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Can Anyone Believe That Jerry Springer and Maury Povich Are Still On The Air?!

I thought they had been canceled at least a decade ago. Anyone still watch these two clowns? Is Maury still doing his DNA testing shows, and out of control teens?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6709/23/2013

I can't believe it. Those shows are an embarrassment and need to die. Along with those stupid court shows that are just as bad.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 104/08/2010

Not only that, Povich is still pulling down really good ratings. He recently starting tying Oprah as she has been slipping the last few years.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 204/09/2010

Both of those guys are fairly likable though, especially Povich. I'm sure they'd prefer to be doing more dignified shows but the public wants trash.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 304/09/2010

Oprah's show was a lot more fun when she was tabloid. She had the best tabloid talk-show ever because her sincerity gave it enough of a veneer of respectability it never sank completely into the gutter. Fun trash you weren't embarrassed to watch.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 404/09/2010

Jerry Springer is shown in Cairo, Egypt. No wonder they hate us. All of us.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 504/09/2010

First Jenny Jones. Now Oprah. I run this town, bitches!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 604/09/2010

As someone who first saw Maury Poorbitch on local TV before he became "famous," I can testify to his obnoxiousnous then. Ironically, he was also rude to Connie Chung, who was also local at the time.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 704/09/2010

Jerry is popular in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands. When Jerry was in Amsterdam a few years ago, he rode his bike around the canals and wherever he went, people would yell: "Jerry!" and shake his hand and pose for pictures with him. He's a true ambassador of the United States!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 804/09/2010

I recently had to spend 3 weeks in Wilmington, Delaware for work - spending all day in a window-less room pretty much chained to my computer. We did have a TV available to us, but it only got 3 channels, one of which was the Philadelphia MY channel (which is the sub-Fox network). To my horror, their daytime programming consisted almost entirely of alternate broadcasts of Springer and Maury; after every third show, that former Springer bodyguard (Wilkos?) had his own show that aired. Makes you really appreciate Oprah, Ellen and The View.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 904/09/2010

The Jerry Springer Show moved away from Chicago a few years ago.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1004/09/2010

Steve Wilkos's show is boring and really needs to be canceled.

I like Maury's show. It's sad that there are so many women out there that don't know who is the father of their kid and need DNA tests. Sad.

Jerry has lost some of his edge since he show moved out of Chicago. It just seems a bit different. Still trashy and good.

Still miss Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake and Donahue.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1104/09/2010

"Makes you really appreciate Oprah, Ellen and The View."

I have no love for Jerry Springer or Maury Povich, but no way in hell would I ever "appreciate" Oprah, Ellen, and The View. ALL of those shows are just as obnoxious and trashy as Springer and Povich, albiet in a different way.

Before he degenerated into trash tv Maury Povich hosted a talk show that was not bad at all. It was just him, reasonably interviewing guests on the show. I guess he figured a Jerry Springer-like show would be more profitable. I suppose it is, although I wonder who watches garbage like his show and Springer's. People like the weirdos on those shows, probably.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1204/09/2010

I'm a high school teacher in Brooklyn, and last year I had a 16-year old girl bawling in my office. She was upset because she hadn't heard back from the Maury Show, which she saw as the only way to prove to the 'baby daddy' that he was the father.

it was a mess.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1304/09/2010

Three or four years ago, a friend obtained tickets to a taping of the Maury Show for laughs. It was a clip show and I was selected to sit onstage close to Maury. They did have one baby daddy drama though. When it was all over, the mother was crying and Maury was comforting her. The second they yelled 'Cut', Maury was away from her so fast you'd have thought she was on fire. Whenever the cameras weren't rolling his eyes were dead. Completely soulless man.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1404/09/2010

I had no idea how popular running trains on girls and gangbangs were with young heterosexuals until I watched Maury. Then I started talking to our summer intern last year, young white kid from the burbs, who told us all about girls who love getting gangbanged.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1504/09/2010

Sort of like The World According to Jim. What, was that on for 48 years?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1604/09/2010

When I was in high school my friends and I used to love watching the wild teens episodes of Maury. Good times.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1704/09/2010

Maury has spent many years telling men that they're not the baby's father. It's truly Biblical!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1804/09/2010

A 6-man test from White Trash Industries.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 1904/09/2010


by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2004/09/2010

I for one can't believe it, OP. It's absolutely unfair.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2104/09/2010

Both MAURY and JERRY are now filmed in Stamford, Connecticut - one of the whitest cities in America.

The audience all takes the train up from NYC.

They both shoot in the SAME STUDIO on different days.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2204/09/2010

Calling Maury.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2304/09/2010

Wait, you mean to tell me that these people are for real? I thought they were paid actors? I saw one clip of the Maury show, where some 15 year old girl was dying to have a baby and had already slept with 20 guys in a mission to get knocked up as fast as possible. I thought it couldn't possibly be real.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2404/09/2010

R14, I'm not surprised that he doesn't give a shit about the people who are on the show and probably hates himself for sinking so low.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2504/09/2010

"...told us all about girls who love getting gangbanged." Makes sense. It takes a female longer to "heat up" down there. And variety is the spice of life.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2604/09/2010

R13, I had a kid in class 2 years ago who was upset that his family didn't get on Springer because his sister was on probation and couldn't get permission to leave the state. He said the producer had already told them that the more cuss words shouted and fists that went flying, the more money they would receive. On quizzing him, I discovered it was an assistant who relayed the info, that the producer herself wouldn't say it, I assume for legal reasons.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2704/09/2010

Maury once hosted a TV talk show with DC harridan Barbara Howar. When that crapfest ended, people figured he was gone forever but he worked his way up to network television.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2804/09/2010

wow - really? i honestly didn't know that op. haven't watched daytime TV in years.

how long have they been on the air?

interesting tidbits r22

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 2904/09/2010

If Ricki Lake said she was doing her show again I would watch every day!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3004/09/2010

Apparently, you are unaware that there is a hell of a lot of trash in this country.

Jerry and Maury are appointment TV for all these trashy people.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3104/09/2010

[italic]Someone's[/italic] got to pay for my vats of eyeshadow!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3204/09/2010

OP, I found out last week that Jerry and Maury's shows are still airing. My friend told me, and I was shocked!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3304/09/2010

I was a guest on Maury Povich's show in the mid 90s. I was on the panel about some silly nonsense, but I got to chat with Maury before and during the show of course and he was great. He was professional and came into the green room to meet me early, and let me know what he wanted to chat about during my segment, and then added, "Of course, you can talk about whatever you like and we can just see how it goes, try to have fun". I thought he was cooler than I had imagined.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3404/09/2010

Maury is the son of Washington DC sportswriter Shirley Povich.

Shirley is a man, Baby!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3504/09/2010

We do have these shows in the uk. They show them on unpopular channels to fill time. We here watch them out of pure entertainment, they are so unbelievable that they are hilarious. How on earth can the American public allow their media to make a great big show of the animal antics of their citizens!!!?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3605/09/2012

"How on earth can the American public allow their media to make a great big show of the animal antics of their citizens!!!?"

Well, we do have Jeremy Kyle over here... And some of his guests are positively sub-human...

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3705/09/2012

[quote]How on earth can the American public allow their media to make a great big show of the animal antics of their citizens!!!?

You got a lot of nerve - like you don't have your own trash in England. Just look at Jeremy Kyle. Oh, and don't forget - Jerry Springer is actually British.

So maybe you want to think before you speak with that shithole chav country you live in. Why do you think British celebs ditch the UK and move to America as soon as they get the chance? Because England is a shithole.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3805/09/2012

Same for Wilkos, too, R22. Walking past the studio when the audience is lined up outside is the closest many Fairfield-County types will ever come to that stratum of society.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 3905/09/2012

The area of Connecticut that they film in is not a nice area. There's plenty of trash to fill the seats.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4005/09/2012

I bet Maury keeps Staples in business with all of those yellow envelopes he uses.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4105/09/2012

Yes. It's called 21st Century Circus Maximus.

Next up: public hangings, throwing (insert minority group here) to the lions, and to the death fight clubs....

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4205/09/2012

Have you seen the Mexican versions?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4305/09/2012

I know if I was a kid, I'd want my mother to go on national TV and announce she has no idea who my father was and was trying to pin it on someone. Or that my father was a deadbeat and was willing to go on TV and say so.

That would make me so proud.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4405/11/2012

Wow, you mean that the blood-thirsty, inbred audience is from ultra-sophisticated NYC, the arbiter of all that is right in the world?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4505/11/2012

That Mexican show is fantastic! They let the fighters throw a few punches at least before wading in, never mind the cost of those backpack microphones.

Sumo wrestler in the first few clips seems to be a recurring guest. Is he invited in to start fights just in case the program starts getting dull? Love the WWE folding chair over the head homage towards the end - especially as the camera did not pull away.

The best clip is of the wire hooligan fence separating the rabble audience from the guests, because, judging from that youtube clip, the audience does not just mouth off at the guests, it also gets stuck in.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4605/11/2012

I love Maury and Jerry!!!

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4705/12/2012

Didn't this "entertainment" begin with Geraldo Rivera? I remember that chairs went flying around the stage and he got bashed in the face - broken nose. I didn't watch his show but it was on the news.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4805/12/2012

I thought it was Richard Bey who started this.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 4905/12/2012

About 5 years ago Igot an email from the jerry Springer Show asking for me to be on the show. I didn't answer the email.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5005/12/2012

[quote]About 5 years ago I got an email from the jerry Springer Show asking for me to be on the show. I didn't answer the email.

Do you have any idea why you would be a target for that show? Were you dating some strange person at the time? Were you in some confrontation with a relative at that time?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5105/12/2012

Who watches this shit that it remains on the air? Is it mostly welfare folks with nothing else do do that watch it?

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5205/12/2012

R50 = Umpy

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5305/12/2012

There must be a lot of people watching r52 because it has expanded into reality shows like the garbage pushed onto TV by Andy Cohen. Maybe all the Nielsen families live in trailer parks and intelligent people no longer turn on their TV.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5405/12/2012

These shows are huge embarrassments and should've been canceled years ago. I never watch.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5505/12/2012

I hate those guys -- they exploit the minorities and the poor (as is usual in the entertainment industry ilk.)

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5605/12/2012

It's not hard to belive OP. America is the white trash capital of the world.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5705/12/2012

About 20 years ago, Maury's show was actually serious and topical (same goes for Jerry Springer very early in his run). Maury had some really gay positive shows at one time as well. I remember when he had a whole episode devoted to the Gay Games back in 1994. I was a teen and it was really cool seeing so many out gays and lesbians on TV for a positive reason.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5805/12/2012

[quote]I hate those guys -- they exploit the minorities and the poor

But those idiots choose to be exploited by agreeing to go on trash like those shows.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 5905/12/2012

You can't believe Springer and Povich are still on the air?

I can't believe Isabel Sanford is dead

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6005/13/2012

Minorities won't be free until they are free from the likes of Springer and Povich. I'd love to see the day when the standard audience of those types of shows turn on such hosts, beat the crap out of them and then burn the houses, cars, and stock portfolios people such as Springer and Povich have amassed at minority expense.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6105/14/2012

I love Maury.

Who is my baby daddy never gets old.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6209/18/2013

I loved, I mean LOVED watching Connie Chung's career go up in smoke when she interviewed Newt Ginrich's mom. Something about Hillary being a bitch. She sunk to Maury's style of journalism and it burnt her to a crisp. Next thing you hear, she's leaving TV and adopting a kid.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6309/18/2013

[quote]I'd love to see the day when the standard audience of those types of shows turn on such hosts, beat the crap out of them and then burn the houses, cars, and stock portfolios people such as Springer and Povich have amassed at minority expense.

That's just nasty.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6409/19/2013

Ten years from now, people will be saying, "Can anyone believe that Andy Cohen is still on the air?!"

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6509/20/2013

R61 YOU are the reason we all hate you.

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6609/23/2013

thank Christ

by Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!reply 6709/23/2013
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