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Actors who can''t act

They've been around long enough to learn, but they can't create anything resembling an authentic human emotion.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 35511/25/2015

Did you called me?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 104/25/2010

Brooke Shields.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 204/25/2010

John Barrowman (the only exception is when he's playing Captain Jack)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 304/25/2010

Jaclyn Smith

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 404/25/2010

Sam Worthington owns this thread

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 504/25/2010

Have to agree about Brookie. She's my age and I've admired her from way back. But like Madonna she can't let her guard down. They really shouldn't be acting.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 604/25/2010

Anorexia Jolie

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 704/25/2010

Gerard Butler.

The attempts at an accent. Oy.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 804/25/2010

David Caruso

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 904/25/2010

If you want acting go to Broadway. H'wood is about eye candy. When they're no longer sweet, they're gone.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1004/25/2010

Hola, amigos!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1104/25/2010

Just so all you fish will know, Lopez, Jolie, Smith and shields are ACTRESSES... NOT ACTORS. Actors have a penis, not a vagine.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1204/25/2010

Will Smith

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1304/25/2010

I second Angelina. The only movie I've ever liked her in is "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", and that's only because Brad made her smile.

Still, she wasn't acting.

Jennifer Aniston can't act.

But then I never thought Humphrey Bogart could act either; still don't. He was always just Bogie, no matter what movie he was in.

There's almost too many to recount. Greta Garbo, John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, even Jack Nicholson. They're just themselves in every picture they do.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1404/25/2010

Mariska Hargitay

David Duchovny

Hilary Swank

Julia Roberts

Zooey Deschanel

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1504/25/2010

I just can't think of anyone.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1604/25/2010

Kristen Stewart owns this thread.

David Caruso is ridiculous but fun.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1704/25/2010

Christopher Meloni


David Boreanaz(sp?)

Emily Deschanel

Emily Procter

Stana Katic

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1804/25/2010

David Boreanaz is annoying and unfunny in interviews. He is also fairly dumb but thinks he is smart and amusing.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 1904/25/2010

Eliza Dusku

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2004/25/2010

Julia. Roberts. Times fifty gazillion.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2104/25/2010

Brooke's acting at the MJ funeral was pretty good. Like she really believed he was some kind of innocent, please!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2204/25/2010

Demi Moore.

I rememeber years a go a film studio executive commenting, (anonymously, of course,) in a Vanity Fair article that to be a "star" does not require acting talent. What is required is that undefinable "something" that, when shown on film, that person maintains your attention.

I just KNEW he oe she was referring to Moore.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2304/25/2010

Most actors are themselves in the movies they play. That is why they are cast for that particular personality. Just because they are playing themselves doesn't mean that they cannot act.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2404/25/2010

R23, the exec kind of does have a good point. In a lot of ways, the it factor is more important than the actual acting skills.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2504/25/2010

True r24. It is ridiculous for some to suggest that Nicholson is a bad actor. He's a great actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2604/25/2010

Ryan Phillippe

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2704/25/2010

Ben Affleck Colin Farrell Shia LaBeouf Channing Tatum Sam Worthington

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2804/25/2010

It pains me to say, because I've loved him since I was a kid, but I've watched some recent film with Robert Redford, and man, does he suck.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 2904/25/2010

Yeah, R26, as long as the script calls for him to play Jack Nicholson.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3004/25/2010

Harrison Ford

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3104/25/2010

Tom Cruise

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3204/25/2010

Jack Nicholson in his modern crappy movies is basically just himself, but he is still animated and performing to some extent. He is just coasting and making crap.

Now as for something like The Joker, he was brilliant and certainly not just himself. That would've taken a ton of effort, inspiration, and raw acting talent. Brilliant performance.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3304/25/2010

I watch Ryan Phillippe for his looks not his acting, so i dont mind if he is a bad actor

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3404/25/2010

Another vote for Harrison Ford. His best performances were in two film I happened to enjoy:"Witness" and "Presumed Innocent."

And that's not saying much.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3504/25/2010

George Clooney

Tahmoh Penikett

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3604/25/2010

Harrison Ford can most definitely act.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3704/25/2010

Colin Farrell is a good actor. Watch "In Bruges" or "Phone Booth" especially.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3804/25/2010

I don't think David Boreanaz belongs on this list... I love him.

I have to say though, many of the other people Joss Whedon has a thing for cannot act: Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the guy who played Xander.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 3904/25/2010

38 R's and not one mention of Kevin Klein?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4004/25/2010

Chris Evans. I'm so tired of Hollywood trying to make him happen.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4104/25/2010

Daniel Day-Lewis

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4204/25/2010

Joan Crawford -- fabulous star, lousy actress

Warren Beatty -- mediocre

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4304/25/2010

Almost every single person on the Disney channel. Seriously, have you ever watched it? It's worth it just to see the strange facial twitches, weird wide-eyed expressions, wild up and down enunciations and other craziness that an actual human would never do. What kind of director lets such a thing happen?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4404/25/2010

Drew Barrymore, her ancestors must be spinning in their graves.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4504/26/2010

ACTRESS is not a word. Is a female poet a POETESS? People who act are actors. Actress is a movie magazine word.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4604/26/2010

Kate Bosworth. Do I really need to elaborate?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4704/26/2010

David Caruso

Wentworth Miller

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4804/26/2010


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 4904/26/2010

R26, as my drama teacher once pointed out to our class, Jack Nicholson is not an actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5004/26/2010

Actually R46, yes. A poetess is a female poet. dictionary.reference. com/browse/poetess

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5104/26/2010

Bruce Willis. He's like the Cheshire Cat: nothing but smirk.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5204/26/2010

Brad Pitt is the worst actor I've ever seen. He just sucks the life out of every scene he's in. It's like he walked in off the street and just joined in.

I even think Tom Cruise is better.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5304/26/2010

Bullshit, R53

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5404/26/2010

Sandra Bullock, is either sassy and sarcastic (28 Days/The Blind Side) or self demeaning and sarcastic (While You Were Sleeping and every other movie). As a matter of fact, self deprecation is her biggest acting tool and the reason why the public loves her. Keanu Reeves, great hair and great smile but he can't let the guard down. Although he did suprise me in "The Gift".

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5504/26/2010

Candace Bergen. She's so stiff she puts me on edge whenever i see her. And her sitcom was an abomination. Brad Pitt is the runner up in this category. I happened to catch a clip of A River Runs Through It the other day while channel surfing. Totally vacant.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5604/26/2010

Tom Cruise owns this thread. Has never had one authentic moment on film.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5704/26/2010

But of course, it is all acting, even when it is good acting. Never authentic.

I just hate it when they go from one end of the movie to the other looking serious and as though they are in a serious. drama. movie. Like Tobey Maguire in the Cider House Rules. Just stop pouting!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5804/26/2010


And about the Brad Pitt thing...I just noticed this when I was flipping channels and caught Interview with the Vampire. Holy shit, both him and Tom Cruise are embarrassing.

What the hell??

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 5904/26/2010

My pussy STINKS!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6004/26/2010

McBongo, all day long.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6104/26/2010

Kevin Costner

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6204/26/2010

Pitt can be good, especially when playing himself (Ocean's movies) or totally weird (I liked him in Burn after Reading), but he does seem to be mostly scenery in my favorite Pitt movie Meet Mr. Black.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6304/26/2010

I said Nic Cage, but you know what? R62 wins.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6404/26/2010

This clip sums things up perfectly, especially the bit around the minute mark about the difference between a movie star and an actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6504/26/2010

What about actors who were okay as kids, but became too self concious and rigid as adults.

Brooke Shields

Elijah Wood

Brad Renfro

This is totally off topic, but I really hate that Sarandon is now too old to star in a Bette Davis biopic. I've always envisioned her in this role.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6604/26/2010

Ali McGraw

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6704/26/2010

oops, that would be "conscious"

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6804/26/2010

Salma Hayek, Keanu Reeves, Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp (sorry, I like you), Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise ....

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 6904/26/2010

I actually think David Caruso's a decent actor. He does the "small moments" really well. IMO, his problem is his ego. Some actors get shit writing but compensate with great (or at least very good) performances. Caruso plays down to the level of his material. And face it, these days not even our greatest living actors are getting consistently great material to work with. If Caruso thinks he's better than the material, he either sleepwalks or substitutes shtick for acting.

Like many actors, he needs to get over himself. (But it ain't gonna happen)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7004/26/2010

What are you smoking, r70?

Caruso and "acting" don't even belong in the same paragraph!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7104/26/2010

Jodie Foster

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7204/26/2010

I think Jodie Foster is a very good actor, I just don't care for her choice in roles.

Speaking of good actors, here's my list (I know .. another thread) of the most versatile actors:

Judi Dench

Spencer Tracy

Toni Collette

Laurence Olivier

Judy Davis

Paul Scofield

Thandie Newton

Marlon Brando

Cate Blanchett

Gene Hackman

Anne Baxter

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Meryl Streep

Max Von Sydow

Kathy Bates

Ralph Fiennes

Julianne Moore

Sean Penn

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7304/26/2010

I forgot to add these:

Paul Muni

Bette Davis

Adrian Brody

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7404/26/2010

David Boreanaz is terrible.

Jared Padalecki is awful and is not even trying anymore.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7504/26/2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Michelle Trachtenberg

Leighton Meester

Mariska Hargitay

All have awful voices and desperately need voice training.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7604/26/2010

Nicholas Cage

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7704/26/2010

Al Pacino, one time fabulous actor now he does the same thing over and over in every movie, same voice, everything, can't stand to watch him.

Daytime tv, the winner is Michael Easton, he has no clue, terrible, terrible, terrible.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7804/26/2010

R71, I can see why you'd think so, but have you ever seen Caruso in anything besides CSI MIAMI or JADE? He was the only thing worth watching in PROOF OF LIFE (outperforming Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe), and the character he created on HILL STREET BLUES showed his skill.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 7904/26/2010

[quote]Jared Padalecki is awful and is not even trying anymore.

Jared is terrible, but I actually think his problem is that he's trying [italic]too[/italic] hard, not that he's not trying hard enough.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8004/26/2010

Meryl own this thread.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8104/26/2010

Actually, r79, Caruso was never on "Hill Street Blues". He did the first season of "NYPD Blue" - and he was godawful on that as well. As for "Jade" - GAAAAAAHHHHHK!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8204/26/2010

ACTUALLY, R82, he did. Caruso had a multi-episode arc on HSB, playing an Irish-American street thug. He made such a positive impression, Bochco remembered him years later when casting leads for NYPD BLUE--this time, for a role on the opposite side of the law.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8304/26/2010

I don't get any pleasure watching Jodie Foster. She seems so tense, every tiny emotion forced out like a bad bowel movement.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8404/26/2010

Foster, like Swank, is very good in a very limited range of roles

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8504/26/2010

Is this list "actors who can't act - In MY opinion" or "Actors who can't act - and everyone in the world knows it"

Example: Keanu is someone almost everyone would agree is HORRIBLE.

If its the latter, then Jodie, Jack, Warren and others do not belong on this list. Very few people would say that Jodie, Jack, Warren and others are not good actors. The general public loves these actors.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8604/26/2010

An oldie: Robert Friggin' Cummings. I NEVER found him believable in any role. He ruined "Dial 'M' for Murder" for me.

Never understood that guy's enduring popularity. Wooden, fake, and boring.

Speaking of which--Hugh O'Brien.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8704/26/2010

[quote]Keanu Reeves, great hair and great smile but he can't let the guard down. Although he did suprise me in "The Gift". Did he come up behind you and push you or something?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8804/26/2010

Tom Cruise IS better than Brad Pitt. And Heath Ledger is the most grossly overrated actor of all time. He was fairly bad, fake and constipated sounding in BM, and atrocious in The Dark Knight. He deserved a razzie.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 8904/26/2010

R66, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. Some of them had no right to become legit adult actors, but that doesn't detract from their qualities when young. Culkin wasn't a good actor in home alone, but he was likable, believable, and had star power. Kids at the time wanted to be him. It's better to have that as a kid then be a more legit kid actor who is always 'on' and self conscious, I think. That always looks fake to me, although they may end up being the better actors as they age.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9004/26/2010

"Heath Ledger is the most grossly overrated actor of all time"

He is overrated as is anyone who dies prematurely, but "the most grossly overrated actor of all time"? Hyperbole much?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9104/26/2010

I'm not exaggerating. He was absolutely horrible in TDK. Profoundly bad. It was something a high school student trying to be cool would do. Completely self conscious and fake.

I was embarrassed by it.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9204/26/2010

Eli Wallach is the all-time winner and patron saint of this category. Not just ham, but dripping processed smug ham lunch meat.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9304/26/2010

R58 I think Tom Cruise is a good actor. He's annoying, kind of a jerk and batshit crazy, but he's a good actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9404/26/2010

Julianna Margulies owns this thread. She was lucky they gave her a second chance at a tv show after her movie career bombed. She is also extremely lucky to have such a great supporting cast that makes her look good. She really is the weakest actor on that show.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9504/27/2010

[quote]Candace Bergen. She's so stiff she puts me on edge whenever i see her. And her sitcom was an abomination.

On Murphy Brown she shouted every punchline, and that somehow passed for comedy. I couldn't believe she got Emmy after Emmy just for shouting. She was awful.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9604/28/2010

Channing Tatum is atrocious.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9704/28/2010

Jessica Alba

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9806/15/2010

All 99 posts in this thread should read: Halle Berry.


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 9906/15/2010

Kim Raver

Katherine Heigl

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10006/15/2010

Sam Worthington

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10106/15/2010

The entire cast of Twilight

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10206/15/2010

Tom Cruise and George Clooney, joint equal first. Brad Pitt and any other 'actor' who got cast for looks alone (and it is possible to have both looks and talent) Sandra Bullock is very, very good in a very, very limited type of role. Likewise Jodie Foster. To be honest, very few of the 'big' hollywood stars appeal to me as actors. Maybe I know too much about them, so it's difficult to suspend disbelief ('oh look, Meryl and Alec Baldwin having sex...')

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10306/15/2010

I second R8. Gerard Butler has a great publicist, but he cannot act.

R103 and the other posters are right. Tom Cruise is a one note actor.

Both Butler and Cruise went to The Linda Evans School of Acting.

I'd add Jack Nicholson. He plays himself more and more these days!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10406/15/2010

Compared with most American leading men of his day Bogart was a decent actor. At least when he lost his looks he was able to carry on in more mature roles. If Clark Gable and Cary Grant hadn't had such enduringly pretty faces they would have been long gone.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10506/15/2010

Ashton Kutcher. This "thespian" makes bomb after bomb and he's still allowed to make movies. He's gotta be leaning back on the casting couch.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10606/15/2010

Butler and Worthington are both terrible.

I don't always love Pitt but he's done some okay work: FIGHT CLUB, 12 MONKEYS.

And Clooney was wonderful in UP IN THE AIR.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10706/15/2010

Agree w/R106.

I just saw VALENTINE'S DAY and was dismayed by how much of the movie Kutcher carries. And he's bad, as bad as he's ever been. Smirking adorably is not acting.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10806/15/2010

R44 is right. That's why so many of the graduates of the Disney studio system can't act for shit. They're like trained seals who wouldn't know a real emotion if it hit them in the face.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 10906/15/2010

Emily Deschanel doesn't belong on this list. She plays an autistic character. Watch an interview with her; she's not at all like Brennan in real life.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11006/15/2010


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11106/16/2010

Austin Peck. Gets hired for S&M only - Standing & Modeling, shirtless.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11206/17/2010

[quote]Sandra Bullock is very, very good in a very, very limited type of role. Likewise Jodie Foster.

I agree about Sandra and I think she has more range than she is ever given credit for but, Foster isn't good at anything. At least Bullock is likable. Foster is her usual stuck-up, uptight self. She's fug, too.

That grotesque caveman like creature who does movies with the equally untalented Cruz woman. Whatever his name is his ugliness and lack of talent make it difficult to watch a movie with him in it. I tried watching the woeful VCB and he almost broke my tv set with his revolting looks...not to mention the stupid script.

There is boatload of hammy actors who are just that HAMS.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11306/17/2010

[quote]Compared with most American leading men of his day Bogart was a decent actor. At least when he lost his looks he was able to carry on in more mature roles. Bogart wasn't even a decent actor and he sure as hell wasn't good looking!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11406/17/2010

I was always puzzled and appalled by all the Emmys Bergen got for Murphy Brown.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11506/17/2010

Renée Zellweger. Her acting consists of making her "I just ate a pickle" face and the occasional squint.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11606/17/2010

No one fits this description better than Emily Deschanel.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11706/13/2013

Thank god you were able to add that 3 years after this thread died!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11806/13/2013

That horrible soap actor who whispers and makes 'concerned" faces all the time, Drake Hogstein or something, the guy who plays Dr. Marlena Evans husband, he is possibly the worst actor ever to grace a soap.

Same for the actress who play Kristen on DOOL, she also whispers like Drake, they are completely awful, neither can act to save their lives. You'd think after YEARS of being on a TV show, there would be some improvement?

Speaking of terrible actors, is that horrible Andrew Triscuit still in the online version of OLTL? If so, I sure hope the kid took acting lessons during his downtime. He's another completely awful 'actor'. There is just so long one skate on their looks or their image.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 11906/13/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12006/13/2013

Nobody yet has mentioned one of the most wooden actresses of all time (besides Candace Bergen):

Jane Fonda

Like Foster, she's tense and self-conscious all the damn time. She couldn't even play Henry Fonda's daughter convincingly in On Golden Pond. Even in that, I could hear her reading lines all the way through. On the other hand, she did have (and still does) one of the best asses ever.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12106/13/2013

About 90% of all soap actors. Even the ones who are not awful are really not that good.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12206/13/2013

Angela Bassett. An extremely overrated, one-note "actress" who plays every character the same way: sanctimonious, self-important, humorless, intense and angry. 99% of the time she basically plays herself and audiences lap it up.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12306/13/2013

r120 I think someone upthread explained the problems of "actors" like Madonna: she can't let her guard down, she's too self-conscious. She just can't embody anybody else but herself.

As for good actors, M.C.Hall (he played two completely different characters on two long running series) and Bryan Cranston.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12406/13/2013

Anyone who has been on a soap opera for more than 10 years.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12506/13/2013

I love Jane Fonda. I'm a little offended she's on here.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12606/13/2013

[quote]Brad Pitt is the worst actor I've ever seen. He just sucks the life out of every scene he's in. It's like he walked in off the street and just joined in. I even think Tom Cruise is better.

R53, you're right - sometimes he is excruciatingly bad but he always looks nice, so there's that. He's also done better work. Nobody saw that Jesse James thing but he was very good in it.

Some actors are always bad but I don't think Pitt's one of them. I don't know enough about acting or movies to know why an actor capable of a good performance gives a shit one. With all the variables involved, it can't always be the actor's fault.

Now if we could just add Tim Allen to the list, with all due affection for "Galaxy Quest". Also, it's nice that he stopped being a coke dealer. t

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12706/13/2013

"I think someone upthread explained the problems of "actors" like Madonna: she can't let her guard down, she's too self-conscious. She just can't embody anybody else but herself."

The operative word here is 'actor/actress'. Madonna is neither. Seriously, casting a musical performer as Madonna, and I use the term 'musical' loosely, does not necessarily translate to film. Very few musicians have become successful actors, so many musicians have tried, Jagger, Sting etc.

Having presence in one area doesn't mean it will translate to film, the same goes for many models who failed at acting. I can name a handful of former models who became good actresses: Faye Dunaway, Famke Jensen. Donna Mitchell and Rene Russo come to mind, Cindy Crawford cannot act to save her life. Cameron Diaz has succeeded but she's One Note.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12806/13/2013

January Jones is another model-turned-bad actress.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 12906/13/2013

The problem with Brad Pitt, R127, isn't that he [italic]can't[/italic] act, it's with the roles he's given. Quite simply, he's a character actor trapped in a leading man's body.

I do think he has some talent, but all of my favorite parts that he's played were weird fuck-ups. 'Twelve Monkeys', 'Kalifornia', 'Johnny Suede', the aforementioned 'Assassination of Jesse James...', 'Burn After Reading', 'Snatch', Tyler Durden in 'Fight Club', and hell, even the small part of the stoner friend to Christian Slater in 'True Romance' was hilariously done.

The thing is, Pitt has a blast playing lowlifes and creeps, so he excels at those roles. Slather some grease in his hair, give him a crazy mustache, and break a few teeth, he's happy as a clam.

But leading man roles? Dull as dishwater. He can't sell urbane or witty or even suburban, no matter how pretty he is.

[quote]That grotesque caveman like creature who does movies with the equally untalented Cruz woman. Whatever his name is his ugliness and lack of talent make it difficult to watch a movie with him in it

R113, are you referring to Javier Bardem? If so, your prejudice against his looks is blinding to you to a major talent. Bardem has given some wonderful, amazing performances. 'Biutiful', 'The Sea Inside', the one where he played Renaldo Arenas--not to mention his Oscar-winning turn in 'No Country For Old Men'. I've enjoyed his work since his early days with Almodovar.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13006/13/2013

And I find Bardem hot as well as talented.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13106/13/2013

Acting is not hard. All it is is parading in front of the camera in costumes. Anyone can do it.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13206/13/2013

I also love Jane Fonda. After seeing Klute and They Shoot Horses, how can anyone say she's anything but one of the best movie actresses ever? My nominee for this category: Joan Crawford, perhaps the worst actress to become a star.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13306/13/2013

"I know what it is to be bad...I've been bad."

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13406/13/2013

"Have you ever seen animals make love, Frank? It's intense."

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13506/13/2013

Yes, R127, and I detest his smug on-camera presence.

But I have to admit, Allen is a fantastic voice actor. I even always turn up the volume on his Michigan commercials.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13606/13/2013

Cringeworthy I agree -

Candice Bergen in all of Murphy Brown Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys Rosalind Russell in Mame Claire Danes in Stardust Julia Roberts faking her Sally Field Oscar moment Jesse Eisenberg Chevy Chase

The list goes on...

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13706/13/2013

"I know what it is to be bad...I've been bad."

Ms. Ciccone sure got that right! "Bad" doesn't even begin to describe her 'acting'!

I'd always laugh when all the local news stations would show her clip from "Speed The Plow" when their entertainment critics reviewed her in the play!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13806/13/2013

Vadge: I'm the shittiest actress ever. Everyone hates my movies, now what?

Inner Vadge: I know, I'll do BROADWAY!

Casting her in "Speed the Plow" was just an exercise in P.T. Barnum-style cynicism.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 13906/13/2013

stana katic, castle

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14006/13/2013

Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks are all very shitty actors.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14106/13/2013

Gay porn whore Stephen Martines (aka Slutty Felix of Boy Gusher). How he landed a role on the final season of Burn Notice I'll never know.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14206/15/2013

McEwen as Miss Marple.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14306/15/2013

Wow. Lots of disagreements here, which I find odd, given how many piss-poor actors are out there we could all agree on.

David Caruso (I cannot believe someone supported him here, but everyone has a mother I suppose)

Emily Deschanel (I love Bones, and she's very pretty but either she plays an ncredibly irritating character very well or she's just a rotten actress)

Tim Allen is not what you'd call clasically trained, but I enjoy him when he plays Tim Allen and that voice is great.

David Boreanaz is (IMHO) about the least attractive human being on Earth but has actually got the ability to emote on screen and might be the best thing on Bones (besides to Stunning Michaela Conlin, and I could care less if she can act bt for the record I believe she can)

But come on 144 entries and nobody mentions the stinkfest that is Chris O'Donnell? I love NCIS and was sooo excited about NCIS:LA but I cannot watch that guy suck so badly. He makes Mr Cube look great though, Cube comes accross likeable and talented. Maybe they are really good friends and Chris wants to make his home-boy look like the talented one. That would work if they didn't have to share the screen with the wonderful/irritating/amazing/fugly but hugely enjoyable Linda Hunt who easily steals every single scene as E. Mode (sorry, I mean Hetty)

Sam Worthington is from my part of the world, as is Heath Ledger, but whilst Heath was (IMHO) decent in most things and decidedly OK in that batman film, I think it's easy for a decent actor to look like a huge star when he's playing opposite a rubber suit like the guy that played Batman. seriously, the costume had better acting chops.

Liam Neeson - awful, grim actor who I really enjoy watching.

Matt Bomer can both act, and is irritatingly handsome and charismatic to us non-handsome dudes

I'm surprised to see such bad opinions of Candace Bergen, whom I rate quite well, esp after Boston Legal.

Before Boston Legal I'd have said William Shatner but holy crap he was amazing as Denny Crane (whole cast of star trek above criticism anyway, cos Trek was coolness)

Zachary Quinto - here's where the argument gets tricky - he looked like Spock. Boy did he look good as a vulcan. Perfect for the role, right? You but horrible, horrible performance. Compare with Nimoy. smae character, difficult to make him likeable as an emotionless, deadpan straightman. Nimoy hit that role so far out of the park, NASA recently lost sight of it in the suburbs of Pluto. Damn that guy was good. Made that role look EASY, son. then you get ZQ in the role and you realise that it's hard damn work looking that good. For the record, Tim Roth made and excellent Vulcan in Voyager, but I never saw him in anything else where he was half that good.

Jessica Alba can act, she has moments of fantasticality but I find her inconsistent.

Jennifer Aniston - charismatic but not an acting genius

Jennifer Garner rocked in Alias but often not good in films, but since I'm a man, I could care less because she's stunning with a lovely smile

Julia Roberts is actually very, very talented IMHO and has certain skills she brings to a role which few women can do convincingly

The Margulise lady from The Good Wife whose first name escapes me for the moment. I'm totes witht he poster who said its a good job the rest of the cast are good, cos she blows chunks in every scene of what is otherwise a good show. Somebody give that lady a course of antidepressants, then give the audience some. depressing to watch.

Oh, and Brent Spiner - I'm Sorry Mr Spiner, I loved you in TNG more than you will ever know. you made that show what it was, an Epoch making TV event. your protrayal of Data was bloody superb sir. Unfortunately it turns out you make a very unconvincing humand being in anyother role I've seen you in, and that pains me deeply.

Along the same lines, Scott Bakula - Dude, I loved you in Quantum Leap. So, so much. The energy, the charisma, the pathos. Soem of the best acting I have ever, ever, ever seen. Then Enterprise. What the holy freaking bat crap?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14401/21/2014

Any member of "Twilight" excluding Dakota.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14501/21/2014

Kerry Washington is beautiful but a lousy actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14601/21/2014

R145 - "Emily Deschanel (I love Bones, and she's very pretty but either she plays an ncredibly irritating character very well or she's just a rotten actress)"

I've seen Emily in other roles. She's playing an incredibly irritating character very well on Bones.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14701/21/2014

[R52] While I agree that Bruce Willis is not necessarily the best actor, I think he is at his best in comedies. He *is* John McClain, the anti-hero of the first Die Hard. Subsequent ones are pointless but the whole purpose of the first movie was he was a normal guy in an extraordinary situation. He was capable of getting injured and he bitched at having to go through that. The last one where he's getting blown out of a window by a bomb into a swimming pool and surviving....yeah kinda missing the point of the first movie.

Also, he became Ernest Menville in Death Becomes Her, just a few years after Die Hard. Can't imagine anyone else playing the timid, mousey character.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14801/21/2014

The one trick fucking pony voice actor seth macfarlane!

Eva Mendes plays herself in every fucking film she's in, literally you cannot tell the difference between her on set and pap shots...

Tom Green and Andy Dick

Jennifer 3 Faces Fucking Lopez! Face one pout, face two scowl, face 3 try and look like she's in love but it comes across like she has just woken up; mix that with her fat ass ghetto walk and get a washed up career for 2014

Jennifer Aniston - pretending to simulate oral sex with a banana whilst wearing lingere is not a substitute for being able to act as any other character than Rachel from Friends.... give it up and take a fucking indie role

Josh Duhamel - boyish eye candy all day long

Lawrence Fishburne - same shit new set

Elizbeth Berkley brought it on herself

Vin Diesel is on Dominic Torretto auto pilot

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 14901/21/2014

Tobey Maguire. I cannot understand how he gets cast in all these big movies. He's horrible. Flat, monotone voice. Not particularly attractive.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15001/21/2014

Channing Tatum owns this thread.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15101/21/2014

Heather Graham

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15201/21/2014

I think some people are just naming actors they personally dislike, rather than actors who are truly BAD.

There is a difference between people like Clooney, Roberts, and Bullock who may have a limited range but are good in that range, and actors who suck no matter what role they play.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15301/21/2014

I really appreciate actors like Jared Leto who play someone very different in every film. Who wants to see Tom Hanks play Tom Hanks for the 50th time?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15401/21/2014

Ellen Pompeo

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15501/21/2014

I never thought James Dean could act.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15601/21/2014

[quote]The thing is, Pitt has a blast playing lowlifes and creeps, so he excels at those roles. Slather some grease in his hair, give him a crazy mustache, and break a few teeth, he's happy as a clam.

[quote]But leading man roles? Dull as dishwater. He can't sell urbane or witty or even suburban, no matter how pretty he is.

Please. He was in 10 minutes of 12 Years a Slave and it was some of the most embarrassing acting I've ever seen. When compared to Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor it looked like they just found some mentally deficient homeless person off the street. He was also hammy and ridiculous (and not in a good way) in Inglourious Basterds.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15701/21/2014

How has Mark Wahlberg not been mentioned yet?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15801/21/2014

[quote] Jennifer Aniston - pretending to simulate oral sex with a banana whilst wearing lingere is not a substitute for being able to act as any other character than Rachel from Friends.... give it up and take a fucking indie role

Office Space

The Good Girl


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 15901/21/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16001/21/2014

[quote]Julia Roberts is actually very, very talented IMHO and has certain skills she brings to a role which few women can do convincingly

Ugh, please. I had the (dis)pleasure of seeing rushes on one of her films. She is far, far worse than even the most critical DLers think. She is a horrid actress.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16101/21/2014

[quote]Tobey Maguire. I cannot understand how he gets cast in all these big movies. He's horrible. Flat, monotone voice. Not particularly attractive.

I agreed with this for years until I saw "The Good German" in which he played a weasel-scumbag and was fucking great. Maybe Soderbergh is the only director alive who can get a good performance out of him.

How is it possible that no one has mentioned Master Thespians Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16201/21/2014

"How is it possible that no one has mentioned Master Thespians Beyonce Knowles, Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook?"

Good call. They all SUCK. Add Carrie Underwooden, too.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16301/21/2014

I can't go thru this whole thing, but I would hope tha Demi Moore has gotten at least a few mentions. Classic example of someone who mistakes attitude and posing with acting.

I think it's the biggest pr coup in the world that she has managed to stay relevant for OVER THREE DECADES.

And I couldn't disagree more about Julia Roberts - the ones known for "movie star charisma" are almost always underrated as actors. But she was best in show in Closer.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16401/21/2014

I agree, R165. Demi was pretty bad.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16501/21/2014

No, R165, that was Clive Owen.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16601/21/2014

Well, let's just say it definitely was NOT Jude Law or Oscar nominated Portman.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16701/21/2014

"Jennifer 3 Faces Fucking Lopez! Face one pout, face two scowl, face 3 try and look like she's in love but it comes across like she has just woken up"

That makes her a better actor than Tom Cruise, who has only two facial expressions: The toothy grin, and the intense glare (below).

The camera loves Cruise, for some unfathomable reason, but he's not an actor, he's a movie star.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16801/21/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 16901/21/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17001/21/2014

Scarlet Johannson, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Keanu Reeves, Ben Stiller .. the actors who can act list would be shorter.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17101/21/2014

Yeah, Hollywood can make a movie about slavery but in 2014 a black top actress like Viola Davis has to play second fiddle next to JLo, Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, the Gyllenhaals and Hugh Jackman. Appalling!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17201/21/2014

R162 Really, what was that like? Although in an Esquire interview, Jack Nicholson said "You go into that editing room and there is empirical evidence of what you've done. And no matter how good they say you are, well over half of what you do is pure shit."

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17301/22/2014

R151 The thing I can't stand about Tobey Maguire is he sounds like the spotty teenager from The Simpsons (the one who's seen working at places like Krustyburger)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17401/22/2014

Hilarious, R158 - I thought of this exact thread when I saw 12 YEARS A SLAVE, and R53's apt description of him sucking the air out every scene. When he shows up in 12YaS, the film grinds to a halt, and you're left wondering what the hell he's even doing there. His acting is so bad the character ceases to make any sense. Pitt can be good at times but easily half of his performances are sub-par.

As for Dane Cook, is he even an actor anymore? That's a name I haven't heard in years.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17501/22/2014

Marlo Thomas

William Frawley

Linda Lavin

Robert Cummings

Tina Louise

And the fat lady who was Kristie McNichol's Mom.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17601/22/2014

Brad Pitt

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17701/22/2014

It seems a lot of good actors become bad actors once they become a "star." I think the reason is they lose connection to anyone other than themselves and their own egos, and can no longer play characters because they have no real idea of how people other than themselves behave, think etc. Thus, they end up essentially playing themselves, or fall back onto repeating the one role that they did well/won them awards etc. I also think children of actors tend not to be good actors, because again they grow up in an entitled environment where encounters with average people only include "the help." And a lot of actors today are biz brats.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17801/22/2014

Demi Moore

Sam Worthington


Ben Affleck (see Sum of All Fears, he was awful!)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 17901/22/2014

Channing Tatum

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18001/22/2014

R180 For example?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18101/22/2014

Robert Pattinson

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18201/22/2014

Jason Mewes

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18301/22/2014


Both men and women are called actors in this day and age. The term "actress" for women was dropped years ago. By female actors, themselves.

"Actress" is only used by old fairies over the age of 60. Try to keep up, gramps..

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18401/22/2014

I maybe in the minority, but Edward Norton. His performances are hallow to me.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18501/22/2014

I don't get Channing Tatum at all. I don't see him as an actor or a movie star. He doesn't come off as either. I don't get charisma or personality from him. He just seems like a college jock who ventured into movies and was lucky. I also think Hollywood spends too much time on "hot" people and less time on actual talent. Dustin Hoffman is not a great looking guy, but he's an incredible actor. I would never spend money to see Channing Tatum, but I would for Hoffman or Gene Hackman. Because I know I'm going to get an incredible performance.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18601/22/2014

[quote]Edward Norton. His performances are hallow to me


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18701/22/2014

Leonardo Dicaprio is a good example of an actor who started out great and is now just ok. He has an incredible career though, for someone who is so mediocre.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18801/22/2014

Julia Roberts - I could point to a few key scenes in Closer where she did act the shit out of the role, especially when she says, "I disgusting." I love this breakup scene. This movie is probably the best acting Julia Roberts has ever done.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 18901/22/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19001/22/2014

I use to think Jeremy Renner was limited to the stoic or psycho, but his final scene with Bale in American Hustle was a revelation. I found his break down totally convincing and was sorry the camera followed Bale out of the door, rather than staying on Renner and his family.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19101/22/2014

Heather Graham

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19201/22/2014

I agree with you R192. I literally fell in love with Leo this year with his triple threat of movies - Django, Gatsby and Wolf. He is far from mediocre and he has never won an Oscar. He was amazing in Revolutionary Road as well. I think he has only gotten better as he has aged. Less hammy, and more grounded.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19301/22/2014

Brent Spiner showing his range.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19401/22/2014

Not only has r190 not seen Django, she hasn't seen Wolf of Wall St. either.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19501/22/2014

You can point out all you want, R191, but it's a well known "secret" in the business that JR can't act. She is a big name, still, and made a lot of $ for Hollywood, which is why she's still working.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19601/22/2014

Is Kellan Litzy considered an actor?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19701/22/2014

I am not saying she is the best actor out there r198. But saying she can't act is inaccurate. I would agree she is limited in what she can do as are 90% of all actors to be honest. Mike Nichols did however get an amazing performance out of her.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19801/22/2014

The gold standard for not being able to act one's way out of a paper bag is currently held by Carrie Underwood. Sure, we can all quibble about actors not being convincing, etc. But when one says that Miss Underwood can not act one means, literally, that she is utterly incapable of it (or at least has not yet begun to learn how).

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 19901/22/2014

I done read all my lines off the prompter, R201, even the long hard words, and I done hardly blink at all.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20001/22/2014

Carrie Underwood doesn't count.

Heather Graham owns this thread.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20101/22/2014

Fuckability can get you far as an "actor".

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20201/22/2014

Jonah Hill. Can someone please explain his appeal to me?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20301/22/2014

He makes people feel more secure about their looks.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20401/22/2014

Jonah Hill I do not get. Is he supposed to be a type of Paul Giamatti (sp)? Because Giamatti is a great actor.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20501/22/2014

KRISTIN WIIG. horrendous. same person in every movie. when are the studios going to get hip to this fact?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20601/22/2014

[quote]But saying she can't act is inaccurate.

I have my reasons when I say I don't think she can act.

You can like her. It makes no difference to me.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20701/22/2014


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20801/22/2014

I would agree with Julia Roberts except Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman - she was pretty good in them. Looks good - well, maybe just channeling her true bitch! - in previews of Osage County, although I am sure the film sucks.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 20901/22/2014

I think the studios have already caught on, R209. She was already overexposed on SNL. She's undeniably funny, but limited, and not an actor.

BRIDESMAIDS was a huge success (if uneven and overrated) because of the combo of Kristin and all those comic women, particularly Melissa McCarthy. Kristin cannot carry a movie, as her unsuccessful follow up proved.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21001/22/2014

I think there is a Peter Principle of actors. Once you've been them do XXXX that was beyond their scope, you can't stand to look at them again.

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump Rosie O'Donnell as a retarded person Russell Crowe as a troubled genius Josh Harnett in Pearl Harbor Michael Douglas as a male romantic lead The entire Sheen and Estevez clan

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21101/22/2014

Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney could not act their way out of a paper bag.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21201/22/2014

Seth Rogan.

Adam Sandler.

Will Farrell.

Ben Stiller.

Ashton Kutcher.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21301/22/2014

r206 YES!!!! Why does he keep getting work, along with inter changable andy samberg and jesse eisenberg, seth rogen and carmen electra.

And Rosie O'Donnell. If acting as though her cooch is infected with a viral strain of donkey thrush then she owns the patent on angry bull dyke character actress....

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21401/22/2014

Hayden Christianson


Tom Cruise

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21501/22/2014

r214 nailed it. btw, i can't initiate a post unless i'm a member, right?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21601/22/2014

i hate when people talk about george clooney like he's the second coming of christ. he's NOT that good looking and he's NOT that great of an actor. a friend said something similar about brad pitt and why paul walker wasn't a big or a bigger star than him since he's just as talented (?) and a lot more handsome.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21701/22/2014

Brad Pitt and George Clooney are great playing in their comfort zone as a leading man. There is a reason they are stars, they have star power on screen.

Neither one is a acting talent in the sense of being able to portray a wide variety of characters, but I wouldn't say they can't act, because they are good at a specific type of acting.

And no, not everyone can do what they do. Take someone like Liam Hemsworth, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz I can think of off the top of my head and who all had their pushed into being a leading man and who all failed utterly with critics noting they don't have screen presence.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21801/22/2014

r13 He was good in "Ali."

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 21901/22/2014

[quote]And I couldn't disagree more about Julia Roberts - the ones known for "movie star charisma" are almost always underrated as actors. But she was best in show in Closer.

Yes, the ones known for movie star charisma are often underrated. They make it look easy.

As for Best in Show in Closer - we beg to differ. t

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22001/22/2014

"Jonah Hill. Can someone please explain his appeal to me?"

He's funny, has good timing, and can be effective in a narrow range of roles. People here hate him because he committed the unpardonable sin of not being handsome.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22101/22/2014

S Z Sakall. Enough with the hands on your fat cheeks! When will it stop?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22201/22/2014

Josh Hartnett owns this thread in perpetuity.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22301/22/2014

DL fave Colton Haynes shuts it down

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22401/22/2014

He can't lotion either!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22501/22/2014

r227, bitch how dare you

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22601/22/2014

I think Pitt USED to have charisma to burn. But either he got lazy, or he lost it, and now just seems to coast on his reputation.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22701/22/2014

Warren Beatty.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22801/24/2014

[quote]Yes, the ones known for movie star charisma are often underrated. They make it look easy.

Tell me about it! That's my huge problem!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 22901/24/2014

Beyonce Knowles

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23001/24/2014

I cant stand that cunt of Will Ferrell

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23101/24/2014

Meryl Streep


Daniel Day-Lewis

Not because they can't act, but because subtlety and a natural characterization doesn't always come easy to them and seems so overly thought out. They Act with a capital A. Look at me, I'm Acting! Actors revere them above others, especially those who don't really understand the craft. Hamminess and mechanics hold more weight than spontaneity and relaxation....and simply being.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23201/24/2014

R235: those are two absolutely ludicrous examples. If DDL & La Streep are bad actors, then the whole industry of movie-making should just close up shop.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23301/24/2014

Tom Cruise

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23401/24/2014

Neither Pitt nor Clooney have acting abilities. They became movie stars because of their looks and because they know how to remain in the spotlights (Showmancing and exploitation of children-Pitt) Clooney comes from a showbiz background. Calling them charismatic is a joke. Pitt is dumb as a door nail and both cant act if their life depended on it. I can't think of a single Alister who is a good actor (except for maybe RDJ, but he hasn't been AList for that long)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23501/25/2014

Anna Kendrick

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23601/25/2014

Kendrick has some talent but I find her annoying

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23701/25/2014

Ice T, although he's doing well raking in the money from NBC for years.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23801/25/2014

Fuck you, OP

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 23901/25/2014

Marilyn Monroe.

Tony Curtis.

Walter Mathau.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24001/25/2014

Taye Diggs. Good looking, charismatic, gorgeous smile. Cannot act for shit.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24101/25/2014

Shemar Moore. A gorgeous man, but even on something like Criminal Minds he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24201/25/2014

Ben Affleck

Anorexic Jolie

Jennifer Anniston

Rene Zellwhatever

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24301/25/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24401/25/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It does not believe what it posts. It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24501/25/2014

"Shemar Moore. A gorgeous man, but even on something like Criminal Minds he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag."


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24601/26/2014

Tom Cruise is a good actor. He makes poor role choices, but he could practically start a school.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24701/26/2014

Anne Baxter

Anne Francis

Anne Heche

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24801/26/2014

Cruise is good at playing one thing - the character of Tom Cruise. In any other role he's completely inauthentic.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 24901/26/2014

Adrienne Barbeau. People were so busy looking at her tits that they didn't notice she sounded like she was reading the phone book.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25001/30/2014

Ryan Reynolds.

Will Farrell.

Adam Sandler.

Sean Hayes.

Will Sasso.

Bill Murray.

Dan Akroyd.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25101/30/2014


DDL never gets to a good performance with playfulness or looseness, his acting is almost like some forceful mind manipulation he had to go through for months to get into the mindset of his character. I wonder if he is able to improvise.

He is not a bad actor but somehow it's always a bit stiff with him.

Streep had this reputation and she just rides with it. She is a mainstream darling.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25201/31/2014

But My Beautiful Laundrette? It may depend on the material. I couldn't stand Gangs of New York, him incl. While in Room with a View, he was unrecognizable (as in I didn't realize it was him until the credits rolled) which is a plus for me.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25301/31/2014

Roberts won't go down as the actress of her generation or anything, but I think say she can't act is unfair. Although I don't think Closer was her best work because she was so underwhelming next to Portman and Owen, she was the only good thing about AOC this year.

I feel the same way about DiCaprio. Capable, but nothing special.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25401/31/2014


by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25501/31/2014

Woody Harrelson

John Schneider

David Straitham

Owen Wilson

Luke Wilson

Mr. Wilson

Ashton Kutcher

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25602/07/2014

Brad Pitt can't act.

An aside: My roommate is getting his ass pounded in the next room. Ugh! He's not atteactive. Must be a rentboy. I'm trapped!!!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25702/07/2014

Damn spell check! Attractive.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25802/07/2014

George Clooney

Tony Curtis

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 25902/07/2014

Roberts is not a bad actress, she was amazing in Charlie Wilson's War.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26002/07/2014

Channing Tatum.

Vin Diesel

The Rock

Tim Allen

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26102/08/2014

John Cena

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26202/08/2014

Paging Miss Streisand

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26302/09/2014

Alex Pettyfer.

Samuel L. Jackson.

Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer Aniston.

The rest of the cast of "Friends"

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26402/16/2014

Kit Harington Emilia Clarke Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Zac Efron

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26502/16/2014

Jennifer Lopez. .. And she can't sing or dance or judge, either.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26602/16/2014

[quote]Roberts is not a bad actress, she was amazing in Charlie Wilson's War.

a·maz·ing əˈmāziNG/ adjective adjective: amazing

1. causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing. "an amazing number of people registered" synonyms:tastonishing, astounding, surprising, stunning, staggering, shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking;

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26702/16/2014

I am surprised that Nichole Kidman has not been mentioned. She lacks chemistry with her fellow actors, is unable to emote, and does not particularly engage the viewer.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26802/16/2014

To me, the definition of 'an actor who can't act' is someone, who's essentially playing him or herself all the time - only with slightly better lines and a more interesting personality.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 26902/16/2014

Roberts was also good in Confessions of a dangerous Mind.

There are actresses around who are a lot worse than her.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27002/16/2014

No matter what he plays Tom Cruise is always Tom Cruise. The man is incapable of disappearing into a character.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27102/16/2014

[quote]There are actresses around who are a lot worse than her.

Maybe, but did they make $20 mil. per picture?

Yes, there are shitty actors galore, but this woman used to be a top paid Hollywood actor and she's beyond mediocre.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27202/16/2014

I take Roberts anytime over Bullock, Portman, Witherspoon, Lawrence, E. Stone, Jolie, Garner, and I don't even like her.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27302/16/2014

I don't think whether or not you can disappear into a character says anything about the ability to act. Many people only are versions of themselves but on screen they're authentic. They're believable in the given circumstances and persuasive that they're feeling what they're feeling, want what they want, and are engaged with the people who mean something to them. The ability to do that has as much to do with acting as the ability to be "different" or "someone else" in a role.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27402/16/2014

George Clooney is always just George Clooney, with the exception of "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?"

He shows absolutely no acting talent. He is the Cary Grant of our time.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27502/16/2014

[R278] - is "Cary Grant of our time" supposed to insult Clooney? Because Cary Grant was brilliant.

Again, acting isn't proving you can be someone other than yourself. Being yourself on camera is also acting. Many can't do it. Acting is being believable in imaginary circumstances. Grant could do it. Clooney can't.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27602/16/2014

I see your point R279, and will concede regarding Cary Grant. I've never been a big fan of his work, because he was always more of a "pretty face" kind of actor to me. But the idea of being believable in imaginary circumstances is well-stated.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27702/16/2014

"Grant could do it. Clooney can't."

Don't agree. I actually think Clooney is a better actor than Cary was (although I do love Cary)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27802/16/2014

I don't know how anyone can think that Clooney can act after seeing Gravity.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 27902/16/2014

[quote]I am surprised that Nichole Kidman has not been mentioned. She lacks chemistry with her fellow actors, is unable to emote, and does not particularly engage the viewer.

She was outstanding in "Australia" and had perfect screen chemistry with Hugh Jackman.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28002/16/2014

Samuel L. Jackson

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28102/17/2014

I thought Nicole was terrible in Australia (and I have liked her in other things)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28202/17/2014

Nicole was pretty good in "Rabbit Hole" but she was playing a cold, passive-aggressive bitch so.....

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28302/17/2014

Keanu Reeves owns this thread.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28402/17/2014

Heather Graham bought this thread from Keanu Reeves.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28502/17/2014

Kim Cattrell

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28602/17/2014

Darren Criss

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28702/17/2014

J Lo is gawd awful too. ugh!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28802/17/2014

Seth Rogen - in the real world, he couldn't get a job at the Starbucks in his 'hood of Kerrisdale. But Hollywood isn't the real world. . .

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 28902/17/2014

Clooney is only capable of playing George Clooney.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29002/17/2014

Nicole Kidman is a cipher, not even present enough to be dull, or not engaging. Her career is an utter mystery to me.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29102/17/2014

Stop talking about Clooney and JLo and Keanu and Heather Graham! Talk about ME!!!!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29202/17/2014

[quote]Her career is an utter mystery to me.

She was Tammy Cruises arm piece for 10 years!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29302/17/2014

Kidman was great and hilarious in To Die For.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29402/18/2014

Kidman was fantastic in To Die For, and Dogville. Few actresses could have played either part the way she did.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29502/18/2014

Anne Hathaway. I just don't get her in any role she's ever been in. Very unconvincing actress. Thought she was the worst thing in Les Miz.

Gina Gershon - Wooden. Just. Wooden.

Neve Campbell & Katherine Heigl - see Gershon

Madonna & J Lo: Stick to singing. Or whatever you call that thing you do.

Keanu - I know this was posted 100x already. But it bears repeating. Exponentially.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29602/18/2014

David Straitham.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29702/18/2014

Dianna Agron can't act her way out of a paperbag. Close-mouthed mumbling, constant smiling (the Hilarie Burton school of 'acting'), blank eyes, and two facial expressions.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29802/19/2014

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Aniston own this thread.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 29902/19/2014

I like Jennifer Aniston!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30002/20/2014

My votes go to Emily Deschanel, David Cassidy and, probably the worst, Kristin Stewart. No believable emotion, blank affect, annoying voices.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30102/21/2015

David Cassidy?

Wow, that's random.

Most Hollywood actors can't act, per se - they are just playing themselves in every role.

It's why someone like Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman really stand out.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30202/21/2015


can argue over who owns this thread. Unlikable, ugly, no acting ability. PERIOD.

Many others--in fact, most actors have no talent--Willis, Demi, Brangelina, Twilight, Hunger Games casts, Carol Burnette, Liz Taylor, Halle Berry has NO talent--how Hollywood loves to kiss each other's smelly asses!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30302/21/2015

I can't believe I'm the first one to post her name but here goes:

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30402/21/2015

Taylor Schilling.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30502/21/2015

Has anyone mentioned Keira Knightley?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30602/21/2015

Helen Hunt

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30702/21/2015

[quote]There's almost too many to recount. Greta Garbo, John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, even Jack Nicholson. They're just themselves in every picture they do.

The Garbo on screen is **nothing** like the Garbo was in real life

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30802/21/2015

This thread is co-owned by Drew Barrymore and Rosamund Pike.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 30902/21/2015

Claire Danes...a one-note actress, and it's a flat note

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31002/21/2015

Most of them. What a fucked-up industry - most can't do their jobs properly or convincingly but they all get paid millions of dollars.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31102/21/2015

Mumbling Mary-Louise Parker

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31202/21/2015

It's a long way from Keanu to Kidman. She's been good in a few films. The Others comes to mind.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31302/21/2015

You know who.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31402/21/2015

R303 - Bullshit! Many of the perfumers you've names are tremendously talented. They would have not gotten far without it.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31502/21/2015

I disagree with whoever said Drew Barrymore. I think she's quite talented, and also always fun to watch.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31602/21/2015

Channing Tatum. (But HOT!)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31702/21/2015

Antonio Sabato Jr. I would still do him. And the more clothes he takes off the more likely I will watch.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31802/21/2015

Leave Carrie Underwood alone R199. She is an excellent singer and an American treasure.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 31902/21/2015

Keira didn't win at the Oscars®

Thank God!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32002/22/2015

Wooden Henry Cavill and his wonky American accent.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32102/22/2015

Rod Stieger - when he was good, he was very, very good. When he was bad, he was 250 pounds of uncured ham...

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32202/23/2015

Can Luke Evans act?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32302/23/2015

Kim Raver

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32402/23/2015

ScarJo, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Leo DiCaprio, Mathew McConnahey, Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Daniel Craig

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32502/23/2015

Paris Hilton

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32602/23/2015

I don' t understand why people like Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender are considered great at acting at all. She is amateurish at best, and he is absolutely embarrassing to watch. Also, Marillon Cotillard bores and irritates me to tears for how much she sucks, and yet everyone thinks she' s great!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32702/23/2015

It's'm's my...........bodyguard!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32802/23/2015

Jennifer Lopez

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 32902/23/2015

Actors who can't act:

Casey Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

Melanie Fucking Griffith (she is SO wooden that she has termites)

Keanu Reeves (but I love him just the same)

Nicholas Cage (as an actor, I hate him with a passion)

Josh Hartnett (it's amazing he had as much of a career as he did)

Madonna (but I love her anyway)

Hayden Christensen (who did he fuck to get into the business? Oh, never mind. I know the answer to that one)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33002/23/2015

going once ... going twice ..... THREAD GOES TO Guy Wilson

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33102/23/2015

I think most of the posters here should keep off the meds. They sound like they're in the booby hatch!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33202/23/2015

Brad Shitt is always out of his depth which is a puddle no waves no real juice no well to draw from man I hated that weird snort tic thing he did in Kalifornia. Ben Affekt in everything he's done, in Jennifer's grabby snatch, in Mattie Demon's vanilla arms at the Brokeback motel, Keanu's southern accent in Devil's Advocate wins the ham at the karaoke of acting, Davidine Anchovny has the range of a broken Kenmore, Roberta De Niro is one schtick multiplied.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33302/23/2015

Justin timberlake is the first name to pop into mind.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33402/23/2015

MISS TOM CRUISE owns the thread!!!

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33502/23/2015

[quote]Can Luke Evans act?

Yes, he can. Just watch Dracula Untold, though they might not have been pleased with the movie, every critic was floored by his performance.

Re: Fassbender

He was great in 12 years a Slave

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33602/23/2015

Yes, Luke Evans can act, and I have to agree with R336) . The end of the movie and what he had to give up made almost want to cry, when you think about it. Heck, he became a monster to save his family and lost it in the end.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33711/13/2015

I can't believe this thread didn't mentioned the overrated, wants more money than she deserves, Jennifer Lawerence. Seriously?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33811/13/2015

As an actress, Natalie Wood was all wet.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 33911/13/2015

Autistic Jenna Fischer

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34011/13/2015

Both the former Mrs. Pitt and the current Mrs. Pitt are fucking AWFUL

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34111/13/2015

At least, I can enjoy former Mrs. Pitt's movies. I can't stand the current, pretentious Mrs. Pitt's acting.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34211/14/2015

Wes Bentley. His best performance was his first. It's been downhill from there, and now he's ubiquitous.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34311/14/2015

LOL R328!!!!

Who's the dope that keeps posting David Straitham?

Jason Statham? As action stars go, what do you expect? But he was pretty funny in Spy.

David Strathairn? Really? I like his work - see Dlores Claiborn, see, well, anything with Straithairn is graced by his presence.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34411/14/2015

Patricia Arquette

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34511/14/2015

Jaclyn Smith

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34611/14/2015

Daniel Day Lewis

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34711/14/2015

Ian Somerhalder (sp?)

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34811/25/2015

Emilia Clarke co-owns this thread. Who did she fuck for her two (TWO?!?) Emmy nominations?

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 34911/25/2015

R321 I second Henry Cavill. He should thank god for his looks, which are actually fading pretty fast.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 35011/25/2015

Zane Buzby.

Her Mouling Jackson is but a caricature of a true Vietnamese rock star.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 35111/25/2015

Jennifer Lawrence (Like Logan, so bad it's funny!!)

Lindsay Lohan (I laughed through Liz & Dick film!!)

Julia Roberts (The horse's teeth are so distracting)

Brad Pitt (He's like a cadaver standing & talking)

Angelina Jolie (Torture just listening for 1 minute)

Oprah Winfrey in a movie - Seen clips of her in various "epic" films and's just Oprah with a silly southern drawl and so fat she takes up the whole screen. The. Worst. Actress. In. The. World.

by Stella Hagen-Strassbergreply 35211/25/2015
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