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Things The Internet Ruined

Garage sales...Thanks to eBay everyone thinks their worn out, never used worthless shit is worth a fortune. And should someone actually have something decent, they can get a price on the Internet so you can't get a deal.

by Other things?reply 2106/09/2021

And estate sales and thrift stores and flea markets,etc,etc. Every old bitch with an i-phone is an expert now. As a life long treasure hunter,I mourn for the glory days of the 70s-80s when a Lalique vase for $1 was the norm rather than the exception .

by Other things?reply 106/09/2021

Celebrity spin control.

by Other things?reply 206/09/2021

Acting like a drunken fool in public anonymously.

by Other things?reply 306/09/2021


by Other things?reply 406/09/2021


by Other things?reply 506/09/2021


by Other things?reply 606/09/2021

The Chelsea Twostep.

by Other things?reply 706/09/2021

Print based media...

by Other things?reply 806/09/2021

I used to collect vintage fountain pens and repair them as a hobby.

I gave up because the days of buying an old pen for less than $20 disappeared as every tool who finds and old pen in the back of a drawer thinks it's the Holy Grail and prices it as such.

by Other things?reply 906/09/2021


by Other things?reply 1006/09/2021

A population without the capability to film and record everything. A time where political division didn’t poison every discussion.

by Other things?reply 1106/09/2021
Offsite Link
by Other things?reply 1206/09/2021

Wrong thread. Oops!

by Other things?reply 1306/09/2021

Buying vintage watches cheap. Now anyone who gets their hands on Granddads old watch does an ebay search and thinks it's a $30,000 Rolex.

by Other things?reply 1406/09/2021


by Other things?reply 1506/09/2021


Back in the day Record Labels would actually invest money to develop talented people and turn them into stars. Once the Internet hit and all that music became free and new music from artist was stolen. Record labels stopped investing in one single artist and just started putting out quick trash music. Or they turned artist like a Taylor Swift or Katy Perry into tent pole franchises like X-men. Now it’s mostly just shit music no one remembers two years after its released.

I think this is the first generation of Americans that doesn’t have its own sound, it’s own music.

by Other things?reply 1606/09/2021

I love when that happens, r13!


by Other things?reply 1706/09/2021

Good manners and civility.

by Other things?reply 1806/09/2021

Everyone knows too much about everything.

The whole point of being gay used to be having secret "expertise." Gone, gone, gone. Gays have become straights and straights have become gay and, frankly, I'm sick about ti.

by Other things?reply 1906/09/2021

Quiz radio shows. Having encyclopedic knowledge about trivial topics is pointless now that everyone can Google everything.

by Other things?reply 2006/09/2021


Now we demand instant and constant communication.

One can no longer communicate at leisure.

by Other things?reply 2106/09/2021
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