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Jeremy Northam a woman??

Apparently Jeremy Northam married Elizabeth Louise Moro in April 2005. Say what??

Now I thought it was pretty much accepted here that Northam was gay - and I know being married goes for nothing so don't go down that road.

I remember a recent poster saying he'd been on a date with Northam. Was that fantasy? Inquiring minds want to know.

What's the consensus on this? Fake marriage to advance the Hollywood career or rampant hettie all along?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7801/22/2008

I hadn't heard that either. A quick IMDB check reveals the lady in question to be a prosthetics assistant on some obscure movie from 2004.

Hmm, I was, like OP under the impression from all I've read here that Northam was gay.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 110/24/2007

Well, his career has been going sort of nowhere since GOSFORD PARK - he's not the star he once was. I mean, he's billed way down on The Tudors.

So what the hell.....

by Weeping Bucketsreply 210/24/2007

I love that man and I hope he is really in love, I'd hate to see him go bearding on us!

by Weeping Bucketsreply 310/24/2007

[italic]A quick IMDB check reveals the lady in question to be a prosthetics assistant on some obscure movie from 2004.[/italic]

LOL... I know nothing about Northam, but that definitely pings my beard-dar. I'm picturing a Debbie Rowe type.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 410/24/2007

Well Jeremy's marriage certainly caused some eyebrows to rise in London and Norfolk! Just didn't have him down as the marrying kind if you follow my least not to a woman.

Cheer up OP your boy is one leopard who hasn't changed his spots despite appearances.

Where are the fangurls? They're usually quite rabid on the topic of Northam.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 510/24/2007

Wasn't Northam married before, and doesn't he have a son that's at least a teenager if not older... ???

by Weeping Bucketsreply 610/24/2007

r6 = fangurl. There ya go r5!

by Weeping Bucketsreply 710/24/2007

"he's billed way down on The Tudors."

Well he comes at the end of the cast in a special position doesn't he?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 810/24/2007

about four years ago my bf popped into a bar on E. 4th St. for a burger at the bar. Northam and his gf/date were playing pool, and they struck up a conversation with my bf as they'd come to get more drinks.

kinda surprised my bf as well, but there was no doubt in his mind that they were a couple.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 910/24/2007

What do we know about his cock? Is he uncut?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1010/24/2007

It's a green card marriage

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1110/24/2007

It's a green card marriage

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1210/24/2007

It's like Cole and Linda Porter.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1310/24/2007

He likes dick. Trust me on this. He fucked my best friend (a well-known actor in his own right)about 10 years ago.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1410/24/2007

R14 is either Matthew Rhys or Ioan Griffuid

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1510/24/2007


by Weeping Bucketsreply 1610/24/2007

[quote]and I know being married goes for nothing so don't go down that road. Mary, please.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1710/24/2007

Uncut - he admitted this in an interview I read years ago.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1810/24/2007

He's gay but always had a thing for this woman and finally she relented.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 1910/24/2007

He's gay but he always loved her. She was single and they gave it a whirl.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2010/24/2007

"Uncut - he admitted this in an interview I read years ago."

Cool. Link please.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2110/24/2007

He does a frontal scene in the Misadventures of Margaret and again in Fatal Inversion. Uncut.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2210/25/2007

Thanks for the insight r17. Drop in anytime.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2310/25/2007

He is British, so it wouldn't be a shock if he was uncut.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2410/25/2007

Loved the heft of his breeches in Emma. It's worth getting out just to watch the action down there.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2510/25/2007

The "heft"? What does that mean?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2610/25/2007

I think r26 it means the way his trousers are pulled up.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2710/25/2007

According to the celebrity nude database, he has done several nude scenes, so it might be possible to check out his cock in those.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 2810/25/2007


by Weeping Bucketsreply 2910/25/2007

I hope he has a nice bush.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3010/25/2007

Is he a good lover? He seems like he'd give good head.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3110/25/2007

"Cheer up OP your boy is one leopard who hasn't changed his spots despite appearances."

So, who's his bf?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3210/25/2007

"He seems like he'd give good head."

How can you tell?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3310/25/2007

[italic] Well he comes at the end of the cast in a special position doesn't he? [/italic]

Jeremy [italic] always [/italic] comes at the end in a special position. It's one of his most endearing traits.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3410/25/2007

He's British. He *might* have been gay for a few years (someone said 10 years ago, he dated one of his friends), but lots of Brits change back to straight.

Gwen Stefani's husband, Bowie, Jagger, Rod Stewart, the Culture Club guy that was with Boy George for years, etc.

For some reason, many Brits try it out, ie, being gay for like a decade, then go back to being straight again.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3510/25/2007

"Many Brits"?? And the your list of names is the basis for your argument r35?

It's a rather simplistic view but there again perhaps you're just being yourself.

Perhaps, and I realise this is going way out on a limb, he felt he had a career to protect so like some before him, decided to get married for the image.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3610/26/2007

He loves his wife.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3710/26/2007

Just as much as he loves cock, r37.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3810/26/2007

There's certainly a lot of uncut on "The Tudors".

by Weeping Bucketsreply 3910/26/2007

R35 is a moron. Its called "bisexuality", look it up!

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4010/26/2007

Jeremy Northam is uncut, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is uncut, and Henry Cavill is probably uncut, but we need to see confirmation.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4110/26/2007

"*might* have been gay for a few years (someone said 10 years ago, he dated one of his friends), but lots of Brits change back to straight."

Change back to straight? LOL. You sound like a homophobic hausfrau.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4210/26/2007

Any pics of his wife?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4310/26/2007

Is he a top or a bottom?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4410/26/2007


by Weeping Bucketsreply 4510/27/2007

Word is he really loves this woman.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4610/27/2007

Where did you get the "word" r46? The Star or National Enquirer perhaps?

Do tell I can't wait to hear your source!

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4710/27/2007

He just does.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4810/27/2007

Word is r46 = deluded hausfrau. Don't fret doll you were never gonna get fucked by him anyway.

Just concentrate on hitting the magical 400 pound barrier.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 4910/27/2007

"Well Jeremy's marriage certainly caused some eyebrows to rise in London and Norfolk! Just didn't have him down as the marrying kind if you follow my least not to a woman."

Do you know anything about his wife? Is she a Deborra Lee Furness type?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5010/27/2007

Ooh r48 you've certainly convinced me! Such a persuasive argument.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5110/27/2007

There's more info on his wife, Liz Moro:

* Name: Jeremy Northam + Elizabeth Moro

While it is not known if Jeremy Northam is married to Liz Moro, they are living together. She is a Canadian former model and makeup artist who Jeremy most likely met whilst filming Cypher.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5210/27/2007

He's been married to her since 2005 according to what I'm reading.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5310/27/2007

Someone on the "gay British actors" thread claims to have gone out on a date with him

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5410/28/2007

He's old and not very attractive anymore. Who cares if he's gay?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5510/28/2007

Wrong, R55. He's still a hot man. You must be a bitchy twink

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5610/29/2007

Does anyone have screencaps from his nude scenes?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5710/29/2007

He never met anyone like Liz, fell in love and is off the market. Deal with it.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5810/29/2007

You're not very bright are you r58? Poor thing.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 5910/29/2007

I also heard he's fallen for this woman. It happens once in a blue moon.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6010/29/2007

She's a beard. Jeremy's agent felt he needed to get married to butch-up his image - he isn't getting the roles his agent thinks he should be getting and they are convinced part of the problem is an 'image' one.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6110/29/2007

Hear he fell in love.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6210/29/2007

Go back to ivillage, fangurls

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6310/29/2007

I'd like to hear more about his uncut cock please.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6410/29/2007

r58 and r60 are the same person. Rather desperate to make your point - no? OK we hear you fangurl, no one believes you so go away.

PS He's never gonna marry you so just console yourself with another gallon of ice cream.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6510/30/2007

What d'ya wanna know r64?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6610/30/2007

Bitch, please! Who's he trying to kid?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6710/30/2007

If that's accurate r61 he's one of many. It did seem for a while that JN was going to enjoy a reasonably successful Hollywood career but I suspect the truth is that he is a bit of a one note song.

I've seen him a few times on stage in London and he is a limited actor albeit totally edible.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6810/30/2007

He's not a one note actor - he's played lots of different types of characters

by Weeping Bucketsreply 6910/30/2007

"He's old and not very attractive anymore. Who cares if he's gay?"

I think he looks great for being in his mid 40s

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7010/30/2007

Agree, R70. Some of the queens here only wish they could look that good at his age.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7110/30/2007

Yes he's played lots of different types but his acting style, mannerisms call it what you want are very much the same in each role.

I think he's sex on legs but have to agree with r68.

What did you see him in r68? I'd love to see him on stage.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7210/31/2007

I saw him in The Gift of the Gorgon with Judi Dench, Certain Men in which he played a gay gynaecologist (!!) and which was truly abysmal and a Pinter play at The Donmar the name of which which I'm struggling to remember but which was very dull indeed.

He's a very handsome man up close and watching him on stage more than compensated for the poor plays though in fairness Gorgon was extremely good - from the solely artistic point of view he has a rather nice bum.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7310/31/2007

He played gay in Gosford Park (Ivor Novello), but I don't know if that means anything.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7410/31/2007

to see her, google this phrase - 'The Cat Box provided by' -- BUT -- go to the "cached" link (because they've taken the site down). Wait for the cached page to load and there, at the top is a picture of her that apparently appeared in the British In Style magazine last spring (mar2006) when they were both photographed at a dinner party. That picture has not been altered, evidently THAT'S what she looks like.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7511/16/2007

She's as hot as he is.

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7611/16/2007

Could someone link to screencaps from his nude scenes please?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7711/16/2007

Scandal surrounding the marriage!


It makes for fascinating reading! Some fans think that he was hiding her and that she "outed" the marriage on IMDb. Has anyone read this?

by Weeping Bucketsreply 7801/22/2008
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