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A Three-way with Rupert Grint

Is that really Rupert Grint kissing Robert Sheehan?

The new Cherrybomb trailer.

by Ron Weasleyreply 1309/09/2013

One of the boys looks just like Tim Curry in Ricky Horror.

by Ron Weasleyreply 104/18/2010

Video player won't load for me. I'm guessing it requires quicktime (ugh... I won't install that piece of crap on my system, thanks). Is there any site that has the trailer in a non-proprietary, non-sucky format?

by Ron Weasleyreply 204/18/2010

[quote]Is there any site that has the trailer in a non-proprietary, non-sucky format?

Have you done a Google search? Or looked on YouTube?

Personally, I think Quicktime is the best.

by Ron Weasleyreply 304/18/2010

Quicktime seriously sucks. At least if you don't have a Mac.

It's unstable, crashy, has the worst UI I've ever seen, is about 8 years behind on features, and so backwards incompatable that you have to fucking update your software every 3 months just to see the latest quicktime movies. It's just horrid.

Like iTunes, Apple software on windows sucks so bad it makes me want to avoid ALL Apple products.

by Ron Weasleyreply 404/18/2010

Oh my!! My mangina is squishy thinking about being in the middle of that

by Ron Weasleyreply 504/18/2010

R4, I have never had it crash on me, and I have never been anything but a PC user. The clarity of the images is superior to any other format, in my opinion.

by Ron Weasleyreply 604/18/2010

Wow - Grint actually looks kind of hot in this. Might have to see it.

by Ron Weasleyreply 704/18/2010

Unfortunately, Grint and Sheehan have said in an interview that there's no same-sex kissing or three-way in the movie. I guess the guys who edited the trailer just wanted to tease us a bit.

But at least we do get to see Grint get sucked off by the girl.

by Ron Weasleyreply 804/18/2010

[quote] Like iTunes, Apple software on windows sucks so bad

Then buy a Mac.

by Ron Weasleyreply 904/18/2010

Been there, done that.

by Ron Weasleyreply 1004/18/2010

R9, no fucking way in hell.

by Ron Weasleyreply 1104/18/2010

Macs are better.

And Quicktime is the best audio/visual player there is.

by Ron Weasleyreply 1204/18/2010

Robert Sheehan is hot as hell! He's even cute as geeky Simon in TMI. Can someone please make a Robert Sheehan thread? He's on the brink of stardom, is seemingly gay friendly, and good looking. I think he deserves his own thread!

by Ron Weasleyreply 1309/09/2013
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