.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20703/22/2013

OMG. The Thin Red Line. That's another one. It's on my bucket list to watch it again and see what I think years later now that I'm older. I just remember narration over a bloody battle scene. It had an arrogant, artsy feel to it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20803/22/2013

Another vote for The Thin Red Line.

I thought it was over three times and then it started up again.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 20903/22/2013

Dances With Wolves

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21003/22/2013

"Poorly lit", OP?

Did you grow up in a barn?

The past tense of light is lighted.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21103/22/2013

Have you been watching Fox News, R211?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21203/22/2013

Either is acceptable.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21303/22/2013

Well, congratulations Gays. Collectively you've managed to shoot down just about every Academy Award nominated film since 1962, and then some.

Never, EVER, get more than 3 gays in a room and talk about film, Fox News, or even rectal hair because you will not escape unscathed.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21403/22/2013

Avatar; Titanic; Saving Private Ryan; The English Patient; Doctor Zhivago. These are films I found so tedious I resent the time wasted. I'm sure they're loved by millions, just not me. There are plenty of others but these pushed their way to the top of the list.

I do, however, like Citizen Kane; Arsenic And Old Lace; Now, Voyager; All About Eve; Marnie, Brief Encounter and the biggest Mary-movie ever A Star Is Born. I know there's not much consistency in these choices but that's how it is.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21503/22/2013

Hated The English Patient.

HATED Moulin Rouge so much! It actually made me physically angry. I felt like I was being assaulted.

Didn't really "hate" Grand Hotel but thought it was pretty bad and Garbo was the worst thing about it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21603/22/2013

Yet one more vote for Citizen Kane-it's incredibly self-conscious and up it's own ass.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21703/22/2013

There Will Be Blood. I know I am way in the minority, but I hated every dragging second of it. EVERYONE else but me seemed to love it. I felt like I was being tortured for two hours. I was with friends at the theater and couldn't walk out on it. Sheer waterboard torture!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21805/30/2013

There Will Be Blood felt like I was doing homework. Not shit homework, but still homework. Everybody I knew loved the film so I went with it, but watching it again would feel like more homework. I loved the set design, the cinematography and the score though.

I hated, hated, hated The Master. Hated Joaquin Phoenix in it. Hated that it didn't go anywhere. Hated the sheer pretentiousness of it all. Amy Adams was very, very good.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 21905/31/2013

Agree with Thin Red Line. Tree Of Life gave me a headache. Malick IMHO is a joke. I also never got why No Country For Old Man got all the accolades at the time. Such a boring movie. I find David Fincher movies very overrated too. Don't get the appeal of Zodiac, the only interesting thing in it was RDJ (and Ruffalo maybe) Fincher is so formulaic.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22005/31/2013

The only good Fincher movie I ever saw was Se7en. The Game was a disappointment and so was Zodiac. And then I just stopped going.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22105/31/2013

Another vote for Raging Bull.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22205/31/2013

Surprised no one's mentioned The Piano. Yucky.

Dog Day Afternoon...has it's moments, but I can never stick with it until the end. I think Pacino was embarrassed by his bi role and it didn't work because of it.

I like Woody's earlier stuff, but Hannah & Her Sisters was mostly awful, largely due to the ever popular Michael Caine,

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (this might out me as a homosexual).

The Deer Hunter...can't get through it. Same with Sophie's Choice.

Saturday Night Fever. Can't stand HIM.


Blow Up (& I love Swinging London films). Wooden & boring.

That Fahrenheit film with Julie Christie (& I usually love her).

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22305/31/2013

Badlands - a compelling true-life story turned into a one-dimensional piece of garbage

Saving Private Ryan - torturous

Argo - trite, waste of time, Ben Affleck SUCKS as an actor

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - zzzzz...

Good Will Hunting - yawn

Couldn't get through 5 minutes of Braveheart - my eyes were rolling out of my head

Little Miss Sunshine, Royal Tenenbaums - look how quirky we are! Ugh...

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22408/03/2013

It's A Wonderful Life is evil.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22508/03/2013

The Godfather films (so boring)

The Royal Tenenbaums (so insufferably twee I've never bothered to see another Wes Anderson film)

Singin' in the Rain (Donald O'Conner doesn't make me laugh, he makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a dull pencil)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22608/03/2013

OP, thank you. I have watched (or tried to) "Citizen Kane" probably about 10 times. But it is so fucking BORING! I just gave up. I'm not denigrating Orson Welles at all. I think that what's left of "The Magnificent Ambersons" is quite good, and that "A Touch of Evil" is really pretty great. But "Citizen Kane"? Not a fan.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22708/03/2013

'Slumdog Millionaire' - *hated* it

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22808/03/2013

Most of Kubrick (I like "The Killing," one of his early efforts, a lot) and most of Antonioni.

Love "Citizen Kane," however.

"Vertigo" usually shows up at the top or near the top in international polls. I don't think it's nearly as good as "Rear Window," "Notorious," or "North by Northwest."

by Savoy Cabbagereply 22908/03/2013

I'm going to flip this around. Greatest movie that doesn't get the hype it deserves? Very simple...


by Savoy Cabbagereply 23008/03/2013

Lots of popular movies I disliked but, sticking strictly to the "great" or classic films:

"It's a Wonderful Life". (Simpering Stewart..ugh)

"Wizard of Oz". (Just everything....)

"Wuthering Heights" (2 miserable people)

"The Sound of Music" (yodeling...)

"Funny Face" (Astaire & Hepburn???)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23108/03/2013

My favourite film is "For a lost solider" although I'd rather for it to be a little more graphic and rough.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23208/03/2013

Reds - Disliked it at the time, still do. It's Warren Beatty's overlong epic about how wonderful and politically important he is. He isn't and he wasn't.

I've never been able to finish Vertigo, though I'm a Hitchcock fan. Kim Novak puts me off that much.

And Gene Kelly puts me off so much he ruins Singing in the Rain for Me.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23308/03/2013

Michael Clayton, The Descendants...

Basically, anything starring George Clooney who is the most boring actor ever.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23408/03/2013

Favourite Hitchcock movies:

Psycho Rope Rear Window Notorious Rebecca Shadow of a Doubt Strangers on a Train Trouble With Harry

Hate Vertigo, always have, no way around it. Mysoginistic, inflated, this film aged terribly no matter what any poll says. Don't like North by Northwest either. Cary Grant was too old by then and as for the story, -what story?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23508/03/2013

Moonstruck. HATED it and Cher should give that Oscar back.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23608/03/2013

I thought Cher was better in Mask than Moonstruck. Nicholas Cage ruined it as he does everything he's in....

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23708/03/2013

The Piano. What a piece of turd.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23808/03/2013

People who don't like Citizen Kane aren't very smart and have awful taste.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 23908/03/2013

The Birds

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24008/03/2013


by Savoy Cabbagereply 24108/03/2013

Those self important Godfather films. Glorified soap opera.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24208/03/2013

I would say 75% of the films listed in this thread were never considered "great" to begin with. Good, really good, timely, successful, entertaining, even award winning, but only 100 films or so should be given the "great" moniker.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24308/03/2013

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest The Searchers

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24408/03/2013

Detest, "Goodfellas".

No love for, "The Searchers".

Any of Barbra's films.

Indifferent to Meryl's movies.

I buy their movies, but they just sit there.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24508/03/2013

I can't say I hate them, but there are many "great" movies I have no desire to see. That's not to say the desire won't ever be, however.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24608/03/2013

People who like "Citizen Kane" are very smart, R242. So smart, in fact, that they still don't realize that no one was in the fucking room when Kane uttered his dying word "Rosebud", leaving a hole in the plot so big that a truck could drive through.

It's been very good, however, at keeping folks talking about Marion Davies's pussy - the aforementioned "Rosebud" - for over seventy years now!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24708/03/2013

Singing in the Rain


by Savoy Cabbagereply 24808/03/2013

I hate every movie ever made.

I win!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 24908/03/2013

[quote]Had they kept more of the original story and had Marilyn Monroe played Holly, it might have been great. However, Marilyn was over 30 and Holly was supposed to be like 18

Audrey was over 30, too. She and Marilyn were only 3 years apart.

I agree that with Marilyn and the original novella story, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S could've been a great film. Capote wrote Holly Golightly with Marilyn in mind, and that's who he championed for the film role. As it is, it's just typical Hepburn/Edwards tripe.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25008/03/2013

Lawrence of Arabia

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25108/03/2013

I'm surprised that so many seem to hate movies that thrill me every time, and then of course I agree with many of these cherished shitball films.

Still, the crappiest "classic" I can think of, and at least to me one of the worst movies EVER made has got to be "Forrest Gump". Unspeakable!

As far as perfectly nice, but wildly over-praised, I would have to go with "Tootsie". I mean, it's fine and nicely made, but Hoffman never comes close to looking like any woman ever born on earth, and his performance is just dopey to top things off.

For appreciated yet still underrated films, I would nominate "Peggy Sue Got Married", which I find more entertaining and brilliant every time I see it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25208/03/2013

Twilight - all of them. As a matter of fact, most of the franchises released over the past decade.

Most of the animated Pixel BS that the critics seam to love!!!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25308/03/2013

The English Patient. I considered slitting my throat while watching it, thinking that I would suffer less, but there were no blunt, rusty objects lying around in the movie theater where I saw it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25408/03/2013

I can't really think of a "Great" film I didn't like, but am surprised so many posters don't like [italic]Rocky[/italic] or [italic] The Godfather[/italic]. I loved both films, and recommend them; I don't think you need to be straight to appreciate the story. Though I did not like [italic]The Fast and the Furious[/italic], though I don't think that anyone considers that "Great"

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25508/03/2013

R256 - The top is "great" films. I don't think anyone over 20 thinks Twilight is a great film.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25608/03/2013

topic, not top

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25708/03/2013

As the great Lucy Ricardo once said, "All of your taste is in your mouth." Such hate for classic movies is uncalled for. Sure, one might be better than the other but most, if not all, the movies mentioned here were great. And people being hoity toity and dismissing them as shit tells me that your opinions are shit as well.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25808/03/2013

The Deer Hunter (1978). I always hated that movie. Depressing, too long, & so boring!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 25912/26/2014

"The English Patient". Puts me to sleep faster than even the smallest dosage of Zopiclone.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26012/26/2014

“The Big Lebowski” - snooze

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26112/26/2014

I don’t hate any movie. I just hate.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26212/26/2014

Movies like "The Hours" drip with smug, preening media class hauteur. The issues they claim to examine are presented, wrapped up with pretty bows, never to be torn open and examined. Virginia Woolf is essentially the archenemy of this kind of congratulatory, coffee commercial storytelling. Movies like "The Hours" are embalmed awards-bait, have none of the shock or chaos of true cinema creativity, and nobody gives a shit about them even five years down the line. Think I'm wrong? Watch it tonight.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26312/26/2014

I agree, R263, I hated "The Hours." Other acclaimed films I have hated are "Gangs Of New York", "Inside Llewyn Davis", "The Wolf Of Wall Street", "American Hustle", and "Foxcatcher." Barf!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26412/26/2014

All action movies and especially when they come in franchise: LOTR, Star Wars (I fell asleep once), The Matrix, Rambo, Rocky, the Godfather... you name it I hate it.

Nowadays I just watch documentaries anyways. Esp. invigorating and feel-good ones such as Boy Interrupted. /sarcasm

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26512/26/2014

The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy and Tootsie. Dustin Hoffman never appealed to me and I would not like these films even if he had not appeared in them.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26612/26/2014

[quote]Movies like "The Hours" drip with smug, preening media class hauteur.

I didn't realize that The Hours is considered a great film. I saw it when it came out, and I have no desire to watch it again.

I do remember that the film came to life when Miranda Richardson showed up. It's only then that I understood the language and the tone of the film. She can act circles around Kidman, Streep and Moore.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26712/26/2014

The Piano with Holly Hunter. At the theater, I could not stay awake. Afterward, I asked my partner if it got any better after I dozed off. He had dozed off too. We tried to watch it again on cable a year or so later and fell asleep again. It was a mind-numbing experience.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26812/26/2014

"The Thin Red Line" - who knew a war movie could be boring?!?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 26912/26/2014

Wolf of Wall Street sucked major ass.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27012/26/2014


"The Piano"

"The Hours"

"Walk The Line"


"The Wolf Of Wall Street"

"Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy"

"Anchorman 2"

"Garden State"


"The English Patient"

"Ordinary People"

"Dirty Dancing"

"American Hustle" (a bad costume party)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27112/26/2014

Every movie ever made with Tom Hanks in it. He's such a hokey, overly-sentimental, and so full of himself "actor." He's even worse when he's trying to "act" serious, like in "Philabarfia."

Anything with John Travolta (three exceptions... I did like Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, and Blow Out).

Anything with Gwyneth Paltrow. She cannot act and was forced upon us by people who owed her parents a favor in Hollywood. She is hideous.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27212/26/2014

R259, Ditto! I hated The Deer Hunter. I saw it for the first time in early 1979, when I was 13. I went with my parents (they loved it). I attributed my hatred of it to my tender young age at the time. I watched it again about ten years ago. I still hated it. It was one of the most boring films I have ever seen.

I love DeNiro, Streep, Walken, Cazale, etc, but that film bored me to fucking tears.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27312/26/2014

"Nell" with Jodie Foster.

"The Passion Of The Christ" with Adolf Gibson.

"Kramer vs. Kramer" with Hoffman & Streep. Too overwrought for my taste.

"Scarface" with Al Pacino. Terrible acting, especially from Pacino, who is usually terrific.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" - what the fuck was the point?

"No Country For Old Men" - loved it until the "end." I hated how it just 'stopped' right in the middle of everything.

"Wolf Of Wall Street" - 3 hours of hetero sex, snorting coke out of hookers assholes, prosthetic dicks, screaming, horrible music, lousy acting, fat queeny Jonah Hill, lanky queeny Leonardo, snorting coke, snorting coke, snorting coke, fucking hookers, fucking sluts, and snorting coke.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27412/26/2014

[quote]"Nell" with Jodie Foster.

I have never heard anyone bring this movie up in casual conversation, let alone call it a great film.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27512/26/2014

I just realized I hate everything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. He just sucks.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27612/26/2014

"Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolff?" --- hated it!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27712/26/2014

Acclaimed films I did not like:

"Grease" (1978)

"Born On The Fourth Of July" (1989)

"The Deer Hunter" (1978)

"Philadelphia" (1993)

"The Piano" (1993)

"The English Patient" (1996)

"Slumdog Millionaire" (2009)

"The Wolf Of Wall Street" (2013)

"Titanic" (1997)

"Out Of Africa" (1985)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27812/26/2014

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate "There Will Be Blood." I usually loved Oscar-bait movies, but that one put me to sleep faster than a horse tranquilizer! It took me five sittings to watch the DVD in its entirety. My partner loves "There Will Be Blood." He only watches it when I am out of town. Likewise, I love "Avatar" and "District 9", and he hates them.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 27912/26/2014

The Terminator, Terminator II, Cape Fear, Star Wars (all of them), Star Track (all of them), James Bond (all of them), Indiana Jones (all of them), Bourne Identity (all of them), Taken (all of them), Rocky, Rambo, et al. I love movies with meaning and heart, not shoot em up action pablum.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28012/26/2014

Independence Day (1996) - worst dialogue of any movie ever made.

Armageddon (1998) - just as bad as Independence Day.

There Will Be Blood (2007) - Bored me to the point of near-suicide.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28112/26/2014

Another vote for "There Will Be Blood" - awful!


Chariots Of Fire

Annie Hall

Out Of Africa

The Deer Hunter

The Piano

Shakespeare In Love

Lost In Translation

The Tree Of Life

Inside Llewyn Davis

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28212/29/2014

Citizen Kane

All of Fellini's films except La Strada.

Il Gattopardo (The Leopard)

Death in Venice

Last Year at Marienbad

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Grand Illusion

Reservoir Dogs

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28312/29/2014

[quote]All of Fellini's films except La Strada.

That's funny because I like - in some cases love - most of his movies [italic]except[/italic] for La Strada.

La Strada irritates the shit out of me. It's the movie equivalent of an alley filled with screeching cats.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28412/29/2014

Anything with Tim Cruse in it. He used to be a fav and now I can't stand to watch him due to Scientology and the duplicity regarding his sexuality. It's just really messed up.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28512/29/2014

That should be TOM Cruise

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28612/29/2014

[quote]La Strada irritates the shit out of me. It's the movie equivalent of an alley filled with screeching cats.

Feel the same way about 8-1/2, La Dolce Vita, Amarcord, Nights of Cabiria, Julietta of the Spirits, etc.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28712/29/2014

Top Hat

The Naked Spur

The Conformist

What's Up, Doc

Le jour se lève

The Awful Truth

Romeo and Juliet (68)

The Exterminating Angel

The City of Lost Children

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28812/29/2014

'Midnight Cowboy', the worst movie to ever win an Oscar.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 28912/29/2014

Oh, GREAT films we HATE!! Smell us!!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29012/29/2014

I've just watched Fritz Lang's M. Holy crap, what a dull movie. It's slow-paced and the acting is terribly wooden. Plus the message of the film is that careless mothers are to blame for their children's deaths, not Peter Lorre because he couldn't really help himself.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29101/21/2015

The Godfather because it insists upon itself.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29201/21/2015

Who considers Independence Day or Armageddon 'great'?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29301/21/2015

I loathe Fellini and Jean Luc Goddard. In fact, most 'new wave' cinema bores me to tears.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29401/21/2015

Another one for "Midnight Cowboy". Also "Deliverance" I have yet to be able to sit through any of "The Godfathers"

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29501/21/2015

All this hate, especially for the romance movies. But if I want to watch a love story that will sweep me up, what should it be???

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29601/21/2015

I fucking hate Braveheart.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29701/21/2015

Being John Malkovich

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29801/21/2015

I don't hate any movie. I just hate.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 29901/21/2015

"The Big Lebowski," and franklly, everything made by the Coen brothers except "The Man Who Wasn't There," which was brilliant.

Everything ever made by Quentin Tarantino and anything he might make in the future.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30001/21/2015

Forrest-god-damned-fucking Gump.

That's "Forrest Gump."

But is it considered great?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30101/22/2015

All right, I'll say it ... I hated [italic]The Bridges of Madison County![/italic]

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30201/22/2015

Any appearance of Woody Allen makes my skin crawl. I actually feel as if I'm covered in hyperactive ants and I am overcome with rage. I cannot account for such a strong and inappropriate reaction, but there it is. The same with Tom Cruise, but to a lesser degree.

[quote]Movies like "The Hours" are embalmed awards-bait ...

Oh my God, r263 , that is a great turn of phrase. I am going to steal that for sure.

I didn't like Brokeback Mountain. I thought it was depressing and boring and all the publicity about how "brave" it was and other such bullshit really put me off.

Reading the responses in this thread points out to me that I have seen few of these movies. Usually when there's a lot of hype about something I roll my eyes and ignore it. It makes me wonder if I've missed much of anything. Probably not, but who knows.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30301/22/2015

The Grand Budapest Hotel which will scoop many Oscars this year. HATE HATE HATE.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30401/22/2015

Taxi Driver

No Country for Old Men

China Town

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30501/22/2015

I forgot these two:

It Happened One Night


by Savoy Cabbagereply 30601/22/2015

"The Silence of the Lambs" had a great title, but the rest of it was crap.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30701/22/2015

Taxi Driver was boring as hell.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30801/22/2015

Another old thread that's almost five years old.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 30901/22/2015

Musicals.....all and every last damn one

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31001/22/2015

Anything with Jimmy Stewart in it. Ditto Walter Brennan.

Citizen Kane; Casablanca; The African Queen; The Ox-Bow Incident; Most classic musicals; the Farmer's Daughter; Gaslight; the Quiet Man; niagara; Saturday Night Fever; 2001; the Godfather Series; Last Tango in Paris; Annie Hall; Splendor In the Grass; True Grit; the Goonies; to be continued.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31101/22/2015

I don't mind Brokeback Mountain so much as I despise the queens who salivate all over this film like it is the second coming. Heath Ledger was definitely robbed at the Oscars; I found Phillip Seymour Hoffman horribly mannered as Truman Capote.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31201/22/2015

Terrence Malick, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick are always a big red flag for me. Stanley Kubrick in particular, I just don' t understand why everyone seems to be so in love with his movies!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31301/22/2015

Star Wars. I saw the original movie last year for the first time since it opened. I was surprised how tacky it was.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31401/22/2015

Vertigo. There's something about it that's so repulsive that I've never watched it all the way through.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31501/22/2015

Most anything Altman. Nashville was awful.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31601/22/2015

Kim Novak's chola brows were repulsive.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31701/22/2015

Two Oscar Best Picture Nominees from last year: American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street. They were both putrid!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31801/22/2015

[R29] I'm with you on those hates.

I hate admitting this but I turned off Raging Bull. I thought if LaMotta accused his wife of sleeping with his brother or whatever one more time I would throw something at the TV set. Loud with unlikable characters.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 31901/22/2015

[R318] Wolf of Wall Street - awful.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32001/22/2015

I like Scorsese (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, After Hours, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Casino) but I hated Gangs of New York and Wolf of Wall Street (especially Gangs of New York). Barf!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32101/22/2015

oh who mentioned new wave - I HATE FRENCH NEW WAVE

Also I have never gotten through the first few minutes of 2001 A Space Odyssey

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32201/22/2015

What I really hate is sitting through a dull, slow, pretentious film and then going on IMDb and finding out it's supposed to be a masterpiece. I'm sorry but most of the time there's nothing there.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32301/22/2015

I never "got" Brando at all. See island of dr. M. I really dislike all war films; those are the real horror shows.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32401/22/2015

Crash, never could sit for more than 15 minutes into Forrest Gump, anything with Tammy cruise.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32501/22/2015

The Wizard of Oz (except the adorbs flying monkeys)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32601/22/2015

It's a Wonderful Life and anything with Jimmy Stewart, his voice gets on my nerves.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32701/22/2015

Can't stand Stewart.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32801/22/2015

Seconds for The English Patient,first movie I ever walked out of, and 2001 ASO.

dave... dave... this conversation can serve no purpose anymore ... goodbye.

I wanted Kier Dullea to whip out his cock and short circuit the fucker with his zero g jizz.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 32901/22/2015

[quote] I could never understand what people see in the smarmy "It's a Wonderful Life

A repudiation of unbridled capitalism and its monopolies which drain the diversity out of life and leave us without choices.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33001/22/2015

The only Scorsese movie I liked was Goodfellas.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33101/22/2015

hate most of the classics mentioned...But I absolutely love silly 80's comedies like See No Evil Hear No Evil, National Lampoon's and Uncle Buck...

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33201/22/2015

I hate Katharine "the dyke" Hepburn and all of her movies.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33301/22/2015

All Sci-Fi and action movies. Barf.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33401/22/2015

Scorcese post-Casino, Citizen Kane, The English Patient, The Godfather (also Pt 2 and 3)

I can't bring myself to watch It's A Wonderful Life

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33501/22/2015

Kramer vs. Kramer = Sappy boohoo bullshit.

The English Patient = Elephant tranquilizer.

Scarface (1983) = Horribly acted, especially by Pacino, whom I usually like. The accents were a hoot though.

Dirty Dancing = Not considered a great movie, but millions love it. I found it boring and lame.

Grease = Not considered high art, but millions love it. I found it baffling that anyone could like it.

Reds = Boring!!!

Chariots of Fire = It put me to sleep both times I tried to watch it.

There Will Be Blood = There Will Be Snoring. A bore.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33601/22/2015

The original Carrie. I don't despise it, but i think that De Palma's 80's work has aged much better than his 70's stuff. Sisters is his only 70s movies I like.

ALL of the Nolan Batman movies. This stems more from my belief that live action can never do justice to a comic/manga the way animation can. Batman: The Animated Series and Spawn (the animated series) are way better than any Batman live action movie.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Childlike to the point where I don't give a shit. Even a child would find this boring.

The Elephant Man. One of David Lynch's weakest efforts. Lynch is best when he doesn't waste his time trying to appeal to Hollywood but also when he's trying to avoid being weird for the sake of being weird. The Elephant Man fails due to the first count in my opinion. His movie Wild at Heart is bad for the second reason.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33701/22/2015

Chariots of Fire... What a piece of garbage that was. Can you believe that techno-pop-garbage noise won the Oscar for best musical score? I don't remember why I even tried to watch it...I think is was showing in a double-feature with a real movie (or I was high)!

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33801/23/2015

I'm still waiting for a romance film recommendation that can really sweep me up.

So many have been hated on here: The English Patient, Titanic, Shakespeare in Love, Dr. Zhivago, Brokeback, etc.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 33901/23/2015

"Grease" is one that I absolutely hate, hate, hate. Every fucking song in that shit-pile is beyond annoying. Olivia, Jeff & Stockard are at least a decade too old for their roles. Travolta, at 22-23, looked too old as well.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34001/23/2015

"The Goonies" is considered a great film?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34101/23/2015

Se7en. I hated it in theaters. I said to myself, "I'll bet it's her head in the box." Gwyneth wasn't an obnoxious celebrity yet. Maybe I'd enjoy that that part more now.

Children of Men was boring. I don't know how a movie with bullets flying everywhere can be boring, but this was.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34201/23/2015

Any Batman movie

That goes double for Heath Ledger's Joker.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34301/23/2015

"Chariots of Fire" sucked shit. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" should have won best picture for 1981, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

"Atlantic City" and "On Golden Pond" were also good movies that were nominated.

"Reds" sucked almost as bad as "Chariots."

The Academy was on acid when they chose "Chariots" as best picture. What a bore.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34401/23/2015

"Seconds for The English Patient,first movie I ever walked out of"

I wish to fucking God I'd walked out on that one! The ending made me want to kill the writers and director.

And R315, that "repulsive" quality is one of the many reasons I love "Vertigo". The film is one of the most gorgeous of the Classic era, but the relationship between the principals is the most twisted of the Classic era.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34501/23/2015


Alien 2

Star Trek movies (all)

Star Wars movies (all)

Mafia movies (all)

Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Avengers, etc.

Shawshank Redemption

Saving Private Ryan

Full Metal Jacket

American Sniper

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34601/23/2015

Saving Private Ryan is not a great film. It was sold as one by the Spielberg worshipping media machine. Thank god the Academy chose the better film, though most fools still beg to differ.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34701/23/2015


African queen

Guess who is coming to dinner

The graduate

Out of Africa

All so so boring

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34801/23/2015

347 = goop

by Savoy Cabbagereply 34901/23/2015

Gigi. What a friggin' bore

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35001/23/2015

Never got "A Streetcar Named Desire". I was bored

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35101/23/2015

Stromboli starring Ingrid Bergman. I love Bergman but her character in that movie was so whiny I seriosuly wanted to punch my TV screen. The worst movie included in Criterion collection I've seen so far (though I've never seen Armageddon).

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35201/24/2015

Breakfast At Tiffany's. Hate this boring, artless piece of shit. Blake Edwards never knew when it was time to call "Cut!" His movies are painfully too long. The party in the apartment in BAT is a waste of time at half the length it is.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35301/24/2015

The English Patient.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35401/24/2015

[italic]Mary Poppins[/italic]: Cloying, annoying, racist, misogynistic, and aimlessly meandering from one bad message to the next. How this film is held in such high regard (deified even) when it's not even better than its own ripoffs is beyond me.

[italic]The Exorcist[/italic]: Forget about the accusations of homophobia toward William Friedkin over [italic]The Boys in the Band[/italic] and [italic]Cruising[/italic]. They have nothing on William Peter Blatty.

Anything and everything with [italic]Star Wars[/italic] in the title. That film singlehandedly infantilized a generation of American males and its artistic successors are also part of the problem. Hollywood's descent into institutionalized, ossified mediocrity started with this film.

[italic]AI: Artificial Intelligence[/italic]: One of Spielberg's weakest films. The last 45 minutes are completely superfluous. MAD Magazine's parody called the main character "DaveNocchio." Well-played, MAD. Well-played.

[italic]Easy Rider[/italic]: Stupid, plotless crap about narcissistic losers who couldn't "find America" on a map of the United States. And "Born to be Wild" isn't that great of a song.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35502/03/2015

There are a lot of films being mentioned here that no one has ever called "great."

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35602/03/2015

[quote]There are a lot of films being mentioned here that no one has ever called "great."

And none of the people mentioning them think that either.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35702/03/2015

[quote]Anything with Gwyneth Paltrow. She cannot act and was forced upon us by people who owed her parents a favor in Hollywood. She is hideous.

If I had had the ability to foresee what was to come, I would have found a way to obtain saltpeter at least nine months earlier.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35807/10/2015

Badlands, Braveheart, anything by Nolan, almost everything by Kubrick apart from A Clockwork Orange, Lost In Translation, Titanic, AI, Argo, anything starring Julia Roberts. The list would be a lot longer, but I just don't watch many new films any more. Hardly anything is worth the time.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 35907/10/2015

Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36007/10/2015

Steel Magnolias is a terrible over acted movie.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36107/11/2015

Once Upon a Tome in America. My god what a piece of shit! It's as if it were written by a fifteen year old boy. Completely puerile but people rave about it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36207/11/2015

"Magnolia." Whenever anyone tells me how much they love the sequence where the characters lip-sync the Aimee Mann song, I instantly think they have horrible taste, because that was the sort of thing a 20 year-old sophomore film student would do.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36307/11/2015

The Rocky and Rambo movies. The first of each were OK. After that, got redundant and boring. Sylvester Stalone has his good points, but how many times can he be heroic in the same characters? These movies appeal mostly to a simplistic young crowd. Similar view of Bruce Lee and the abundance of martial arts flicks.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36407/11/2015

I agree. I thought "Blue Velvet" was unwatchable, yet I loved the pilot (tv movie) of "Twin Peaks" which had the same style, but was 1000 times better, and was actually coherent!

"The Thin Red Line" was also unwatchable in my opinion.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36507/11/2015

I'm a Lynch fan, but even I don't think Blue Velvet is one of Lynch's best films. I think all of his best movies came after Wild at Heart. There are certain things I like about Blue Velvet, like the link provided, but Lynch is much better when he says "fuck it!" to conventional plots. That scene where Isabella Rosellini shows up to Sandy's home naked is weird, because literally a minute later after Sandy slaps Jeffrey, we see Sandy crying and saying " I love you Jeffrey".

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36607/12/2015

I WANTED to like Blue Velvet, but it was fucking terrible.

Oh, and is E.T. considered a "great" film? Because that one is also intolerable.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36707/12/2015

R367, I've never been a Spielberg fan, ever. Except for Jaws. Don't even get me started on Close Encounters...

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36807/12/2015

R45, your post made me LOL so hard I spewed coffee!

I DEEEEEEEEEEE TEST Tarentino's frat boy movie making. And it NEVER ceases to amaze me how he's STILL revered by the stunted thinking of his fan boi's. I wish he'd walk off a fucking cliff. Fucking blatant rip off loser.

I will chance deviating, and say I think one of Martin's most under-rated films is, in fact, 'The King of Comedy'. On first pass it can be 'meh', but with each time I see it, it becomes more surreal. I don't think it's DeNiro's finest performance, and it's really Bernhard and Lewis that hold the center. As for his more loved stuff like Mean Streets or what I've heard called 'goomba' movies...yeah, I mean, come on. He's Scorcese. I think he's a fine, fine director. He pulls, imo, the best performances from DeNiro,,bar none. He cares about the story he's bringing to life, for two. And, some say he's actually a pretty nice guy. His films slam Quentins all over the mat and honestly, I wish Scorcese and his friends would keep Tarentino the fuck away. He's gross in all things.

I agree that The Godfather is NOT Coppola's best work and that Apocalypse Now lays waste to it. It's a 'war movie' that is clearly not about war,(and doesn't apologize for it), and that set he built of Kurtz's HQ's is so theater like. Plus, he had to deal with Sheen's drinking, Hopper's stubborness, and Brando's perfectionist analysis of character motivation. I mean, who could survive that except a great director? And great director's produce great films, it seems to me.

I am all about detesting "It's A Wonderful Life" though.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 36907/12/2015

I HATE It's a wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th St is far better. The only good thing about it is JS performance.

I HATE Singin' in the bloody Rain' how this film is held up as a musical masterpiece is beyond me. it's a run of the mill Metro musical, which features no original songs, also, the film's set in the 20s yet most of the songs are 1930s??

The Shawshank Redemption- stupid, stupid, unrealistic garbage, especially the end.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37007/12/2015

Total bottom here and I love Godfather 1 and 2.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37107/12/2015

I could barely stay awake during Blue Velvet. The first half hour or so was ok, then it turned into a boring, nonsensical mess. I agree with whoever said that Twin Peaks was a much better executed version of whatever he was going for in Blue Velvet.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37207/12/2015

Twin Peaks: FWWM is much better than Blue Velvet.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37307/12/2015

[quote]also, the film's set in the 20s yet most of the songs are 1930s??

Well, you don't have a supportable argument there. The film is set in 1927 in the early transition of silent film to sound, and most of the songs are authentic within five years of so of the target year--they are almost all songs from the very early sound era of MGM.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37407/12/2015

For the record, I did get a little erotic thrill from the part in Blue Velvet where Kyle MacLachlan---after being provoked beyond endurance---gets rough with Isabella Rossellini. So about 5 seconds worth of the film was enjoyable and the rest was shit.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37507/12/2015

Definitely Crouching Tiger. Also, not a Harry Potter fan here.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37602/16/2016

Also, Forrest Gump

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37702/16/2016

GHOSTBUSTERS.....the only other person I read who hated it was Joan Rivers RIP.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37802/16/2016

A friend of mine hated "Moulin Rouge" because he was color blind.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 37902/16/2016


by Savoy Cabbagereply 38002/16/2016

Charade- not great but very popular. A film I expected to be charming and intriguing.

Grant, Hepburn, Paris, Donen... What could go wrong?


A thriller with no thrills and just a slew of ugly nasty deaths.

Poking a cadaver with a needle? That's funny? No.

Grant taking a shower in a suit? That's funny? No.

Matthau as a villain? Hah! And who is the stunt double who falls through the trap door that has no relationship to Matthau's body?

Beloved film and I cannot believe how awful it is.


Hoffman at his most mannered and unappealing. Attempting to outdo the obnoxiousness of Dreyfuss in Goodbye Girl.

Why didn't he win the Nobel Peace Prize for this?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38102/16/2016

Taxi Driver

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38202/16/2016

How could this list have come this far with no mention of APOCALYPSE NOW, in my opinion the worst major movie ever filmed? A cop buddy dragged me to the theater to see this overblown (literally) nightmare with him. It was excruciatingly stupid. After the first 10 minutes I closed my eyes so I could take a nap, but the explosions and other special effects were so loud, I couldn't even sleep. My buddy promised me a BJ afterward if I'd stop bitching and let him watch the movie in peace, so at least something good happened that night.

BRAVEFART. What an overwritten, incomprehensible piece of dog shit, plus you get the charming Mel Gibson as an added bonus.

TITANIC: Couldn't they get that fucking boat to sink any faster?

SCHINDLER'S LIST: I guess the movie was okay, but the book was funnier.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38302/16/2016

I love Blue Velvet, but only because friends bought the DVD and we promptly turned it into a comedy. To this day, I can't watch it with an audience because I laugh all the way through it.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38402/16/2016

Not a great film , but much beloved, I hate The Breakfast Club. In retrospect, most pop 80s films are shallow & dated, IMO.

Hate 2001, A Space Idiocy.

Most anything with Lawrence Olivier. A complete ham, vastly overrated.

As for Citizen Kane, saw it once. Meh. Wouldnt see it again.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38502/16/2016

I'm fuckin' gay as Christmas and I ADORE Godfathers one and two.

I hate American Beauty, and The Royal Tennenbaums.

I'm not at all a fan of Funny Girl either. Not huge on Sound of Music. (I love musicals)

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38602/16/2016

"Pulp Fiction" I had to sit through it a 2nd time because of a film class I was wasn't any better than the first time. Incredibly pretentious, stupid characters.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38702/16/2016

Well R385 you haven't seen Carrie because he gives the greatest performance by a male actor in an American film.

Nobody but nobody comes close.

And in Richard III just the line reading of 'I am not in the giving vein today' is greatness alone.

Utterly chilling.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38802/16/2016

"Lawrence of Arabia". I only just saw it, start to finish. I was all excited. Peter O'toole was awful. It made his career but I have no idea why. Otherwise, it was ok, but he was the focal point of the movie, and he stunk.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 38902/16/2016

R388 Laurence Olivier was in Carrie? Was he one of the teachers?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39002/23/2016

I don't understand the hype about From Here To Eternity, nor do I understand the hype about Montgomery Clift.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39106/25/2016

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Tree of Life

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39206/25/2016

r2 you seriously have no taste or is the biggest Mary of all time. Godfather 1 are 2 are epic, master filmmaking, and storytelling.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39306/25/2016

For R390.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39406/25/2016

R207, Kate Winslett is 5' 6", hardly King Kong. I love Singin in the Rain and don't get the dislike, but The Godfathers - nope.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39506/25/2016

[quote]BRAVEFART. What an overwritten, incomprehensible piece of dog shit, plus you get the charming Mel Gibson as an added bonus.

The chattering class of Hollywood bitched and bitched about the historical inaccuracies in that other Mel Gibson pseudohistorical drama from 1995, Disney's [italic]Pocahontas[/italic], yet they not only let this embarrassingly homophobic POS off the hook, but gave it Best Fucking Picture at the Oscars? Fuck that shit.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39606/25/2016

[quote]Godfather 1 are 2 are epic, master filmmaking, and storytelling.

Moe Greene and Jack Woltz were the best characters in the whole trilogy.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39706/25/2016

I would say Crash but no one outside of the Academy Awards thinks it is great. Homophobia robbed Brokeback. Also--American Beauty, not that isn't a very good film, however its typical well made indy flick, with great moments, but a bit pretentious and certainly not deserving of that year's Oscar as well.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39806/25/2016

R6 I second that! I also know many people that are like "What is the big deal about It's a Wonderful Life?"

by Savoy Cabbagereply 39906/25/2016

Any Star Wars movie past or present.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40006/25/2016

[quote] I would say Crash but no one outside of the Academy Awards thinks it is great. Homophobia robbed Brokeback.

Nobody thought it was great then or now. When Jack Nicholson opened the envelope for Best Picture, he didn't say "Crash," he said "Crash?" He was as incredulous as everyone else.

Not that [italic]Brokeback[/italic] is unflawed either——having anal sex without douching after eating beans? Scat queens!——but 2005 was just a weak year for movies in general and all the nominees were politically motivated by their smug disdain for anyone who disagrees with them.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40106/25/2016

An Unmarried Woman, because the Lina Wertmuller film was flawed.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40206/25/2016

[quote] Tootsie. Hoffman at his most mannered and unappealing. Attempting to outdo the obnoxiousness of Dreyfuss in Goodbye Girl.

I didn't hate it but I didn't think it was some kind of comedy classic like some critics desperately insist it is. The only really funny scenes were those with Bill Murray and the late George Gaynes. It wasn't even the best cross-dressing comedy of 1982 (that would be [italic]Victor/Victoria[/italic], a total delight from start to finish); [italic]Some Like It Hot[/italic] it ain't. You would probably get just as many laughs from an old [italic]Bosom Buddies[/italic] rerun than you would here. Hell, I've laughed more times at some of the Disney live-action comedies of the previous two decades, and that's saying something.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40306/25/2016

[/italic]Why do the italics fuck up every time I mention that one movie where Julie Andrews pretends to be a man and Alex Karras kisses James Garner?

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40406/25/2016

Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Okay, not considered a GREAT film, but you'd never know that by the fawning thirtieth anniversary tributes I've been seeing online. I saw it as a teenager when it first came out. Even then I wanted to slap Ferris for being such a smug asshole. The fact that this movie didn't just disappear into some celluloid trash heap and is actually remembered "fondly" by some is a sad commentary on our culture.

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40506/26/2016

R402 = Phil

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40606/26/2016

Brokeback Mountain

by Savoy Cabbagereply 40706/26/2016
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