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Help! What is the origin of the quote: "I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats"?

A friend and I are going a little crazy. We know, or think we know, that it was from one of those "testimonial" theater commercials of the early 80s, where they interview people coming out of the show. Was it for that last tour of "The King and I" with Yul Brynner right before he died? I believe the lady also said "It left me weak, and weepy!" if I'm not mistaken. Anyone?

Oh, of course we'd die for a clip of it, but that's asking a lot.

by First Night Fannyreply 2607/17/2010

I remember it being an SNL skit, with Jon Lovitz, who played a hypnotist on Broadway, and hypnotized all his audience members into saying his show as "better than cats".

That may not be the origin, but that's where I remember the line from.

by First Night Fannyreply 102/15/2009


by First Night Fannyreply 202/15/2009

bumping original thread AGAIN...

by First Night Fannyreply 302/15/2009

I found this (from a review of "Cats" in the Memphis Flyer 6.14.06)

Throughout the 1980s it was common to review any lame-leaning event with the deadpan comment "I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats."

Offsite Link
by First Night Fannyreply 402/15/2009

"I loved it. It was much better than Cats. I'm going to see it again and again."

by First Night Fannyreply 502/15/2009

I just watched the "Grand Hotel" woman claiming she's going to "see it twice more", and she never mentions "Cats". You are confusing different commercials.

by First Night Fannyreply 602/15/2009

r1 nailed it.

It was from SNL.

by First Night Fannyreply 702/15/2009

I seem to remember it from "SCTV."

by First Night Fannyreply 802/15/2009

No, it definitely was from SNL. A guy who looked a lot like Vincent Schivelli-really dorky with glasses, said it. Not one of the NRFPTPs.

by First Night Fannyreply 902/15/2009

I seem to remember that there used to be a commercial in the NY area for Cats. In it, someone claimed, "I laughed, I cried."

by First Night Fannyreply 1002/15/2009

It was a commercial on WPIX for sure, but I cannot remember the show. It was in the mid to late 80s. Was it Les Mis? Or maybe Miss Saigon. And then SNL parodied it with the Jon Lovitz hypnotist.

by First Night Fannyreply 1102/15/2009

it was an advertisement from the early 90s (like '92) for a Broadway show. I don't watch TV now, but I remember it was one of those 'audience leaving theatre' interviews and this older woman said:"I laughed, I cried, I'm going to see it twice more -- and I'm bringing my husband."

A certain barmaid at the Duplex in NYC used to use it for her schtick between songs on Saturdays and Tuesdays. We all learned the line of the years.

by First Night Fannyreply 1202/15/2009

Jon Lovitz, SNL, "The Amazing Alexander". They did person in the street interviews with people that had just seen the world's greatest hypnotist, The Amazing Alexander, and all the testimonials are identical.

"It was much better than Cats, I would see it again and again" all delivered with a post-hypnotic stupor.....

Wish I could find a clip...

by First Night Fannyreply 1312/11/2009

R12 hit--an older woman with her friend (who stood there like a gray haired blow up doll)

I think it was for "Falsettos", but I was so stoned in the early 90s, who can be sure?

by First Night Fannyreply 1412/11/2009

It's not from SNL, they were just parodying the original commercial. I remember a young-ish woman wearing a hideous lime green tie saying "better than Gremlins, better than ET" but that may have been a commercial for Cats.

by First Night Fannyreply 1512/11/2009

Yes yes R6! And is that the GRAND HOTEL woman who says her "husband works in the area?" And is the audience member who is almost militant about how good Cyd Charisse is in that spot too?

by First Night Fannyreply 1612/11/2009

That commercial aired years ago in Houston (80's). I know exactly what you're talking about . . . people exiting a theater talking about the show they'd just seen.

Greater Tuna is always advertised in Houston it seems, but I can't imagine THAT being the show. What other shows toured in the 80's?

by First Night Fannyreply 1712/11/2009

The clip was featured twice on SNL � once on October 11th, 1986, with host Sigourney Weaver, and again on December 6, 1986 with host Chevy Chase.

So the original commercial had to have originally aired prior to that.

by First Night Fannyreply 1812/11/2009

....I used to use it in all my comments here on theater...

it is from a commercial for a Broadway show (I can't remember which one either) and it was a street know those...

It was not an older woman, it was a young woman, maybe a teenager from Long Islan...she said exactly...:

I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats...with a LI accent.

I have been using that to start my reviews for years...It was hilarious...

by First Night Fannyreply 1912/11/2009

Could it have been for EVITA?

by First Night Fannyreply 2012/11/2009

See 30 second mark...the origin might be here.

Offsite Link
by First Night Fannyreply 2112/11/2009

No that is not it...

by First Night Fannyreply 2212/11/2009

See under "Cultural references"

Offsite Link
by First Night Fannyreply 2312/11/2009

I remember this too, but can't think of what it's from. Kudos also to the person who remembered the "my husband works in the area" comment - that always made me laugh.

There was another "audience interview" ad which featured some 12 or 13 year old proto-gay saying how wonderful the particular show was and the kicker was he ended his soundbyte with "...and that's coming from someone who's seen quite a few Broadway shows!"

That was a howler, I thought - anyone remember what show the ad was for? I can't remember for the life of me.

by First Night Fannyreply 2412/11/2009

And this...

Offsite Link
by First Night Fannyreply 2512/11/2009

Evita came out before Cats.

by First Night Fannyreply 2607/17/2010
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