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A Castle for Christmas

So excited! Going to watch this today to kick off my holiday movie viewing activity. I’m in love with Cary Elwes. What are your favorite holiday must-see movies?

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by Anonymousreply 41December 7, 2021 1:12 PM

Look at this silly old hag!

by Anonymousreply 1November 26, 2021 2:09 PM

R1 - you should see her in this….she’s barely able to make a face with the work she’s had done. It looks painful and awkward. But her body is amazing.

by Anonymousreply 2November 26, 2021 2:11 PM

Does the thing that hangs down in front of the kilt supposed to protect his “junk?”

by Anonymousreply 3November 26, 2021 2:13 PM

Gross. But at least Elwes isn’t obese anymore.

And his face looks as fake as hers.

by Anonymousreply 4November 26, 2021 2:15 PM

Elwes will never be as gorgeous as he was in The Princess Bride - frankly, few people will ever be that gorgeous.

But, at least he's back to a range of looking decent for a guy his age.

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by Anonymousreply 5November 26, 2021 2:33 PM

In ‘A Castle for Christmas,’ Cary Elwes wears Tassels Over His Holiday Bush

by Anonymousreply 6November 26, 2021 2:50 PM

Watch November Christmas with John Corbett and Sam Elliot about two men reaching out to each other for support during a time of crisis.

by Anonymousreply 7December 1, 2021 2:00 PM

He looks like Bill Maher's comparatively better looking brother.

by Anonymousreply 8December 1, 2021 2:02 PM

^No one wants to see or think about that

by Anonymousreply 9December 1, 2021 2:06 PM

Is this movie part horror as we watch Brooke fill the castle with Lazy Boy furniture?

by Anonymousreply 10December 1, 2021 2:10 PM

She looks like a man.

by Anonymousreply 11December 1, 2021 2:18 PM

How does anyone get through 5 minutes of these Diabetes inducing cloyfests?

by Anonymousreply 12December 1, 2021 2:18 PM

I save them and watch in July.

by Anonymousreply 13December 1, 2021 2:32 PM

r7, thanks for the recommend.

by Anonymousreply 14December 1, 2021 2:32 PM

Why wear a dress that has been sewed and fitted, when you can just wear yards of plaid material bunched up around your body?

by Anonymousreply 15December 1, 2021 3:11 PM

I watched it partly. Very boring and she has an expressionless face. Maybe too much Botox? Anyway, I liked her in Suddenly Susan.

by Anonymousreply 16December 1, 2021 3:22 PM

My husband and I watched it today and it's one of those "so bad it's good" movies. I've got to say I don't know if Carey Elwes got work done but he looks damn good for a man about to turn 60. Brooke Shields however looks like a post-op M to F.

by Anonymousreply 17December 5, 2021 5:09 AM

He looks like a womon.

by Anonymousreply 18December 5, 2021 5:15 AM

Has anyone seen the ION commercial for the one starring Vivica! A! Fox! where she's all like this is awesome because it's got black people acting like white people. And then you see it's titled The Christmas Thief and then an Ion logo with the o replaced by a pair of handcuffs. I'm not upset or offended it just seemed amusing to me.

by Anonymousreply 19December 5, 2021 5:19 AM

Every time I see his name I wonder how it's pronounced and think surely I've heard it spoken aloud at some point and yet idk. There are a few actors and singers I actually am fans of but still uncertain how they pronounce their names even having followed their careers. So odd.

by Anonymousreply 20December 5, 2021 5:22 AM

Every time I hear Brooke Shields mentioned I think how I don't really care for her but not sure why however her feud with Tom Cruise redeems her a but and then I think how I enjoy Christy Brinkley and ehy did she marry Billy Joel but then I'm like wait do I mean Claudia Schaefer and then I'm like who married Seal oh yeah Heidi Klum and what is Kathy Ireland up to.

by Anonymousreply 21December 5, 2021 5:26 AM

All female writer/director plus an 'odd gay bloke'.

by Anonymousreply 22December 5, 2021 5:30 AM

Cary Elwes was most beautiful in Another Country: he just typified all that floppy haired blond Englishness that makes the world wet. The scene of him and Rupert Everett was the best love scene of any movie that year.

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by Anonymousreply 23December 5, 2021 5:36 AM


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by Anonymousreply 24December 5, 2021 5:38 AM

Cary Elwes could have the 50ish comeback that Tony Goldwyn had......

by Anonymousreply 25December 5, 2021 5:39 AM

God: that trailer and Elwes' raspy accent. Does the Duke die of Covid or lung cancer?

by Anonymousreply 26December 5, 2021 5:45 AM

He looks like Lurch in that picture.

Is he severely arthritic?

by Anonymousreply 27December 5, 2021 5:47 AM

I'm saving myself for "The Nine Kittens of Christmas"

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by Anonymousreply 28December 5, 2021 6:31 AM

That chick looks like the podcasting lez ho with digestive issues dating that fine azz sapphic ebony goddess sharing their dreams and wishes over the airwaves.

by Anonymousreply 29December 5, 2021 6:39 AM

He look lika woman.

She look lika man!

by Anonymousreply 30December 5, 2021 7:11 AM

I kinda loved it!

by Anonymousreply 31December 7, 2021 5:55 AM

How do I pronounce 'Cary Elwes'?

by Anonymousreply 32December 7, 2021 6:03 AM

Cary = Carry

Elwes= El Ways

by Anonymousreply 33December 7, 2021 6:10 AM

[quote] Look at this silly old hag!

That's a terrible thing to say about Carey!

by Anonymousreply 34December 7, 2021 6:14 AM

Is this (casting of Brooke Shields) part of the Lori Loughlin fallout?

by Anonymousreply 35December 7, 2021 6:20 AM

Love Actually

by Anonymousreply 36December 7, 2021 6:58 AM

El-wess. Accent on the first syllable. Was in college with him (No, no stories, but he was very, very pretty to look at.)

by Anonymousreply 37December 7, 2021 7:10 AM

Oops wrong thread sorry for my comment at r36

They must be going after the Gen X crowd with those two

by Anonymousreply 38December 7, 2021 7:13 AM

The original Grinch from 1966... up until the point where the grinch starts acting nice.

by Anonymousreply 39December 7, 2021 7:19 AM

Cary looks great. Brooke looks good. It's just that her makeup is too heavy and harsh.

by Anonymousreply 40December 7, 2021 7:37 AM

Brooke Shields is amazing and an inspiration.

by Anonymousreply 41December 7, 2021 1:12 PM
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