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Elvis Like 14 15 year old Girls.

His wife was only 13 when they first had sex in Germany.

There is a new book out called Baby, Let's Play House. Funny name for a title of a book about Elvis, but there is some great gossip in it. According to the author, Elvis preferred girls to adult women. "Elvis loved 14 and 15-year-old girls. He was insecure about his sexual prowess and wanted virgins so they wouldn't have anyone to compare him to as a lover. Adult women scared him. He wanted to mold them and mentor them and they adored him."

Not content to just have unnamed sources, the author actually tracked down one of the girls Elvis had a relationship with. The girl said she was 14 when she met Elvis and they dated for about six months. Either she or the author is very careful about the words they use to describe the relationship. It is tough to tell if Elvis had sex with her from what she says. "He didn't take advantage of me." Now, I don't know what that means exactly, but when a guy says he wants to take you with him on tour, I am guessing he doesn't want to just have a tea party. Her parents wouldn't let her go on tour with him but they didn't stop her from dating Elvis. Apparently Elvis didn't worry about things like laws which don't let you have sex with minors or bring them across state lines for having sex.

by told you soreply 8802/06/2014

And people called me a pedophile! Hee Hee!

by told you soreply 104/05/2010

I think Priscilla has said they did everything but fk when she was underage. Her parents sent her off to live with him in Memphis when she was underage after they met in Germany. Great parents they were.

by told you soreply 204/05/2010

Priscilla always said that Elvis made HER wait to truly consummate their relationship until after they were married (meanwhile, they did a lot of other things but apparently not the Dreaded Deed). She said she was very frustrated and did not want to wait, but Elvis seemed to get great enjoyment out of her virgin status. She got pregnant practically the minute they had sex for the first time, delivered a daughter exactly 9 months later, and she claimed that Elvis never wanted to touch her again.

by told you soreply 304/05/2010

So a 14 year old did everything except have actual vaginal intercourse? That's actually more sordid when you think about it.

by told you soreply 404/05/2010

Because of a fear of sexually transmitted diseases he wouldn't actually go "inside" women, never undressed, and was more into watching elaborate tableaux, often involving feet. It has also been reported that Presley "adored to fondle and suck women's toes, and those in his entourage who were given the job of choosing companions for him would often be asked to check the girls' feet.

by told you soreply 504/05/2010

If Elvis were rumored to be with boys too, society would most definately deem him a pedophile. But little girls? Not so much.

by told you soreply 604/05/2010

In redneck culture (and Elvis WAS a redneck) it's considered normal for teenage girls as young as 13 to have boyfriends who are 18 years old or older. I come from redneck Virginia and it was the usual thing for girls age 13 to 16 to have a boyfriend who was 20 or 21 years old.

Elvis liked teenage girls because he himself was perpetually stuck in teenage mode. This was a guy who had everything done for him and got everything he wanted. He was like a spoiled, infantile little boy.

Pricilla Presley was 14 years old when they first met; Elvis was in his early twenties. After their marriage ended, he took up with Linda Thompson, who was not a teenager. As he got older, he went after women who were very young, but not teenagers. His fiance at the time of his death, a very dumb girl named Ginger Alden, was about 21 or 22.

In her book "Elvis and Me" Pricilla claimed that she and Elvis did not have intercourse until they were married; SHE wanted to, but he wouldn't. They other other things, though. She didn't specify what, but I guess it was masturbation and oral sex.

by told you soreply 704/05/2010

[quote]And people called me a pedophile! But you were dear, you were.

by told you soreply 804/05/2010

You were, dear, you were.* *Just in case you think I was calling you "dear."

by told you soreply 904/05/2010

And then there's Elvis's relationship with his mother. She was smothering at best, incestuous as worst. The latter hasn't been confirmed, but she did sleep in the same bed as Elvis for a long time during his childhood, while his father was in jail. He had huge issues with women, including his diattraction to any woman who'd become a mother - including his wife. Heterosexual men who hate women lead miserable, frustrating lives.

by told you soreply 1004/05/2010

R6, pedophilia is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children, which generally means children 13 years of age or younger.

by told you soreply 1104/05/2010

Doonesbury already covered this.

by told you soreply 1204/05/2010

The title of the book was a song Elvis sang, I'm assuming it comes from that as well as the subject of the book.

by told you soreply 1304/06/2010

My Aunt went to high school with Elvis. The only gossip I have is this... Elvis was more for the junior high schol girls than the girl of his very own high school. He also had a very bad sense of personal cleanliness and was a natural blonde. That is all.

by told you soreply 1404/06/2010

The most blatant example of traditional cracker male sex preferences at work was Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his thirteen year old cousin. I honestly do not get what these people find so sexy about children. I mean, a child can be cute or pretty, but I've never seen a thirteen year old that I looked at and thought "HAWT!" Maybe that's the point, is that pedos can't deal with their sexuality and they think that if they do it with a child instead of another adult it doesn't count.

by told you soreply 1504/06/2010

This conversation is not fit for dinner time, thread closed!

by told you soreply 1604/06/2010

I always found it interesting that Elvis never slept with Priscilla again once she was pregnant and had their child.

He really needed a shrink. I don't blame Priscilla for leaving him.

by told you soreply 1704/06/2010

"He also had a very bad sense of personal cleanliness and was a natural blonde."

In Albert Goldman's trashy bio of Elvis, he makes much of Elvis's distaste for bathing. He mother didn't teach him any better; if her baby didn't want to wash she wasn't going to force him. In later years Elvis had another reason for not bathing: he was so stoned that it was dangerous for him to take a shower or bath. He might fall and injure himself in the shower or drown in the bathtub. He normally would just give himself a "whore's bath", that is, a wipe of the crotch and armpits with a damp washrag. He would also take a drug he said would prevent body odor. No, Elvis was not a very clean person. But he was not alone in that. Marilyn Monroe was the same way; didn't bathe much. People would remark on her unpleasant smell.

Yes, Elvis was a natural blonde. He thought jet black hair was more stunning, so he dyed it until the end of his days. He got Pricilla to dye her hair black and tease it into a mountain on her head. He liked lots of makeup on her. "It defines your features", he told her. He liked his women to look whorish.

by told you soreply 1804/06/2010

It also explains why Priscilla resented her daughter and was so emotionally unavailable to her.

by told you soreply 1904/06/2010

Elvis was indeed hygienically challenged. Instead of bathing regular, he would use a wet wash cloth to bathe at a sink. By the way, this used to be quite common in the south. It was also quite common for mother's to sleep in the same bed as their son or daughter. I am sure it was innocent but this day and time it sounds a little weird.

by told you soreply 2004/06/2010

[quote]pedophilia is a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children

You must be new here. Datalounge's frau & gay-impotent nomenklatura defines it as sexual attraction to anything under 30. (Or anything under 80 if it's in a diaper.)

by told you soreply 2104/06/2010

Elvis also had a fetish for white panties. He wanted all of his girlfriends to wear them.

by told you soreply 2204/06/2010

Quite a few of Elvis' 'habits' were upbringing issues and maybe reginal but Elvis was also just another victim of his own fantasies made realty by money and power. He could and did what he wanted. Tiger and Jesse come to mind?

by told you soreply 2304/06/2010


by told you soreply 2404/06/2010

Elvis could do what he wanted as long as I was in charge.

by told you soreply 2504/06/2010

[quote]She was smothering at best, incestuous as worst. The latter hasn't been confirmed, but she did sleep in the same bed as Elvis for a long time during his childhood, while his father was in jail.

That was for 9 months when Elvis was 3 years old. And they lost their house and had to live with relatives. Hardly unusual, hardly a long time or incestuous.

[quote]Elvis never slept with Priscilla again once she was pregnant and had their child.

I believe Priscilla has said they did have sex some after, but not a lot.

by told you soreply 2604/06/2010

I'll start of by saying I'm a straight woman, but hear me out. When I was in elementary school, probably 4th or 5th grade, we had to read a biography of someone inspirational. I told my teacher I was going to read Elvis and Me. I'm sure my mom was reading it at the time and that's probably why I said it. It was published in 1985, making me 11. Anyway, the teacher was horrified and told me I absolutely could not choose that book. I ended up having to read some boring Barbara Walters book. Bleh. I was so mad. Went ahead and read the book anyway. I remember thinking it was so weird that he made Priscilla dye her hair black but I don't think it made any kind of impression on me that she was only a few years older than me when she met him.

by told you soreply 2704/06/2010

I just want to thank R12 for their insightful, witty and utterly brilliant contribution to the subject.

by told you soreply 2804/06/2010

Such a double standard. What if Priscilla were a boy?

by told you soreply 2904/06/2010

R29, you are right. No gay guy would get a pass for doing 14-year-old boys.

by told you soreply 3004/06/2010

"Elvis was indeed hygienically challenged. Instead of bathing regular, he would use a wet wash cloth to bathe at a sink. By the way, this used to be quite common in the south. It was also quite common for mother's to sleep in the same bed as their son or daughter. I am sure it was innocent but this day and time it sounds a little weird."

I grew up in the South. The house I grew up in had no indoor plumbing except a kitchen sink! The only way to try and get your self clean was to use a rag, wet it from the sink, and try to wash yourself. Needless to say, it wasn't easy to keep clean.

The sleeping in the bed thing was common in the South, especially among poorer families. As a child (I'm female) I had to sleep in the same bed as my grandmother; my brother slept in the same bed with our mother. The bed I slept in with my grandmother was pretty good-sized, but the bed my brother slept in with my mother was a SINGLE bed. They must have had to sleep intwined in each other's arms. My brother slept in the same bed with my mother until he was ELEVEN years old. And that only stopped because my mother ran off and married a redneck drunk. I finally got my own bed when I was 12 or 13.

by told you soreply 3104/07/2010

Many traits, behaviors, and proclivities described herein that have been attributed to the beleaguered South are actually rural in nature and can be found in most cultures that have rural sectors.

by told you soreply 3204/07/2010

Its so sad you are all talking like this if you knew the true story. Would you sleep with someone who had been. With someone elseand was now having their child. Maybe you should know the rest of the storybefore you judge. Maybe priscilla didn't marry ELVIS BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS ELVIS ONLY WANTED A LADY NOT SOMEONE WHO SLEPT AROUND. If you want to know the truth or call 2537095287

by told you soreply 3301/07/2013

Happy Birthday Elvis...

You ain't nothing but a hound dog

A crying on the shift

You ain't nothing but a hound dog

A crying on the shift

You ain't never caught a rabbit

And when you make a cake you don't sift

by told you soreply 3401/08/2013

I know that when I was 13, it was definitely illegal in my rural area to be with me. But I do know that several years prior, it was the "thing" for young girls to be with older boys and do HEAVY PETTING. And several years before that, supposedly very young girls knew who their husband was to be early on and were with them a lot.

I think Elvis lost touch with reality when he became an instant hit with girls when he was about 18 years old, and of course it was teeny boppers who preferred him THEN. He could just take his pick and even the parents of the girls would allow him to be alone with their little underage girls?? So they must have thought it was ok with them. Not having intercourse does not mean having sex - there is oral, dry humping with clothes on and of course anal ALL WOULD KEEP A GIRL A GIRL A VIRGIN. I believe that is how Elvis and Priscilla claimed to not have SEX until married - though what they did was LESS NORMAL really huh?

by told you soreply 3501/25/2013

What? I always assumed Elvis Costello was gay.

by told you soreply 3601/25/2013

I have a sneaking suspicion that OP rode the short bus to and from school. I quote, "Elvis LIKE 14 15 year old Girls". I cannot believe there were only 14 fifteen year old girls that he found attractive. As for the "Elvis like...", that speaks for itself. Idiota!

by told you soreply 3701/25/2013

"She didn't specify what, but I guess it was masturbation and oral sex."

Um, no. Cybill Shepherd said she had to teach Elvis how to do oral sex. It's taboo - give or receive - oral for a redneck of Elvis' generation.

"If Elvis were rumored to be with boys too, society would most definately deem him a pedophile."

Will you learn how to spell definitely???

by told you soreply 3801/25/2013


Priscilla did marry Elvis - what are you talking about?

by told you soreply 3901/25/2013

Elvis was boring and overrated. I do appreciate his southern roots and its great innovation, musically. It was a tremendous culture given it's poverty.

But Elvis himself--naw, not my cup of tea.

by told you soreply 4001/25/2013

"What if Priscilla were a boy?"

Elvis would be called a "monster"

by told you soreply 4101/25/2013

[quote] I honestly do not get what these people find so sexy about children. I mean, a child can be cute or pretty, but I've never seen a thirteen year old that I looked at and thought "HAWT!"

I know this is an old thread but are people still ignorant of what pedophilia is. Anyone attracted to someone with secondary sexual characteristics is not a pedophile. That may not be a legal or appropriate attraction but it is a normal physical attraction. Lots of 13 year old teenage girls are developed and look womanly. I looked very mature at 13 and could easily pass for an 18 or 19 year old and I had a curvy developed figure.

by told you soreply 4201/25/2013

"Anyone attracted to someone with secondary sexual characteristics is not a pedophile."

Jerry Sandusky wrote love letters to a 16-year-old boy and people call him a we can call Elvis a pedophile for going after 13-year-old girls!

by told you soreply 4301/25/2013

Sandusky fucked boys a HELL of a lot younger than 16. Get the facts before you post.

by told you soreply 4401/25/2013

Right over your head, R43, right over your head.

Good thing it doesn't matter what you think.

by told you soreply 4501/25/2013

13 year olds might be physically developed but mentally they're not quite there yet. I think it takes till about 17 to have your brain be fully developed. I'm ok with teenagers having sex with teenagers but being manipulated by someone a lot older is fucking creepy and nasty.

by told you soreply 4601/25/2013

"I always assumed Elvis Costello was gay."

He's not a fag - and I'm the gal who can prove it.

by told you soreply 4701/25/2013


by told you soreply 4801/27/2013

Leave Elvis alone!

by told you soreply 4901/27/2013

I do believe he should RIP - it's delusional to think he is still alive or that he DID NOT MAKE MISTAKES as we all do.

He has to meet with his naker as we all do, he left behind a legacy of music and he's the most talked about person in the world by now I bet.

Love him to death - and actually my sympathies were with him as I feel like he was A LOST PERSON in a glass bowl going in circles trying to find some peace.

by told you soreply 5001/27/2013

Elvis was a 'hillbilly'. He was born in a 2 room house so I think we can forgive him if he grew up in a household that thought washing with a cloth was fine.

He dated plenty of other people while he kept Priscilla at Gracelands. Most of them were adults (Anne Margaret was one). I think he pretty much chose Priscilla as his 'pure' bride 5 years before marrying her. I believe her accounts of that time and that they didn't have sex until they married. I don't think he was some great Casanova in any case. None of his girlfriends raved about him.

I think the speculation about incest with his Mother says more about what a bunch of creeps we are. Not them.

by told you soreply 5101/27/2013

[all posts by right wing shit-stain # a removed.]

by told you soreply 5201/28/2013

OP's book listed:

Baby, Let's Play House: Elvis Presley and the Women Who Loved Him by Alanna Nash

This book received very high ratings because the author did through research and she has lots if information to back up her book. I'm going to get this book at the library.

by told you soreply 5301/28/2013

Paranoia of getting a girl pregnant, and the financial and moral implications, meant that boys from certain backgrounds avoided any form of actual sex. Most common was "clothed" sex, where girls kept their panties on and tightly embraced their beaus, "pretending" to have intercourse. Perhaps that's why Elvis developed such a panty fetish. Anal sex, still technically illegal and really shocking to most heterosexual couples at that time, (it still is to some) would have been out of the question.

by told you soreply 5401/28/2013

A lot of bullshit on this thread. If you want the real story and not the mythical Elvis and Priscilla story, read "Child Bride." Priscilla was NOT a virgin when she met Elvis (she'd fucked at least two guys by then). And they most definitely DID fuck while they dated in Germany. Virgin bride, my ass.

by told you soreply 5501/28/2013

Baby Dikes = Elvis-like 14, 15 year old girls

by told you soreply 5601/28/2013

[quote]He also had a very bad sense of personal cleanliness and was a natural blonde.

I've seen pix of him as a child and teen and he had very blond hair. Why did he start dying his hair black? Another poster also mentioned that he made Priscilla dye her hair black, too.

by told you soreply 5701/28/2013

R57, he started to dye his hair black when his mother died. He could not function without his mother because he went to her for advice and guidance and they were very close. His mother's hair was black, and her death was such a loss to him that he dyed his hair black I guess to feel still close to the mother. He instructed Priscilla to dye her hair black as well.

by told you soreply 5801/28/2013

Thanks for that info R55. I have heard about that biography which indicates that Priscilla was not innocent and naive through out their marriage. Apparently the author said she is a phoney. I have to read that book!

by told you soreply 5901/28/2013

I too had read more than one place of people who stated that both Elvis and priscilla admitted to having sex before marriage. I'd heard she did have boyfriends in germany when he left town also. Of course he had lots of girlfriends - in germany and in the US - point being, I firmly believe what I read that Elvis felt if he WTHDREW before the actual "sensations hit" - that it kept the woman as a virgin - in his mind anyway and he thought it was a means of birth control. So maybe he did think she was a virgin when they married.... even though it was an illusion. Also I've heard about other children and even one who stayed at Graceland before being adopted out - I believe in my heart that elvis and her had a child before marriage and always kept it hid from the world.

by told you soreply 6001/30/2013

Elvis was a dumb hillbilly and a mama's boy.

by told you soreply 6101/30/2013

Do guys become pop musicians because it gives them more opportunities to have sex with underage girls, or do they get in the habit of going for underage girls because that's what most groupies are?

by told you soreply 6201/30/2013

I wonder in his particular case, he liked underage girls because he wasn't very bright so having young girls around him made him feel more intelligent because he was older than they were of course? Just a guess.

BTW, my sister worked with this lady whose father used to buy Elvis's famliy groceries when Elvis was a kid. The lady said the famliy were extremely dirt poor, and they were extremely nice people.

by told you soreply 6301/30/2013

I do believe Elvis was a hillbilly but tho he didn't have a college education, he had a photographic memory or he could not have listened to a couple of songs and sang them perfectly as he did. He was a bored genius in my opinion.

But as his mother apparently OVERPROTECTED him, for a long time I think he felt insecure about his "sexual abilities" - I think, that since his fans mostly were bobby sox young teens, that perhaps that is the reason he preferred virginal girls.

A lot has been said that he put "one night stands in one lump of opinion and the ladies, he called his girlfriends in a different group" A lot like men do in this day and time huh? They think it's fine if they are with loose women or prostitutes but would not want their wives to be even with one other MAN - nothing has changed about that. Double standards, but it did and does still go on. Elvis probably wasn't wordly enough to understand the girls he were with were struggling with their sexuality just as he was. He is talked about so much about that but MANY MANY entertainers had sex with young girls or were gay and don't get trashed as much as he does.

by told you soreply 6401/30/2013

I've always found it interesting how the allegations against MJ and Elvis are treated so differently when the ages were the same. Its very hypocritical of society imo.

by told you soreply 6501/30/2013

yes MJ and Elvis most talked about - probably because they are dead.

Jerry Lee Lewis not only married a 13 year old, he married his first cousin. Frank Sinatra had lots of affairs with underage.

Know gays also were Rock Hudson, Raymond Burr, Nick Adams - they are not talked about as bad as Elvis indeed. Although supposedly elvis had a relationship with Nick Adams - his daughter found some documents that Nick had hid or something - and did write a book I believe. It's a well kown fact that most hollywood greats did prostitute themselves into fame but hell ELVIS was famous before he ever went to Hollywood or met Nick Adams. The first few times he was in public was HIS LAST to do so freely due to mob reaction from female fans wow!! it is amazing to watch those girls go for him.

Elvis of course is most known and popular entertainer in the world. I do find lots of good singers on you tube, but he is the best. A guy names Justin Shandor favors him a lot and sings sooooo wonderful - and he dresses like him. Now Bouke And Terry Jeffries don't dress and move like him, but their voices are awesome. Big Elvis (Pete Valee) - his voice is so awesome also. He claims to be the son of Elvis and Sonny West is a good friend of his - but I can't find a picture a comment from his mother - nothing about any affair elvis had with her unless she was not married the time and her maiden name was not Vallee - can't even find out her maiden name. I think "Big Elvis" has blocked everything as he's in process of trying to prove he is the son of Elvis and supposedly got some of his dna and it matches his. I would suppose people who have snippets of his hair and can prove it's his hair somehow - could get his DNA?? Big Elvis sounds much moe like Elvis than Elvis A. Presley Jr does too. He's lost almost 500 lbs and has about 250 pounds to go - he may look more like Elvis then - I dunno.

by told you soreply 6602/01/2013

Say anything but he was the greatest rock N roll legend and he was very successful.

by told you soreply 6707/05/2013

No different than Michael Jackson. A pedophile is a pedophile or rather an ebophile is what Elvis was. MJ was a pedo. Both were sickening.

by told you soreply 6807/06/2013

r67 if you say so. I find his voice and his style of singing rather annoying. When I hear any of his songs on the radio, I change the station. There is not one Elvis song that I can listen to.

by told you soreply 6907/06/2013

[quote]What if Priscilla were a boy?

The pregnancy would have been considered really remarkable.

by told you soreply 7007/06/2013

Elvis Presley was a piece of s**t.How society can respect someone who went with underage girls is beyond me.As someone else said if he went with a younger boy it would be considered paedophilia.Are we really expected to believe he waited for Priscilla until she was of legal consent.What a load of crap.Very hypocritical considering Jerry Lee Lewis was public enemy number one for marrying his 13 year old cousin.But wait,he went with his cousin and go married so that sounds worse I guess.It's the same thing.

An overrated prick who wore more make-up than women and wore caps on his teeth and never wrote one song of his own.All hail the king lol.

by told you soreply 7111/08/2013

I get his iconic status, but I never cared for his music nor thought he was sexy

by told you soreply 7211/08/2013

So he liked young girls. Big fucking deal. ALL rock stars like young girls, really young girls. Rick Springfield was fucking Linda Blair when he was 24 and she was 15. Her parents were so permissive they let him fuck her, LIVE with her, in the family home. Jimmy Page had one of his goons grab Lori Maddox, who was 14 at the time, throw her in a limo and had her brought to his hotel. Her being 14, she had no idea that it amounted to kidnapping and felt immensely flattered by his attention. He dumped Pamela Des Barres for little Lori; eventually he dumped Lori for Bebe Buell. Rock stars are what they are. They fuck little girls because they can get away with it. Elvis was no different from any of them in that regard. But according to Pricilla Presley Elvis did NOT have actual intercourse with her until their wedding night, although they did indulge in various forms of sex play. After she became pregnant, and she seemingly became pregnant on their wedding night, he had no interest in her sexually again. But after Pricilla he did seem to go for young, but

by told you soreply 7311/08/2013

Elvis didn't exclusively go for underage girls. When he met Pricilla she just happened to be 13 or 14; he didn't actually seek out girls that age. After Pricilla he liked his women younger, but not underage young. So he wasn't what you'd call a pedo.

by told you soreply 7411/08/2013

The Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber recently bitched about Harvey Milk getting his own stamp, because he "raped" 15 year old boys. Raped, really? or had sex with? Was this much of a stink raised when Elvis got his own stamp?

by told you soreply 7511/08/2013

A few months ago I read Rita Moreno's autobio and she mentions dating him for a while when she was very young. She said that they basically dry humped. He really had some serious sex issues.

by told you soreply 7611/08/2013

Elvis may have been a creep (debatable), but he didn't LOOK like a creep. The other men you have been using as examples, both homosexual and heterosexual, all look like total creeps.

by told you soreply 7711/08/2013

He couldit even sing. He haved no talent. Michel Javkson better then him.

by told you soreply 7811/08/2013

He doesn't appear to be porn star hung so maybe he had a hangup about being average or below average? (Like a lot of guys who aren't Barrett Long.)

by told you soreply 7911/08/2013

I suppose Colonel Parker was too busy counting all that money rolling in rather than to instruct Elvis to take a bath.

by told you soreply 8011/08/2013

I hate when people compare that no talent white hillbilly to Michael Jackson. Michael owned him a billion times over. Mike had the best singing voice ever... Elvis could not sing more than monotone. Mike could dance and Elvis could not. Mike could act, Elvis could not. Mike was sexy and Elvis was a two ton fat ass for the last 20 years of his life. Michael had talent and Elvis could not sing. End of Story.

by told you soreply 8111/08/2013

[quote]Elvis could not sing more than monotone

Oh come on, R81. Even if you hate Elvis, you have to acknowledge the fact (not opinion) that he had a 2 1/4 octave vocal range.

by told you soreply 8211/09/2013

Rita Moreno did say that Elvis' touch was a little too soft and girly for her. She friend-zoned him fast.

by told you soreply 8311/09/2013

"Mike had the best singing voice ever... Elvis could not sing more than monotone."

Bitch please! Elvis had a powerful baritone voice with a two-octave range, while Jackson sang in a pathetic little falsetto whisper! Okay, Jackson was a better dancer, but he still wasn't very good at it.

by told you soreply 8411/09/2013

Ya all didn't know elvis very well did ya? ya all is wrong about him and the things he done.

by told you soreply 8502/05/2014

I used to like his early singing and dancing a lot, but recently I watched that '68 comeback (very well done, btw), and boy that guy was just dumb as bricks. Couldn't watch after that. Don't think I can stand him anymore now.

by told you soreply 8602/06/2014

[quote]I do believe Elvis was a hillbilly

A "hillbilly" is a slur to describe someone who is rural and poor and from the mountains. That's like saying "I do believe Oscar Wilde was a faggot."

And though his family was poor, they were not rural or from the mountains, so the insult actually doesn't even fit.

by told you soreply 8702/06/2014

I had read that his issue was with females who had given birth. He could not handle putting his penis in a vagina that a fetus had passed through.

by told you soreply 8802/06/2014
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