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Why do Birds Insist on Chirping Before it is Even Light?

Even when it is still dark out, they begin chirping at the faintest ray of light in the sky. I find it very irritating to hear it outside my window this early in the morning. It is only 5:00 am and dark outside, and yet there are birds chirping outside my window. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this, or do I have to take some action?

by Loading my shotgunreply 20906/25/2015

[quote] "Is there anything that can be done to prevent this, or do I have to take some action?" Uhm, decrease your doseage?

by Loading my shotgunreply 104/28/2010

This is weird, OP. I was thinking about posting this same topic today. Lately, the birds around my house start the tweeting around it's still pitch black in the rural area where I live. Is it an omen???

by Loading my shotgunreply 204/28/2010

This is double-weird, R2. I usually sleep through the night, but the chirping of the birds woke me up just now, so I got up and went to the bathroom. Decided to check the net before going back to bed and, as I was logging on to the DL I thought, "I wish those birds would shut up. Times like this, I wish I had a shotgun!" Then DL popped up on the screen with this topic at the top of the page, mirroring my thoughts exactly.

by Loading my shotgunreply 304/28/2010

Because they're bastard birds!

by Loading my shotgunreply 404/28/2010

Wow, this thread is freaky!!! I was just getting annoyed with birds chirping about 25 secs before seeing this. It's one thing I hate about this time of year. You can't open the damn windows at night because those fuckers will wake you up.

by Loading my shotgunreply 504/28/2010

I have never been a fan of birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 604/28/2010

As a life-long night owl, I just assume that the middle of the night chirpers are my fellow insomniacs.

by Loading my shotgunreply 704/28/2010

It's probably evolution. The males are chirping like fiends right around now because it's mating season. There has probably been an evolutionary advantage to those who start their chirping the earliest.

by Loading my shotgunreply 804/28/2010

The bird outside my window now is effeminate, which makes it even worse.

by Loading my shotgunreply 904/28/2010

Get a gun.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1004/28/2010

Get some earplugs.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1104/28/2010

What R8 said, plus light pollution in urban and suburban areas confuses the biological clocks of animals. Birds singing at night this time of year in North America are probably male mockingbirds advertising their availability and desirability to potential mates. Every spring there are posts on the DataLounge complaining about these critters. Try to be patient, OP-- mating season doesn't last long, and our little avian friends haven't got Craigslist to facilitate hookups.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1204/28/2010

"Lately, the birds around my house start the tweeting around 3am"

Damn high tech innovation! Damn it to HELL!

by Loading my shotgunreply 1304/28/2010

Aren't you cute, R12?

by Loading my shotgunreply 1404/28/2010

Just like me...they long to be...close to you...

by Loading my shotgunreply 1504/28/2010

AN effeminate, r9, jeez.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1604/28/2010

Same here. There are several, but the one that is the most prominent is a Blue Jay that sings (advertising for a mate). It's lovely, but not at 5am.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1704/28/2010

What is an effeminate bird?

by Loading my shotgunreply 1804/28/2010

It's happening EVERYWHERE!

Here they are talking about it in TN.

by Loading my shotgunreply 1904/28/2010

Punch and delete.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2004/28/2010

I love the chirping birds in the morning. It's one of the joys of spring. What a bunch of scrooges.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2104/28/2010

We're talking about during the middle of the night, R21

by Loading my shotgunreply 2204/28/2010

I love it. It doesn't annoy me at all; it's what spring is all about!

by Loading my shotgunreply 2304/28/2010

I see it's only the penised birds that are disrupting people's lives as they attempt to lure womyn-birds. What do they want with these womyn-birds? They want to rape them. . Why doesn't this surprise me?

by Loading my shotgunreply 2404/28/2010

If you live in a city then you're used to hearing, and maybe being woken up by, various sounds ALL NIGHT LONG.

I can't believe, out of all the noise that occurs in a city 24/7, the sound of birds chirping in the middle of the night is the one sound people object to the most.

And if you live in the country then I'm surprised you're not more attuned to nature.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2504/28/2010

They wake me up too! Can't we just do away with ALL of the birds? We realy don't need them for anything and they are interupting my beauty sleep. I hate birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2604/28/2010

Take your meds, R25

by Loading my shotgunreply 2704/28/2010

Just to vex you, OP.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2804/28/2010

Birds chirp beautifully in the early morning. Some of you folks really have issues.

by Loading my shotgunreply 2904/28/2010

I don't need meds, R27. I'm not the one who has issues with chirping birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3004/28/2010

Bunch of light sleepers here -- the heavy sleepers are still in bed, not having been awakened by the faint sound of chirping birdies. Princess & the pea indeed.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3104/28/2010

OP it's because they're gay and they smell cookies!

by Loading my shotgunreply 3204/28/2010

Maybe M. Night Shama-lama-ding-dong will make this the basis for The Happening Part II.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3304/28/2010

The birds were awake at 3am in my garden.

I wonder if they chirp in their sleep, or it's nocturnal nookie.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3404/28/2010

Surprise Avianal

by Loading my shotgunreply 3504/28/2010

Full moon. Buy a fan for the noise.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3604/28/2010

I nip the chords.

by Loading my shotgunreply 3704/28/2010

Do you all live in treehouses?

by Loading my shotgunreply 3804/28/2010

Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

by Loading my shotgunreply 3904/28/2010

It has been done, r33. Moron.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4004/28/2010

WW for R35

by Loading my shotgunreply 4104/28/2010

LOL, R35

by Loading my shotgunreply 4204/28/2010

It happens every year, OP. What freaks.

I live on a relatively quiet street in Brooklyn, and sorry [R25], but I've gotten used to cars, the sounds of which dissipate around 3 a.m. Birds have woken me before.

Then I noticed they stopped doing it, and I missed them. And when you wonder how they've survived with all they've had to put up with, you should be glad they're around.

When I hear them now, I tell myself they're singing me to sleep. Works every time.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4304/28/2010

R43, do you also anticipate them sweeping your kitchen and helping you bake pies?

by Loading my shotgunreply 4404/28/2010

You should go over to the OP's house and keep her company at night, R44.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4504/28/2010

It is in fact the male birds that are singing. It is because they are horny and are looking to attract a female bird. They also sing to declare their territory. There really isn't anything you can do about it. Most birds are protected under several federal laws and harassing or harming them is illegal and just plain mean. So enjoy it or wear earplugs.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4604/28/2010

[italic]The bird outside my window now is effeminate[/italic]

Why do birds siiiing SO gaay

by Loading my shotgunreply 4704/28/2010

Get a sound machine. We run an air purifier every night which hums nicely. But the birds are indeed so loud at 5 am we have to keep the window closed.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4804/28/2010

I really feel for you there OP, you can hear perfectly and complain about the sound of harmless animals chirping.

by Loading my shotgunreply 4904/28/2010

If Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance, MOVE!

by Loading my shotgunreply 5004/28/2010


by Loading my shotgunreply 5104/28/2010

Those aren't birds!

They're bugs. You live on a bug planet.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5204/28/2010

I hope OP spends the night somewhere soon where a chorus of whipporwills start up about ten o'clock and keep going until dawn.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5304/28/2010

Come feed the little birds

Show them you care

And you'll be glad if you do

Their young ones are hungry

Their nests are so bare

All it takes is tuppence from you.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5404/28/2010

r39 - I was thinking of that song too. It occurred to me that I'd freak out if birds suddenly appeared everytime this person showed up.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5504/28/2010

Piss off, Mary.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5604/28/2010


by Loading my shotgunreply 5704/28/2010


by Loading my shotgunreply 5804/28/2010

R12 is right about the mockingbirds this time of year. But the poor outside cats have it MUCH worse; they're constantly getting divebombed by those bitch mockingbirds.

Hell, *I've* been attacked by the damned things for having the temerity to pass within 50 yards of a tree they'd nested in.

by Loading my shotgunreply 5904/28/2010

Phase V of the invasion has begun. We bow and chirp to our Almiqui overlords.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6004/28/2010

I have never read such an idiotic complaint in my life! You're offended by the sound of birds?! I remember how sad I felt when my mother's cousin pointed out that the birds she'd seen before at our home in L.A. were all gone on a subsequent visit. What do we need birds for?! What do we need you whiners for?! Do you pollinate the fields where crops go? DIDN'T THINK SO. Move deeper into Manhattan and sleep soundly to the sounds of the subways and ambulance sirens if you like, but leave the fucking birds the fuck alone, asshole.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6104/28/2010

crops grow, not go - sorry. Must have been a bird at the keyboard. And i do live in Manhattan and I feel sorry for any and all outside cats. Again, are you kidding me?! Cats outside in this city are abandoned cats unless you live in a garden apt in which case you have too much money and need to occupy yourself with real problems and not the sound of birds! How about the sound of someone breaking into your house?! And to check the net in the middle of the night - again, are you fucking kidding me?!

by Loading my shotgunreply 6204/28/2010

These are mockingbirds. They sing at night to attract a mate. I used to have a mockingbird in my neighborhood every spring until owls moved in.

The thing to do is get a cheap fan. Either plug it in next to your bed or near the window. Turn the fan so that that air current is facing away from you. Turn on the fan. The fan motor will drown out the sound of birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6304/28/2010

I meant to emphasize cheap when I said cheap fan. It's no good plugging in an expensive whisper quiet fan. You want one that is cheap enough that you can hear the motor. The small drugstore versions that you get for about $12 or $14. You can use it later, during the summer, to keep your ac bill down by just turning it around and letting the air current flow over you.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6404/28/2010

it is not yet near day: it was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear; nightly she sings on yon pomegranate-tree: believe me, love, it was the nightingale.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6504/28/2010

Has anyone ever [italic] killed [/italic]a mockingbird?

Just curious.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6604/28/2010

Forget about chirping birds. I work from home, I live 15 floors up. One afternoon while at my computer, I heard a loud thud on my air conditioner. Usually small birds stop on my air conditioner, but this sound was no small bird. I thought, "Jeez, I hope someone's air conditioner didn't fall out their window!" Besides injuring someone, my air condition was brand new at the time.

I lifted up one of the blind slats to see what it was, I saw these extremely large claws and talons, it was like something out of a horror movie. It was a falcon! It was huge. Yes, my neighborhood has a falcon flying around and resting on tenant's air conditioners!

by Loading my shotgunreply 6704/28/2010

I've wondered the SAME thing and I live on the 5th floor of high rise! Every Spring I start hearing those fucking things around 5:00 am (I guess they're baby birds).

Sound travels strangly when you live higher up and I can't figure out where these birds are but if I do find the nests, they're dead.

by Loading my shotgunreply 6804/28/2010

Why. Do. Birds. Suddenly. Appear?

Every FUCKING time. You. Are. Near?

by Loading my shotgunreply 6904/28/2010

I am so fucking sick of the games Asians on CL play with face pics.

They damn well know the rule that if an ad says respond with pic that is what you do. You dont respond with "I dont like to send my face pic, but will send if you do first."

This is manipulative, narcissistic bullshit. The say on the one hand they are submissive, but they are bossy bossy bottoms that make demands right away. Well, I punch and delete immediately.

Are they that ashamed of what they look like? Do they think it is going to shock me to actually see Asian features?

Play by the rules, bitches. Im really getting sick of your passive agressive games.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7004/28/2010

That's just how they roll.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7104/28/2010

R67, falcons are relatively small birds of prey, with the exception of the gyrfalcon. Hawks are big birds. It was probably a hawk. The large redtailed hawk has begun to adapt to city life, thanks to all the pigeons.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7204/28/2010

Get a fan, plug in in next to your bed and the motor will cover the sound of chirping birds. I used to work the night shift and that is how I was able to sleep in the daytime in the city. Works very well.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7304/28/2010

You can tell who the newbies are because every year they post the same question about early birds.

And every year the veterans tell them the tried and true Datalounge solution, which is to get a fan.

But I think these latest crop of newbies doesn't read the responses. They just grouse (no pun, etc) about how they want to kill birds.

"A bird is chirping inconveniently for me. Obviously, it should be killed."

by Loading my shotgunreply 7404/28/2010

R72, do they eat rats, too? I hope so.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7504/28/2010


Your fucking chirping is annoying me.

If I find your nest, you're dead.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7604/28/2010

I meant [R68]

See how reckless anger targets innocents?

by Loading my shotgunreply 7704/28/2010

The prefer squirrels to rats, R72. And Central Park is full of squirrels. It's full of rats, too, but the rats are only a last resort food.

If Central Park had more owls it would have fewer rats because both rats and owls are nocturnal.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7804/28/2010

r72 - the larger hawks like Red-tails are not frequent bird eaters. The Acipitors are the bird eatering hawks and rarely are seen on a building. Most likely what r67 saw was a Perigrine Falcon. They have adapted to cities and use the pigeon population as a food source.

by Loading my shotgunreply 7904/28/2010

Get a toy stuffed cat or a large cat figurine and put in the the window. Birds are stupid and will think it's a real cat and stay away.

by Loading my shotgunreply 8004/28/2010

R72, there are a few redtailed hawks on the Upper East Side. I see one in winter that perches on a building antenna somewhere down around First Avenue and 87th Street. I see the two on Fifth Avenue quite frequently.

I don't know why I see the antenna bird so much in winter but not in summer. I see a hawk perched on that antenna most frequently in January, February and March. I wonder if it hunts in Carl Schurz Park?

by Loading my shotgunreply 8104/28/2010

OMG, they are taking over. I'm watching the president speak and hear the chirping! So much chirping!

by Loading my shotgunreply 8204/28/2010

My now deceased mom with AZ first started complaining and cussing at the noisey birds!

by Loading my shotgunreply 8304/28/2010

>>the larger hawks like Red-tails are not frequent bird eaters.

I have seen the redtails eating pigeons in Central Park pretty frequently and on the church roof across the street from me. I've seen them eating pigeons while a wedding was coming out of the church and little feathers were floating down and being caught by the bride and her maids, smiling at the good luck symbol, having no idea a redtailed hawk was ripping a pigeon apart behind a parapet above them. One snowy winter I watched a redtail hunt pigeons on 91st and Lexington. There was a rooftop garbage-burning room with Greek columns which provided shelter to pigeons and it was on the hawk's regular rounds.

Redtailed hawks nickname BTW, is chicken hawk. Because they like chickens, which are birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 8404/28/2010

I'll tell you what I know. Birds are very well aware of Global Warning, or the 2012 end of days Syndrome. We are going through major changes, that's why Birds have been acting funny lately.

by Loading my shotgunreply 8504/28/2010

Well, I guess I won't have to deal with this problem after 12/21/2012.

by Loading my shotgunreply 8604/28/2010

I was also annoyed at 5 AM by the birds. We need to end them.

by Loading my shotgunreply 8704/28/2010

OMG, I can't believe there are so many clueless idiots gathered in one place.

It's referred to as a Dawn Chorus and it's been going on since forever. It has nothing to do with 2012 or global warming.


by Loading my shotgunreply 8804/28/2010


by Loading my shotgunreply 8904/28/2010

r88....that's not what I heard, have you been watching the Discovery Channel lately?

by Loading my shotgunreply 9004/28/2010

I don't even know why fools fall in love.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9104/28/2010

There's nothing worse than being at an all-night bender, coming down, and hearing the birds chirping.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9204/28/2010

I know why the caged bird sings.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9304/28/2010

It's the red, red robbin just bob, bob, bobbin' along singing his old sweet song!

by Loading my shotgunreply 9404/28/2010

About 2 years ago a bird near by bedroom window would start to sing at 2AM. I didn't mind it though, thought it was more funny then annoying.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9504/28/2010

What r48 said.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9604/28/2010

You know, that was actually the first line in the first draft in my hit song, "They Long to Be) Close to You." I made Hal David change it because it sounded stupid and mean.

by Loading my shotgunreply 9704/28/2010

"We bow and chirp to our Almiqui overlords."

Why do I see this on every thread recently?

by Loading my shotgunreply 9804/28/2010

I love to singa

About the moon-a

And the June-a

And the spring-a

by Loading my shotgunreply 9904/28/2010

The first time I ever heard a mockingbird singing at night I was a teenager and actually got out of bed and went outside with a flashlight because I thought my neighbor's canary had escaped. I wanted to try to catch it and bring it back to her. But when I got near the dogwood tree, it would stop singing.

It wasn't until years later, when I moved into my house and had the internet, that I learned what it was. I heard a bird singing every night and I typed "bird singing at night" into the search engine and up popped a picture of a mockingbird and a description of its habits. I said, "Aha."

Now I am a regular twitcher.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10004/28/2010

[quote]What is an effeminate bird?

r18, you have to listen closely to the chirps to find out what they're talking about. If the bird is yapping about liking big asses, or calling other birds "pedophile," or saying they need a tan, or calling a normal sized bird "skinny".... well then it's clearly an effeminate.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10104/28/2010

This is an effeminate bird.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10204/28/2010

[quote] Food & Hunting: The Red-tailed Hawk is a most opportunistic hunter. Its diet is varied, but there is conclusive evidence now that 85 to 90 % is composed of small rodents, with rabbits, snakes and lizards included. Where there are large numbers of pheasant, these become the food of choice in spring and summer. Like all hawks, its talons are its main weapons.

It's likely that the Red-tails that you see going after pigeons have adapted to a available food source, but as the quote above says this is not their normal food source. Mainly because of the shape of their wings. They aren't agile enough to efficiently catch small birds on the wing.

The name "chicken Hawk" for the Red-tail is a well known misnomer. While they have in the past taken a few chickens, it is rare.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10304/28/2010

R67 said the bird was on an air conditioner in the city on the 15th floor. It wasn't hunting rabbits. Redtailed hawks have become very adapted to the city environemt.

Here's a photo of me enjoying some pigeon tidbits.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10404/28/2010

Something else to consider: if you find yourself outdoors in an environment with no birdsong or bird calls at all, you should be worried. In areas with no evidence of bird activity it's likely that there's a predator nearby or that there's something toxic in the immediate environment hostile to living creatures in general. If birds aren't there, you don't want to be there either.

Contrary to what someone posted earlier, birds are [italic]not[/italic] stupid; they have many millions more years of experience surviving on this planet than we do. Yet thanks to humans wantonly destroying their habitats we are at this very moment in the midst of the worst mass extinction of birdlife this planet has ever known. Enjoy the unique songs and sounds they make before they disappear forever.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10504/28/2010

It's those damn Northern male mocking birds trying to attract a mate...

I'm tempted to kill every last 1 of those horny little fuckers.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10604/28/2010

R106, they were here long before you and are just doing what they need to do to survive. Put the gun down and buy earplugs.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10704/28/2010

Last year I lived part-time in a town on Long Island which only had parking lot birds -- English house sparrows and gulls. There were plenty of trees, but no birds living in them (English house sparrows nest in building cavities and atop your supermarket's name sign). It creeped me out.

I went to a "preserve" where I did not see one bird in late winter. My companion on the walk said, "It's winter! That's why there aren't any birds. They're all down south." I rolled my eyes. Blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, tufted titmice, white throated sparrows, juncos, white crowned sparrows are just a few of the birds that visit my yard in another town during winter. I noticed the preserve had no undergrowth. There was no protection for birds, no fruiting or seed-producing brush. I could see squirrel nests all over the treetops. There were no coniferous trees, no evergreens. Only deciduous trees and rhodedendrons. The person who set up the preserve in memorium to a family member had denuded the place of diverse growth in order to make it "restful." It was restful, all right. Dead restful.

When spring came, I still didn't see any birds. I was glad I had a home in a place where, right now, the sound of robins calling out, declaring their roosting territory (what used to be called "vespers" by people who didn't know how birds behaved) is very loud. I love it.

Oh -- if a neighborhood has a crow's roost it can prevent other birdlife from flourishing. There is a place mid-island where crows roost in the hundreds. There are next to no songirds for miles around because crows are terrible nest scavengers. They steal and eat other birds' eggs, nestlings and fledglings.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10804/28/2010

I'm thrilled it's mating season and the horny birds are yapping away outside my window.

I'm just grateful I can hear anything resembling nature in the middle of LA.

by Loading my shotgunreply 10904/28/2010

[quote]You can tell who the newbies are because every year they post the same question about early birds.

I've been a DL regular for eight years and can't remember ever seeing another thread about early birds. Btw another good, cheap solution is wear earplugs. I'm a prissy bitch when it comes to slumber and need absolute silence when I sleep, and I've been wearing them every night since I was a teen.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11004/28/2010

I have two cockatiels who start up in the morning and I've always enjoyed the sound of waking up to them chirping. Kind of cheerful.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11104/28/2010

"There really isn't anything you can do about it. Most birds are protected under several federal laws and harassing or harming them is illegal"

In other words, birds have more rights than infant boys.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11204/28/2010

[quote] I've been a DL regular for eight years and can't remember ever seeing another thread about early birds.

Every year we have a thread in springtime where people want to shoot birds singing at night and/or early in the morning.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11304/29/2010

You're right r112. Songbirds cannot be adopted by Madonna, Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11404/29/2010

Best bird ever

by Loading my shotgunreply 11504/29/2010

It's only 4:30 in the morning and the birds have already started chirping.


by Loading my shotgunreply 11605/04/2010

R116, you're obviously on the easy coast. so where are you that you don't have the a/c on like I do? I can't hear the birds because the a/c is so loud.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11705/04/2010

Oops, needless to say I'm not getting much sleep. Just realized it's almost 5:30 here.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11805/04/2010

Thats nothing! Im sick home from work for 2 weeks and the Bastard Indina mynah birds start chirping at 5am and go constantly till about 9pm! This is doing my head in.I cant handle it anymore.I may have to move.

by Loading my shotgunreply 11901/18/2012

Stupid bastardly birds woke me up this morning. I threw a rock at it..then it came back 20 min later. I want sleep!!! Fml! And gtfo R21,23,25,29 if u love the birds so much then go sleep with them

by Loading my shotgunreply 12003/16/2012

Reply 105 Get a life id rather live where there arent any annoying stupid birds interrupting MY sleep! I praise this predator u speak of

by Loading my shotgunreply 12103/16/2012

Chirp you, OP!

by Loading my shotgunreply 12203/16/2012

Listen to the mockingbird.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12303/16/2012

I think it's cheerful.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12403/16/2012

Don't have time to go through the whole thread, but in case the op's question hasn't been answered - some birds see extra rays of light that humans don't so for them it gets light about an hour earlier than it does for us. I know this is true for roosters/hens and is the reason why rooster crow so early in the morning.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12503/16/2012

I have a fan running on high...can STILL hear the damn assholes. SO... I can see that no one has a solution.

Do scarecrows really work?

Could I get a whistle of some kind?

Anything that repels birds?

The birds around here are louder and earlier than I ever remember. It's really fucking up my sleep, and therefore the rest of my life. I don't want to harm the birds but they HAVE to stop this.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12603/16/2012

It's springtime so they are feeling a little extra frisky.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12703/16/2012

We have a flock of tose famous screeching parrots, but luckily, dusk is their primetime.

Morning is the gentle coo of doves.

by Loading my shotgunreply 12803/16/2012

r10 will burn in hell

by Loading my shotgunreply 12903/16/2012

This is why I hate Hawaii.

by Loading my shotgunreply 13003/16/2012

Check the skymall catalogue online, they usually have solutions for this stuff

by Loading my shotgunreply 13103/16/2012

R16 needs to go back to grade school.

by Loading my shotgunreply 13203/16/2012

'cause Tweety's a twat, OP.

by Loading my shotgunreply 13303/16/2012

They are right outside the bedroom window! They're purposefully loud!

by Loading my shotgunreply 13403/16/2012

I taught I taw a bitchy queen.

I did! I did tee a bitchy queen!

by Loading my shotgunreply 13503/16/2012

They're pissed that your house encroached on their land.

by Loading my shotgunreply 13603/16/2012


by Loading my shotgunreply 13703/16/2012

It's 250 am n Thers this fucken annoying piece of shit bird crimping outside my window ,, bout to call animal control on that bitch

by Loading my shotgunreply 13804/18/2012

How do I get brids to stop shitting on my deck? I used bird tape last year and it worked, but this year it has no effect on them.

by Loading my shotgunreply 13904/18/2012

This wouldn't be a problem if we allowed prayer in schools.

by Loading my shotgunreply 14004/18/2012

Birds chirp before "daylight" because they have the ability to see ultra violet light ahead of visible light (humans only see what is called visible light between 390/750 nm) So birds see the coming light of the rising sun, quite sometime before humans do.

by Loading my shotgunreply 14104/18/2012

You sound as mean as a wet hen, OP.

by Loading my shotgunreply 14204/18/2012

Risselty-rosselty, hey bom-bosselty, Nicklety, knacklety, rustical quality, Willaby-wallaby now, now, now !

by Loading my shotgunreply 14304/18/2012

I like blue


by Loading my shotgunreply 14404/18/2012

I love birds and their chirping too. How could a singing bird annoy anyone? just put an ear plug in your ear and go back to sleep if you're that sensitive.

Surely many of you have butt plugs that could do double duty.

by Loading my shotgunreply 14504/18/2012

Well, they should be genetically altered to prevent them from having that ability, R141

by Loading my shotgunreply 14604/18/2012

hopefully someone can give a serious reply to this. at my home they have been chirping from daylight to dark. sometimes so loud i cant hear my t.v. gets on ones nerves! any suggestions???

by Loading my shotgunreply 14704/23/2012

"Don't they know it's the end of the world, it ended when you said goodbye"

by Loading my shotgunreply 14804/23/2012

I'm just tired of the squirrels snoring. I think Midwestern squirrels must suffer from sleep apnea.

by Loading my shotgunreply 14904/23/2012

Wow, OP - so now you're trying to gentrify the sky???? Why don't you move underground?

by Loading my shotgunreply 15004/23/2012

Aw, OP, I'm kind of sad for you. I recently moved from living in a very dense urban setting my entire life to a semi-rural small town and I love the birds chirping. I'd never heard that before and I find it cute and relaxing.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15104/23/2012

Just try a little DDT judiciously applied to their foodstuffs, dear.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15204/23/2012

Chirping birds are less annoying than yowling cats in the throes of passion.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15304/23/2012

So true, R153.

It also doesn't help that it's a constant reminder that the cats are getting more action than I do.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15404/23/2012

Chung Ho see many birds in fields in North Korea. Birds sing songs to say "I am here stay out." Pretty music for peoples is warning from one bird to other, to get out of my space."

Birds sing not because of light but because they find food in morning and other birds come into their space. Birds say "Stay out."

In North Korea and Asia people like the birds and make use of them, but we appreciate songs too.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15504/24/2012

[quote]Chung Ho see many birds in fields in North Korea.

You see birds, I see Korean barbecue!

by Loading my shotgunreply 15604/24/2012

Really 5am? We move into their territory, completely destroy it and then We have to complain about them making noise at 5am. I wish Shut your damn window. Id be more pissed off at hearing a car go down the street, then to hear an innocent creature peep.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15705/10/2012

At this hour nothing can be done.

Just before dawn the birds begin,

The warblers who prefer the dark,

The cage-birds answering. To work!

Outside this room the chill of grace

Lies heavy on the morning grass.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15805/10/2012

Isn't there something they could spray to rid the cities of these pests? Besides the noise they make, there's all the bird poop everywhere.

by Loading my shotgunreply 15905/10/2012

Isn't this why they genetically engineered the jabberjays in the Hunger Games novels?

by Loading my shotgunreply 16005/10/2012

I wish teh birds would shut up.

by Loading my shotgunreply 16105/12/2013

Its 3 am...why the He Double L are they chirping?

by Loading my shotgunreply 16205/22/2013


by Loading my shotgunreply 16305/22/2013

They're doing it right now. But it gets light enough here before 6 a.m. ET in Michigan.

by Loading my shotgunreply 16405/22/2013

Finally bought a white noise machine because of the sound of the birds in the middle night- works like a charm!

by Loading my shotgunreply 16506/28/2013

I love the sound of birds chirping. At any time.

by Loading my shotgunreply 16606/29/2013

R166, me too

by Loading my shotgunreply 16706/29/2013

I hate the sound of mourning doves, but bird sounds in general don't bother me.

by Loading my shotgunreply 16806/29/2013

They do it just to annoy you OP. Birds hate assholes

by Loading my shotgunreply 16906/29/2013

it's nature and I love to hear them.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17007/05/2014

Double YAWN

by Loading my shotgunreply 17107/05/2014

Because ....their happy!

by Loading my shotgunreply 17207/05/2014

Renee Solomon, a social work prof. at Columbia, was arrested by the ASPCA for messing with irritating birds. So be careful, OP.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17307/05/2014

They feel like a room without a roof.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17407/05/2014


by Loading my shotgunreply 17503/13/2015

I don't think the OP is that bothered about the birds anymore, 5 years later.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17603/13/2015

I hope he got pecked to death, like in "The Birds."

by Loading my shotgunreply 17703/13/2015

I usually hear them by 4. Yeah what's with them? One even flew by and shat on my laptop. It's not enough that I feed them or what? Is it a critique of my writing? Fuck you birds. Go, here, have your breakfast.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17803/13/2015

[quote]early morning singing signals to other birds about the strength and vitality of the singer. Singing is an essential part of bird life, but it’s costly in terms of time and energy. Singing loud and proud first thing in the morning tells everyone within hearing distance that you were strong and healthy enough to survive the night. This is attractive to potential mates, and lets your competitors know you’re still around and in charge of your territory.

by Loading my shotgunreply 17903/13/2015

First, give them a stern talking-to. If that doesn't work, throw an M-80 out your window every morning at 5:00 AM until they leave you alone. There's a reason the old saying goes, "a burnt bird never chirps at night."

by Loading my shotgunreply 18003/13/2015

Since nobody ever reads posts that are not only the last page, we'll do the annual datalounge springtime Dawn Chorus remedy.

Go to the store. But a cheap fan. Place the fan next to your bed, or next to your window. Point the fan so that it is not blowing on you. Turn the fan on before you go to bed. The fan motor will drown out the sound of the birds.

I learned this many, many years ago when there was an insane guy living next door to my family. He used to turn on his car in winter and let it run to warm it up. Then he'd rev the engine, then we'd hear the brakes squeal. All of this was going on in the driveway at 5:30 am. He was some jewish city guy who took public transportation all of his life, then moved to the suburbs and decided he had to torture a car for a half hour every morning or it wouldn't work.

My bedroom window was right next to his driveway. I got my summertime fan out of the closet, plugged it in and turned it away from me. It worked. I found it worked in spring by drowning out the birds.

Remember: cheap. Not tiny. The white plastic ones that are about 10 inches across.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18103/13/2015

I am utterly incensed!

by Loading my shotgunreply 18203/13/2015

It won't last forever. It's mating season. Duh.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18303/13/2015

havent you ever heard the phrase, "the early bird gets theworm". the birds alert each other to territory based on chirps, then secondarily use physical landmarks to designate territory. since worms lack olfactory sensation and rely on vibration, it is easy for a bird to feed during the early morning hours.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18403/13/2015

r183, they dont mate during the morning hours dumbass, according to EB

by Loading my shotgunreply 18503/13/2015

R184, also, the worms come to the surface because they wonder what all the chirping is about. It's like being catfished, but with worms and birds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18603/13/2015

Its called the "dawn chorus." Here's a link- and yes, it's annoying as fuck.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18703/13/2015

I rented a cottage one Summer in Prown, situated directly under a tree that the birds loved. They were way-loud!

I also had a family of skunks living under the cottage. When I came back after dark, I'd clap gentily as I approached the cottage, so the skunks would hear me coming and not be startled. We minded our own business. I often got within 3 feet of them, but we left each other alone.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18803/13/2015

r181. shut the fuck up about the cheap fan. we are sick of you pushing the cheap fan purchase on us you dumb fuck.

by Loading my shotgunreply 18903/13/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Loading my shotgunreply 19003/13/2015

It is all about repressed female sexuality op.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19103/13/2015

Rockin' Robin. Tweet. Tweedle Dee Deet!

by Loading my shotgunreply 19203/13/2015

Because your life is as good as a Carpenters' song.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19303/13/2015

R181, the South Koreans believe that a running fan in a small bedroom will kill you in your sleep. If you are in that room, I mean. What a wacky world.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19403/13/2015

r190 thanks for repeating wht has already been written you dumb fuckwad

by Loading my shotgunreply 19503/13/2015


by Loading my shotgunreply 19603/13/2015

I chirp every morning because I had no dinner the night before, and I'm very, very hungry.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19703/13/2015

I'm waiting on the impending arrival of the local Whip-Poor-Will. Every single spring and summer when I'm trying to sleep, that damn bird is jibber-jabbing with a friend across the woods in another damned zip code. Why they can't sit in the same tree and talk is beyond me.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19803/13/2015

Boobies, boobies, boobies, who needs 'em?

Saw a couple of brown boobies at Point Reyes today. Also some hormone-crazed rufous hummingbirds.

by Loading my shotgunreply 19903/13/2015

Just like me

they want to be

close to you.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20003/13/2015

Male birds are for the most part the only ones that sing. They sing first thing in the morning to declare their territory. Many will sing in one place for a while then move to somewhere else in their territory and sing there. They know the song of each of their neighbors and in the spring they work out which territory belongs to each of the residents. Birders will play a recording of a birds song and they think that a new intruder is in their territory and they come in to chase him away> That's how we get to see them

by Loading my shotgunreply 20103/13/2015

wow r201 did you not read r164. we already got the answer you dumb fuck. so get a life and move on. no one dares what you think repeating others work.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20203/14/2015

People who are easily annoyed find it annoying.

I'm a light sleeper and it wakes me up for a bit but I tell myself it's comforting and fall right back to sleep.

I can see how someone could get annoyed with drunk revellers at 4 a.m. but birds? Come on.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20303/14/2015

Nature's alarm clock before alarm clocks.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20403/14/2015

r202 you really shouldn't post while you're drunk. Your response is a mess.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20503/14/2015

R202 Unlike yourself, not everyone reads each and every post on each and every thread. If you actually had something relevant in your life, you might not be such a bitter, obnoxious little cunt. But, then again, you probably would.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20603/14/2015

It is very possible that the nest is getting invaded by a predator such as rat snakes who prey on baby birds & bird eggs.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20706/24/2015

[quote]I can see how someone could get annoyed with drunk revellers at 4 a.m. but birds? Come on.

Well, it depends what kind of birds you have. I enjoy various songbirds and especially the cute little nuthatches (meep-meep-meep - love them!).

Sadly, this year, I seem to have mostly crows and magpies. I'm not a violent person but, for them, I could make an exception.

by Loading my shotgunreply 20806/25/2015

From the bird's point of view:

Why do humans sleep in so late then get up and spend all day babbling to each other? Why can't they get up at a proper time, get their socializing over with, then move on with their day?

by Loading my shotgunreply 20906/25/2015
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