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Easter Day at Country Buffet

I could use sympathy.

(This was not my idea. It was mom's. And I couldn't say no.)

by HELP ME!reply 3704/06/2010

you in danger, gurl.

by HELP ME!reply 104/03/2010

I wish my Mom was still alive to be with, even at a sketchy Country Buffet.

Enjoy her company, show her love and your family love and keep a sense of humor about it all.... and do report back to us.

by HELP ME!reply 204/03/2010

I agree, just enjoy being with your mom, and try to take some pleasure in her enjoyment. My mom was the same way - we did not see eye-to-eye on eating out, but I figured I could deal with it once in a while for her sake.

by HELP ME!reply 304/03/2010

As a semi-joke, the last time I was home I suggested to my dad that we hit the buffet. He found it as depressing as I did. But we ate a lot.

by HELP ME!reply 404/03/2010

My mom LOVED buffets. She's now in a nursing home in Florida so Mother's Day will be very different this year. Enjoy the craziness while you can.

by HELP ME!reply 504/03/2010

[quote]I wish my Mom was still alive to be with, even at a sketchy Country Buffet.

Same here, r2. And others. It'll be fine, OP. Look at it this way - at least you don't have to look for Easter eggs anymore.

by HELP ME!reply 604/03/2010

Come on OP, it is possible to eat healthy at one of those things. At least it was the last time I had to go. That has been a long time ago. My Dad is gone and my Mom can't get around now so my buffeting, all you can eat, pig out days are over thank goodness. I still remember though that they did have some healthy choices. Enjoy the company and pretend all the food doesn't taste the same.

by HELP ME!reply 704/03/2010

You are so gay, buck up and be a man about it. Just be picky, you don't need to go for the items swimming in fat..."I wish I had a brain"

by HELP ME!reply 804/03/2010

Ditto to what all the other posters said and one more thing to make you feel a bit more grateful for what you do have with your mom: Both of my parents are still alive and well, but the idea of a holiday lunch or dinner outside of the home is completely out of the question for reasons too stupid and boring to go into detail here. Be happy that your mother will be seen out in public with you.

by HELP ME!reply 904/04/2010

Stick to the salad bar, OP. There won't be anyone else there.

by HELP ME!reply 1004/04/2010

Thank you, R2--my mother died 15 years ago today. What I wouldn't give for an hour with her today, even at a Country Buffet.

by HELP ME!reply 1104/04/2010

I've never even heard of Country Buffet -- I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area & they're probably illegal here (like styrofoam take-out containers & plastic bags at grocery stores & smoking on the beach).

We do have I-Hop & Denny's, my dad's favorites. But Country Buffet sounds like the kind of place he'd love -- all you can eat grease?!

Help yourself lavishly to the fresh fruit garnishes, OP & let her talk about whatever she wants. It won't last forever & you'll have nothing to reproach yourself with later. And if bloody marys are available, order several.

by HELP ME!reply 1204/04/2010

"Country Buffet"?

Oh, dear.

CUNT-ry, maybe.

by HELP ME!reply 1304/04/2010

I actually like to go to OCB once in a while, when I'm ravenous and out of groceries. And I'm skinny.

There are so many food choices there, you can eat as healthy or as unhealthy as you want.

That said, it's true that many of the customers are morbidly obese. It's depressing as hell to see some enormous 400-pounder waddling slowly back to their table with a 4th or 5th plate piled sky high.

by HELP ME!reply 1404/04/2010

There absolutely nothing wrong with Old Country Buffet. And face it OP, it's an hour or so with the person who brought you into this world, out of the rest of your life. It's the least you can do. Trust me, the very least.

by HELP ME!reply 1504/04/2010

Tell the old bitch you're embarassed to be related to anyone stupid enough to go to a buffet. Then text her pictures of you licking some guy's bunghole so she can see how a classy person behaves. Then punch and delete her from your cellphone.

I mean really!

Just go, you'll find something to eat. The pathogens won't be on the healthy foods - use a paper napkin discreetly to handle the utensils. I go with my mother to Golden Corral (yep, it's as bad as it sounds) and I manage to have a decent meal with the salads and vegetables. I actually enjoy their breads.

by HELP ME!reply 1604/04/2010

r16 I love you!!

by HELP ME!reply 1704/04/2010

Here's what you have to look forward to OP. Trust me, it could be worse, MUCH WORSE!!

Ask if they have a private room (most of them do) where your family can sit. That way you won't have to be constantly exposed to the morbidly obese hoi polloi and PWT's who think OCB is "fine dining".

by HELP ME!reply 1804/04/2010

That link is hilarious R18. There's actually a 'How to Buffet' section letting us know what to expect at a buffet and step-by-step of how to go about eatng at a buffet.

by HELP ME!reply 1904/04/2010

And according to the "How to Buffet," you can begin eating as soon as you sit down!

by HELP ME!reply 2004/04/2010

Trust me, I'm sure there are plenty who go there who would be more than happy to begin eating long before they were seated.

I went to an OCB in Matteson, Ill. several years ago with work associates. I've never seen such humongous people in all my life. It was like a bunch of condemned prisoners from death row had been transported over for their last meals. Every plate was piled so high food was literally falling off onto the floor, as if they were scared there would be no food left on the buffet when they finished that plate. I'm still surprised many of them didn't keel over dead from heart attacks right there in the restaurant.

by HELP ME!reply 2104/04/2010

Oh my....I wish my mother was in a nursing home.....evil bitch

by HELP ME!reply 2204/04/2010

Here is what you can expect at Old Country Buffet:

Whadja Get? is what Buffet dining is all about. Trying new things. Going back for more. Checking out your table mates plates. Eating whatever you want, whenever you want.

Buffet is way more interesting than your typical restaurant meal. Here are the ABC's of eating at our buffets:

Our price includes dessert! On the weekend, enjoy your breakfast favorites (where served)! You can begin to eat as soon as you are seated. Use your cashier's slip to reserve your table while you’re at the buffet. Take a clean plate for each trip. For safety reasons, children under 10 should be accompanied at the buffet. To help us maintain our low prices, we ask that you not take food from the restaurant. Gratuities are sincerely appreciated by our service staff. If you require any help, just ask! Just follow a few simple steps:

Step one:tPay the cashier when you come in. Step two:tFind a table or ask for help in finding one. Step three:tHead to the Buffet! Step four:tEnjoy a wide variety of selections! Step five:tTurn over your cashier's slip when you are finished.

Choose what you want, in any order.

Try something new! Take a sample, and if you don't like it, try something else.

"Substitutions" are always allowed at our buffet. Roast beef with a side of baked fish? Go ahead!

Create your own masterpiece. Build an entrée salad by adding some carved meat, create a root beer float or make any dessert a la mode!

Remember to ask the people you're with, "Whadja Get?"

On a diet? No problem! A common misperception is that the only way to enjoy a buffet is to eat a lot of not-so-healthy food. Well, at our restaurants that's simply not true. You can get your delicious fill of diet-smart choices at one of our specialty salad bars, or choose from our many baked or grilled foods. We also offer wonderful, freshly cooked vegetables! Even our desserts include sugar-free or reduced sugar choices for your special dietary needs. Choices like these can help make eating smart a whole lot easier - and more enjoyable.

by HELP ME!reply 2304/04/2010

No mention about sows at the trough? Shame!

by HELP ME!reply 2404/04/2010

Gays who are "too proper" to endure a short time with their Mom on Easter because the location isn't to their liking, don't deserve to have a Mother.

These are the same queens that suck, fuck, tickle balls and rim all night at the baths then wear shower shoes when it's time for a shower.

by HELP ME!reply 2504/04/2010

I especially enjoy their "Tea Party" sweet tea and "I Hate Obama" vanilla pudding.

by HELP ME!reply 2604/04/2010

I'm sure I'll get flamed for this but if nothing else you can spot the occasional hot bear (if bears are your type) or muscle-bound jock types eating before they work out. I've seen more than my share of hot daddy-bear types out with their families eating there.

by HELP ME!reply 2704/04/2010

Add me to the list of posters telling you how much we wish our mothers were still here.

I sincerely hope you and yours had a nice Easter, OP.

by HELP ME!reply 2804/04/2010

Me too, OP. Happy Easter!

by HELP ME!reply 2904/06/2010

r27's idea of a bear:

by HELP ME!reply 3004/06/2010

Lovely self-portrait, R30! Me likey!

by HELP ME!reply 3104/06/2010

"That said, it's true that many of the customers are morbidly obese. It's depressing as hell to see some enormous 400-pounder waddling slowly back to their table with a 4th or 5th plate piled sky high."

Reminds me of the Governor's Ball this year. Our table was next to the "Precious" crew.

by HELP ME!reply 3204/06/2010

You pretentious, stuck-up, arrogant gays can get off your high horse! I am so sick of gay guys that have to drink only the best wine, drive only the best cars and wear only the best clothes. They look down on everyone else that doesn't believe in the same thing that they do. They make fun of anyone that drinks wine from a box, wears crocs, or lives in a trailer. Well guess what prisspot? We all have different ideas of what we like and what we don't. Your narrow minded vision of buffets is just that.

I am a gay man that loves buffets just as much as I like eating at a fancy restaurant. At the age of 48, I am 6' and 180 lbs so you can hardly call me overweight. I just eat sensibly and work out. I don't blame the buffet for a lack of willpower and if they don't serve creme brulee, I eat something else. Its that simple. Like so many other posters have said, try to see the big picture and enjoy the limited time you have with your mother.

One more thing, before you flame me and think that I am a croc-wearing, boxed-wine drinking, trailer dweller. I am far from it. I do however, have friends that live in trailers, friends that wear ill-fitting out of style clothes, and yes, to your horror, I have friends that eat at buffets and I would never judge them the way you judge everyone else. I enjoy their company and would never make them feel like they were from a different class because they live and think differently. Sorry to rant, but it offends me that gay people, of all people, are so intolerant. If my opening remarks struck a nerve, it probably means that you are one of those people that this post is calling out.

by HELP ME!reply 3304/06/2010

Funny R23. So many EXCLAMATION marks in that prose!!!!

We used to call it the Hometown, All You Can Keep Down Country Buffet.

You're right R33, it was more about going with family and friends and the fun of being with them than the quality of food.

by HELP ME!reply 3404/06/2010

I think Hootz goes to buffets.

by HELP ME!reply 3504/06/2010

I thought boxed wine was "in" right now.

by HELP ME!reply 3604/06/2010

[quote] I've never even heard of Country Buffet -- I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area & they're probably illegal here (

Country Buffet is called Hometown Buffet in California and western states. There are several Hometown Buffets in the Bay area.

by HELP ME!reply 3704/06/2010
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