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3-day Coachella Music Festival starts this Friday

Is anyone going?

by Tarquinreply 2404/23/2013

Starts in 3 1/2 days....

by Tarquinreply 104/12/2010

It's completely sold out.

by Tarquinreply 204/12/2010

Anyone going?

by Tarquinreply 304/12/2010

Guess not. Two days to go.

by Tarquinreply 404/14/2010

Starts tomorrow. It will be [italic] huge. [/italic]

by Tarquinreply 504/15/2010

Isn't that for str8 people only?

by Tarquinreply 604/15/2010

I only recognize about 20 bands from the line up.

Even so, I bet it will be great.

by Tarquinreply 704/15/2010

[quote] Isn't that for str8 people only?

It's very mixed. Gay-friendly enough. Not as gay as the White Party, if that's your standard.

by Tarquinreply 804/15/2010

We're heading out to the desert tonight from O.C.

It's gonna be awesome. This will be my 7th Coachella and i've always has a great time. My "must see" acts are the Gossip, Florence the Machine, Miike Snow, Ra Ra Riot, Delphic, Yeasayer, Fever Ray, and Local Natives.

by Tarquinreply 904/15/2010

r9 I'm quite jealous you've been 7 times! Hopefully I can go next year just once before I leave CA.

by Tarquinreply 1004/15/2010

Beach House should be playing at dusk considering the beauty of their new CD.

by Tarquinreply 1104/15/2010

Coachella is super fun.

Plus -free cigarettes!

by Tarquinreply 1204/15/2010

[quote]Isn't that for str8 people only?

95% of the people there will be indie hipsters under 30, most from Southern California. Said Californian hipsters really don't give a shit about anyone's sexual orientation these days. So yes, certainly a good portion of the indie hipsters in attendance will be gay, probably a larger percentage than the population as a whole since gays tend to appreciate good music more than straights (a generalization, I know, but a true one in my experience).

And yes, I could be described as an indie hipster, and I know and like most of the bands that will be performing. I'm not going to Coachella, nor have I ever in the past, because I prefer seeing bands in small club environments, not amidst stadium-size crowds where getting anywhere close to the stage requires staking out a place hours in advance. The two options for where to stay -- Indio or Palm Springs-vicinity hotels with exorbitantly jacked-up rates (all booked up eons in advance), or camp outside for three nights -- both suck, and unfortunately I don't have any friends with vacation pads in the area.

R9, most of those would be on my must-see list too, most particularly Mike Snow.

by Tarquinreply 1304/15/2010

I know two older gay men in their 50s who are there. What's the attraction for them? Stoned indie-rock boys?

by Tarquinreply 1404/15/2010

OMG! Devo

by Tarquinreply 1504/15/2010

CSI dyke Jorja Fox and her man-faced, coattailriding CSI stand-in/partner, Lelah Foster always go. So, no, not just for straights.

by Tarquinreply 1604/15/2010

It is a different concert experience, having 5 simultaneous stages. I don't worry about getting close to the stage. It's usually impossible. I don't find it comfortable at all and instead like to be right at the edge of the crowd to leave plenty of room to dance. We were so far back from Depeche Mode that the sound was all distorted by the time it got us.

Some of my best memories of Coachella are seeing Scissor Sisters, Le Tigre, and Basement Jaxx on the smaller out-door stage. You're outside in the evening, the air is warm and you've got plenty of room to dance around.

by Tarquinreply 1704/15/2010

[quote]I don't worry about getting close to the stage.

I do. I like to be as close as possible to the stage, because listening to music from a distance without being able to see the performers at work is pretty much the equivalent to me of listening to the radio. I know that's just me and that a lot of people don't feel that way, but that's why I have no interest in attending Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, All Points West or any of the other big outdoor fests. My city is "hip" enough to be a regular tour stop for most of the bands on the Coachella list, so I'll see 'em eventually -- and from ten feet away.

by Tarquinreply 1804/15/2010

There is not one act that I HAVE to see, so I am not going this year.

But there are many other acts that I would like to see that could have been worth seeing, but i did not want to pay for the whole three days...

by Tarquinreply 1904/15/2010

Can't wait to see The Raveonettes!

by Tarquinreply 2004/15/2010

Hi, r9!

I went.

Florence and Yeasayer were two of my must-sees, but the damn tent was so packed for both shows that it kind of harshed the mood. They could have had both acts on the outdoor stage. They either need to sell fewer tickets or have another larger stage.

Jonsi wound up being my favorite of the weekend. If you're still following this thread, tell me what your favorites were.

by Tarquinreply 2104/21/2010

Jimmy Kimmel has fun with Coachella hipster douchebags and dimwits:

by Tarquinreply 2204/23/2013

Am I the only one who thinks it's sad when 40-somethings still show up to this hipster shit festival?

by Tarquinreply 2304/23/2013

I would have loved to make the trek to the Chicago show, just to see The Cure, again, but tickets were too much, and at the wrong time, for me. A shame, too - they just did a four-hour show on their Latin American tour.

by Tarquinreply 2404/23/2013
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