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Lesbians: Who haven''t we discussed here in a while?

Bonus points go for celebs who has serious scandals that we've "forgotten about" or anything, really. We can even discuss Mariska. OR Miss Kate Winslet.

by needs a distractionreply 60107/22/2014

Elizabeth Mitchell & Danielle Egnew?

by needs a distractionreply 104/04/2010

Uggh - anything but them, please.

by needs a distractionreply 204/04/2010

I was all over it, R1. ;-)

by needs a distractionreply 304/04/2010

I'm sure you were, R3.

by needs a distractionreply 404/04/2010

Poor Liz Mitchell. That was some seriously batshit crazy stuff, there. I remember posting, "go to bed, Danielle" quite often. Good times...

by needs a distractionreply 504/04/2010

Not exactly "lesbian we haven't discussed in a while" but I would like to know more about the old Hollywood lesbians. There was a great thread on L Anon a while back. The one I didn't know about was film noir actress Lizabeth Scott. Anymore?

by needs a distractionreply 604/04/2010

Wasn't that drama basically fabricated by a couple of obsessed datalounge lesbian fangirls? That's what I was told.

Batshit crazy, indeed.

Someone posted on another thread that Olivia Newton John was gay/bisexual? When did this happen? I had no idea.

by needs a distractionreply 704/04/2010

Remember when Jill and Jamie were all the rage?

by needs a distractionreply 804/04/2010

Kristen Stewart?

by needs a distractionreply 904/04/2010

Yes R8.

Ok what's the scoop with Jane from Melrose Place - she's partnered now correct? She is so hot.

And, what's the deal on Laura Leighton - I think I read somewhere she's also gay? Or am I just dreaming?

by needs a distractionreply 1004/04/2010

Yeah, who has the 411 on Josie Bisset?

Isn't Laura Leighton married to Doug Savant?

by needs a distractionreply 1104/04/2010

Nice pic R11! I think Josie looks much better as she's aged. She was hot back then - but even more beautiful now.

by needs a distractionreply 1204/04/2010

Damn r11. I haven't see here in a LONG time. Aww memories...

by needs a distractionreply 1304/04/2010

I think Doug Savant is married to Marcia Cross.

by needs a distractionreply 1404/04/2010

Kate Winslet isn't gay.

by needs a distractionreply 1504/04/2010

Doug is married to Laura.

by needs a distractionreply 1604/04/2010

What about Charlize Theron and her female assistant sleeping together?

by needs a distractionreply 1704/04/2010

Ava Gardner and Lana Turner had an affair! I know most of you are too young to care. But I'm old enough to appreciate Lana Turner. Printed in The Daily Mail on July 15 2006 were extracts from a new biography of Gardner written by Lee Server. It contains a story of Frank Sinatra bursting into a restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1952 at which Gardner, Lana Turner and a companion were having dinner and screaming at them 'Lesbians! You're a bunch of lesbians! All of you Lesbians! Lesbians! Lesbians!' A biography has previously alleged that Sinatra found Gardner and Turner in bed together and Gardner admitted an affair with Turner and a number of other high-profile female stars to the journalist Michael Thornton. When asked why she denied it at the time she replied that the morals clause in their contracts meant they would have been terminated had such information been made public.

by needs a distractionreply 1804/04/2010

Negative, r14.

by needs a distractionreply 1904/04/2010

Here's a good picture of the couple.

by needs a distractionreply 2004/04/2010

Fuck those two old bitches. Who cares... RACHEL MADDOW and her frau here!!! OMG, Rachel is married to a COW! Let Howard Stern after her fat ass and watch what she says. How DOES Rachel keep smiling??

by needs a distractionreply 2104/04/2010

Access Denied r20

by needs a distractionreply 2204/04/2010

Dinah Shore. Any gossip?

by needs a distractionreply 2304/04/2010

The Jill ^^ & Jamie $$ Saga ... co-starring Cathy, Tracy, Ashleigh & Brain Surgery Chick. Special guest appearance by Jamie's ill (but not deathly) Grandma. What are those whacky kids up to these days?

by needs a distractionreply 2404/04/2010

Maybe this 1 will work...

it's always a crap shoot with these sites.

by needs a distractionreply 2504/04/2010

I can' believe Doug Savant has spent his whole adult life being married.

by needs a distractionreply 2604/04/2010

I read on another thread that Maria Bello dumped her fiancé. Why am I not surprised?

by needs a distractionreply 2704/04/2010

I'm not surprised either, but Wikipedia still lists her as engaged.

What about Miranda Richardson? Is she gay or what? No one seems to know anything about her.

by needs a distractionreply 2804/05/2010

What happened to the Mary Kay Place thread? She and Miranda Richardson should hook up. If they haven't already.

by needs a distractionreply 2904/05/2010

Can someone please summarize the Elizabeth Mitchell stuff? I wasn't around for that. For those rolling their eyes - next post please? Thanks.

by needs a distractionreply 3004/05/2010

Something about "drop the chalupa", r30.

by needs a distractionreply 3104/05/2010

Maria Bello broke up with him last year, R28.

Miranda Richardson is a hard one. It's hard finding gossip about British actors. She does ping, though.

Married or not, I still believe Julianna Margulies is gay.

by needs a distractionreply 3204/05/2010

[quote] "who has serious scandals....."

Oh, dear.

by needs a distractionreply 3304/05/2010

R32, Julianna Margulies has always pinged to me.

I'm not surprised to hear about Maria Bello. Will Mariska be next? Hm.

by needs a distractionreply 3404/05/2010

[quote]It contains a story of Frank Sinatra bursting into a restaurant in Beverly Hills in 1952 at which Gardner, Lana Turner and a companion were having dinner and screaming at them 'Lesbians! You're a bunch of lesbians!

I have trouble believing any rumor based on anything that came out of that paranoid pig's mouth.

by needs a distractionreply 3504/05/2010

R9, Kristen Stewart kinda sorta has her own thread. It's totally worth digging a few pages back to find the pictures of her shamelessly ogling Kate Winslet.

by needs a distractionreply 3604/05/2010

Cherry Jones!

Please please please, does someone have any information about her?

How's she doing now that she and Sarah Paulson have broken up?

Her Mother passed away a few weeks ago... big hugs to her.

by needs a distractionreply 3704/05/2010

Stana Katic

by needs a distractionreply 3804/05/2010

OP/R4, Olivia Newton John being gay/bisexual happened about 25 years ago. Maybe that's why you don't remember it.

by needs a distractionreply 3904/05/2010


by needs a distractionreply 4004/05/2010

We haven't discussed Dina Meyer in a while. Wasn't there a poster who claimed that she saw Dina and her girlfriend at a coffee shop? And then Dina approached her the next time to tell her to stop writing about her on message boards?

by needs a distractionreply 4104/06/2010

Miranda Richardson's in new make-up ad with played-gay Keeeley Hawes (Tipping The Velvet) in the UK. Looking good.

by needs a distractionreply 4204/06/2010

R41, that poster admitted to making the whole thing up.

by needs a distractionreply 4304/06/2010

Miranda is looking good, indeed, R42.

by needs a distractionreply 4404/06/2010

Today's Blind Items

This C list actress who is on a very hit cable show (not reality) is known for being very sexy and provocative on the show and in all the characters she has played in television and movies. B list name recognition. Top 100 in FHM and Maxim for sexiness. Little does everyone know though that she only dates women.

by needs a distractionreply 4504/06/2010

Please let it be Christina Hendricks. Please let it be Christina Hendricks. Please let it be Christina Hendricks.

-- brb, off to check if CH has made FHM and Maxim Top 100.

by needs a distractionreply 4604/06/2010


Hendrick is married. If it was her, wouldn't the blind item mention her marriage status?

by needs a distractionreply 4704/06/2010

r45, if that's from Crazy Days and Nights, you shouldn't always believe the BI there. Some of them are just made up crap.

by needs a distractionreply 4804/06/2010

Eddie Falco!

I have no idea who that BI can be.

by needs a distractionreply 4904/06/2010

Yeah, I was not aware she got married. Kinda puts a wrench in things. Ah well.

I can't think of anyone else though. What non-reality cable shows are there?

Mad Men, Damages, Breaking Bad, The Closer, Law and Order CI. Drawing a blank here.

by needs a distractionreply 5004/06/2010

Hendricks only made one of the lists, although one of the girls at the L-Chat determined the BI is either fake or referencing Top 100 lists prior to 2009.

by needs a distractionreply 5104/06/2010

Kelly Carlson

Date of Birth 17 February 1976, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name Kelly Lee Carlson

Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)

Trivia Favorite sport is Equestrian riding - since the age of 4.

Resides in Los Angeles (2004).

Named #43 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Ranked #94 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

by needs a distractionreply 5204/06/2010

Any new Gabriella Sabatini information? Especially in light of the fact that her claim to heterosex., Mr. Ricky Martin, came out.

by needs a distractionreply 5304/06/2010

But she isn't on a cable show right now.

by needs a distractionreply 5404/06/2010

Kim Delaney?

by needs a distractionreply 5504/06/2010

it's Calrson of Nip Tuck

by needs a distractionreply 5604/06/2010

It's Gabrielle Anwar

by needs a distractionreply 5704/06/2010

Yeah, the Olivia Newton-John rumors were rather odd.

She was one of the celebs targeted by a gay outing group, who posted pictures of her in New York claiming she was gay.

Then there were people (including several who used to post on Datalounge) who insisted that she'd outed herself on the Tonight Show. Obviously that never happened (it would have been huge news in the 1970s) yet posters would frequently insist they'd seen that show, providing all kinds of details (i.e. "I remember because it happened on my eighteenth birthday and after she announced it, Johnny Carson looked shocked went to a commercial break and when they returned she was no longer sitting onstage with him, etc.")

by needs a distractionreply 5804/06/2010

Emanuelle Chiriqui? Annalyne McCord? Amber Heard? Kristen Kreuk?

by needs a distractionreply 5904/06/2010

In 74, it was Johnny Carson who left the public with the impression that ONJ was gay.

Olivia, herself, traces the gay rumors back to that show (see her interview in the Advocate).

by needs a distractionreply 6004/06/2010

Olivia's as gay friendly as they get. If she were gay, she'd be out by now. Much as I wish it were so, she's just not gay.

by needs a distractionreply 6104/06/2010

Jill Bennett

Michelle Paradise

by needs a distractionreply 6204/06/2010

Jasmine Guy! I just saw Tru Loved, and I found her breathtaking in the few scenews she had. She was the best thing about Dead Like Me, IMO.

by needs a distractionreply 6304/06/2010

Scar Jo is at least bi, right?

by needs a distractionreply 6404/06/2010

Kate Walsh Rachel McAdams (homegirl needs to stop bearding) Ellen Page

by needs a distractionreply 6504/06/2010


by needs a distractionreply 6604/06/2010

At least? What, do you want me to raise you to tri?

by needs a distractionreply 6704/06/2010

R67 I apologize if that sounded fucked-up.

by needs a distractionreply 6804/06/2010

Kelly Carlson of Nip/Tuck a lesbian? oooh...that would be hot!

by needs a distractionreply 6904/06/2010

Is it just me, or does Maria Bello seem to be popping up in more and more pictures with Mariska?

by needs a distractionreply 7004/12/2010

Maria Bello and Mar___ka recently? Other than the awards shows?

Anyone know anything about Jessica Steen? Gay? Straight? Partnered?

by needs a distractionreply 7104/12/2010

Joyful Heart Website. Check it out.

by needs a distractionreply 7204/12/2010

There have always been pics of them, R72. Whenever they are in the same town and event they are always photographed together. I don't think her break up had anything to do with it.

by needs a distractionreply 7304/12/2010

As far as I know, Jessica Steen has never been married, nor linked romantically to any famous man, and she's 45.

by needs a distractionreply 7404/12/2010

Jessica Steen looks great. She's more beautiful now than ever.

I remember an old article mentioning her (then) boyfriend, an actor (don't remember his name) who was in the TV show "Homefront" with her.

by needs a distractionreply 7504/13/2010

R62 - I saw Jill and Cathy at a bar here in Dallas last week. They were promoting their web series. Sorry, no dish, though.

by needs a distractionreply 7604/13/2010

R63, I always wondered if the rumors were true about Jasmine and Jorja Fox back in NYC in the late 80s/early 90s.

by needs a distractionreply 7704/13/2010

Hasn't Olivia Wilde come out at least as bi?

And also from House, Lisa Edelstein has always pinged to me; I can't find any reference to a boyfriend or husband.

There's currently a thread about the SuperNanny, Jo Frost. It would make me happy (and confirm my 'dar) if she were to come out.

by needs a distractionreply 7804/13/2010

Why does Mariska make those ugly faces, like when she has Diddy syndrome and can't close her mouth? Looks like a guppy.

by needs a distractionreply 7904/13/2010

When did Olivia come out as bi, [R78]? In interviews, she's awkwardly joked about the fact that she's played many bi characters, then found a way to segway into a story involving her husband. It would make me really happy to hear that she came out as bi. She's so gayish. And hot.

by needs a distractionreply 8004/15/2010

"segway"? You mean she rode a motorized two-wheel scooter into marriage?

by needs a distractionreply 8104/15/2010

That's not all. She secretly had Jesse James soup up her Segway and she races through L.A. at 40 mph, crushing anything in her path.

by needs a distractionreply 8204/15/2010

Me too, r77.

by needs a distractionreply 8304/15/2010

I also thought that Lisa Edelstein was gay, but apparently she's dating the male boss of a friend of my cousin's.

She was very involved in the 80s club kid scene in NY though, and half of those people were bi, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was too.

No matter what, she's seriously hot.

by needs a distractionreply 8404/15/2010

I doubt, R53. She's a closeted paranoid mess.

by needs a distractionreply 8504/22/2010

Olivia's as gay friendly as they get. If she were gay, she'd be out by now. Much as I wish it were so, she's just not gay. >>> I have no idea if she's straight or not, but I don't really see why the gay friendly part should matter. There have been celebs who have been very gay friendly, but took them years to finally come out themselves.

by needs a distractionreply 8604/22/2010

When is Queen L. going to come out?

by needs a distractionreply 8704/24/2010

Wasn't ONJ's first husband, Matt Lattanzi, bisexual? I know Boze Hadleigh is hardly reputable, but his chapter "The Story of O" in his book "Sing Out" was PLAINLY about ONJ (he had other dtories about Dusty Springfield, Rod Stewart, and Helen Reddy).

by needs a distractionreply 8804/24/2010

What was the story of O, R88?

by needs a distractionreply 8904/24/2010

r89...It is supposedly a candid 'interview' with a female singer (called 'O') who met her then husband (a gay/bisexual dancer on a 'rock musical' that they were in), and they had a young daughter. Anyway, "O"is clearly ONJ (she met 1st husband Lattanzi on the "Xanadu" set, and they had Chloe together)."O" was quite clear that she liked to seduce and have sex with women (and her husband had his flings wih men). This is all in the book "Sing OUT" by Boze Hadliegh(I know...I know...)about gay/lesbian/bisexual singers.

by needs a distractionreply 9004/24/2010

Interesting, R88, thanks.

by needs a distractionreply 9104/24/2010

Yes...I like to think that good, old-fashioned trashy gossip is what the DL is for!

by needs a distractionreply 9204/24/2010

I wouldn't mind seeing ONJ's 'Bitsy Mae' character (from the MOVIE "Sordid Lives"--preplastic surgery facial disasters) get down/go down with a vintage Dolly Parton!

by needs a distractionreply 9304/24/2010

I've got a Faceboook friend who swears she hooked up with Evangeline Lilly.

We've never met her in person, but she seems pretty normal otherwise, so I tend to believe her.

by needs a distractionreply 9404/24/2010

Matt Lattanzi used to live in a teepee, maybe he still does.

by needs a distractionreply 9504/24/2010

Someone posted on the imdb board that she met Holland Taylor today!

by needs a distractionreply 9604/24/2010

Evangeline Lilly, huh? I also think Lisa Edelstein is at least bi. But that may be because she played gay in the first show I saw her in (Relativity starring Brad Paisley's wife and Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV husband).

by needs a distractionreply 9704/24/2010

What about country singes Chely Wright, Terri Clark or Shelby Lynne? Why can't we ever hear Nashville gossip?

by needs a distractionreply 9804/24/2010

Terri Clark seemed awfully couple-ly with one of her band members, Anita, in some of her youtube videos.

by needs a distractionreply 9904/24/2010


by needs a distractionreply 10004/24/2010

Yeah...Terri and Shelby BOTH should come on who in the hell do they think they are fooling?

by needs a distractionreply 10104/24/2010

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron of Glee

by needs a distractionreply 10204/24/2010

Yeah, what about Chely Wright...

She had a big hit (single white female) and then kind of dropped out of sight.

by needs a distractionreply 10304/24/2010

Add Jann Arden to the Canadian lesbian list.

by needs a distractionreply 10404/24/2010

Does DL still have the Lesbian Forum ? I lost the link awhile back .

by needs a distractionreply 10504/24/2010

Hollywood...seems like soooomany are AT LEAST hasbeans!

For example...Susan Sarandon's famous (and oh so true statement regarding her love scene with Catherine Deneuve: "I mean...she's Catherine Deneuve!Who WOULDN'Twant to bed her..." thing Hollywood willnever have a shortage of is beautiful, sexy women...

by needs a distractionreply 10604/24/2010

Damn...there have been some rumors about Candice Bergen (supposedly her husband,Louis Malle,was at least bisexual)...She was HOT back in the day!

by needs a distractionreply 10704/24/2010

"Does DL still have the Lesbian Forum ?"

No - not since the DL update before last!

by needs a distractionreply 10804/24/2010

I think she's still hot, R107. She has aged gracefully.

by needs a distractionreply 10904/24/2010

And now....A message from our sponsors...

by needs a distractionreply 11004/25/2010

Love this clip of Holland Taylor and Stephanie Faracy from "The Lot"!

by needs a distractionreply 11104/25/2010

What's the meaning of "She was vintage during the Murphy Brown years" quip? I thought she was the smartest & sexiest woman on TV at that time.

by needs a distractionreply 11204/25/2010

That is EXACTLY what I meant, r112! I think shewas at the height of her beauty (she looked better than she did in her 20s, and better than she looks now (not that she isn't still strikingly beautiful...she is...and I a want to absolutely fuck Holland Taylor with wild abandon, and she is I am not trying to be ageist in any way). God knows I STILL love Candy ,too!!!Beautiful intellectuals are great (cause you have plenty to talk about in those 'interim' times in bed...

by needs a distractionreply 11304/25/2010

Gabby Sabatini &: 1)Steffi Graf 2)Lucia Galan 3)Zulemita Menem 4)Xuxa 5)Conchita Martinez meh 6)that trainer named Stroia 7)soap opera actress whose name can't remember... 7)Lujan Grisolia

by needs a distractionreply 11404/26/2010

"7)soap opera actress whose name can't remember..."

No! Are you sure? You must be kidding!

by needs a distractionreply 11504/27/2010

R115 I heard it long ago and I'm senile.

by needs a distractionreply 11604/29/2010

Holland Taylor looked good at the 2010 TV Land awards.

by needs a distractionreply 11704/29/2010

Thanks for the pic of Lea and Dianna, r102. They're both beautiful women, especially Dianna. They look great together. Having a threesome with them is a fantasy of mine. And yes, I'm a woman.

by needs a distractionreply 11805/02/2010

Chely Wright?

by needs a distractionreply 11905/03/2010

Any others?

by needs a distractionreply 12001/10/2011

Well, I guess gaydar does work if these Chely Wright postings came out before she did.

by needs a distractionreply 12101/10/2011

Deidre Hall, the soap actress

by needs a distractionreply 12201/10/2011

Charlize Theron?

by needs a distractionreply 12301/10/2011

Dana Delany

by needs a distractionreply 12401/11/2011

why do people say Rachel McAdams is gay? Same with Piper, seems more like wishful thinking. I know Piper lived with her manager and had an interview about their place together but she was also pretty young then and I can see her wanting something stable in her life. I'd love it if they were gay, I think they're both great, but what are the rumors based upon?

by needs a distractionreply 12501/11/2011

portia and guin turner dated back in the day

by needs a distractionreply 12601/11/2011

Wishful thinking, R125.

by needs a distractionreply 12701/11/2011

Alicia Bridges

by needs a distractionreply 12801/11/2011

Rachel McAdams tends to have showmances with a lot of actors rumored to be gay is all.

And a few people said she liked to bookmark her tongue back in college.

by needs a distractionreply 12901/11/2011

Brandi Carlile. I've always wondered why she doesn't get more love here. Girl is HOT and gay. What do we know about her gf?

by needs a distractionreply 13001/11/2011

Is Stana Katic really a bitch in wheels?

by needs a distractionreply 13101/11/2011

R131, who cares? Did you see her in that white turtleneck on last night's episode of Castle? Fucking hot!

by needs a distractionreply 13201/11/2011

bookmark her tongue?

by needs a distractionreply 13301/11/2011

Yes, it's true, R131. The rest of the cast and the crew hate the bitch.

by needs a distractionreply 13401/11/2011

Any rumors about the younger "star" crowd?%0D %0D You know, those late teen and early twenties people who are packaged and sold by corporations as talent. Think female Zac Efrons and the like.

by needs a distractionreply 13501/11/2011

portia and guin turner dated back in the day%0D %0D >>>%0D %0D %0D Is this really true though? I remember how disappointed I became when I read an interview with Guin 5 years back where she stated she ONLY dated butches/stone butches and always had.

by needs a distractionreply 13601/11/2011

Guin Turner is with Tracy Chapman now.

by needs a distractionreply 13701/11/2011

Donna Mills. Linda Evans. Vanna White's at least bi...

by needs a distractionreply 13801/11/2011

Hearing about all the gay/bi people that are everyday names across the country makes me wish that story 'Am I Blue?' was true. Everyone, depending on their degree of gayness, turned a certain shade of blue.%0D %0D I remember the part in the story where the son wasn't sure what made him feel the most uncomfortable, his very deep blue color or the definite tint of blue on his father. %0D %0D I mean, imagine if all the people on this thread and all the gay/bi males in Hollywood were out? America would either have to accept it or stop watching entertainment of any kind and we know Americans will never stop watching entertainment.

by needs a distractionreply 13901/11/2011

So who is Donna Mill's gf?

by needs a distractionreply 14001/12/2011

Did the Stana Katic rumour start with Celebrity Caterer?%0D %0D Anyone know who she's supposed to have dated?

by needs a distractionreply 14101/12/2011

What's the deal with Kristen Stewart? Is she actually f'ing Pattinson?

by needs a distractionreply 14201/12/2011

R141, I don't know where the rumor started but a lot of women who play lesbians are considered lesbians and she played one in Feast of Love (boring fucking movie, btw, but she and her love scene were hot). Not saying that's the case with her because she does ping to a lot of people but just throwing that one out there.

by needs a distractionreply 14301/12/2011

Fuck that lot! I'd give my last rolo for a few minutes with my head stuck between Jane Hill's breasts. God I hope she's got a hairy fanny, you just can't beat the joy of finding a hot, steaming black bush.%0D %0D Dear God, if you really exist, let me bump into her, seduce her and fuck her brains out till her eyeballs squish.%0D Yo mamma!%0D

by needs a distractionreply 14401/12/2011

R144 Offer to walk Mavis in North London!

by needs a distractionreply 14501/12/2011

I would R145 if I knew her! She has become the object of my frantic wanking over the past 4-5 months. I can now orgasm in less than 1 minute and I'm up to 7 a day. Sometimes when I'm bored at work I pop into the loo and flick one off the wrist. Had a dodgy moment the other week though as I haven't cut my nails for while - I came, my clit went numb, load of blood was oozing! I honestly thought I'd rubbed my clit clean off. Thankfully I hadn't though I now have to be a bit more careful.%0D %0D PS. don't anyone bother to tell me the above is too much info! I know! I know! And it's all HER fault! Please God let me get over this fascination with Jane Hill! I actually turned down a hot date the other week because she didn't have the Jane Hill thing going on. I may die blind, with no clit and my tongue dragging along the floor! Perhaps I need therapy....?%0D

by needs a distractionreply 14601/12/2011

Damn, and I thought the English had stiff upper lips

by needs a distractionreply 14701/13/2011

[you just can't beat the joy of finding a hot, steaming black bush]

No, R144, you can't!

by needs a distractionreply 14801/13/2011

R142 = straight moronic teenager who doesn't know which thread she's in (or that she's not welcome on DL). Stay in this thread awhile, anyway; perhaps you're just not out yet.

That's what I've begun to think about all the homophobic straights who post on DL. This is their first step into the gay community, one closer to realizing they're gay or bi. Better than thinking they found their way here from other gossip sites. Then I loathe them.

Rumors about Olivia Newton-John are old, and I don't think they started with Johnny Carson at all. Some Aussi gossip journalist is quoted in a Boze Hadleigh book (don't remember which, as I have 3 of them) as outing Nicole Kidman, ONJ, and Helen Reddy, IIRC. That was way before the Carson thing that's always discussed as "the outing". Easier for her if it's a mistake by an American talk-show host, rather than a comment by an Australian who perhaps knew first-hand.

by needs a distractionreply 14901/13/2011

Anyone remember Lisa Edelstein on the cover of Deneuve magazine wearing a black Everlast hat? Almost looks like a different person.

by needs a distractionreply 15001/13/2011

No you are not alone, r142!

by needs a distractionreply 15101/13/2011

I mean, r143!

by needs a distractionreply 15201/13/2011

[quote] but a lot of women who play lesbians are considered lesbians %0D %0D You are a special kind of fucking stupid. Britney Spears has probably more working brain cells.

by needs a distractionreply 15301/14/2011

What about Jessica Steen? Gay? Straight?

by needs a distractionreply 15401/14/2011

Who else?

by needs a distractionreply 15501/14/2011

No gossip on Brandi Carlile? She's probably the youngest out chick musician and yet none of us have any gossip on her. Bizarre.

by needs a distractionreply 15601/14/2011

R153, if you don't think that's true, you must live on another planet, moron.

by needs a distractionreply 15701/14/2011

[quote]but a lot of women who play lesbians are considered lesbians

Only in your deluded little mind, Sasquatch.

by needs a distractionreply 15801/14/2011

R158, join your stupid cousin above.

by needs a distractionreply 15901/14/2011

R159 you're late for your flat earth society meeting.

by needs a distractionreply 16001/14/2011

R156, Brandi's girlfriend is a police officer. Her name is Kim. Here is a link to her bio. she was a woman of inspiration for the Seattle Storm in 2010.%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 16101/14/2011

Ha fucking ha R148 (not!)%0D %0D Thank God I don't live anywhere near her or am sure I'd be arrested for fucking stalking; it wouldn't look good a woman in her mid 40's being arrested for stalking a newsreader!! Arrrghhhhhh%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 16201/14/2011


by needs a distractionreply 16301/14/2011

Mary Portas is on tv at the moment. I wouldn't would you?%0D %0D She's fucking ginger for god's sake! Ewwwww

by needs a distractionreply 16401/14/2011

[quote]you're late for your flat earth society meeting.%0D %0D Are you three idiots having a contest for the most idiotic supposed insult? Lame, lame, lame.%0D

by needs a distractionreply 16501/14/2011

R164, bigot much? Bet you hate butch women too, right?

by needs a distractionreply 16601/14/2011

Thanks for the link R161. Brandi's gf looks like one of my exes and its creeping me out. Is it true that they may actually be married?

by needs a distractionreply 16701/14/2011

R162, I believe JH is back on telly next week - happy wanking! Please don't hurt yourself again......

by needs a distractionreply 16801/15/2011

R168 she's been on the tele this week for News24 lunchtime so you're too late!%0D %0D R164 Would my hunch that you're butch and ginger be correct? I wouldn't say I don't like butch it's just that they're soooo not sexy and all that wanting to take the lead all the time got on my nerves as a twenty something. I realised I prefer a feminine woman; apart from the fact their shagging technique and general lovemaking repertoire is far superior; they switch effortlessly too ;o)%0D %0D If not liking ginger makes me a bigot then ok. Look, ginger is like totally urggggghhh. I heard you can catch it - if you blow a ginger you start going ginger yourself, therefore, I have always steered clear of the ginger folk. Ginger pubes are surely the worst in the world. If proof was laid before me that Jane Hill is a closet ginger I would immediately go right off her!%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 16901/15/2011

My vote's still with Dana Delaney. And I'm sorry, I had the misfortune of not being on DL when the Elizabeth Mitchell thing was going on, could someone not gagging please tell us what the fuck that was all about? BTW, I've been on for at least 4 years or so, SO this is ancient DL history.

by needs a distractionreply 17001/15/2011

R165 is just reeling right now. Go have another twinkie honey.

by needs a distractionreply 17101/15/2011

R166 has a big ole red bush.

by needs a distractionreply 17201/15/2011

Does Anna Torv strike anyone else as gay, or is it just my wishful thinking?

by needs a distractionreply 17301/15/2011

R170, consider yourself lucky you were not here. It would have started around 2001 when Mitchell played a lesbian on ER.

by needs a distractionreply 17401/15/2011

[quote]or is it just my wishful thinking?

This whole thread is that.

by needs a distractionreply 17501/15/2011

Oh come now, R175

by needs a distractionreply 17601/15/2011

Margaret Mountford off the UK version of the apprentice. Gay, straight, asexual?%0D %0D I'd love to..... :oP

by needs a distractionreply 17701/17/2011

Did anyone see the Golden Globes pre-show where Guiliana Rancic asked Piper Perabo if she was dating anyone and she said that she 'liked to keep that stuff private.' CODE RED

by needs a distractionreply 17801/17/2011

I could still talk about Elizabeth Mitchell. I'm watching V only for her.%0D %0D Anna Torv - I'm guessing straight%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 17901/17/2011

R178, I thought the exact same thing.

As soon as Guiliana asked, I thought, "Let's see how Piper gets around this one."

On the upside, good for her for not creating a fake boyfriend.

by needs a distractionreply 18001/17/2011

Suzanne Malveaux the CNN news anchor.

by needs a distractionreply 18101/19/2011

[quote]Did anyone see the Golden Globes pre-show where Guiliana Rancic asked Piper Perabo if she was dating anyone and she said that she 'liked to keep that stuff private.' CODE RED

I was actually surprised she didn't use the stock "I don't like to discuss my personal life". The use of the word "private" sent far louder signals that there IS a relationship she's keeping private. It's interesting that the USA network has built shows around her Matt Bomer, both of whom are barely closted.

by needs a distractionreply 18201/19/2011

"No gossip on Brandi Carlile? She's probably the youngest out chick musician and yet none of us have any gossip on her. Bizarre." There's 10 pages of gossip on her here:

by needs a distractionreply 18301/20/2011

So, is Piper still with her manager, or has she moved on?

by needs a distractionreply 18401/21/2011

Piper and her manager were together at the Golden Globes.

by needs a distractionreply 18501/21/2011


by needs a distractionreply 18601/21/2011

Serena Iansiti - is she straight, gay, closet? Does anyone know anything about her?%0D %0D She pings for me but that could just be wishful thinking (hoping) on my part!!%0D %0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 18701/23/2011

And while I'm here, Alex Jones off the BBC's One Show. Looks like a lesbian to me and this is not wishful thinking, I can't stand her.%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 18801/26/2011

Sarah Paulson.No scandals to report.

by needs a distractionreply 18901/28/2011

I think Sarah Paulson is back together with Ms. Jones, is that correct?

by needs a distractionreply 19001/28/2011

This is apparently old gossip, but it's news to me: Did Saffron Burrows really have an affair with Bill Clinton?

by needs a distractionreply 19101/28/2011

Sarah and Cherry are back together. They are in Utah at the Sundance Festival. Sarah has a movie playing there.

by needs a distractionreply 19201/28/2011

I thought it was RADHA Mitchell some DL lesbians used to be obsessed with. There you go, showing my ignorance again.

by needs a distractionreply 19301/28/2011

Well, I think Radha Mitchell is hot. Her career, however, is not.

by needs a distractionreply 19401/28/2011


by needs a distractionreply 19501/28/2011

Radha Mitchell is extremely hot. She isn't gay by any chance, is she?

by needs a distractionreply 19601/29/2011

I thought it was Gina Gershon who had the affair with Clinton?

by needs a distractionreply 19701/30/2011


by needs a distractionreply 19801/31/2011

I'm just gonna go ahead and open that particular can of worms: what's Sam Ronson been up to lately?

by needs a distractionreply 19901/31/2011

Who's Maria Bello seeing?

by needs a distractionreply 20002/13/2011

I'd love to know the answer to that question, R200. There is never any gossip on Bello.

by needs a distractionreply 20102/13/2011

No current gossip about Bello, but plenty of it back when she and M@r!$k@ seemed close.

by needs a distractionreply 20202/13/2011

Yes, R202. Plenty of gossip back then about Bello but that seems to be the only thing we ever hear about her. I don't believe that she has only been involved with one woman.

by needs a distractionreply 20302/13/2011

Never heard of Bello.%0D %0D I have heard of Sandi 'Umpa-Lumpa' Toksvig though. What's happened to this vertically challenged faux butch?%0D %0D Is she butch in the streets and fem in the sheets? Has anyone actually fucked her? And would admit to it without a gun to their head?%0D %0D %0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 20403/02/2011


by needs a distractionreply 20503/02/2011

Ellen Page

by needs a distractionreply 20603/04/2011

Ellen Page is ugly and has no charisma or talent. Next?

by needs a distractionreply 20703/04/2011

I don't really have anything against Ellen Page but I never got why she was considered the second coming during the Juno hoopla or why Juno was considered such a fabo movie.

by needs a distractionreply 20803/04/2011

i had lunch with a friend who used to work at the ellen degeneres show until a few years ago. friend said that ellen is a complete asshole and the opposite of her public image.

one of her stories... when the writers strike happened, ellen's head writer (at the time) told ellen she should take some time off to support the writers, it would look bad if she didn't, etc. ellen said absolutely not. so the writers strike happens, ellen gets bad press for continuing on air. when the strike ends and the writers come back to work, ellen calls in the head writer and immediately fires her for "not warning her about the bad press she would get if she kept shooting the show during the strike." not only does she fire this person (who apparently was one of her closest friends for many years and regularly appeared on the show), she strips away all responsibilities of the head writer's fiance, who also worked at the show. systematically went after the fiance until that person is basically forced to quit as well.

friend said ellen regularly throws tantrums behind the scenes in which she cries and carries on like a crazy bitch. also said she is incredibly paranoid.

by needs a distractionreply 20903/04/2011

209- i knew nobody is dancing and laughing all the time, she is funny but also a phony, seeling the image. I understand that Portia's ex way hot and Ellen is like an old guy so I don't get it...

by needs a distractionreply 21003/04/2011

Jessica Biel and Lauren German on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

R207 Ellen Page is quite interesting. I wish people would have some info.

by needs a distractionreply 21103/04/2011

R196, I think I read that Radha Mitchell has never been publically involved with a guy, and is pretty evasive about the subject. So I'd say that there is, indeed, a chance that she is lesbian.

by needs a distractionreply 21203/04/2011

That's not a new rumour that Ellen is an asshole behind the scenes. I'd love for someone to catch that on tape.

by needs a distractionreply 21303/04/2011

R213, remember her breakup with Alex Hedison? Ellen was pretty much outed as an asshole then.

by needs a distractionreply 21403/04/2011

All I remember is that Ellen dumped Alex and Portia dumped Francesca and Alex sued both P and E. Alex doesn't come off too god there either she seems like kind of gold digger/woman scorned.

by needs a distractionreply 21503/04/2011

How about Traci Dinwiddie? Is she wonder woman?

by needs a distractionreply 21603/04/2011

There's nothing to get, R210. Ellen is rich.

by needs a distractionreply 21703/04/2011

I was a bit dashed to realise that Sharon Stone is not even slightly lesbo as I would LOVE her to be the one and only blonde GOOD LOOKING lesbian! One of the pearl clutching Marys put a link on here to a youtube interview where someone is asking her directly is she likes women sexually. Stone repeats she's not a lesbian at least 4 times. So that's shot me up the arse.%0D %0D I'd love to be contradicted though! :P%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 21803/04/2011

Regarding Ellen Page, there's speculation on another thread that she slept with John Malkovich and Christopher Nolan to further her career.

I'm a Nova Scotian,and some people around here seems to think she's quietly out as a lesbian. I have a friend who's seen her around Halifax with the same woman, but that was a few years ago, and I haven't heard any gossip since.

by needs a distractionreply 21903/04/2011

Stone isn't GOOD LOOKING r218.

Btw, it's her sister that is either bisexual or lesbian.

by needs a distractionreply 22003/04/2011

You've got to be kidding R220! Stone is absolutely fucking stunning! I've seen her in the flesh, although from a distance, and it took my breath away. She was hardly wearing any makeup too and I got a good look at her as she was having lunch at a table just across from us in London. %0D %0D You must be blind. She's knee-tremblingly beautiful. If only she was gay.....%0D %0D PS. Seen her sister - next!%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 22103/04/2011

[quote]All I remember is that Ellen dumped Alex and Portia dumped Francesca and Alex sued both P and E. Alex doesn't come off too god there either she seems like kind of gold digger/woman scorned.

A quick search on Google failed to turn up news of an actual suit filed by Alex Hedison. OTOH there are many links that fall into one of the following categories: (1) "Alex Hedison is rumored to be considering a palimony action" or (2) "Legal experts say Hedison has a cause of action against DeGeneres for palimony and against diRossi for alienation of affection". In other words, lots of talk, but no action.

I seem to remember reading that Ellen DeGeneres did give Alex Hedison some sort of financial settlement on a voluntary basis as opposed to settling a legal action. Whatever the amount was, Hedison must have been satisfied, because it never landed in court.

by needs a distractionreply 22203/04/2011

Sharon Stone was VERY hot during her Basic Instinct days.%0D %0D Now, not so much.

by needs a distractionreply 22303/04/2011

Where are we with Rosey O'D? Did she split up with the girlfriend who she had some kids with? Whatshername? Last I heard she'd been beating the girlfriend up. Was this true or just some lying bitchy DLer stirring things up?%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 22403/04/2011

I didn't know who Rachel Maddow is so I just looked her up. Bejaysus her life partner is fugly! %0D %0D I have concluded Rachel Maddow's life partner is the mommey to love her she lacked.%0D %0D Mind you Rachel Maddow is fugly too. Cripes, I mean you wouldn't would you?%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 22503/05/2011

I think Becky Anderson is far more attractive, but heard she was straight

by needs a distractionreply 22603/05/2011

Michelle Rodriguez is not a lesbian...Just in case you were wondering

[quote]"I'm not a lesbian," she said immediately, before jokingly adding, "Yeah! Mitchie likes sausage."

by needs a distractionreply 22703/09/2011


by needs a distractionreply 22803/09/2011

mmmm Elizabeth Mitchel%0D %0D

by needs a distractionreply 22903/09/2011

Elizabeth has the best boobs!

by needs a distractionreply 23003/16/2011

Yeah more on Rosie and Kelli

by needs a distractionreply 23103/17/2011


by needs a distractionreply 23206/02/2011

Ellen Page has been seen around Montreal with "friend" Clea DuVall recently.

by needs a distractionreply 23306/30/2011

The thought of Ellen Page and Clea DuVall as a couple makes me think I'm not a lesbian.


by needs a distractionreply 23407/01/2011

Any info on the girls of GLEE?

by needs a distractionreply 23507/01/2011

Martina N is still loved up with her hot young wife, I see. They make a cute couple.

by needs a distractionreply 23607/02/2011

pic of Clea DuVall and Ellen Page.

Just a couple of heterosexual ladies hanging out.

by needs a distractionreply 23707/02/2011

Rosie isn't with Kelli anymore. Last I heard, Rosie had hooked up with some woman who has five or six kids.

by needs a distractionreply 23807/02/2011

Is Rosie still with Tracey? It seems like an off again, on again, type thing.%0D %0D Kelli has been in a new relationship for just over a year with Anne Steele and she recently moved in with Kelli. Reading her twiiter, they seem very happy.

by needs a distractionreply 23907/02/2011

Someone told me Beaverly from The Voice was a lesbian. I did not suspect until she had the cane on the finale. Could it really be true? She is A LOT of (wo)man.

by needs a distractionreply 24007/02/2011

Ellen Page is outed ola!

by needs a distractionreply 24107/03/2011

[quote]Someone told me Beaverly from The Voice was a lesbian. I did not suspect until she had the cane on the finale.%0D %0D You didn't suspect she was gay? Really? Really? Wow.

by needs a distractionreply 24207/03/2011

I was watching Winbledon, there was Maria Sharapova's fiancee there, some basketball dude...really? Coz some people swore she's gay.

by needs a distractionreply 24307/03/2011

Clea Duvall needs to dress her age.

by needs a distractionreply 24407/03/2011

Can anyone make a seperated thread about Page? Now that she has been outed?

by needs a distractionreply 24507/03/2011

Sharapova's 'fiance' is a beard. She will never come out of the closet while her father is alive, apparently.

by needs a distractionreply 24607/03/2011

What's Sharapova's "beard fiance" getting of that deal? There were some strong gossiping among tournament people that she indeed is gay and now she's having this basketball fiancee...%0D She'd be more beliavable if they didn't say they were engaged, she's only 24, she doesn't need to be engaged gay or straight.

by needs a distractionreply 24707/04/2011

Is there any insider here? Someone must work in some studio or elsewhere in Hollywood, there has to be gossips about Kristen, Ellen, Jodie and all the rumored gay girls...

by needs a distractionreply 24807/04/2011

Come on, Page wasn't outed, she was walking with Clea. Ok, Clea is probably gay but you can't make Ellen Page lesbian by association.%0D %0D And I'd put my money on Kristen Stewart being gay sooner than Page (could be bisex tho).

by needs a distractionreply 24907/05/2011

new couple alert! Sam Ronson is now with daughter of David Foster, Erin Foster. See link. She's pretty. Sam gets all the girls, but it sounds like this one isn't crazy.

by needs a distractionreply 25007/05/2011

Ellen (Page) is so super gay. This is just too obvious of an "association"

by needs a distractionreply 25107/05/2011

What do all these girls see in Ronson? She must have a magic tongue.

by needs a distractionreply 25207/05/2011

So Cydney took Jodie back? There are pics of them on vacation with kids in Turkey and Greece. Why didn't she take the money and tried to find someone who won't cheat?%0D %0D 252- Ronson is beyond ugly, she must have a knock-out personality, otherwise, I've no explanation...

by needs a distractionreply 25307/13/2011

Is anyone watching the ridiculous Real L Word?

by needs a distractionreply 25407/13/2011

[quote]What do all these girls see in Ronson? She must have a magic tongue.%0D %0D 1. she is a "musician" and can play the guitar (that one gets you VERY far with the lesbians)%0D %0D 2. she is rich and comes from an interesting family%0D %0D 3. she probably takes her girlfriend everywhere she goes which is all over the world and the best clubs

by needs a distractionreply 25507/13/2011

255- 1, 2 and 3 is nearly not enough to lie down or wake up with her. She may have a winning personality but...look at her.

by needs a distractionreply 25607/14/2011

[quote]Kelli has been in a new relationship for just over a year with Anne Steele and she recently moved in with Kelli. Reading her twitter, they seem very happy.

Steele is a definite improvement over Rosie.

by needs a distractionreply 25707/14/2011

Interview with Anne Steele and a couple of pics and sentences about her and Kelli. So cute

by needs a distractionreply 25807/14/2011

Kelli and Anne

by needs a distractionreply 25907/14/2011

I remember people on DL and other places talking about Clea Duvall being gay years ago. %0D %0D But, great as that may be, as would be her and Ellen as a couple, there's nothing in those pics other than showing two actors walking together. It would be so cool though.

by needs a distractionreply 26007/14/2011

Any new gossip on the following:%0D %0D Gillian Anderson?%0D %0D Kirsten Dunst?%0D %0D Jorja Fox?

by needs a distractionreply 26107/14/2011

Yeah, R261 -- our careers are OVER!!!

by needs a distractionreply 26207/14/2011

Is Elizabeth Mitchell a leg licker?

by needs a distractionreply 26307/14/2011

Radha Mitchell

by needs a distractionreply 26407/14/2011

[quote]Radha Mitchell%0D %0D Is she gay?

by needs a distractionreply 26507/15/2011

L word returns! The only returning cast members will be Whitney and Romy.

by needs a distractionreply 26607/15/2011

Piper and some writer chick who is apparently young and cute.

by needs a distractionreply 26707/17/2011

Kirsten Dunst's career isn't over -she won Best Actress at Cannes for Melancholia, which I am looking forward to!

by needs a distractionreply 26807/31/2011

She won because they couldn't give the palm d'or to Lars Von Trier.

by needs a distractionreply 26907/31/2011

Does anybody know what is going on with cherry jones? w saw pics of them in Jan at hat about Sarah paulson? I saack in Jan but w pics of them at Sundance but nothing since.

by needs a distractionreply 27007/31/2011

My last post looks awful,sorry.I wanted to ask about Sarah paulson and Cherry jones,Last pic I saw of them together was in Jan at Sundance.

by needs a distractionreply 27107/31/2011

Singer Roseanne Cash was on NPR's "Wait, Wait, dont tell me".....this weekend...

She said that she was a Neko Case groupie (female singer who is cute) and the Sandra Berhardt is her really good friend.

She always pinged for me.

Anybody know anything about johnnie Cash's daughter?

Is she lesbonic?

by needs a distractionreply 27208/01/2011

Rosanne Cash is married to John Leventhal and they have a son; she has a couple of other kids, too, by Randy Crowell.

While she's extremely liberal and very smart, she is not gay.

by needs a distractionreply 27308/01/2011

[quote]She always pinged for me.

I'm sure a dead squirrel "pings" for you.

by needs a distractionreply 27408/01/2011

Some website decided to out Ellen Page.

by needs a distractionreply 27508/02/2011

No, actually dead squirrels

don't ping for me...what an odd thing to say.

by needs a distractionreply 27608/02/2011

Is there a thread on sam ronson's DUI yet? How in the he'll was she that drunk at 10:30am? I thought that she was clean.

by needs a distractionreply 27708/02/2011

So I hear Ellen Page was outed today or yesterday. Is Datalounge caught up yet?

by needs a distractionreply 27808/03/2011

[quote]G, K & J -- only J is da gay%0D %0D Nope. That's why I asked for gossip.

by needs a distractionreply 27908/03/2011

[quote] This is an interesting one. This actress is C list. Yes, she stars in her own television show which should make her at least a B lister, but she just does not get the publicity or really have that special name recognition. Her name is easy to remember though. Anyway, our actress has never really been in the public eye which has allowed her to date who she wants. Her preference? She-Males. Yep. The actress from a conservative town has the craziest fetish I have heard in a long time.

by needs a distractionreply 28008/04/2011

I'd say Piper Perabo. Her name isn't easy to spell, but once you know it, you don't forget it.

by needs a distractionreply 28108/04/2011

R280 Evan Rachel Wood? Marilyn Mason. Boys name. TV show (True Blood) and smaller films. From North Carolina originally.%0D

by needs a distractionreply 28208/04/2011

Gillian Anderson has had affairs w/ women. She is bi -

by needs a distractionreply 28308/04/2011

Evan was fantastic in Running with Scissors.

by needs a distractionreply 28408/04/2011

What about Camryn Manheim? She has always pinged for me but I have never heard any gossip about her.

by needs a distractionreply 28508/06/2011

R285, she came out years ago

by needs a distractionreply 28608/06/2011

Camryn Manheim is disgusting (even within normal weight range). Who could possibly give a shit whether she is straight or gay? Plus, Manheim hasn't been a regular in a show for years (for good reason: she doesn't have star quality).

by needs a distractionreply 28708/06/2011

If it's Piper, does that mean Tina Thor is a transexual?

Would Evan Rachel Wood be considered the star of True Blood, though?

by needs a distractionreply 28808/06/2011

Camryn Manheim is out?

by needs a distractionreply 28908/06/2011

Manheim is not out.

by needs a distractionreply 29008/07/2011

Manheim is straight. And she's the type of woman who'd be loud and proud were she actually gay.

by needs a distractionreply 29108/07/2011

The BI rehash site has Piper Perabo and Dana Delany as most popular guesses. I'm going to go with Perabo. Delany seems like a good guess, too, but I just don't see her as a C list celebrity.

by needs a distractionreply 29208/07/2011


by needs a distractionreply 29308/07/2011

can we talk about actual lesbian, and not fantasy or closet case, like that Spanish actress in the new Almodovar.

by needs a distractionreply 29408/07/2011

Camryn Manheim's not exactly my type, but I wouldn't go so far as to call her disgusting.

by needs a distractionreply 29508/07/2011

Did Sara Gilbert and Ali Adler really break up?

by needs a distractionreply 29608/08/2011


by needs a distractionreply 29708/11/2011

Ellen Page has been outed:

by needs a distractionreply 29808/11/2011

Have the ethics of outing changed?

by needs a distractionreply 29908/11/2011

Ummm. Doesn't her outing deserve a own thread?

by needs a distractionreply 30008/11/2011

Robin Weigert screwed up her career by shacking up with a series of power players ending with Elizabeth Sarnoff (yes of those Sarnoffs) a co-producer of LOST. Once they broke up Weigert lost a lot of her connections and her bizarre behavior put her over the hill.

by needs a distractionreply 30108/11/2011

Girls, did you read in the Keram thread about Nicole Kidman + Naomi Watts, NK + Renee Zellweger and NK and Alison Janney? Don't tell me AJ is straight. She pingeth in a most deafening fashion.%0D %0D This below is not particularly current...but maybe it is - it's timeless. Isn't Candice B perfection here? (turn down the sound and don't look at the guy)

by needs a distractionreply 30208/16/2011

[quote]Girls, did you read in the Keram thread about Nicole Kidman + Naomi Watts%0D %0D We've discussed this a couple of times. There's even a website with pictures of them together. It's really cute%0D

by needs a distractionreply 30308/16/2011

Don't you just hate it when a lesbain you always considered dire begins to enter your thoughts - your sexual thoughts!

I am deeply ashamed to admit I have just sat here in my office and had a sexy moment in thought with Mary Portas - I am now bereft!

Oh lord, please help me!


by needs a distractionreply 30410/21/2011

Shame on you R304 ! Shame !

Have we ever talked about Amber Heard ?

by needs a distractionreply 30510/21/2011

How did Sarah Paulson come off to some of y'all last night on Craig Ferguson's talk show?

There was something about 'off' about her that I cannot quite put my finger on for some reason.

by needs a distractionreply 30610/21/2011

We lesbians are always trying to put our finger on it.

by needs a distractionreply 30710/21/2011

The Sarah Paulson Interview was so silly.I don't watch C F much,But they barely talked about the movie Sarah was there to promote.

by needs a distractionreply 30810/22/2011

Amber Heard is not worth discussing ever since she went back in the closet after getting "The Playboy Club". Now she claims she never said she was a lesbian.

by needs a distractionreply 30910/22/2011

Did Amber Heard ever say she was a lesbian? I don't follow here closely but I know she came out as dating her girlfriend. I was under the impression she just never specified whether she was gay or bi.

by needs a distractionreply 31010/22/2011

Any gossip/dirt on Jillian Michaels? Her image on tv is so fakey it makes me abnormally curious about how she's really like.

by needs a distractionreply 31110/23/2011

I truly do not care for Sarah Paulson. She was on Craig Ferguson for Spirit Day and all and did not wear anything purple. Craig Ferguson did and even made mention of it and Geoff even did as well. Weird. She also tried to come off a straight seeming in some of the really stupid joshing about she did on that show.

Hopefully she is no longer with Cherry Jones. But, who knows? Cherry Jones I truly like, Sarah Paulson not soo much at all.

Amber Heard is a sad case but she is still young yet. She has had the same partner for a while now and is a total Lesbian. But, her latest handlers told her to claim to be BI in order to be more marketable of all fucking things. Since she is truly just so young maybe things will be alright for her in due time.

by needs a distractionreply 31210/23/2011

Jillian Michaels comes across as disingenuous. I think she's a bit of fame whore.

by needs a distractionreply 31310/23/2011

Jessie J is also gay and claims not to be into labels in interviews. At least she admitted to not being straight. She is into butches.

by needs a distractionreply 31410/23/2011

Eleanor Roosevelt

by needs a distractionreply 31510/23/2011

Why is it seems common knowledge that Juliana Margulies is bearding? Is there anything that would indicate so?

I have to say Piper Perabo doesn't ping for me, but the lack of beliavable boyfriend is suspicious.

Ellen Page, in the best, is bi but most probably gay. Kristen Stewart can't possibly be straight.

That Battlestar Gallactica chick, Katee Something pings for me. Oh, I know she isn't gay, but Robin Tunney is so cute...

by needs a distractionreply 31610/23/2011

Romi Klinger from the Real L Word.

by needs a distractionreply 31710/23/2011

Anybody have anything on Evan Rachel Wood? Read sightings of her making out with women in gay bars. Anything interesting there?

by needs a distractionreply 31810/23/2011

Jorja Fox and her partner Lelah Foster in Ecuador this past summer:

by needs a distractionreply 31910/24/2011

Are Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson still an item?

by needs a distractionreply 32011/04/2011

don't think they are (320) Both are in California at the moment I Believe But I haven't seen any proof that they are still together.

by needs a distractionreply 32111/05/2011


by needs a distractionreply 32211/05/2011

I think that the young adult lady who plays Violet in "American Horror Story" pings like the dickens. No clue as to her name :)

Would love to have a final ending to the Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson whatnot by now. Ahem. They are either still a couple or not.

by needs a distractionreply 32311/05/2011

Why do you are so much if they broke up?

by needs a distractionreply 32411/05/2011

Any news on Tammy Lynn Michaels? Is she still bat shit crazy?

She's adorable.

by needs a distractionreply 32511/05/2011

R324 What does that mean? Or rather. Mean does what that?

by needs a distractionreply 32611/05/2011

Oh damn - I meant to say CARE - why does this person CARE so much if they are still together? Are you going to stalk them or something?

by needs a distractionreply 32711/05/2011

Does anybody live in LA and have inside goss on Amber Heard? She looks so miserable doing promotion for Rum Diary. She either broke up with her girlfriend or has been told to tone it down.

by needs a distractionreply 32811/07/2011

Are Kim Dickens and Jill Sobule still together? They seemed like a weird match to me. Jill is so loose and open and Kim seems so closed and humorless.

by needs a distractionreply 32911/07/2011

R328 She was told to claim to be BI just in time for the "Playboy Club" shitfest. I read on another site that she has not been photographed with her lady friend in a while, but she is doing PR for a film and all so there would be that.

Amber Heard's situation is sad because she is a rather young adult lady who is not very educated. I cannot snark on her all soo much because of how she is one of those kinds of actresses who basically bailed out of high school to work and hadn't parents who gave a crap.

Her lady friend look like Pocahontas!

by needs a distractionreply 33011/07/2011

Thanks R330. Do you know that as an insider or is it your view on stuff you've read?

by needs a distractionreply 33111/07/2011

Rumor has it that Jill and Cathy have split. Jamie must be laughing her ass off. Jill cheated again Once a cheater always a cheater............

by needs a distractionreply 33212/03/2011

The LChat message board was deleted. 2 years worth of threads - Go poof!

What happened?

by needs a distractionreply 33312/15/2011


They broke a ton of the rules which Zetaboards has. So. One of their administrators had to delete almost every thread because of that. But, they are spinning things to look like it was just some administrator who flew off the handle and who hadn't been on the site in ages who did it.

The person who they are pinning it on more or less agreed top be the fall guy (or lady, rather) because they hadn't much to do with the site in quite some time. It is all funny. The Datalounge is far nicer.

by needs a distractionreply 33412/15/2011

Oh please. That's the most ridiculous thing I've read today, r334. STFU

by needs a distractionreply 33512/15/2011

R334 here

I haven't a reason to lie.

by needs a distractionreply 33612/15/2011

If you break zb rules they delete your threads, you don't even get a notice. It's not like they send you a PM stating "please delete your threads or else".

There would be NO valid reason for any mod there to decide to delete everything out of the blue, without any warning.

You're so full of shit.

by needs a distractionreply 33712/15/2011

What possibly could have happened then 337? Was it a hack job? 334 more threads would be deleted earlier on in your scenario not the whole damn board in one swoop.

by needs a distractionreply 33812/15/2011

Gosh. Who haven't we discussed here in a while?

Are Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson still dating?

Will Chely Wright start a family with her wife?

What will Temple Gradin, oh I mean, Christine Marinoni- give Cynthia Nixon for a gift this Holiday Season?

Why is L Chat in a mell of a hess (as my granny used to say) and why should we care? Why can't L Chat join forces with Datalounge Refugees and rename themselves Vagina Bone?

The answers to all these questions and more could very well be answered in this bumped up thread.

by needs a distractionreply 33912/15/2011

I look at L chat, but it seems like most of the posters on there are teens.

I don't get that vibe on here.

by needs a distractionreply 34012/15/2011

L chat is juvenile.

by needs a distractionreply 34112/15/2011

Are there any lesbian boards with adult posters?

by needs a distractionreply 34212/15/2011

I can't wait until the LChat is deleted again. The meltdown that the poor posters went through was hilarious. Open boards like that are easily hacked.

by needs a distractionreply 34312/18/2011

Any info on Jessica Steen?

by needs a distractionreply 34412/18/2011

[quote] Are there any lesbian boards with adult posters?

Yes, the original L Anon, although there are very few posters there

by needs a distractionreply 34512/22/2011

With some friend or 'friend'?

by needs a distractionreply 34612/22/2011

Lchat is still there - what are you talking about? Unfortunately it is mostly dopey teens, with a few stray, lost intelligent people.

So, who is there to love in the celebrity (lesbian, or lesbian-fantasy) world these days?

I hope the Oscar is won by: Tilda, Dunst or Elizabeth Olsen.

Watched Dunst lately in All Good Things. She was much better than the Gosling thing. He was the weak link in the movie. Would not be surprised if she is a lesbian, according to various rumors, plus she seems a bit different from the other young actresses.

by needs a distractionreply 34712/22/2011

R347 LChat's board was deleted in it's entirety last week. They started new threads to get the board back up and going. You'll notice all threads are new and were created last week.

by needs a distractionreply 34812/22/2011

I heard this from a pal who lives over in Henry County, Tennessee. Cherry Jones sans Sarah Paulson visited her sister over in Tennessee for Thanksgiving and is now visiting again for Christmas.

She has basically spent the gist of November and now the gist of December over in her hometown. My pal says she is really nice and just plainly goes about her day and hangs out here and there with her sister and all of that.

by needs a distractionreply 34912/22/2011

About Amber Heard she broke up with her girlfriend like two or three months ago, and was photographed by paps kissing another woman, (the ex girlfriend of Portia De Rossi, the one she cheated/dumped when got together with Ellen.) Who by the way is really ugly. Such a shame a hot chick like Amber got hooked with someone so ugly and anti hot.

by needs a distractionreply 35012/22/2011

Any news on Dina Meyer?

by needs a distractionreply 35112/24/2011

I thought Cherry Jones was back with her ex gf of 22yrs?

by needs a distractionreply 35212/24/2011

[quote]About Amber Heard she broke up with her girlfriend like two or three months ago, and was photographed by paps kissing another woman, (the ex girlfriend of Portia De Rossi, the one she cheated/dumped when got together with Ellen.) Who by the way is really ugly. Such a shame a hot chick like Amber got hooked with someone so ugly and anti hot.

We know. There was a thread about it.

by needs a distractionreply 35312/24/2011

R352 Who knows at this point? It would be healthier for her if she was but who the heck knows.

by needs a distractionreply 35412/24/2011

Elizabeth Ziff from Betty.

by needs a distractionreply 35512/24/2011

Judy Gold

by needs a distractionreply 35612/25/2011

I read that Amber Heard was asked to tone it down now she's getting major film buzz.

Whether her gf is in the background and they've put out breakup stories to throw people off I dunno but it would be particularly cruel as she and they as a pair were so free and loved up at one point. It was really nice to see.

Also, despite her male partner and mother earth persona, I feel sure Gillian Anderson is a gay woman at heart.

by needs a distractionreply 35712/25/2011

"Also, despite her male partner and mother earth persona, I feel sure Gillian Anderson is a gay woman at heart."

Me, too. I think more than her heart is involved, though.

by needs a distractionreply 35812/25/2011

Heard is fug and straight.

by needs a distractionreply 35912/25/2011


by needs a distractionreply 36012/25/2011

[quote]I feel sure Gillian Anderson is a gay woman at heart.

Just because you like to finger your fat twat to Anderson doesn't make her a "lesbian at heart" whatever the fuck that is.

Go back to LChat AND STAY THERE!

by needs a distractionreply 36112/25/2011

[quote]Go back to LChat AND STAY THERE!

Gillian is way too old for LChat. For most of them 35 is considered "older". All they talk about is Glee and the Disney stars. Those stars weren't even born when Gillian first became famous.

by needs a distractionreply 36212/25/2011

[quote]Also, despite her male partner and mother earth persona, I feel sure Gillian Anderson is a gay woman at heart.

Is she a Lesbian when she speaks in a British accent but not when she speaks in her American accent... or is it the other way around?

by needs a distractionreply 36312/25/2011

Gina Gershon probably knows the answer to that one, R363.

by needs a distractionreply 36412/25/2011

lol, R364

by needs a distractionreply 36512/25/2011


by needs a distractionreply 36612/30/2011

Have we run out of lesbians?

by needs a distractionreply 36712/30/2011

There was a Musto blind recently which said that a Latina actress dating a hot actor was a lesbian. Is there any gossip on it being Eva Mendez because I really need Ryan Gosling to be into man-meat.

by needs a distractionreply 36812/30/2011

Anyone know if Jorja Fox is having another salary fight with CBS? She's hardly been in any shows this season, and when she is she looks like a train hit her. Last time, I don't think they even combed her hair before tossing her in front of a camera.

by needs a distractionreply 36901/01/2012

@R362, totally agree with you there on the L chat, I'm convinced that most of the mods are teenagers who haven't ever been laid. Re Jorja Fox, I think theres probably something going on behind the scenes yes. To be fair though, for a 40 something actress shes not doing too bad financially.

by needs a distractionreply 37001/08/2012

[quote]There was a Musto blind recently which said that a Latina actress dating a hot actor was a lesbian. Is there any gossip on it being Eva Mendez because I really need Ryan Gosling to be into man-meat.

Eva Mendez is very manly looking so he might secretly be into man-meat.

by needs a distractionreply 37108/29/2012

Bump for more lez discussion.

by needs a distractionreply 37208/29/2012

What's ol' Mariska up to these days? Or who is she up?

by needs a distractionreply 37308/29/2012


by needs a distractionreply 37409/26/2012

Draya Michele

by needs a distractionreply 37509/26/2012

What about her, R375. We know she's a cooze. Are you saying she's a down-low cooze?

by needs a distractionreply 37609/26/2012

Yep r376.

by needs a distractionreply 37709/29/2012

What's going on with Piper Perabo? I think having a steady job now means she probably won't be coming out of the closet, but she hasn't tried bearding either. Unlike Kate Walsh and other closeted actors who get their own shows and the marriage and het rumours start appearing.

Piper doesn't seem to be going that route (at least I haven't heard it) and that's pretty cool in comparison.

by needs a distractionreply 37811/04/2012

Elizabeth Ziff?

Nicole Conn?

Jessica Clark?

by needs a distractionreply 37911/04/2012

Jessica Clark is married to a woman, but a lot of lezzies are worried because she apparently hasn't been wearing her ring recently

by needs a distractionreply 38011/04/2012

Cherry Jones? There are various rumors about who her (young) ladyfriend could be

Ellen and Portia? There are rumors that Ellen is a drunk of sorts and that Portia might have had a relapse with her ED.

by needs a distractionreply 38111/04/2012

I still think it's hilarious that Kate Walsh has a masculine-smelling perfume line called Boyfriend, which is supposed to evoke the scent of a man's cologne lingering on a woman's skin and clothes. Perfect for closeted lesbians -- a quick spritz and everyone will think you've spent the evening shagging some guy.

by needs a distractionreply 38211/04/2012

Maggie Q? Is she bi?

by needs a distractionreply 38311/04/2012

Cherry's GF is not: famous, an actress, American.

by needs a distractionreply 38411/04/2012

Any lesbians in politics? Other than Tammy Baldwin?

by needs a distractionreply 38511/04/2012

I saw Mariska on the UWS this morning. With husband and son. They seemed normal, she was pretty loud though. Son is cute. Looks exactly like her.

by needs a distractionreply 38611/04/2012

Camilla Belle

by needs a distractionreply 38711/04/2012

Please tell me Lana Parrilla is gay! (a girl can dream)

by needs a distractionreply 38811/04/2012

I don't know, R388, but she has a lot of chemistry with Jennifer Morrison.

by needs a distractionreply 38911/04/2012

R387 I think she is now.

by needs a distractionreply 39011/05/2012

I created a (hopefully) mature message board, not like LChat. If you want to check it out, please do. Gossip is welcome any time!

by needs a distractionreply 39111/05/2012

R388, no idea either, but she's beyond hot. Love the dark hair and eyes.

by needs a distractionreply 39211/05/2012


by needs a distractionreply 39312/05/2012

So who is Dana Delanys gf?

by needs a distractionreply 39412/06/2012

And who is Jessica Steen's GF?

by needs a distractionreply 39512/06/2012

Have we ever seen Mariska and her 3 kids in the same place at the same time? I don't recall seeing a pic of the last one that she adopted other than the first pic that she released of him. I still think that she is a big ole lez with a queen for a hubby.

by needs a distractionreply 39612/06/2012

Everybody knows that Mariska is a big ole lez

by needs a distractionreply 39712/06/2012

After a great, recent photo of the actress in R395's post was linked here from IMDB, 17 photos of said actress were deleted from her IMDB page.

I'm thinking someone is DEEPLY closeted.

by needs a distractionreply 39812/07/2012

Photos of Jessica Steen were deleted, R398?

by needs a distractionreply 39912/07/2012

Monica the narcissistic lesbo...

by needs a distractionreply 40001/10/2013


Not doing too bad financially?!

Uh, Jorja's worth a fucking fortune!

by needs a distractionreply 40101/10/2013

Nicole and Naomi

Mariska and etc

by needs a distractionreply 40202/18/2013

It's 2013. Any news on some hotties here?

by needs a distractionreply 40303/15/2013

I don't follow Jorja Fox or CSI shows, but I just noticed she's back on the show. I guess there are slim pickings for D-list TV actors outside of the shows they're known for.

by needs a distractionreply 40403/15/2013

Charlize Theron

What's going on there. She's been single for over 5 years!!

by needs a distractionreply 40503/15/2013

Charlize is just too hot for anyone, male or female!

by needs a distractionreply 40603/15/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by needs a distractionreply 40703/15/2013

Bernadette Peters

by needs a distractionreply 40803/15/2013

Charlize has had he buzz cut before.

by needs a distractionreply 40903/15/2013

Not so dykish R409. Myslef I find it very unflattering

I want my screen starlets to look glam and fab not butch and bull dykish.

by needs a distractionreply 41003/15/2013

I thought lesbians were all excited over Helen Mirren?

by needs a distractionreply 41103/15/2013

Does anyone has any gossip on Elizabeth Peyton, the artist?

by needs a distractionreply 41204/08/2013

Does anyone *have*

Oh, dear me.

For those who don't know who Peyton is, she is a NY based painter.

Here is Peyton (on the right) with her ex.

by needs a distractionreply 41304/08/2013

Kathleen Chalfant gets no mention whatsoever.

by needs a distractionreply 41404/08/2013

Sara Gilbert, raving beauty, announced her engagement today to Linda Perry.

by needs a distractionreply 41504/08/2013

L Anonymous is back:

by needs a distractionreply 41604/14/2013

Any Jillian Michaels gossip? Girl must have a history...

by needs a distractionreply 41704/24/2013


by needs a distractionreply 41805/16/2013

you dykes are pathetic and you like ugly women. cherry jones this, cherry jones that... losers!

by needs a distractionreply 41905/16/2013

"you dykes"? Um, not all of us like Cherry Jones. And who is the loser who felt it was important enough to read and comment on her... huh.

by needs a distractionreply 42005/16/2013

Cherry Jones is a highly distinguished older lesbian who dates gorgeous young women and that my friend is

by needs a distractionreply 42105/16/2013

Lauren Graham, anyone?

by needs a distractionreply 42205/16/2013

And she occasionally gets stalked by batshit crazy Cherry Jones wannabes, which is not so hot but still very entertaining. Besides, Cherry's acting deserves professional lust, or at least props.

by needs a distractionreply 42305/16/2013

Alright, I don't feel like rummaging through the posts but who has firsthand dirt on Lauren Graham, Anna Torv, Anna Paquin and Lena Headey?

by needs a distractionreply 42405/16/2013


by needs a distractionreply 42505/16/2013

r404 is Sami Reed.

After all these yrs, she's still pissed about being dumped for Lelah. Constantly posts here. Likes to list her dates with Jorja as if it's her fucking resume. Then hates non stop on Lelah.

Then claims I'm not her. Sami is happily married.

She may be married, but she sure ain't happy!

by needs a distractionreply 42605/16/2013


by needs a distractionreply 42705/16/2013

in my heart gillian anderson is a gay woman lol

by needs a distractionreply 42805/16/2013

R421 hmm are you a friend of Cherry's girlfriend?

by needs a distractionreply 42905/16/2013

R426, get some help.

by needs a distractionreply 43005/16/2013

There's Sami.

by needs a distractionreply 43105/16/2013

Elizabeth Peyton had a one woman show at the New Museum on the Bowery a few years ago. I have to wonder who her connections are because her work is average for an art school junior. There's nothing especially creative or interesting about her painting. Her style and technique seem undeveloped. Very little talent really

by needs a distractionreply 43205/16/2013

fuck cherry jones

by needs a distractionreply 43305/16/2013

who else do you dykes like? its always someone kind of dumpy or weird with something fuckin wrong with them

by needs a distractionreply 43405/16/2013

y'all like the handicapped too. marlee matlin, *swoon*, right?? ha whatever. what i want to know, which of the real housewives do you lezzies like the best? probably aviva cos she has only 1 leg, right? nah, who do you guys like the best out of those bitches?

by needs a distractionreply 43505/16/2013

r434, we like Anderson Cooper.

by needs a distractionreply 43605/16/2013

Is Sarah Paulson posting here? She's pretty obsessed with housewives.

by needs a distractionreply 43705/16/2013

sarah paulson is everywhere, at all times

by needs a distractionreply 43805/16/2013

[quote]in my heart gillian anderson is a gay woman lol

Don't worry, R428. Gillian Anderson is a gay woman in her heart, too.

by needs a distractionreply 43905/17/2013

Does anyone have info on a model named Yaya Kosikova? I went to a tumblr fan page that said she's a lesbian, but I cant find any info on her anywhere.

by needs a distractionreply 44005/17/2013

[quote]Elizabeth Peyton had a one woman show at the New Museum on the Bowery a few years ago. I have to wonder who her connections are because her work is average for an art school junior. There's nothing especially creative or interesting about her painting. Her style and technique seem undeveloped. Very little talent really

I see her work more as a mirror of the superficial (celebrity, beauty obsessed) times that we live in. A perfect mirror.

But I also think that for every great painting she makes there are ten mediocre ones.

by needs a distractionreply 44105/17/2013

Sorry to interrupt, but how many of the Real Housewives are lesbians? I have terrible lesbidar, but I swear that some of those women are Sapphics.

by needs a distractionreply 44205/17/2013

I actually have a story about Gillian Anderson. I waited on her and her stone butch girlfriend at the store where I worked. I joked with her that she looked just like Gillian Anderson - she laughed and winked, and her girlfriend looked pissed. My eyes grew wide, and the girlfriend grabbed the bag and ushered her out. This was back in Houston, 2005.

by needs a distractionreply 44305/17/2013

Dana Delany?

by needs a distractionreply 44405/17/2013

There is gossip on Dana Delany in this thread, R445.

by needs a distractionreply 44505/18/2013

I have no gaydar, what do you who got it and is working good say about Jessica Chastain?

by needs a distractionreply 44605/18/2013

I find Chastain boring, gay or straight.

by needs a distractionreply 44705/18/2013

More Gillian Anderson, please. Any Gillian Anderson. Never get tired of her...

Houston 2005, you lucky dowg!

by needs a distractionreply 44805/18/2013

I don't knowwhere to put Chastain, she seems to be quite a mystery. I get no sexual vibe so maybe neither gay or straight..

by needs a distractionreply 44905/19/2013

Jessica is a mystery. She has the best PR team and agent Hollywood has to offer. Yes, she is talented, but she would be nowhere near the A-list stardom if not for Pacino's support and her people.

I know she has been with her Italian beau for almost two years. Previously she was with the director of The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, the two movies she stared in. No words what kind of relationship those two are, but her split with Ned must have been amicable, if they are able to work without drama.

Megan Ellison was definitely infatuated with her.

by needs a distractionreply 45005/19/2013

It's always kind of suspicious when there is a couple that lives far and each has busy work schedule and they have "long distance relationship". Dunno. Same goes when a star/celebrety/actor/actress dates co-star or director from movie they both worked on. (do I have to even say Stewart and Pattinson). Jessica Chastain info offers very little.

by needs a distractionreply 45105/19/2013


by needs a distractionreply 45205/25/2013

Bumpety bump.

by needs a distractionreply 45309/05/2013

What about Maureen Maher from 48 hours mystery?

by needs a distractionreply 45409/05/2013

Gaydar pinging on Taylor Schilling.

by needs a distractionreply 45509/09/2013

I'm not slogging through 450+ posts and the search function sucks, so if she's been discussed recently - my apologies.

I almost started a thread last night to ask why you never talk about Gabrielle Anwar.

She's had several merkins and has one now, I think, but she has always been a lesbian.

Every time I see her OTT "look how hot and writhingly het I am!" routine, I laugh and laugh.

by needs a distractionreply 45609/09/2013

Check these closet cases out! Which one is the hottest?

by needs a distractionreply 45709/10/2013

" I remember how disappointed I became when I read an interview with Guin 5 years back where she stated she ONLY dated butches/stone butches and always had."

Why not just be straight? GROSS

by needs a distractionreply 45809/10/2013

Women who go for stud butches are closet straights with man issues

by needs a distractionreply 45909/10/2013

Fiona Shaw?

by needs a distractionreply 46009/10/2013


by needs a distractionreply 46109/10/2013

fuck off, troll @ r459.

You have no idea what penis actually is do you? You can see no difference between a woman with a strap on and a stinky, sweaty man's dick then YOU'RE cleearly the one with the gender issues.

by needs a distractionreply 46209/11/2013

R455 I don't think she pings at all.

Glad to see that this thread is still alive!

by needs a distractionreply 46309/11/2013

I wonder about Zoie Palmer who plays the Human Doctor, Lauren, on that cheesy SyFy fantasy show Lost Girl. She pings to high heaven - but her character is supposed to be Sapphic.

As much as I can tell she can't act worth shit but she's hot and very dykey.

by needs a distractionreply 46409/11/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 46509/11/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 46609/11/2013

By all accounts Chely Wright is a lovely lady. She only suffers from the same issue that all celebrities do- wanting to be liked.

Her movie is touching if a bit trite. It does get the mid-west small town mentality and how coming out of that has it's own challenges.

The family appeared with her at the debut of her movie. Her aunt spoke and her nephew was there. Her mother was not. It seems her Mom has some severe mental issues- which is kinda sad.

by needs a distractionreply 46709/11/2013

Interesting that you would say that R456, because it verifies something similar someone told me about her years ago. I didn't believe it then because I hadn't heard any rumours about her (but then I had never heard much gossip about her generally)

I don't know about the merkin thing, but what I was told years ago was that she definitely very very much into women. Hadn't believed it until now, but I find it very interesting now with your claim.

by needs a distractionreply 46809/11/2013

Interesting R468 and R456. I had to look up who that was, but I remember seeing a few episodes of Burn Notice and thinking that woman pings like crazy. The lead guy does too, but that's another story.

by needs a distractionreply 46909/11/2013

Some friends were witness to Gillian Anderson having a night on the town not long ago in NYC. They were at The Dalloway when she came in for drinks with a posh & pretty black female. She's not subtle >>> when a butch passed through Anderson - in her "slushy ss'd pussy licker's voice" per friend's description - commented that "I wouldn't mind being fucked on all fours by her," then added "the same way I fuck you" to her companion.

My girlfriend thought she was classless. A guy friend who was there thought she was "fuckin' hot".

by needs a distractionreply 47009/11/2013

she is classless

by needs a distractionreply 47109/11/2013

R470 I have hard time believing all these Gillian Anderson stories. They just sound so made up.

by needs a distractionreply 47209/11/2013

Justine Bieber.

by needs a distractionreply 47309/11/2013

Billie Jean King, American Master.

by needs a distractionreply 47409/11/2013

Sure R472, because it's so against the official Gillian Anderson (American at least)persona (i.e. brainy, restrained). Hell a few years ago people refused to believe she'd ever been with women, and then bam, she admits to being bisexual.

There's just too many of them all over the internet and tabloids to be all coincidentally made up. And they're nothing new either. These types of things have been around since her X-files days.

by needs a distractionreply 47509/11/2013

[quote]she is classless


LOL at the gays clutching their pearls when a woman is reported to do something the boys do in every gay bar all over the world.

Brazenly talk about wanting and liking sex.

OH MY!!!!

by needs a distractionreply 47609/12/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 47709/12/2013

I like classy people... Few and far between

by needs a distractionreply 47809/12/2013

In real life girl's got LOTS of swag, R463...

by needs a distractionreply 47909/14/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 48009/14/2013

Writing GROSS every time someone mentions butch women makes you appear childish and rather doltish, R480 & R458.

Try to up your game a little.

by needs a distractionreply 48109/14/2013

R464, Zoie Palmer is gay. She lives with a woman. And yes, her acting sucks. She must be the worst actress on tv.

by needs a distractionreply 48209/14/2013

I thought the gossip was that Al Pacino secretly fathered Gabrielle Anwar's baby during "Scent of a Woman"?

by needs a distractionreply 48309/14/2013

UK lesbians, is Sue Perkins in a relationship with Anna Richardson?

by needs a distractionreply 48409/14/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 48509/16/2013

What women has Dana Delany had? Her and Marcia Cross seem pretty close...

by needs a distractionreply 48609/16/2013

R482, you are soooo unfair!

Zoie can be a great actress

Look at this scene!

Bo and Lauren...i love them together!

They are both sooooooo hot and gentle.

by needs a distractionreply 48709/16/2013

I'm not unfair, R487. Zoie Plamer sucks. They have hot sex scenes but other than that her acting is terrible.

by needs a distractionreply 48809/16/2013

Am i the only one that finds Lindsay Lohan very lesbian? She is a lipstick lesbian, it's so obvious, but i understand why she tries to shake of her lesbianism now. She had a very toxic relationship with Samantha Ronson. It's so difficult for two women not to betray each other, so i understand Lohan's recent comments about her being straight.

However, well... i don't remember Lindsay being really close with a man and she is already 27... She strives with her vanity, with her sexuality and of course with her family problems.

I believe that Lindsay should try to be happy with a very understanding man, or with a lipstick and gentle lesbian. Butches are not for her. She is repressing herself this way. Anyway...i know many of you may disagree, but that's my opinion....xxxxxxx

by needs a distractionreply 48909/16/2013

Zoie Palmer, Bo, and Bo's boobs are the only reason to watch Lost Girl. Zoie does just fine. The acting bar isn't set that high on the show. It would make the writing and directing look bad. They completely wasted Linda Hamilton.

by needs a distractionreply 49009/16/2013

"Butches are not for her" Are they for anyone?

by needs a distractionreply 49109/16/2013

Bump for hot femme ladies

by needs a distractionreply 49210/01/2013

Jennifer Jason Leigh does ping but she was married to Noah Baumbach (and has a son with him), also dated Eric Stoltz and Bruno Kirby in the 80s. Her older sister is a lesbian.

by needs a distractionreply 49310/01/2013

JJL and Phoebe Cates are BFF. I have always wondered about Jennifer. It could be why she has so many disastrous relationships with men

by needs a distractionreply 49410/01/2013

Anyone know anything about Maureen Maher?

by needs a distractionreply 49510/01/2013

R484 According to this article from November 2012, they were dating. Not heard anything since.

I'm a gay guy who loved Mel and Sue all those years ago on Light Lunch. Still really love watching Sue on various shows. Was so disappointed in her sitcom though. I read her say before it she wanted to create a character who could be a role model but a 40 year old character who was afraid to tell her parents she was a lesbian? I just felt it might make teenage lesbians feel even worse. If a successful, intelligent 40-something still didn't feel she could be accepted by her parents, then how am I going to do it? Also, just wish it had been funnier!

by needs a distractionreply 49610/02/2013

Forgot to include article in above post...

by needs a distractionreply 49710/02/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 49810/04/2013

Was Ginger Rogers bi or a lesbian in the closet?

by needs a distractionreply 49910/05/2013

[all posts by flame bait troll #11 removed (violent racist homophobic right-wing misogynist), ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by needs a distractionreply 50010/05/2013


by needs a distractionreply 50110/06/2013

Rachel McAdams

by needs a distractionreply 50210/06/2013

Thanks R496, I've seen that article but Sue denied it back then. It is a shame her sitcom bombed although it did have some funny moments albeit old fashioned humour.

Anna doesn’t waste an opportunity on her twitter to mention and also post photos when they're together which has been often lately as they spent the whole of summer together on holiday. I've only known Anna to be straight and also a social climber so surprised if they are a couple.

Good luck to them if they are in a relationship, Sue Perkins will need it, apparently Anna Richardson is high maintenance.

by needs a distractionreply 50310/07/2013

Joan Jett and her band were on The View yesterday. She did a short interview and then performed a new song. Joan still looks and sounds great. Her speaking voice is so damn masculine though-it really contrasts her naturally pretty face.

by needs a distractionreply 50410/08/2013

Cherry Jones yeah. She stole the scenes in Signs, what a presence.

by needs a distractionreply 50510/08/2013

Does she ping?

by needs a distractionreply 50610/08/2013


by needs a distractionreply 50710/08/2013

Jodie Foster and that ugly woman from the L word

by needs a distractionreply 50810/08/2013

Jodie looks wonderful. Alexandra has looked much better.

by needs a distractionreply 50910/08/2013

I have a question.

All the Hollywood lesbians seem to date only each other, as if there are no other women in the world. I can understand wanting to date someone else in your social class or someone who grasps fame, but why, for instance, don't they date any professional athletes? For instance, Martina would seem to be a grade-A catch – money, prestige, great body – but you never see the Hollywood lesbians go for the Conchita Martinez-Gigi Fernandez type.

The WTA would seem better than a lesbian bar in Decatur, Ga. to find women, especially accomplished ones with great physiques. So what gives here? Is it so clique-ey that pro atheletes stick with athletes and showbiz types stick with that vapid crowd?

I'd much rather go for a Martina than that incestuous Hollywood lesbian bunch.

by needs a distractionreply 51010/08/2013

Jodie Foster looks like a troll in those pics. What's with the beaver teeth?

by needs a distractionreply 51110/08/2013

r511 You are what you eat.

by needs a distractionreply 51210/08/2013

[R38]- Assertion or assumption?

[R134]- Says who? What is this based on?

[R141]- What's the rumor? What did the celeb caterer say?

by needs a distractionreply 51304/11/2014

Is Kate Winslet a lesbian? (based on OP's suggestion) If so, she must be way deep in the closet. I haven't it in me to read the 513 posts.

by needs a distractionreply 51404/11/2014

Skinny white women without asses.

by needs a distractionreply 51504/11/2014

R514, I'm not the OP but I don't think Kate is a lesbian. I genuinely haven't heard a single rumor about her. Her ex-husband, Sam Mendes, is another some people here think she might be gay because she married an alleged gay/bi man?

by needs a distractionreply 51604/11/2014

Heard those rumours too about Sam Mendes. I get a gay-when-very-drunk vibe from Kate Winslet, but that's because she reminds me of a college friend who was like that. And who identified as straight, but who also at some point had had more sex with women than I'd had, so- not to say this is the case with Winslet at all. I used to like her a lot, now it seems she doesn't act in stuff that I go see. She was very good in Revolutionary Road and her Clementine in Eternal Sunshine is my favourite role of her. She owned that part, and I'm glad that she did.

by needs a distractionreply 51704/11/2014

R517 - Interesting because she was cast against type in that movie.

by needs a distractionreply 51804/11/2014

Any new gossip on Lena Headey now that she is divorced? Has she gone back to the ladies?

by needs a distractionreply 51904/13/2014

R519 she was(is) a lesbian? Color me surprised.

by needs a distractionreply 52004/13/2014

Lena is bi. But an active one. Not a 'to titilate the boys and further my career through column inches' one.

Yes, I know.

by needs a distractionreply 52104/13/2014

Does Lena like butch womyn? What's her type?

Didn't someone here say she was secretly with that über heterosexual Piper Perabo?

by needs a distractionreply 52204/13/2014

Not from what I've seen. She likes her ladies femme. Or at least, not butch.

by needs a distractionreply 52304/13/2014

Cobie Smulders has to be gay. I know she's married to a guy but she pings so much when she talks.

by needs a distractionreply 52404/13/2014


This thread is 4 years old!!!

I'm the op. I can't believe it's still alive. I'm rarely on DL anymore, but it was nice to click on the site and see this.

To the poster a few posts above, I don't think Kate winslet is gay, but her ex husband is another story.

by needs a distractionreply 52504/13/2014

R524 Cobie's Canadian so she has broken your gaydar.

I agree though, but I've always thought she was bi not a lesbian. When HIMYM first started I was like, heeyyyyy guurrrrllllll, and she's gotten less straight through the years.

by needs a distractionreply 52604/13/2014

are lesbians suppose to be at L'chat discussing their dyke subjects?

by needs a distractionreply 52704/13/2014

Was Lena involved with women during her marriage or was she faithful to her husband? Now that she has divorced has she she gone back to women?

I know she is bi but I don't know any woman she was involved with. She hasn't been linked to any woman. I'm guessing she gets involved with non-famous women.

by needs a distractionreply 52804/13/2014

R525- No prob, OP. I'm late to the site, so I think I revived this thread with my Stana Katic curiosity.

by needs a distractionreply 52904/13/2014

Martina has never dated actresses or musicians. She surely could if she wanted to but she doesn't seem to be sexually interested in women like that. Gigi Fernandez? She's attractive but not wealthy or famous enough. Conchita Martinez is just gross.

by needs a distractionreply 53004/13/2014

Dana Delany needs to hurry up and come out, it's getting embarrassing!

by needs a distractionreply 53104/14/2014

You're right,R531. Anyone who follows her on twitter knows she is gay. She's taking baby steps but she needs to just do it.

by needs a distractionreply 53204/14/2014

I don't follow her on twitter so... what does she tweet to make you think she's gay? (Of course I want her to be) Examples please?

by needs a distractionreply 53304/14/2014

Anyone know ABC7's (in New York) Michelle Charlesworth? She's pinged at me for years. When she married and had children, it surprised me a little, though she's still lesbilicious.

by needs a distractionreply 53404/14/2014

R534 good God, that woman pings to high heaven. How on earth is she straight?

by needs a distractionreply 53504/14/2014

I wonder too, R535. I've lusted after her for years. Her marriage did not change my feelings, but it shocked me because it's so obvious she's gay that I just assumed she was out!

ABC7 news is so damn gay. My favorite time of day used to be the morning shift back when Steve Bartelstein and Bill Evans were there. Lori Stokes was so chipper surrounded by her gays each morning.

by needs a distractionreply 53604/14/2014

Jenna Wolfe used to be on Channel 7 as well. I think she was occasionally on the weekday morning shows too.

by needs a distractionreply 53704/14/2014

The other night I was watching/listening to some old 80s pop hits, and I watched this video for the first time (though I knew the song). How many not-very-heterosexual types can you count in this video? (All girl group) Don't know if they were or not...

by needs a distractionreply 53804/14/2014


Ain't it funny how all the negative Jorja posts have stopped?

by needs a distractionreply 53904/14/2014

Me. Please do! But it best be nice, and it can't be about the cancer inconsistency issues, or it gets zapped. NO MOLESTE. lol.

by needs a distractionreply 54004/14/2014

Lake Bell is straight but friendly to us gay ladies. Watch our movie and this hilarious tape!

by needs a distractionreply 54104/14/2014

Agent Lisbian on the Mentalist pings off my gaydar

by needs a distractionreply 54204/14/2014

The Mentalist? My friends' grandma watches that show, lol. I hope you're talking about this lady, and if so, i def agree.

by needs a distractionreply 54304/14/2014

People who ping for me on TV:

• Kelli Giddish (SVU, also formerly Good Wife)

• Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife. If you're in an arranged marriage with an Indian clothier, I'm fit to wonder anyway)

• Dana Perino (Fox talking head, former Bush press secretary, married to an older man not nearly as good looking as she is, eternally devoted to her Vizsla, no kids.)

by needs a distractionreply 54404/15/2014

So who are hottest lesbians/bisexuals these days?

by needs a distractionreply 54504/16/2014

R544 - Dana is a moron.

by needs a distractionreply 54604/16/2014

r546, are you speaking from general opinion, or personal knowledge? If the latter, do tell, do tell.

by needs a distractionreply 54704/17/2014

R347 - From the public record, she is not well informed. When she was press sec for Bush, she did not know whet the Cuban missile Crisis was.

by needs a distractionreply 54804/18/2014

Piper Perabo is still gay regardless of her engagement to producer Steven Kay. You never see them out and about for an engaged "straight" couple.Just come out already, Piper.

by needs a distractionreply 54906/24/2014

Nobody's mentioned Missy Peregrym putting a ring on her closet door?

by needs a distractionreply 55006/24/2014


by needs a distractionreply 55106/24/2014

Diane Lane

by needs a distractionreply 55207/06/2014

Is Gloria Allred a lesbian?

by needs a distractionreply 55307/15/2014

R553, Yes, and it's very obvious if you've met her in person. Her assistant is very butch.

by needs a distractionreply 55407/15/2014

R552 - Why do you think so?

by needs a distractionreply 55507/15/2014

Is it my tits that keep you yearning?

by needs a distractionreply 55607/17/2014

What makes you think Diane Lane?

by needs a distractionreply 55707/17/2014

Ok, enough with Diane Lane. Watch some lesbian porn and forget her.

by needs a distractionreply 55807/17/2014

[quote]Was Ginger Rogers bi or a lesbian in the closet?

Dear lord no. Super straight, super Republican, unfortunately.

by needs a distractionreply 55907/17/2014

A little history: Maria Schneider

In early 1976, she abandoned the film set of Caligula and checked herself into a mental hospital in Rome for several days to be with her lover, photographer Joan Townsend.[12][13] This, coupled with her refusal to perform nude, led to Schneider's dismissal from the film. She was replaced by Teresa Ann Savoy.

Very gay in difficult times.

by needs a distractionreply 56007/17/2014

Thanks for the reply, R554. She has always pinged for me. But what I don't understand is why wouldn't she say it. Considering she is such a feminist I have always thought that she would be out.

by needs a distractionreply 56107/17/2014

R534 I love Chuck(her nickname). She's really hot but has never really pinged to me. I loved it when they paired Toni Yates with Michelle, that was two lovely women news reading. Not to mention Ms Freeze doing the weather.

R537 Jenna Wolfe was such a lesbian that her face should be under the dictionary for lesbian!She wasn't fooling anyone with her"straight" act.

by needs a distractionreply 56207/17/2014

I'm thinking there are alot of lesbians participating in this thread discussion.

I just wrote on the "my gaydar goes sky high" thread that I thought the following women "pinged" to me. I'm a gay man.

Kate Beckinsale

Gisele Bunchen

Charlize Theron

What do you lesbians think? Am I spot on, or totally off base?

by needs a distractionreply 56307/17/2014

Not a lesbian but I disagree with Kate and Gisele. Both straight. Ms Theron on the other hand could be called bi at the least......No gold star lesbian could be with Sean Penn.God he looks likes an older version of Popeye!

by needs a distractionreply 56407/17/2014

Robin J Tunney - Lisbon in the Mentalist

by needs a distractionreply 56507/17/2014

Beckinsale certainly pings. However, in reality she wouldn't dare to make a relationship with a woman, she is very competitive and she enjoys safety. A man is the best weapon for a woman and bitchy Kate seems to know that.

Now, Gisele...yes she pings too, but she needs the safety of family as well. As a model, she learned that most women are not loyal to each other at all, and they can be very catty. I bet she got wet by the presence of a woman several times though...

The woman who pings like hell to me is Mylène Farmer. Supposedly she is dating a man now and they are very serious, but...i know better than that and i guess she knows better than that too...

by needs a distractionreply 56607/19/2014

Michelle Charlesworth must have about 4 kids. She's always pregnant, it seems.

Back in the Bartlesman/Stokes days she was teamed up with Stokes for a few days and they were magic, along with the weather guy. Bartlesman and Stokes had mad chemistry. I've always been a Channel 4 News girl, but mornings were all about 7.

by needs a distractionreply 56707/19/2014

Is Katherine Fugate gay or just extremely gay friendly? She pings

by needs a distractionreply 56807/20/2014


by needs a distractionreply 56907/21/2014

Maybe it's just because she's a tennis player, but Laura Robson pings to hell.

by needs a distractionreply 57007/21/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by needs a distractionreply 57107/21/2014

R571 at least she isn't with Aaron Rodgers lol...

And speaking of (semi) NFL related things, Erin Andrews pings quite a bit.

Other TV / Radio sports Presenters who ping for me: Pam Oliver, Doris Burke, Gabby Logan (even though she's married), Alison Mitchell.

Pinging Politicians: Hilary Clinton, Condi Rice (obvious), Sarah Palin to some degree. British ones (who most here will not have heard of): Tracey Crouch, Chloe Smith, Nadine Dorries (in a "deeply closested homophobe" way), Eleanor Laing (ditto), Caroline Lucas.

by needs a distractionreply 57207/22/2014

IDK why but I always thought Katherine Fugate is gay.

As for Gloria Allred, everyone always says she is gay.

by needs a distractionreply 57307/22/2014

Sarah Palin has had relationships with women. I worked the beltway for a long time and there isn't a (vice) presidential candidate that isn't thoroughly vetted in that town - usually sexually and for any ott drug use. It's of less concern in DC if you're a traitor - so many big players are foreign that Americans would be shocked by how little their government has any relation to the constitution today. I was mid-level in one of the bigger K Street firms in 08, and we knew a huge amount on every candidate's sex life. It's not just directly the campaigns that dig up dirt on each other but the big donors for better control.

Anyway, back then we knew about Tilly/Kim Ketchum, Palin's lesbian roommate in college. Ketchum and Palin were lovers in high school and, wanting to stay in their relationship, insisted on picking a college together under the guise of "protection". They lived together for, if I recall, 2 and a half years while attending three different colleges. This behavior matched up with the interviews we got from some former friends and acquaintances back home: Palin and Ketchum were in a committed relationship.

Further evidence suggested that it never fully broke off but that Sarah was not ever going to be openly gay.

There were also two twenty somethings during that campaign that came forward, saying that Sarah had "mentored" them in their late teens - and that Palin's inner circle was almost completely bisexual.

A couple years after the campaign there were rumors of Palin having an affair with Rachel Maddow. It blew up further after they spent most of their time together at a Correspondents' Dinner intimately chatting and touching. This is the type of thing no one would want to get out, however. The Beltway game is Right/Left, but if people knew how incestuous and completely theatrical the whole thing is a lot of money and power could be lost. The Right/Left dichotomy is just a cover for most to push corporate agendas, no matter which party is in power.

Last is Palin's affair with Tammy Bruce. It's almost in the open but as long as no one says anything the grassroots will be none the wiser. Bruce can be used against Palin the way Lewinski was against Clinton or any other politician: her lover is a reminder never to be too honest or unscripted, assuming Palin is capable.

Palin's sex life is relatively tame with some medium drug use. Many of the male republicans prefer 15-year old boys. Which, sad to say, is how some bills like CAFTA were pushed through at the expense of the United States tax payer.

by needs a distractionreply 57407/22/2014

R571, what's the word on Tom Brady? Or is it just speculation?

by needs a distractionreply 57507/22/2014

Whoa, R574. Maybe that info needs its own thread.

by needs a distractionreply 57607/22/2014

The female psycho in Luther, Ruth Wilson— she pings to me.

Fucking gorgeous crazy eyes, too.

by needs a distractionreply 57707/22/2014

[quote]A couple years after the campaign there were rumors of Palin having an affair with Rachel Maddow. It blew up further after they spent most of their time together at a Correspondents' Dinner intimately chatting and touching.

Absolute. Freeper. Bullshit.

by needs a distractionreply 57807/22/2014

I've never heard anything gay about Tom Brady at all. I call bullshit on that one. Not to mention Gisele.John Casablancas was spreading rumors about Gisele fucking her way to the top and smoking dope etc so on. She probably didn't want to blow him that's why that old fart spewed out that crap about her.

As for Tammy Bruce and Sarah Palin, that sure is interesting. I know Sarah likes women and so does Tammy so it is not a surprise. Rachel Maddow and Palin?! How could they stand each other? Then again Palin claimed she was for gay rights and had gay friends as wacky as that sounds. I still can't see Rachel and Palin together.....Sarah is such a dope! A cute dope but a dope nonetheless.

A friend of mine works in the Beltway scene as well and I've heard about Susan Thomases and Hil Clinton( a supposed long time lesbian relationship) back in the day.I asked him about Chuck Schumer(who looks like a glory hound hole) and he hasn't heard anything. About the Republicans and 15 year olds, it seems that politicians of any stripe like them young not to mention male and female.

by needs a distractionreply 57907/22/2014

[quote] I still can't see Rachel and Palin together.....Sarah is such a dope! A cute dope but a dope nonetheless.

no she's not "cute" by any means. She's a malevolent attention whore.

The bullshit of this 'rumor' — which isn't actually a rumor becaus no one has heard of it until now — is revealed in it's function.

It serves to discredit both parties in their base. Palin has irritated the Republican Men in Power for sometime now - ever since she went off script. They've been trashing her ever since.

And Maddow- that goes without saying that she pisses off Republicans.

So who serves to benefit from this little bullshit- Republican Conservative (Men) who want to belittle them both.

by needs a distractionreply 58007/22/2014

I didn't mean to imply that Rachel was in love with Palin. Just that they were carrying on a sexual relationship.

Though it may upset some, both play roles and know to play them. They're media personalities. Palin is very valuable for the GOP no matter how they play her as an "outsider". Most of her talking points, back when I was on the scene, came from the Koch brothers and neocons like Bill Kristol. She's basically seen as a safety valve to get actual right wingers in line by feigning they have *anyone* that shares their views in or near power.

In many ways Rachel isn't much different. Just shift it to the left. Both Palin and Maddow want to guide their fans toward support of the military industrial complex for instance. There may be some variation, but the larger narrative remains of support for the US's geopolitical establishment from both women.

Palin is a mouthpiece. She oscillates on gay rights only because she doesn't fully believe her script. Her sex life doesn't follow the script. So she sometimes says what she really thinks, like when she came out in support of gays and lesbians in the military. Sarah is establishment to the core, both politically and sexually.

As you can see above, there are rabid partisans that feel a *need* to believe these people - whether Palin on the Right or Maddow on the Left -- are on their side. They aren't. They are controlled media mouthpieces.

Palin will never go too far off script. If she does her right wing base will know about all the women she's slept with, and their moral outrage as usual will override helping themselves economically. They'll dump her for another snake oil salesmen with skeletons still in the closet.

by needs a distractionreply 58107/22/2014

Palin might be a cunt but she is an attractive cunt! I don't like her by any means but she is no fug. Maddow on the other hand looks like a geeky guy who couldn't get laid if he walked through a whorehouse with a 1000 dollars in his right hand!

Many republicans blame Palin for fucking up McCain's chance when he ran for Pres. She actually attracted many mindless people from the base to come and vote oddly enough. Palin as a VP choice underlined how much the republicans valued style over substance. Then again Palin was severely lacking in both!

It's funny how long it took Roger Ailes to figure out how clueless Palin actually was. Then again he probably knew she was a vapid airhead and that his viewership worshiped her. Until even they figured out she was a dolt! Which is an irony for the Faux News crowd.

by needs a distractionreply 58207/22/2014

R579, have you ever seen Chuck Schumer's wife?

by needs a distractionreply 58307/22/2014

[quote]The bullshit of this 'rumor' — which isn't actually a rumor becaus no one has heard of it until now — is revealed in it's function.

It's not even a rumor, it's a complete fabrication. I can't believe someone would post something so ludicrous.

by needs a distractionreply 58407/22/2014

It actually is a pretty strong rumor around DC. Maybe not here.

Believing in this political theatre you're fed is tantamount to believing that certain pro wrestlers are mortal enemies because of what they say in the ring.

People will believe what they want to, usually with guidance from the media whether they know it or not. These women are not their media images in private, particularly the very lesbian leaning Sarah.

Know this about Sarah: over the course of her background check the interesting element that popped up again and again was in the very sapphic circles she ran in throughout adulthood, no matter where she was. In my experience straight women are not so interested in finding lesbian friends. Bisexual or lesbian women on the other hand are. Her circle of insiders was as lesbian/gay leaning in Alaska as the average political player that spends his or her entire life on the hill.

by needs a distractionreply 58507/22/2014

Emily Rios Mexican American Actress she's been in shows like Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights and The Bridge.

by needs a distractionreply 58607/22/2014

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by needs a distractionreply 58707/22/2014

R583 Yes I've seen his fugly trollish wife...but so what? Does that mean that Schmuck is fermenting glory holes and bedding 15 years old twink?!

Palin and Maddow just a sexual relationship? I wonder who the girl and who the boy is in that alleged tryst?! It's so hard to tell....

by needs a distractionreply 58807/22/2014

Actually I meant that schmuck is frequenting glory holes.

by needs a distractionreply 58907/22/2014

R589 certainly better than fermenting them lol

more people who ping for me, but probably no-one else because i'm maybe the one DLer who's heard of them: Kate Rusby, Kathryn Roberts, Bella Hardy

by needs a distractionreply 59007/22/2014

Lets' talk about Kate Hepburn!

by needs a distractionreply 59107/22/2014

[quote]It actually is a pretty strong rumor around DC. Maybe not here. Give me one source other than the bullshit here in this thread.

[quote]I didn't mean to imply that Rachel was in love with Palin. Just that they were carrying on a sexual relationship.

And it's still bullshit. Just because you type it out, or repeat something someone else typed out, doesn't make it remotely believable. Jesus. Get a life.

This is the first cycle of the quintessential GOP Spin machine. Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat until some moron somewhere says, "Well it must be true!"

by needs a distractionreply 59207/22/2014

[quote]In many ways Rachel isn't much different. Just shift it to the left.

This INSANE false equivelency betrays your interests here, freeper.

Rachel Maddow has a Ph.D. in Political Science. Is an openly queer identified woman who advocates being OUT. When she travels- she takes her partner, Susan, with her. She does not seek or solicit attention from the myriads of women (and men) who would line up around the block to fuck her- or quietly sneak into her hotel room. There is no way in hell she would carry on a pointless sexual relatoinship with a Closeted GOP SHILL.

Professionally, Maddow accepts valid criticism and her show poses questions based ond verifiable facts. She basically cares about reality and some kind of truth in journalism. Even though she is a "talking head" she cares about and takes an active part in what comes out of her mouth — And I'm certain what goes in it.

Sarah Palin is a delusional circus clown. Nothing more.

Anyone who gives this myth any thought is obviously a TROLL.

by needs a distractionreply 59307/22/2014

I agree, R593,

Maddow is a serious contender who wouldn't waste her time or even be attracted to Palin.

by needs a distractionreply 59407/22/2014

R593 The only guys that would fuck Rachel Maddow are those "straight" guys that like dudes without dicks! She is one major fug. She looks like a major geek and doesn't radiate much in terms of being sexy to males. Especially with her full blown butch persona.She is smart and witty but that doesn't make her good looking by any stretch of the imagination.

by needs a distractionreply 59507/22/2014

R594 Strangely enough Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow are very chummy. TV and politics make strange bedfellows. I'm not saying that Palin and RM are clam boxing(I highly doubt it)but her relationship with Ailes is a strange one indeed.

by needs a distractionreply 59607/22/2014

Taylor Swift, her ultra femme self will not help her in the long run. Dating a model in the DL

by needs a distractionreply 59707/22/2014

Do you know who I think are fucking? Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood.

by needs a distractionreply 59807/22/2014

R588, I should have added that she definitely pings herself.

by needs a distractionreply 59907/22/2014

Someone has to do up another Lesbian thread salon since this one is almost full.



Taylor Swift reminds me of those closeted Lesbians of times past like Leslie Gore, Dusty Springfield, and Karen Carpenter in that she is like a parody of a feminine young adult lady. She tries way too hard.

by needs a distractionreply 60007/22/2014
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