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The Gays and Tennis - Part 87: Hall of Fame Open and Road to "USA Open"

Like manna from heaven, Meerkat. The Lord provides!

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 2858 hours ago

Dear Jeebus,

I will like pretend to like vagine and marry and spawn little evil crotch fruit believers if you allow my dear Rafa one last US Open.

Fank You,


by Margaret Courtreply 107/12/2021

Danke, Margaret. You are wonderful. I could just kiss you.

Who is the gentleman in your photo? His behind reminds me of delicious buns. Luscious buns with lots of sugar and cream. With a side of donuts. And cookies.

Vere vas I? I forgot. Oh yes, Rotcher is still starving me und he says I vill not eat until he vins ze USA Open. Tell me Margaret, I am just curious. How exactly did you, er, you know, prevent Serena from equalling your record? She keeps trying und failing, but Rafa und Novaxx tied my Rotcher's record easily. Rotcher vishes he had tried your Church voodoo spell that you have put on Serena.

by Margaret Courtreply 207/13/2021

0/10, r2. Mirka doesn't have a German accent, and if you were aiming for a Czech or Slovakian accent you're completely off.

by Margaret Courtreply 307/13/2021

So yet another tennis thread got deleted? Methinks the moderator is angry that new ones keep getting posted.

by Margaret Courtreply 407/13/2021

Tennis threads seem to be paywalled at around 300-400 posts. That’s apparently done to attract more subscribers. The few tennis fans here just start another thread. Presumably the actual deletion of threads is done to more aggressively “encourage” posters to subscribe. The posts are innocuous, and it’s largely the same posters thread after thread. I doubt anyone who hasn’t subscribed by now would subscribe whatever the tactic.

by Margaret Courtreply 507/13/2021

I think you're exactly right, R5. It has the opposite effect on me. It often sends me away from the site for a few days because I find the aggressive paywalling and now deletion of tennis threads incredibly annoying.

by Margaret Courtreply 607/13/2021

Roger isn't going to the tokyo. sorry if already posted.

by Margaret Courtreply 707/13/2021

yes apparently he hurt his knee during the grass season

It serves him right for pulling out of RG without any issues

I do hope he can play the USO. I want the former big 3 (now just big 1 on all surfaces except clay) all there

by Margaret Courtreply 807/13/2021

[quote] It serves him right for pulling out of RG without any issues

Ha! It'll be a cruel but funny twist if he actually does get injured and is unable to play in Flushing Meadow. He will die of jealousy and fury if the final is Nadal versus Djokovic.

by Margaret Courtreply 907/13/2021

If Federer plays in the US Open, making the finals is a pipe dream.

by Margaret Courtreply 1007/13/2021

Why is OP's post grayed out? Who is the fucking cunt who keeps getting our tennis threads closed or deleted? The previous thread also got deleted suddenly.

by Margaret Courtreply 1107/13/2021

I started the thread before last and an hour later was unable to post for the next 24 hours. Muriel's in a right snit with us for some unknown reason.

by Margaret Courtreply 1207/13/2021

Will Japan Open be played this year or only Olympics?

by Margaret Courtreply 1307/13/2021

[quote] Muriel's in a right snit with us for some unknown reason.

See R5.

by Margaret Courtreply 1407/13/2021

Everything R5 says makes sense—except it doesn’t explain why OP is greyed out. Muriel doesn’t need to do that, she can lock down or delete threads whenever she wants. That particular aspect of it suggests some angry person is F&Fing the threads.

by Margaret Courtreply 1507/13/2021

Maybe IMG interns are trolling and shutting down tennis threads for daring to criticize Fed and Coco GOAT. Hi, Mary Joe! 👋

by Margaret Courtreply 1607/13/2021

Dear R1. You will perform your services for the good of tennis and offer your peen to the great ladies of the WTA. Say hello to Chrissy Evert and her pencil.

by Margaret Courtreply 1707/13/2021

Yeah - Paywall and deletion makes sense for Muriel except for the graying out. And we did have that random militant post on the last thread. If they’re being ffed enough then maybe that explains the ban the op was talking about…

Who gives a fuck if we talk tennis?

Also - anyone hear about the Wimbledon match fixing allegations? Not sure if it was discussed in the last thread. Men’s doubles and a first round men’s singles had suspicious bets placed on them. 🤔 I’m trying to figure out who it could be.

by Margaret Courtreply 1807/13/2021

R18, the singles player is seems to be Kohlshreiber. Apparently there was another allegation of match fixing against him years ago.

by Margaret Courtreply 1907/13/2021

A certain American commentator and former world no. 1 was known for cruising gay saunas in nyc…”allegedly - do you know whos that no.1?

by Margaret Courtreply 2007/13/2021

R20, a name came to mind today.

by Margaret Courtreply 2107/13/2021

Borna butt.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 2207/13/2021

Konta got covid from her team member who tested positive before Wimbledon and now she's pulled out of the Olympics as symptoms prevent her from training

Today in a battle of the sexes exhibition in Poland, Swiatek def. Hurkacz 7-4 on -clay

by Margaret Courtreply 2307/13/2021

No boards on boards!

by Margaret Courtreply 2407/13/2021

[quote] Who is the gentleman in your photo? His behind reminds me of delicious buns. Luscious buns with lots of sugar and cream.

Meerkat, that Viennese pastry in the photo is known as a Domicake. It is sweet at first bite but has a tendency to turn sour in crucial moments.

Later I will tell you my secret prayer that keeps me GOAT before the "USA Open".

Oh and Stan, the adulterer and cuckold, thinks your "Rotcher" is (I can't believe I'm going to write this) an "asshole". He is a sinner that one!

Yours in Christ,

by Margaret Courtreply 2507/13/2021

Gasquet weighs in on GOAT debate!

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 2607/13/2021

If it's about aesthetics the women's GOAT is Maria Bueno or Hana Mandlikova then? Funny how it was about the Slam count before when Gramps overtook Sampras, but now that Nadal and Novaxx have tied him, it's now about the unquantifiable aspects like "aesthetics".

by Margaret Courtreply 2707/14/2021

Agreed R27. Just say Fed is your favorite.

My fav is Nadal. But I don't see him keeping apace with Novak.

Novak is the GOAT. Nadal is my favorite.

by Margaret Courtreply 2807/14/2021

R25 When Stan said Fed is an asshole? And stop with that " the adulterer and cuckold" when it comes to Stan. He is not a womanizer.

by Margaret Courtreply 2907/14/2021

R26, of course he would say that. The French don’t believe in vulgar things like “winning.”

by Margaret Courtreply 3007/14/2021

Gramps needs to get down on his knees and blow Robin Soderling every day. If it hadn't been for that monumental upset he may have never won Roland Garros. A tally of 19 or 20 Slams but without a single Roland Garros title would have been a huge asterisk.

by Margaret Courtreply 3107/14/2021

R18 The doubles match seems to be Puetz/Venus vs Ebden/Smith.

And yes R31 that's what I always think about when people talk his GOAT status. If it wasn't for Soderling he would have never even made a Career Grand Slam.

by Margaret Courtreply 3207/14/2021

It’s doubles match.

by Margaret Courtreply 3307/14/2021

Hotties match in Hamburg: Seyboth Wild vs Djere. I don't understand why "Wild" is pronounced "Weeld" instead of the standard diction? Maybe it has a German origin and not an English one? Or it's just a Brazilian way of pronunce an English word? Weird.

by Margaret Courtreply 3407/14/2021

Wow, those are some extra tragic tats on Seyboth Wild. Too bad.

by Margaret Courtreply 3507/14/2021

It's interesting seeing how many knots people will still twist themselves into to declare Fed as the GOAT. Even Chrissie got into it saying that you had to look at things aside from GS titles.

by Margaret Courtreply 3607/14/2021

Chrissy is just a bimbo who repeats whatever her script tells her to say on the air. One minute she will say Serena > Graf and Martina because she has more Slams, and in the next breath she will argue that Fed > Nadal because "it is not just about the Slams".

by Margaret Courtreply 3707/14/2021

Being GOAT should be backed by stats/#'s. Anybody can have an opinion whoever they want. I think Federer played tennis beautifully, maybe more than anyone else but ultimately Nole is the better player. At this point, I believe Nole is GOAT.

by Margaret Courtreply 3807/14/2021

It doesn't matter how pretty your game is. It only matters if you win. Gasquet has the prettiest shot in tennis but that doesn't mean anything because he hasn't lived up to the potential.

by Margaret Courtreply 3907/14/2021

Match fixing is very common in tennis. Commentators, analysts and players shut up because if fans knew how common it is, it would scare them away, as well as all the sponsors and the huge flow of money around the sport. It's particularly endemic on Challenger and ITF levels, where prize moneys are very low. You see these players always losing in the first or second round, not earning anything, and still travelling around the world in luxurious locations with all their family, team, girlfriends etc. Where do they take the money, hello!? They are the tennis version of Insta "fitness models". You see all these wilcards in Quali draws strangely losing 6-0 continuously... Weintraub said that betters try to offer stuff to almost every player.

The Wimbledon match under radar could also be Koepfer-Kwon.

by Margaret Courtreply 4007/14/2021

I agree with R28. I love Federer's game, especially when it's flowing. He's my favorite of the three. But R38 wrote, stats and numbers back up any GOAT argument. Even based on current stats, Djokovic has the best of the three.

But as I wrote on the previous thread, I don't put much stock into GOAT. These are three of the greatest players to ever play professional tennis. I prefer Federer, I don't mind Djokovic, but I'm not a Nadal fan, but all three are just amazing. I appreciate having been able to see this great era.

Lastly, I don't believe in GOAT because comparing the different eras is silly. Differences in equipment, medical science and nutrition, training methods, surfaces, etc., makes apples-to-apples comparisons impossible. Just at a recreational level, I started learning with a wooden racket in the early 80s. Soon the graphite rackets came along but the training was similar to how the wooden rackets played (i.e., not a focus on power but placement). The younger generations I play all can hit it pretty hard because that's how they learned. I hit it flatter with less spin because that's how I learned.

So, I've read about this before and believe GOTE (Greatest of Their Era) rather than GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) makes more sense.

by Margaret Courtreply 4107/14/2021

R41, the exception is obviously Coco who is already the GOAT even if Serena wins 28 Slams.

by Margaret Courtreply 4207/14/2021

I think GOTE is a great idea. Mostly.

In that case, you have these GOTES: Laver, Borg, Llendl, Pete, and Novak.

But that doesn't mean none of those players save Novak are better than Rafa or Fed. Clearly not.

So like all ranking systems that aren't purely empirical, it's flawed. But that means more conversation for us!

by Margaret Courtreply 4307/14/2021

That was for R41

by Margaret Courtreply 4407/14/2021

R26 Gasquet is being ridiculous. He is not being asked about his favourite player or the one he likes to watch more he is asked about the goat, and like it or not Federer is not the goat anymore.

Our favourite homophobic teen Holger Rune is a victory away of being a top 200 player

by Margaret Courtreply 4507/14/2021

R34 Well, i think it's pretty obvious that the "standard" pronunciation in english is not the same than in portuguese and the guy is brazilian.

More strange is the pronunciation of De Miñaur, the guy insist in pronunciate it like it was french when that middlename is spanish

by Margaret Courtreply 4607/14/2021

[quote]Richard Gasquet: "I like Djokovic, but for me it's not about the GS titles. I see the aesthetics. Federer is unimaginable and irreplaceable, he is the GOAT"

Even if Djokovic had a more aesthetically pleasing game than Federer (which he doesn't), I'm sure that Roger's most ardent fans would move the goal post again (sorry to mix sports here), and say that Roger is a better sportsman than Nole (or some other bulls*t) so he still deserves to be the GOAT. Geesh!

by Margaret Courtreply 4707/14/2021

The GOTE discussion gets a little tricky too with defining when one era ends and the next begins. For example with R43's GOTE examples, there are gaps between Laver's era and Borg's era (gap1970-1976), Borg's and Lendl's (gap 1982-1984), Pete's and Puke's (gap 2000-2010), etc.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 4807/14/2021

R47, some Fed fanatic was claiming on MTF that the GOAT should have an aggressive game and therefore Nadal and Djokovic are automatically disqualified because they are "defensive players". As if that wasn't ludicrous enough it added that Fed is the most aggressive player ever.

They might as well say that the GOAT should be a tall white man from Western, Central or Northern Europe but not Southern or Eastern Europe. Basically anything to downplay the enormity of what Rafael and Novak have achieved.

by Margaret Courtreply 4907/14/2021

R47, I'm a Rafa fan and I'm on a few tennis boards. It's truly hysterical to witness how Fed fans have completely lost their minds since last October (when Rafa first caught up with Fed in Slams) through last weekend.

It's been Slams or Bust for them throughout the years for everything:

Rafa's head to head? Doesn't matter. Fed had more Slams.

Rafa's Slam head to head? Fed/Slams.

Novak more weeks at number one? Fed/Slams.

Rafa ties Fed for year end number 1s? Nope. Fed/Slams.

Novak passes Fed/Rafa for year end number 1s: Fed/Slams

Rafa and Novak finally tie Fed in Slams: WHY DO YOU RAFA AND NOVAK FANS ONLY BRING UP SLAMS!

I like Fed a lot, but his fans are the worst.

by Margaret Courtreply 5007/14/2021

[quote] In that case, you have these GOTES: Laver, Borg, Llendl, Pete, and Novak

With Borg then winning the overall contest based on the swimsuit round and for being the most handsome in that group.

by Margaret Courtreply 5107/14/2021

R50 no, novaks are the worst

by Margaret Courtreply 5207/14/2021

Lendl would go naked in the swimsuit round.

by Margaret Courtreply 5307/14/2021

Haha R52. Though from that group, I pick Llendl.

I like them big and mean and a little scary looking...

by Margaret Courtreply 5407/14/2021

R54 was meant for R51!!

R52, Novak fans have been in third place for so long, I give them a wide berth for now. I assume they'll settle in and be nicer from now on. The throne is clearly Novak's now. No reason to be dicks anymore.

Rafa fans are clearly the best of the bunch!

by Margaret Courtreply 5507/14/2021

Wow, r49, that's a new one. I had never heard that reasoning before, placing a premium on offensive play. But then I could just as easily argue that the GOAT should be someone with the most balanced game between offense and defense.

by Margaret Courtreply 5607/14/2021

The best thing about Novak tying Rafa and Gramps is that at least the media have stopped the ridiculous "Big Four" business, as though that joke Misery was ever part of the creme de la creme of the all-time greats.

by Margaret Courtreply 5707/14/2021

The doubles match seemed easier to guess:

“One involved a first-round doubles match during which the odds-on team won the first set and dropped the next two. The match received alerts from multiple betting agencies due to irregularities in the timing and size of the wagers, notes Welt.”

That could only be:


Albot/Basilashvili - Didn’t Albot have previous allegations? But would they be the “odds-on team” against Fucsovics and Travaglia?

Pütz/Venus - Tie break in 2nd set and a 13/11 in the 3rd seems like they weren’t trying to lose IMO.


Why did they name that Russian doubles player last year and they’re being so mum on these?

by Margaret Courtreply 5807/14/2021

It’s doubles match.

by Margaret Courtreply 5907/14/2021

[quote]Novak fans have been in third place for so long, I give them a wide berth for now. I assume they'll settle in and be nicer from now on. The throne is clearly Novak's now. No reason to be dicks anymore.

Thanks, R55, I really appreciate that. I'm a long-time Djokovic fan and have often felt that Nole wasn't given full credit for what he's done. Not many people could enter an era with two all-time greats--Federer and Nadal--and then say, "I'm not gonna settle for No. 3. I'm gonna put in the hard work and make whatever sacrifices I need to improve my game to eventually beat those giants." Shapovalov, Zverev, Medvedev, et al. could certainly take a page out of Djokovic's book. That said, I don't intend to be a dick about my support for Djokovic now that he's reached the top. In fact, I usually gravitate toward underdogs, so I am anxiously awaiting a younger player to emerge and start challenging Djokovic and Nadal.

by Margaret Courtreply 6007/14/2021

I don't like him but I feel like Medvedev REALLY wants it. He's such a defensive player but when he wants to he can slap winners. He'll definitely be a contender for the USO unless the Olympics tires him out mentally

by Margaret Courtreply 6107/14/2021

I hear you, R43, but I still think comparisons are difficult. Nadal could not play the kind of game he plays with a wooden racket and old string technology. I think Federer's and Djokovic's games would be a bit easier to adapt to those old technologies.

Plus in previous eras, the surfaces were different. Until 1975, three of the four Slams were on grass. From 1975-77, two were grass and two were clay. From 1978-87, two were grass, one was clay and one was hard court. From 1988 on, it's been two hard court, one grass and one clay. (Indeed, I've always felt that the fact that Conners and Wilander won Slams on grass, clay and hard courts to be an underrated achievement even though they never won all four.) But given the differences, who knows how the Big 3 would have done in various eras?

R60, I agree about Djokovic's achievement. I think when he turned things around in 2011, it was extraordinary and changed the course of tennis history. If he hadn't done that, Nadal and Federer would probably be closer to 30 Slams apiece give or take.

by Margaret Courtreply 6207/14/2021

[quote] Meerkat, that Viennese pastry in the photo is known as a Domicake. It is sweet at first bite but has a tendency to turn sour in crucial moments.

Thanks you, Margaret. My Rogi always said you were the greatest and he also agrees with your other views about the people of colors and (whispering) the Mauresmo people (you know what I mean!)

I am still very hungry. Where can I buy a ten year supply of Domicake? That looks like a delicious Viennese pastry I just want to bite. Rogi still won't feed me until he wins the USA Open, he says.

[quote] Oh and Stan, the adulterer and cuckold, thinks your "Rotcher" is (I can't believe I'm going to write this) an "asshole". He is a sinner that one!

Please do not mention that ugly person, dear MC. He deserves the scarred face he got. Anyway he has only three Slams where he got lucky that Rogi was tired, injured or forced to play on Court 1 in the afternoon. The ugly troll is not even fit to tie my Rogi's shoelaces. I wish Rogi could somehow get a gold medal for himself instead of the one he was forced to share.

I love you, MC.

by Margaret Courtreply 6307/14/2021

R62 just a minor point, from 1988 to 2007 the AO used rebound ace which is quite different from the USO. From 2008 on though, the AO has a more similar court to the USO though it is a bit slower.

Also there used to be a bigger indoor season with lots of carpet events. Carpet is all gone now so that has also helped players who depend on a rhythm when they play

I would like to see how Nadal and Djokovic would have fared when clay was super slow, grass and carpet were fast and AO rebound ace was much different than the USO

by Margaret Courtreply 6407/14/2021

Yet another set of variables, r64, that make it impossible to determine GOATness in absolute terms. You can in no way compare what this generation of tennis gods and goddesses are doing with what the likes of Tilden, Laver, Budge, Lenglen, Connolly, Moody, Mallory, Navratilova, Graf, etc etc have done in their own eras, when surfaces, racquets, balls, international travel, and even tennis priorities were all very different. Anyone who says someone is definitely a GOAT knows next to nothing about tennis history. Anyone who knows about tennis history will find any discussion of GOATness redundant and sterile.

by Margaret Courtreply 6507/14/2021

R63 That ugly troll sucked Rogi's dick, Mirka. Give it a break

by Margaret Courtreply 6607/14/2021

I think Novak's game is aesthetically very pleasing, actually. His flexibility and speed is really beautiful. And I love his forehand, esp when he cracks it for a wide forehand winner. Marvelous stuff. What he's done since 2011 in the era of Roger and Rafa is unreal. Just incredible.

by Margaret Courtreply 6707/14/2021

Where do Fed fanatics get the notion that he is a natural grass court player? He may occasionally finish points at the net but he is still an offensive baseline who enjoyed a lot of success on the slowed down grass of Wimbledon post-2002. No one knows how he would have fared on the faster grass of the Borg/McEnroe/Edberg/Becker/Sampras years, playing against serve and volleyers or even the big servers who could have been in the zone and taken Fed out in early rounds.

Sampras himself noted once that he was shocked to see how few players played at the net even at Wimbledon. Just as people like to point out that Rafa would not have been able to play his style using wood rackets or even the older graphite models with the older strings, similarly Fes could also have struggled on faster surfaces against the net rushers.

by Margaret Courtreply 6807/15/2021

JJ Wolf and his mullet will return to the tour next week in Los Cabos

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 6907/15/2021

R68 has clearly never seen the 2001 Federer vs. Sampras match at Wimbledon. I've attached a link to the highlights.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 7007/15/2021

Azarenka, Andreescu and Kerber all out of the Olympics. Damn they are losing players every minute.

by Margaret Courtreply 7107/15/2021

R71, could be a great opportunity for the remaining players..

I wonder if Andreescu will turn out to be a one slam wonder.. she's been dire since she came back.

by Margaret Courtreply 7207/15/2021

Pospisil and his huge cock are out. Damn.

by Margaret Courtreply 7307/15/2021

Unsadly, R45, Ruud just destroyed the little homophobe 6-0, 6-2.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 7407/15/2021

R72 I think it's more a case of her being a hardcourt specialist. She did reach the Miami final.

by Margaret Courtreply 7507/15/2021

She’s been injured

by Margaret Courtreply 7607/15/2021

R74 There was an article on a tennis blog about the insane number of wc that Rune is receiving.

To make things worse, the other teen wonder was able to defeat Ruud in their only match.

The truth is Rune is doing well, but he is so priviledged that makes think about and inflated ranking (even when the truth is he got his points and challengers and barely took profit of all the wc)

by Margaret Courtreply 7707/15/2021

Dan Evans also tests positive for covid and is now out of the Olympics. Along with Konta, there goes the UK's chances for a medal

by Margaret Courtreply 7807/15/2021

[quote] Dan Evans also tests positive for covid and is now out of the Olympics. Along with Konta, there goes the UK's chances for a medal

My “Big Two”, Jamie and Andy, will certainly give Team GB a fighting chance.

by Margaret Courtreply 7907/15/2021

Bought my USO tickets today. Excited to see live tennis again.

by Margaret Courtreply 8007/15/2021

I have never been to USA Open. I’ve only be to Adria Tour event.

by Margaret Courtreply 8107/15/2021

The prices are ridiculous. 65 for a grounds pass. 75 for sky seats on Ashe day 1. I've had great luck waiting until the last minute. Many people get cooperate tickets and only want to see marquee matches, they'll practically give away the tickets on one of the resales sites.

Even with a cheap ticket I would dress nice smile and wait at the entrance of the stadium. Look like the kind of person who would buy you a drink if you gave them a free ticket. At that time, you could re-enter with the ticket so people leaving could give you their ticket if they left early.

A hot day can turn fridged with the wind and people don't dress for it. I saw Murray beat Djokovic on a Monday final. The grounds pass was 5 dollars and some freezing Brits gave me their seats. One thing that did beat Djokovic in the past was the wind! Now with all the roofs it's never that big a deal. But that night it made the difference.

by Margaret Courtreply 8207/15/2021

De Minaur is also COVID positive and out of the Olympics.

by Margaret Courtreply 8307/15/2021

Poor Minotaur.

by Margaret Courtreply 8407/15/2021

Sock and Kyrgios to be doubles partners.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 8507/15/2021

That is a fright for sore eyes.

by Margaret Courtreply 8607/15/2021

I guess not many took the vaccine?

by Margaret Courtreply 8707/15/2021

Jeez, with players either dropping out or testing positive and withdrawing, cunty Judy's miserable crotch fruit might end up winning again.

by Margaret Courtreply 8807/15/2021

Has Osaka's mental illness gotten cured magically just in time for the start of the hard court season?

by Margaret Courtreply 8907/15/2021

Laslo Djere in very short shorts today in Hamburg looking FUCKING DELICIOUS.

by Margaret Courtreply 9007/16/2021

Barthel, Diyas and Errani are the replacements in the Olympic draw

Cerúndolo and Macháč are in on the men side. Some spots are still unfilled.

by Margaret Courtreply 9107/16/2021

Is Errani still playing? Wasn't she the one whose BS excuse about her failed drug test was that her mom's cancer medication accidentally got mixed with the food that everyone ate? That sounds really plausible. When the food is ready to be served season with salt and pepper, garnish with parsley and just a sprinkle of cancer medicine on top. Buon appetito!

by Margaret Courtreply 9207/16/2021

R85, that way we can kill two birds with one grease fire.

by Margaret Courtreply 9307/16/2021

Those not going can watch the documentary about me!

by Margaret Courtreply 9407/16/2021

I cannot wait for Errani to retire. I loathe her.

by Margaret Courtreply 9507/16/2021

Why do you loathe the gnome, R95?

by Margaret Courtreply 9607/16/2021

Naomi at R94, sit your lying, drama queen ass down. You post on Insta, do documentaries, and pose for photos to promote your doll, but when it comes to doing a press conference, suddenly you have a mental illness and need time off?

by Margaret Courtreply 9707/16/2021

Monfils and Svitolina got married today

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 9807/16/2021

terrible outfits

by Margaret Courtreply 9907/16/2021

Lu Yen-hsun (who I forgot he is still playing) will be Taipei flag bearer at Olympic opening ceremony. He also said Olympics will be his last tournament

by Margaret Courtreply 10007/16/2021

[quote] Monfils and Svitolina got married today


by Margaret Courtreply 10107/16/2021

I'd be Paire team regardless, but Delbonis also has the weirdest pull-back on his serve of anyone and it is annoying to witness. Benoit is rocking the popped collar today as well. He still needs to get rid of that unfortunate beard. It is the second worst facial hair on tour (after de Minaur's Hitler moustache).

by Margaret Courtreply 10207/16/2021

R69 Ok I admit I'm a bit envious of his body as I'm naturally skinny and takes me geological ages to build muscles, but... how is it possible for a pro tennis player to be THAT swole? They stay hours on court running doing what is basically hardcore cardio, none of them has (Nadal aside) big arms or capped hard shoulders. Maybe that's why he can't reach good results? He should choose between weightlifting and tennis.

by Margaret Courtreply 10307/16/2021

R102, fortunately Alex got rid of that Hitler look months ago.

by Margaret Courtreply 10407/16/2021

Now that Monfils is married is he going to play even worse than he has been? He and his countryman Gasquet are two of the biggest underachievers in tennis. So much potential squandered.

by Margaret Courtreply 10507/16/2021

[quote] My “Big Two”, Jamie and Andy, will certainly give Team GB a fighting chance

Who is "bigger", Jude? Have you ever done a threesome with them?

by Margaret Courtreply 10607/16/2021

He did for a while, R104, but he had it back the last time I saw him, unfortunately.

by Margaret Courtreply 10707/16/2021

Tsitsy and his flying racquet head were the best part of Hamburg today.

I love me some PCB but I’m rooting for Djere to win it all.

by Margaret Courtreply 10807/16/2021
Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 10907/16/2021

Shapo showing his lack of intelligence at R109. Does he know how to spell his full last name?

by Margaret Courtreply 11007/16/2021

Monfils may have squandered some potential, R105, but he's been plagued with injuries over nearly 20 years on the tour. Nobody else has brought it like Gael when he's at100%. Wildly inconsistent and maddening as he's been at times, who's ever been more fun to watch?

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 11107/16/2021

R109, wow, he didn't know how to spell "canada" LOLOLOLOLOL

by Margaret Courtreply 11207/16/2021

well he must be the only Canadian who doesn't know Celine Dion is Canadian

I'm not surprised at anything dumb coming out of him

R111 Monfils' problem is because he is such a showman sometimes he cares too much about being flashy than playing smart points. He'll hurt himself tracking down balls he shouldn't. If he limited himself to how much Nadal and DJokovic run he would have had far less injuries. Kyrgios suffers as well from the showman syndrome-obviously he's nowhere near the mover Monfils is but he'll also sometimes go for flashy shots. Sometimes they pay off and the crowd adores him, sometimes he'll miss and look like a fool.

Monfils, Tsonga and Kyrgios are the biggest underachievers in the last 20 years on the men's tour

by Margaret Courtreply 11307/16/2021

The difference is that Monfils and Tsonga clearly love the sport and bring that with them to the court. Kyrgios...not so much.

by Margaret Courtreply 11407/16/2021

R103, seen Nadal's muscles? They work for him. And whisper it, but steroids is one way. They improve strength, endurance, and even hand-eye coordination. Murray used to have problems with endurance - getting physically fatigued and unable to complete matches. Hooked up with an Adidas trainer, muscled up, and never had that issue again.

by Margaret Courtreply 11507/16/2021

[quote] Murray used to have problems with endurance - getting physically fatigued and unable to complete matches. Hooked up with an Adidas trainer, muscled up, and never had that issue again.

This is a lie. My Andy never had sex with that so-called Adidas trainer. He is strictly hetero and I am the dame who can prove it! Don't be alleging that my gorgeous darling is a homo.

by Margaret Courtreply 11607/17/2021

R116 Ha, that did occur to me after I wrote that but I left it because DL DL. Here, a nice pic of Andy in a Hulk pose.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 11707/17/2021

Krajinovic complained about Tsitsipas behaviour on cour on his press conference.

Stefanos is a spoiled brat like a lot of next gen (Felix and Sinner seem naturally polite in and off the court but the rest have serious behaviour problems)

by Margaret Courtreply 11807/17/2021

luvs me some laslo

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 11907/17/2021

r113 Monfils and Tsonga aren't big underachievers, they didn't have the technique. Tennis needs a lot of practice and close work with coaches in youth and childhood, they didn't have the tennis education. It is easier on hard courts and on carpet than on clay, (clearly the best surface for tennis), when you don't have a good tennis education, but they didn't have the tennis education for a big career. You have to listen to your coaches closely growing up, and you have to cooperate well with them. It requires a lot of learning, and you can't catch up that much later on. Kyrgios' technique and shot consistency, because of his lack of tennis education, isn't that much better.

by Margaret Courtreply 12007/17/2021

Anyone watch Osaka's documentary?

by Margaret Courtreply 12107/17/2021

But surely that is the definition of underachievers, R120. Monfils, Tsonga and Kyrgios could have (and Krygios still could) make themselves into top-level contenders, if they applied themselves. Murray is probably the classic case of someone who did it - took his natural talent and honed it to become a top level contender. He could have been a Henman, Tsonga or Nishikori and had a perfectly good career. He had the tenacity and willpower, on top of his natural game, to be very consistently successful even in the age of the Big Three (sorry, Judy).

by Margaret Courtreply 12207/17/2021

Of course they are underachievers. It's obvious that with a different motivation they could get way more.

Sometimes you are not even guilty of being an underachiever, Delpo is a prime example, without all his injuries he had the potential to compete with the best but he never had the oportunity

by Margaret Courtreply 12307/17/2021

Djere is so hot

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 12407/17/2021

This is one of the best highlight compilations that you'll find on the internets.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 12507/17/2021

I’m not surprised he complained r118. Tsitsy got away with a LOT. Racquet smashing, at least 2 time violations, taking an extremely long bathroom break and finally yelling while walking away while Filip was about to hit the ball.

by Margaret Courtreply 12607/17/2021

Dellien, Varillas and Nagal are in the Olympic draw. And Friedsam in the women draw.

From now all withdrawals won't be replaced by single ranking position. They will use players already selected, meaning they will use double players.

by Margaret Courtreply 12707/17/2021

Actually most of the 22-and-unders behave pretty well on court, R118. Moutet, Rune and ADF are the notable exceptions along with prima donna Tsitsipas, who's developing a Djokovic-worthy streak of Dr. Hyde. FAA, Sinner, Ruud, Korda, Popyrin, Ymer, Alcaraz, Musetti, Kecmanovic rarely act out on court. Shapo is borderline.

by Margaret Courtreply 12807/17/2021

watch osaka's documentary? I can think of better ways to waste my time.

by Margaret Courtreply 12907/17/2021

[quote] Shapo is borderline

In more ways than one.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 13007/17/2021

[quote] Shapo is borderline

In more ways than one.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 13107/17/2021

where can i find an olympic draw??

by Margaret Courtreply 13207/17/2021

Bublik team or Anderson team?

Brooksby team or Thompson team?

by Margaret Courtreply 13307/17/2021

Hasn't Osaka always said she doesn't speak much Japanese and has only been taking lessons for the past few years? So how come she is now claiming in the BBC article about her that at the age of 10 she was able to understand a conversation between two girls which involved a discussion about her race? I find her claim quite implausible. Yes, Japan is a very race-conscious society, but I feel Osaka the drama queen is just making stuff up to suit her narrative.

[quote] Osaka, aged about 10, was getting ready for a match at the prestigious Orange Bowl tournament. Preparing within earshot of her Japanese opponent, Osaka overheard her conversation. "She was talking with another Japanese girl," Osaka told the Wall Street Journal. "And they didn't know that I was listening or that I spoke Japanese. Her friend asked her who she was playing, so she said 'Osaka'. And her friend says, 'Oh, that black girl. Is she supposed to be Japanese?' And then the girl that I was playing was like, 'I don't think so.'"

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 13407/17/2021

R132 pretty sure it doesnt come out till next week.

by Margaret Courtreply 13507/17/2021

yes, definitely some salt and pepper added to spice up her story. From what I've read, she understands the language but she's not fluent in it ( she replies to Japanese reporters in English)

by Margaret Courtreply 13607/17/2021

How good can her Japanese be if she grew up in the USA?! C'mon, she had no friends to speak it with...only her mom. I doubt she can even read Japanese. I don't think she attended language schools. they were not rich like now.

by Margaret Courtreply 13707/17/2021

R128 Shapo seems a nice (and dumb) guy outside court but smashing raquets is very usual on him.

Seyboth Wild is not an angel either, but yes, Musetty is feisty but well behaved and Felix, Korda and Alcaraz and polite.

There are worse in the older next gens

by Margaret Courtreply 13807/17/2021

Shapo is nice and dumb but... so dumb. Still remember him getting DQ'ed for hitting an ump in the face with a ball - probably he'd be worse if that hadn't happened

by Margaret Courtreply 13907/17/2021

dumb guys are often great fucks

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 14007/17/2021

I’z not dumb.

by Margaret Courtreply 14107/17/2021

Brooksby defeats Pornstache Thompson at Hall of Fame Open.

by Margaret Courtreply 14207/17/2021

Shapo's blonde leg hair is not dumb, however.

Yeah I think Tsitsy's loss in French Open final, after being up 2 sets, really fucked him up. But I think he'll bounce back in NYC.

The men's tour usually has one "thinker" type - Becker, Courier, now Tsitsipas. They're kind of the "philosophers" of men's tennis. (Not saying much, of course.)

by Margaret Courtreply 14307/17/2021

My heavens! All these lesbians being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

by Margaret Courtreply 14407/17/2021

That spic lesbian is openly thanking her “partner”! How can this be allowed on television? Will no one think of the Christian children watching?

by Margaret Courtreply 14507/17/2021

Wow r1, get help. Go directly to Urgent Care. Its just a message board.

by Margaret Courtreply 14607/17/2021

How dare you presume I need help just because I have one true love: Rafa. It's not my fault you are clearly incapable of devotion to anything or anyone, let alone a specimen as perfect as Nadal.

by Margaret Courtreply 14707/17/2021

first week post-Wimbledon tournament finals are set:


PCB def. Delbonis 7-6(2) 6-3 and Krajinovic def. Djere 6-4 6-2

Krajinovic is still seeking his first title on Sunday while PCB has 5


Anderson def. Bublik 4-6 7-6(3) 7-5 and Brooksby def. Thompson 6-3 7-6(3)

Brooksby is in his first final while Anderson has 6 titles


Kalinina def. Collins 7-6(5) 4-1 ret with arm injury and Putintseva def. Galfi 6-2 3-6 6-2

Kalinina is seeking her first title while Putintseva has 1


Zidansek def. Zonevska 7-5 6-3 and Burel upsets Garcia 5-7 6-2 6-2

both Zidansek and Burel are seeking their first title


Krejcikova def. X. Wang 6-1 6-2 and Martincova def. Minnen 6-3 6-4

Krejcikova has 2 titles both this year and Martincova is seeking her first title


Ruud def. RCB 6-1 6-4 and F. Coria def. Hanfmann 6-2 6-1

Ruud has 2 titles while Coria is seeking his first

by Margaret Courtreply 14807/17/2021

Not everyone hated the Osaka documentary. The Guardian loved it.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 149Last Sunday at 12:37 AM

R149, that is a predictable response from The Grauniad. The documentary ticks all the right boxes for them and they would have to say that they love it.

by Margaret Courtreply 150Last Sunday at 12:40 AM

Yes, the Guardian is super-woke, I would not have expected anything different from them.

On a personal level, I really cannot stand Osaka. I don't even feel bad about it because the majority of the people/casual tennis fans/media are sympathetic so who cares. Plus she earns crazy-huge amounts. Big big $$$. So she's doing great. It's petty but I'm cheering every opponent of hers from now on because she's so fake and pathetic, opting out of surfaces just because she isn't number 1 on them.

by Margaret Courtreply 151Last Sunday at 2:19 AM

R1 / R147 how far are you willing to go to show your devotion towards Rafael? Just ignore the jealous, sexless cunt at R146. Probably a worshipper of Grampy Priss.

by Margaret Courtreply 152Last Sunday at 3:15 AM

Margaret at R144, did you see the shameless attention whore Billy Gene King once again pushing and clawing her way to the centre and making it all about herself? Will the Hall of Fame also be named after this publicity ho now?

P.S. Which of those lezzies have you, er, um, you know, how do I put this, er, read the Bible with? Is that what one means by "knowing them in the Biblical sense"?

by Margaret Courtreply 153Last Sunday at 3:25 AM

What's with the look on former skier Alberto Tomba's face? Is he in lust with Novaxx? Does he want Novaxx?

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 154Last Sunday at 3:36 AM

For those who doubt Osaka’s language skills, that it is possible to understand a language without being able to speak it. I knew a woman who like that who grew up in a Greek immigrant household. The only sentence of Greek she herself could speak was “I don’t speak Greek but I can understand every word.”

by Margaret Courtreply 155Last Sunday at 4:35 AM

R155 its wierd people dont get that. If you think about it it makes sense. For me when I was learning French it was easier to listen and understand what was said. Saying the words myself with the correct pronunciation and form was more challenging and took more effort obviously. Osaka probably heard her mother speak Japanese with family but rarely needed to herself?

by Margaret Courtreply 156Last Sunday at 4:43 AM

Berrettini withdraws from Tokyo

by Margaret Courtreply 157Last Sunday at 5:28 AM

R157 is there a reason? Injured? Saving his energy for the US Open?

by Margaret Courtreply 158Last Sunday at 6:09 AM

R158 he claimed " resentment of muscular discomfort,"

by Margaret Courtreply 159Last Sunday at 6:13 AM

Is Tokyo Olympic Tier 8 event now? Who are top seeds? Eugenie Bouchard and Jamie Murray?

by Margaret Courtreply 160Last Sunday at 6:13 AM

R159, translation: He is recovering from a gang bang by the victorious Italian football team that won the night he lost his final.

by Margaret Courtreply 161Last Sunday at 6:15 AM

r152, I in fact am the original Rafanatic, r1 has stolen that moniker and is not worthy of it. However, I shall let it go and continue my admiration of Rafa quietly, while r1 continues to besmirch and desecrate my original moniker Rafanatic with his infantile observations and postings.

by Margaret Courtreply 162Last Sunday at 6:36 AM


1. Djokovic 2. Medvedev 3. Tsitsipas 4. Zverev 5. Rublev 7. Schwartzman (who has arrived in Tokyo) 8. Carreno

1. Barty 2. Osaka 3. Sabalenka 4. Svitolina 5. Świątek 6. Pliskova 7. Kvitova (who has departed today for Japan) 8. Bencic

but there is still a week to drop out......

by Margaret Courtreply 163Last Sunday at 7:14 AM

Those already in Tokyo or travelling today for Tokyo

Schwartzman and Zeballos

Rublev, Khachanov and Karatsev

Auger Aliassime

Ugo Humbert, Chardy, Mahut and Herbert (with the hair getting even worse)

John Millman, James Duckworth

Cilic, Kecmanović

Thiago Monteiro

Norbert Gombos

Sousa x 2

by Margaret Courtreply 164Last Sunday at 7:32 AM

DL faves PCB and Casper Ruud both won titles today

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 165Last Sunday at 7:53 AM

Anderson team or Brooksby team?

Krajicek/Popsicle team or Blumberg/Sock team (Popsicle and Sock are former doubles partners).

by Margaret Courtreply 166Last Sunday at 7:57 AM

Surprised that Novak is playing Tokyo. I would have thought he would be saving himself for the USOpen. He must desperately want that Golden Slam to really one-up Federer.

by Margaret Courtreply 167Last Sunday at 8:05 AM

In terms of looks, who do you prefer - Sock or Popsicle?

by Margaret Courtreply 168Last Sunday at 8:28 AM

I think he's playing to make history in his country. Serbia only has 15 medals total since 1912, 3 gold for water polo. No Serbian has won gold for an individual sport.

by Margaret Courtreply 169Last Sunday at 8:29 AM

Hopefully Tokyo tires Djokovic out mentally and physically so he flops at the USO

by Margaret Courtreply 170Last Sunday at 8:32 AM

R140 Is Shapo officially the tennis himbo for us DLs?

Btw, being the Olympics best of three, it's not gonna be easy for Nole to gain the Gold. People claim the medal is already his but he needs to put the hard work, more than the slams, where Next Gen guys are at a physical and mental disadvantage.

WTA was such a better place without that fake cunt Hiroshima, hope she loses in the first round.

by Margaret Courtreply 171Last Sunday at 8:52 AM

[quote] Is Shapo officially the tennis himbo for us DLs?


by Margaret Courtreply 172Last Sunday at 8:54 AM

R172 Excellent, I approve.

by Margaret Courtreply 173Last Sunday at 9:00 AM

Really?There are dozens of much better looking players than Putin Jr.

by Margaret Courtreply 174Last Sunday at 9:05 AM

Yes, R174, there are, but the question was whether Shapo is the himbo for DL. That he is.

by Margaret Courtreply 175Last Sunday at 9:07 AM

[quote] WTA was such a better place without that fake cunt Hiroshima

Tee hee. Don't you mean Okinawa? That's where all the hos are.

by Margaret Courtreply 176Last Sunday at 9:36 AM

It’s doubles match.

by Margaret Courtreply 177Last Sunday at 9:38 AM

I thought in the Olympic men's final it was best of five?

by Margaret Courtreply 178Last Sunday at 10:50 AM

Ok, American friends, what can you tell us about Brooksby? He’s Californian, but the rest of us don’t know anything much beyond that.

by Margaret Courtreply 179Last Sunday at 11:44 AM

R178, it usually has been, but in Tokyo it will be best of three.

by Margaret Courtreply 180Last Sunday at 11:51 AM

Djokovic should’ve skipped the Olympics to focus on the U.S. Open.

by Margaret Courtreply 181Last Sunday at 11:53 AM

R181, presumably he needed at least preparatory event, though. Nadal is currently scheduled for two, the Citi Open in DC. and the Toronto Open.

by Margaret Courtreply 182Last Sunday at 12:04 PM

Anderson wins Hall of Fame Open.

by Margaret Courtreply 183Last Sunday at 12:52 PM

Call me Coco has tested positive for COVID and won't be able to play at the Olympics either

by Margaret Courtreply 184Last Sunday at 1:06 PM

Coco doesn't need the Olympics. She is already the GOAT. It's the players ranked #2 and below on the GOAT list, the Serenas and Graffs of the world, who need the cheap Olympic crowns to beef up their resumes.

by Margaret Courtreply 185Last Sunday at 1:19 PM

Is Gramps Rotcher playing the Rotchers Cup? Will he be able to cope with the sheer disappointment and jealousy caused by my love, Andy, becoming a three times in a row Olympic champion?

by Margaret Courtreply 186Last Sunday at 1:22 PM

I guess she didn't bother taking the vaccine.

by Margaret Courtreply 187Last Sunday at 1:27 PM

It's gracious of Coco to step aside and allow the other American athletes to get some attention. That's just what you do when you're the GOAT.

by Margaret Courtreply 188Last Sunday at 1:29 PM

WTF did you bitches totally forget me?

by Margaret Courtreply 189Last Sunday at 1:31 PM

Sunday final results:

Hamburg: PCB def. Krajinovic 6-2 6-4 it's his 6th title

Newport: Anderson def. Brooksby 7-6(8) 6-4 it's his 7th title

Budapest: Putintseva def. Kalinina 6-4 6-0 it's her 2nd title

Lausanne: Zidansek def. Burel 4-6 7-6(5) 6-1 for her 1st title

Prague: Krejcikova def. Martincova 6-2 6-0 for her 3rd title and all 3 this year

Bastad: Ruud def. F. Coria 6-3 6-3 for his 3rd title

by Margaret Courtreply 190Last Sunday at 1:39 PM

A lot of players getting infected recently. Was Wimbledon a super spreader event for the players?

by Margaret Courtreply 191Last Sunday at 2:11 PM

next week's draws out:

Palermo: top 3 seeds are Collins, Samsonova and Teichmann

Gdynia: this draw is very weak and only notable is WC given to comeback player Urszula Radwanska

Los Cabos: top seeds are Norrie, Isner, Fritz, Querrey. DL fave Kokkinakis got a WC

Umag: top seeds are Ramos-Vinolas, Lajovic, Krajinovic and Gasquet. Homophobic twink Rune got ANOTHER WC

Gstaad: Shapovalov, RBA, Ruud and Garin are the top seeds. Definitely the best field of the week

by Margaret Courtreply 192Last Sunday at 3:05 PM

[quote] comeback player Urszula Radwanska

Is she a comeback player? I thought she was the younger journeywoman sister of Aga Radwanska

Gstaad has a nice venue with the mountains in the background

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 193Last Sunday at 3:14 PM

Very convenient, all these infections for an event that doesn't give you any ranking points.

by Margaret Courtreply 194Last Monday at 4:42 AM

Athletes go to Olympic for sex or something ? They do so much noise about those beds , do athletes really have sex during olys?

by Margaret Courtreply 195Last Monday at 4:46 AM

[quote]Ok, American friends, what can you tell us about Brooksby?

Here's an interview, his favorite player is Nadal

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 196Last Monday at 11:58 AM

Naomi gets SI cover!

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 197Last Monday at 12:06 PM

more from the shoot

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 198Last Monday at 12:06 PM
Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 199Last Monday at 12:07 PM

There are more and more piano players on the circuit, unfortunately the number of rappers is getting higher too

by Margaret Courtreply 200Last Monday at 12:18 PM

[quote] unfortunately the number of rappers is getting higher too

I’s a rapper!

by Margaret Courtreply 201Last Monday at 12:22 PM

Pianist > Rapper

by Margaret Courtreply 202Last Monday at 12:28 PM

R197 Look how shy she is, she obviously doesn't want any attention, she totally detests cameras and the spotlight, but she sure likes the $. But don't you dare interview her, she is depressed!

by Margaret Courtreply 203Last Monday at 12:29 PM

She has manly body, terrible

by Margaret Courtreply 204Last Monday at 12:38 PM

Osaka is not a media whore. At all. No, sir.

Insta. SI. Netflix. Doll promos. Facebook. Endorsements. All of them are OK and she doesn't have to interact with anyone at all. Nuh uh. Those things just happen on their own.

But ask her a question about her record on clay and Miss Mental Health needs some sick days to recover from the cruel, harsh spotlight and post on Insta.

She is full of shit.

by Margaret Courtreply 205Last Monday at 12:43 PM

So shy and nervous.

by Margaret Courtreply 206Last Monday at 12:45 PM

Thanks, r196.

by Margaret Courtreply 207Last Monday at 12:59 PM

She really is a bag of shit.

by Margaret Courtreply 208Last Monday at 2:33 PM

Wow, thank goodness for Photoshop! She looks great

by Margaret Courtreply 209Last Monday at 5:11 PM

R204, IT'S MA'AM!

by Margaret Courtreply 210Last Monday at 8:09 PM

So attention when she gets paid is fine. Attention that's part of her job is triggering. Got it.

by Margaret Courtreply 211Last Monday at 8:16 PM

If Okinawa crashes out early at the Olympics and fails to win a medal will she conveniently blame the media pressures and her "mental illness" again?

by Margaret Courtreply 212Last Monday at 9:55 PM

A couple of them will hit the head in the bathroom at the Olympic village

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 213Last Tuesday at 1:48 AM

Whom has DL regular Cames Jourier been 'mentoring' lately? Middle-aged Gaygor has obviously aged out of prime twinkdom and Cames seems to like 'mentoring' younger players.

by Margaret Courtreply 214Last Tuesday at 1:53 AM

I can't stand the fake ass bitch Naomi. Please don't let her win a medal at the Olympics.

by Margaret Courtreply 215Last Tuesday at 2:16 AM

FFS- The head of the Olympics just said he hasn't ruled out canceling. Just give all the athletes a medal just for participation, let them all fuck each other and we can have a closing ceremony with fireworks and everyone can go home.

by Margaret Courtreply 216Last Tuesday at 4:32 AM

Naomi is receiving a lot of criticism.

She got away with what she did at RG because she mentioned depression (i doubt she suffers any depression) and she had a lot of credit from her activism but she is full of contradictions and her sponsors pay her for something.

Our favourite teen homophobe wasted another wc (Rune is making Donald Young look like an amateur at getting wc at the start of his career)

by Margaret Courtreply 217Last Tuesday at 10:36 AM

Young 6'4 Jenson Brooksby strikes me of needing some mentoring.

by Margaret Courtreply 218Last Tuesday at 10:42 AM

DL is slipping

No one mentioned Kokkinakis' big choke against Kudla last night! He lost 6-4 6-7(4) 6-7(3)

Kokkinakis had 23 aces and faced no break points in the last 2 sets. Kudla saved 6 in the last 2.

by Margaret Courtreply 219Last Tuesday at 10:55 AM

Mon petit beau, Hugo Gaston, takes out Delbonis in Gstaad

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 220Last Wednesday at 5:22 AM

And after taking a ball to the face! Good job Gaston!

by Margaret Courtreply 221Last Wednesday at 5:42 AM

R221 and fortunately his handsome visage is unscarred! That Delbonis is a brute!

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 222Last Wednesday at 5:51 AM

Gaston is playing well again.

And unlike Moutet he is very likeable

by Margaret Courtreply 223Last Wednesday at 10:32 AM

Here's the men's tennis draw for the Olympics. Among the most interesting first round matches:

FAA v. Murray

Nishikori v. Rublev

Paul v. Karatsev

Hurkacz v. Fucsovics

PCB v. Sandgren

Tiafoe v. Kwon

Bublik v. Medvedev

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 224Last Wednesday at 9:47 PM

[quote] FAA v. Murray

Is DL's favorite incestuous coach/groupie Judy allowed to be part of Misery's bubble in Tokyo? Who is he going to fuck to get over his anger and disappointment after going in as two time defending champ and losing in the first round to FAA? Isn't it her job to keep telling him that she is convinced he is the "biggest" of the "Big Four" down there?

by Margaret Courtreply 225Last Wednesday at 10:41 PM

I wouldn't count Sir Murray out just yet. I have a hunch FAA will fold quickly.

by Margaret Courtreply 226Last Thursday at 8:26 AM

When does the tennis start?

by Margaret Courtreply 227Last Thursday at 8:29 AM

The tennis is 24th to Aug 1st.

by Margaret Courtreply 228Last Thursday at 8:31 AM

Wait, what happened to "Felix is everything", R226?

by Margaret Courtreply 229Last Thursday at 8:32 AM

Are mentors allowed in the Olympic village if they're vaccinated?

by Margaret Courtreply 230Last Thursday at 8:34 AM

I do think that Felix is everything, and thank you for your re-affirmation.

I am most hopeful that Felix will prevail over Sir Murray, but I am factoring in that Murray will be manically motivated to win.

I do hope FAA gets the W though.

by Margaret Courtreply 231Last Thursday at 8:39 AM

I hope FAA gets the D!

by Margaret Courtreply 232Last Thursday at 8:40 AM

Who wins the worst mugshot award this year? You have to select tennis from the "all sports" box

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 233Last Thursday at 9:11 AM

Shapovalov massively shits the bed against #249 Vit Kopriva in Gstaad. HE WILL NEVER BE TSAR!

by Margaret Courtreply 234Last Thursday at 9:28 AM

Himbo's loss to this Kopriva guy, No. 250 who has never even reached a Futures final in his life, is one of the most shocking losses of a current Top 10 player ever.

by Margaret Courtreply 235Last Thursday at 9:31 AM

If the Olympics for tennis starts on the 24th, I'm not sure why any entrant even played an event this week.

Pure tank job from Shapovalov but he got an appearance fee. I mean the latest he'd start playing in Tokyo is the 25th

by Margaret Courtreply 236Last Thursday at 10:18 AM

Watching UMAG and am transfixed by the Lajovic butt. He could give our beloved Domicakes a run for the money. Has the Lajovic back end been clocked here on DL?

by Margaret Courtreply 237Last Thursday at 10:22 AM

Bamm-Bamm didn't want to play, R236.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 238Last Thursday at 10:23 AM

Smart move on Shapo's part.

by Margaret Courtreply 239Last Thursday at 10:24 AM

r233, Brady has a terrible mugshot.

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 240Last Thursday at 10:24 AM

[quote] Smart move on Shapo's part.

“Smart” and “Shapo” - two words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence.

by Margaret Courtreply 241Last Thursday at 10:25 AM

lol then why the hell didn't Shapovalov play in Los Cabos? He sucks on clay. Remember he withdrew from RG with an "injury" only to play a grass event the second week of it?

He would have gotten a good appearance fee and the clear #1 seed. I mean titleless Norrie is the event's top seed this week instead

by Margaret Courtreply 242Last Thursday at 10:27 AM

Smart Shapo is an oxymoron.

by Margaret Courtreply 243Last Thursday at 10:30 AM

[quote] Smart Shapo is an oxymoron.

And Shapo is just a moron.

by Margaret Courtreply 244Last Thursday at 10:37 AM

R239 I wouldn't call smart to play on clay when he is crapstatic on that surface. It's the worst defeat of a top 10 player in a good while

by Margaret Courtreply 245Last Thursday at 10:59 AM

Pornstache Johnson just said “fuck you” to the umpire for awarding a point to deplorable Fritz.

by Margaret Courtreply 246Last Thursday at 6:17 PM

R246 when was Fritz confirmed as a deplorable? I haven't seen anything

by Margaret Courtreply 247Last Thursday at 8:20 PM

[quote]I have a hunch FAA will fold quickly.

I hope young Felix just concentrates on his game and doesn't get distracted or upset by Cunty Misery's usual blatant gamesmanship: whining, complaining about line calls, repeated stalling, constantly looking at Judy's box and licking his lips, taking ages to serve and constantly catching the ball after tossing it, faking injuries.

by Margaret Courtreply 248Last Thursday at 11:27 PM

Deplorable status shouldn't be applied to Fritz unless there's solid proof.

by Margaret Courtreply 249Yesterday at 2:30 AM

seek professional help R246

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 250Yesterday at 2:49 AM

Which tuneups is Empress Serena playing to prepare the USA Open? I wish she would draw Call Me Coco GOAT in the R16 and kick the young pretender's ass in a double bagel beatdown.

It's annoying that the evil bitch Margaret Court still holds the record.

by Margaret Courtreply 251Yesterday at 2:52 AM

My Hugo downs Garin! THE FUTURE IS TEAM UGO HUGO!!!!

by Margaret Courtreply 252Yesterday at 2:59 AM


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by Margaret Courtreply 253Yesterday at 3:05 AM

Commentator just told a story about Djere. He lost both of his parents to cancer and is the primary caregiver to his younger sister. Sounds like he's been through a lot.

by Margaret Courtreply 254Yesterday at 3:44 AM

Osaka is the last torchbearer

by Margaret Courtreply 255Yesterday at 6:47 AM

UGH. When will people stop sucking up to Osaka? Everyone loves her except a bunch of actual tennis fans (tennisforum aren't fans of her snowflakery either).

by Margaret Courtreply 256Yesterday at 6:50 AM

the opening ceremony in Tokyo was so fucking pathetic. empty stadium (practically). Saw on Zverev's insta stories...

someone get ready to make a new thread. it's almost 300 posts.

by Margaret Courtreply 257Yesterday at 7:15 AM

It would be funny if Osaka lost in the first round in Tokyo and then again at the USA Open after all her drama queen showboating. She will only have to dodge one press conference each. It will free her up to post on Insta all day.


by Margaret Courtreply 258Yesterday at 7:27 AM

R237! i hear you about Lajovic's butt! and those light grey snug shorts show it off quite nicely! i imagine him wearing light grey BALLET tights! oh yeah!...

by Margaret Courtreply 259a day ago

Do you think I’d be allowed into the showers after the Ruud–Paire match? The both make me weak at the knees.

by Margaret Courtreply 260a day ago

Can you please figure out a way to get that horrible beard off of Benoit, R260? He has a rocking body but that horrible thing is too distracting. It was entertaining watching him fight with the umpire throughout that Ruud service game.

by Margaret Courtreply 261a day ago

not getting what some of you find hot about Paire. He's way too skinny, has bad skin from not wearing sunblock, a horrible beard and bitchy, chumpy attitude.

by Margaret Courtreply 262a day ago

Kopriva just destroyed Ymer 6-1, 6-0. This guy, despite having played little to no pro matches in his career, is currently undefeated vs Top 97 players. LMAO legend.

by Margaret Courtreply 263a day ago

I will test the new Olympic bed tonight

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by Margaret Courtreply 264a day ago

Kopriva = NuGOAT

by Margaret Courtreply 265a day ago

[quote] NuGOAT

I am OlGOAT and forever GOAT!

by Margaret Courtreply 266a day ago

Eat my snatch, hag!!! I'm the one and ONLY GOAT. Everyone says so!

by Margaret Courtreply 26721 hours ago

Which one closeted gay is the goat? Djoko, Nadal or Federer?

by Margaret Courtreply 26821 hours ago

All of the Coco and Court pseudo-responses are stupid and the opposite of funny.

by Margaret Courtreply 26921 hours ago

R254 I remember they told that story when he defeated Felix to win his first title.

Gaston is doing very well this week, after his last year run at RG he had a lot of trouble to keep his level but it seems he is playing well again.

I was surprised the betting odds put Alcaraz as favourite in his match against Krajinovic (who defeated Tsitsipas just last week) but Carlos won the first set (he served for set but failed and had match points on Krajinovic's serve before winning the tie break)

by Margaret Courtreply 27020 hours ago

Carla hot in red

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by Margaret Courtreply 27119 hours ago

Little Diego

Offsite Link
by Margaret Courtreply 27219 hours ago

lil Diego doll and I can't see your links

by Margaret Courtreply 27319 hours ago

[quote] Carla hot in red


by Margaret Courtreply 27419 hours ago

Sorry, Coco 🐐 at R267, I am sure the vile Reverend only eats white snatch, preferably of Northern European stock. She has admitted that she doesn't do "coloureds".

Besides she stays busy doing her nude Bible reading sessions with Wendy and Pam, where they whisper psalms in each other's ears but in the form of dirty limericks. Followed by sessions of cleansing each other in the shower.

by Margaret Courtreply 27519 hours ago

Will Smith is quite an upgrade for Richard Williams...

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by Margaret Courtreply 27618 hours ago

If Will doesn't finally win the Oscar for this the academy is racist.

by Margaret Courtreply 27717 hours ago

Olympic tennis starts in an hour

by Margaret Courtreply 27815 hours ago

FAA is dating Donna Vekic?

by Margaret Courtreply 27914 hours ago

[quote] Olympic tennis starts in an hour

Yay! I’m so happy.

by Margaret Courtreply 28014 hours ago

Watching ADF now. Want to see Med tonight but I’m tired! Who all is playing tonight/today?

by Margaret Courtreply 28114 hours ago
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by Margaret Courtreply 28214 hours ago

at least on paper the most interesting day 1 matches should be:

Medvedev vs. Bublik

Bencic vs. Pegula

Karatsev vs. Paul

Sakkari vs. Kontaveit

Basilashvili vs. Carballes Baena

Badosa vs. Mladenovic

by Margaret Courtreply 28313 hours ago

Was Puig! the flag bearer for Puerto Rico during the opening ceremony yesterday? Are Puerto Ricans given the choice to represent either PR or the US at the Olympics?

by Margaret Courtreply 2848 hours ago

Do the Olympics Open carry ranking points? Will Rafa lose points for not defending his just-miss-bronze-medal finish from Rio? I hope Rafa and Nole are not in same quarter or semifinal at USA Open.

by Margaret Courtreply 2858 hours ago
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