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Buffalo, NY.


by Commander Tomreply 2304/11/2013

Used to be a major train hub and have actual industries. Hard to believe but not so long ago, before the car took over, it was the 4th largest city.

by Commander Tomreply 104/08/2010

Not only that it defeated Minneapolis to be the nation's flour milling center!

Whom do they think they are kidding in that photo with the drawn in future buildings? Nobody is going to build those. The day of downtown office space is over.

I like Buffalo, for the size of its population the most cultural and artsy city in the nation, but its glory are its older buildings. The modern stuff is crap, just crap.

by Commander Tomreply 204/08/2010

Keep the buildings, nuke the people.

by Commander Tomreply 304/08/2010

It smells like ranch sauce and armpits.

by Commander Tomreply 404/08/2010

Buffalo's a pretentious twat.

by Commander Tomreply 504/08/2010

R3, why would you say something so heartless? I was born in Buffalo and they are some of the nicest people in America...much nicer than people in New York, DC, Philly or Boston.

You've probably never even been to Buffalo. They'd welcome you with open arms, even after saying such a horrible thing.

Really r3, grow up and start doing something good with your life instead of tearing others down.

by Commander Tomreply 604/08/2010

I regret starting this thread. If people on Datalounge want to just kick down a city that's already suffered, then go ahead. I really hope you sleep soundly knowing how much better you are than the rest of the world.

by Commander Tomreply 704/08/2010

Trolldar reveals that r2 & 3 are the same people.

by Commander Tomreply 804/08/2010

OP just ignore the flame bait. I love Buffalo, went to school nearby and we would drive there because our bars closed at 1AM. Buffalo's were open until 4! I have always like people from Buffalo and Upstate NY in general. Nice people, and surprisingly good looking.

by Commander Tomreply 904/08/2010

Oh, dear, Missy Op.

You're going to need to develop a thicker skin if you're going to hang around here.

by Commander Tomreply 1004/08/2010

I think its great if you are married with a strong network of friends. If you are single and looking to date or find a husband, it's a nightmare. Anyone with an ounce of brains, talent or good looks has already fled the city.

by Commander Tomreply 1104/08/2010

Isn't it winter there like 10 months out of the year?

by Commander Tomreply 1204/08/2010

In a way, It's like Detroit. The houses are super cheap. The values are super depressed and they sunk many, many years ago. Houses run form $15,000 and up

by Commander Tomreply 1304/08/2010

Now I want a Wegmans chocolate chip cookie. Dammit!

by Commander Tomreply 1404/08/2010

Wasn't Tim Russert from Buffalo?

I'm sorry, but that dude just looked like he did big stinkies in the bathroom.

Reason enough not to go -- big stinkie haze lingering over the city.

by Commander Tomreply 1504/08/2010

[quote] The values are super depressed and they sunk many, many years ago. Houses run form $15,000 and up

Yes the houses are cheap, but are they in decent neighborhoods? I can buy a cheap house in Detroit, but it's like buying in a war zone.

What are the decent areas in Buffalo, that have cheap homes, but are also liveable?

by Commander Tomreply 1604/08/2010

The people I've met from Buffalo have been very gullible. They believe anything they are told and trust absolutely everyone.

by Commander Tomreply 1704/08/2010

It's the next big thing

by Commander Tomreply 1804/08/2010

The two guys I know from Buffalo are very Midwestern-like.

by Commander Tomreply 1904/08/2010

Went to grad school in Buffalo. From Chicago. When I drove in from the airport, I was stunned in that it reminded me of old Chicago, before everything was built up. Nice people (city of good neighbors) still friends with someone I met there. Wouldn't live there.

by Commander Tomreply 2004/08/2010

Looks like a nice enough place but it doesn't have any real economic energy. The weather for non-natives is brutal. The life in the Sun Belt is cheaper, easier, and booming with choices. I've long known that geography is a subjective thing, so you can't persuade people who don't want to be somewhere that they should love it.

Buffalo's century was the 19th. We've collectively moved on, but it is a pretty town now and not likely to grow.

by Commander Tomreply 2104/08/2010

Any gay scene in Buffalo?

by Commander Tomreply 2204/11/2013

Still unsolved gay murder in Buffalo from 2010. There's a killer out there, Buffalonians.

by Commander Tomreply 2304/11/2013
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