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Ewan McGregor

The exhibitionist to end all exhibitionists.

by The End.reply 4703/04/2013

Love Ewan in all his uncircumcised glory.

by The End.reply 104/10/2010

Pics prease.

by The End.reply 204/10/2010

This thread would be better with pictures.

by The End.reply 304/10/2010

I love him.

by The End.reply 404/10/2010

meh. dicks with drapes are a dime a dozen, plus they smell bad.

by The End.reply 504/10/2010

Ewan naked in bed next to Tilda Swinton:

by The End.reply 604/10/2010

He almost completely sacrificed creativity to money in the early 2000s by making the Star Wars movies (probably a very smart move for the long run, since you're not going to get a chance to make money like that many times in your life), and its taken a while for him to get intelligent roles again. I'm hoping his recent well-received turn in THE GHOST WRITER means he'll start getting roles worthy of him again. He is certainly not the prettyboy he was 10-15 years ago, though he's still attractive.

by The End.reply 704/10/2010

R7, it makes sense to take a leading role in 3 Star Wars films. He also wanted to play the younger version of Kenobi as a tribute to fellow Scot, Alec Guinness.

by The End.reply 804/10/2010

Ewan naked in The Pillow Book

by The End.reply 904/10/2010

Thanks Canadian Guy! Best shot ever of Ewan.

by The End.reply 1004/10/2010

Too bad Ewan had to have that gross guy licking his body in that movie. It would have been hotter if the guy had been nice-looking.

by The End.reply 1104/10/2010

Only if he dethrones me, fags.

by The End.reply 1204/10/2010

More naked shots from Young Adam:

by The End.reply 1304/10/2010

And here:

by The End.reply 1404/10/2010

How have I not seen Young Adam?

by The End.reply 1504/10/2010

if they ever do a led zep film he could play robert plant (he'd just need a long hair wig)

by The End.reply 1604/10/2010

Thank you, Canadian Guy!

How very festive these pics are.

Ewan has got the goods...

by The End.reply 1704/10/2010

Velvet Goldmine:

by The End.reply 1804/10/2010

Video clip of Ewan dancing naked in VG:

by The End.reply 1904/10/2010

Ewan and Jonathan Rhys Meyers:

by The End.reply 2004/10/2010

He was also excellent in Woody Allen's drama CASSANDRA'S DREAM with Colin Farrell 2 or 3 years ago. To be a fly on that dressing room wall...

by The End.reply 2104/10/2010

Love seeing Ewan and his all-natural cock on display.

by The End.reply 2204/10/2010

You say it like it's a bad thing OP

by The End.reply 2304/10/2010

Yes, R21, although unfortunately neither of them showed their cocks in that movie

by The End.reply 2404/10/2010

Ewan would be a shower, not a grower..

by The End.reply 2504/11/2010

No other actor has ever excited me like EM. He's my idea of man.

by The End.reply 2604/11/2010

How many movies then does that make now with Ewan pulling the full frontal? I've never seen a high-profile actor so willing to be naked on-camera as much as he is. I'm glad for it.

Speaking of Ewan, I wonder when [italic]I Love You Phillip Morris[/italic] is supposed to come out in the US and Canada? The IMDB page gives conflicting information. It seems like it's been delayed forever. I'm strangely curious to see it just to see what the chemistry is like between him and Jim Carrey.

by The End.reply 2704/11/2010

Great pics and nice uc dick!

by The End.reply 2804/12/2010

Nice uncut cock and not shaved like a little girl.

by The End.reply 2904/12/2010

"I've never seen a high-profile actor so willing to be naked on-camera as much as he is."

True, although Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a respectable #2.

by The End.reply 3004/12/2010

chris meloni is a strong third

by The End.reply 3104/12/2010

JRM has done a couple of extended nude scenes with close-ups of his big uncut cock, and I admire him for that.

Jude Law has done some as well.

by The End.reply 3204/12/2010


by The End.reply 3304/12/2010

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

by The End.reply 3404/12/2010

TY - I like Ewan the best

by The End.reply 3504/12/2010

'The Governess' and 'Tangled' have some nice views of JRM's big cock. Check them out.

'Titus' has a brief one as well.

by The End.reply 3604/12/2010

Who currently has largest sausage in Hollywood?

by The End.reply 3704/25/2010

R37: [quote]Who currently has largest sausage in Hollywood?

Patrick Warburton

by The End.reply 3804/25/2010


by The End.reply 3904/25/2010

one more...

by The End.reply 4004/25/2010

R7 I'm betting he signed on to Star Wars before the scripts were finished. In the beginning everyone was excited. No one realized what a pile of crap it was going to be.

by The End.reply 4104/25/2010

"I've never seen a high-profile actor so willing to be naked on-camera as much as he is."

What am I? Chopped Liver?

by The End.reply 4204/25/2010

Maybe we should change that to:

"I've never seen a high-profile GOOD-LOOKING actor so willing to be naked on-camera as much as he is."

by The End.reply 4304/25/2010


by The End.reply 4403/03/2013

I want him and his gorgeous uncut cock inside me quite deeply.

by The End.reply 4503/04/2013

[quote]What am I? Chopped Liver?

Correct, Harvey, and Ewan is Unchopped Liver.

by The End.reply 4603/04/2013

He can exhibit himself on my face any time he chooses.

by The End.reply 4703/04/2013
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