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"If it bleeds, it leads" local news programming: Helpful info, lazy reporting, or deliberate fearmongering?

I live in a Southern city of almost 750,000. Not a huge metropolis by any means. But if you were to watch our local news/subscribe to their feed, you might think you're in Delhi, Guatemala, or Sudan. Blood in, blood out--with a smidge of weather, a speck of legislative coverage and a dab of sports in between.

I mean, I'm truly touched and sorry to see the victims and/or their families, but how does breathlessly reporting every shooting or knife fight all day, every day actually inform me in a util way? Now, if there were an active shooter situation, a manhunt, or pack of rabid coonhounds roaming our viewing area, I am completely on board with breathless coverage.

But in the age of conglomerate media, where your local TV station(s) likely is owned by some out-of-region outfit, it seems to me the editorial decision has been made to frighten the local populace and make them think the big bad (usually black) wolf is clawing at their doors.

It just seems so lazy at best, and purposely ginned up at worst. There has always been crime, from sidewalk spitting to purse snatching to murder. Growing up in the 70s and 80s (when both property and personal crime in the US actually sky-high), I NEVER felt frightened in my person. Then again, our local news back then was a mix of organized and right-to-work labor news, consumer info, economic news, etc. But if I consumed current-day local news like so many friends, family, and others do, I would never leave my damn house.

I’ve no doubt this kind of constant bombardment with this type of “news" is a huge reason so many citizens vote Republican. God forbid local reporters focus on ferreting out and reporting on things that would actually help their viewing/listening/reading audience.

by Used to be, this was sidelined onto the police blotterreply 1Last Thursday at 12:18 PM

One of my local stations has developed a habit of interviewing grieving mothers or fathers who's child has recently died or been murdered or killed in a traffic acident. The parents are racked with grief and just cry through the entire interview and the station plays it for all it is worth and I find it disgusting.

by Used to be, this was sidelined onto the police blotterreply 1Last Thursday at 12:18 PM
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