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IT'S. SO. HOT. (and I stink)

It's 95 degrees and muggy. I took my dog out for some yard time earlier when it was in the 80s but being a black siberian husky mix he wasn't impressed.

I went out to water my flowers and opted to do it by watering can instead of hooking the hose up to the sink because it would let in the heat. I am now slimey with sweat and stink.

I am not a fan of over 85 degrees unless my fat ass is at the beach or in a pool. I am going to have ice cream for dinner.

by waftingreply 10806/12/2021

And we can assume you're weighing it around 325 pounds?

by waftingreply 106/06/2021

You shouldn't own a husky when you live in such a hot place.

by waftingreply 206/06/2021

lol, not quite r1.

r2, it's polar here over half the year.

by waftingreply 306/06/2021

It's what, like the 2nd week of June & it's 90+ degrees with 90% humidity? Jesus, kill me now - I can't imagine what August will be like

by waftingreply 406/06/2021

I loathe the summer and very sunny, hot days unless I am swimming. It’s amazing to me how different people are in terms of climate preference.

by waftingreply 506/06/2021

Hot weather, especially muggy, has a drastic effect on my mood. Right now it's 95 here, too, and I have some kind of phlegmy chest (allergy?) and I feel like it's the end of the world. If it were cool and dry I'd be on top of the world.

by waftingreply 606/06/2021

I actually had space heaters on a week ago.

by waftingreply 706/06/2021

R6, I can take hot. But when it’s humid and there’s a low-pressure front, I want to DIE.

by waftingreply 806/06/2021

Meh. Just rinse off after in a nice cool shower. You'll live.

by waftingreply 906/06/2021

I feel like a hot dog in the microwave

by waftingreply 1006/06/2021

You guys will think I’m nuts but I use these migraine ice head wraps. I get them from Amazon and keep them in my freezer. On a day like today I wear them as I do housework. It really helps!

Also refreshing is a bath or shower with a couple of drops of peppermint oil.

by waftingreply 1106/06/2021

What I miss, living on England, is WARM. Solid warmth that goes on for months. So you can relax and settle into it. I don't even mind humidity. But here it gets HOT sometimes but it's not WARM.

by waftingreply 1206/06/2021

[quote] IT'S. SO. HOT. (and I stink)

Just pull into a parking garage and bawl about it for 20 minutes. You'll feel better after!

by waftingreply 1306/06/2021

I hate the heat, and today we had 93 degrees. Walked my dogs and got an instant headache that’s not going away. I’m not fat, but I still hate the damn heat.

by waftingreply 1406/06/2021

Shit. I live in the DEEP south and it’s only 80 here. Low to mid 80s all week. Of course it’s humid as hell though - 80% humidity.

by waftingreply 1506/06/2021

If you get really hot (body temperature wise) take a couple aspirin. It will cool you down.

by waftingreply 1606/06/2021

I am going to hop in the shower after I feed my dog. I am actually going to have a blt with avocado on naan bread for dinner. That feels like summer.

by waftingreply 1706/06/2021

What kind of ice cream do you have? I have heavenly hash right now as I couldn't find cookie dough.

by waftingreply 1806/06/2021

First year I've had my own inbound pool to jump into and it is bliss. I'm one of those who has hated summer since I was a little kid but this year I can embrace it. Cools me down 20 degrees instantly and the salt takes care of all the bug bites I also hate.

by waftingreply 1906/06/2021

I have B&Js mint cookie.

by waftingreply 2006/06/2021

Maybe you should eat some ice cubes for dinner fat ass.

by waftingreply 2106/06/2021

where's the fun in that r21? plus, ice hurts my teeth

by waftingreply 2206/06/2021

R21 he’ll save the ice cubes to shove up your ultra rude ass!

by waftingreply 2306/06/2021

I’m trying to lose my covid weight (well, I haven’t actually tried that hard) and decided to try Halo Top pops. The mango was great and low calorie. At least they’re cold!

by waftingreply 2406/06/2021

actually, ice cubes up the butt would cool one down I suppose

by waftingreply 2506/06/2021

I'm in South Florida where it'll be in the 90s daily until October. Such is life.

by waftingreply 2606/06/2021

I hate humidity so goddamned much,

by waftingreply 2706/06/2021

It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. I actually had to turn the air conditioning on upstairs because I was getting nauseated walking upstairs. Usually I only have to turn it on upstairs if I am working in my office or at bedtime

by waftingreply 2806/06/2021

Stick some ice cubes in your cooter

by waftingreply 2906/06/2021

btw, I LOVE naan bread. It holds up better than regular bread and the brand I get is garlicky. One slice goes a long way and no tomato leaks. Love.

by waftingreply 3006/06/2021

I'm in So Cal and June is very pleasant. Oh how I love the overcast mornings to mid afternoons that burn off to a light sun with wind. You end up with part of the day in the sunny low 70s. I wish it would stay like this and not turn into the hell that is August through at least October, if not November. (and sometimes December)

Sorry you're so hot! You should have gone out and hosed yourself down.

by waftingreply 3106/06/2021

Living in the Great Northwest you get so use to having moisture in the air that dry places like SoCal just seem unbearable. Dry is bad here…wildfires…hope it rains all summer..with a few sun breaks in between

by waftingreply 3206/06/2021

Hmmm, the upshot of your post, OP, is that you mentioned ice-cream for dinner. Great choice at the end of a hot, summerlike and muggy day. A big dish of some good quality vanilla bean paired with black raspberry, and topped with some frozen blueberries. Yes, baby. :)

by waftingreply 3306/06/2021

my ice cream was delicious r33

by waftingreply 3406/06/2021

Humidity is disgusting and depressing and bad for the brain. It's why Floridians are all insane.

by waftingreply 3506/06/2021

I'm going to visit my parents in Phoenix from June 16-21. This is their first full year there after being snowbirds for around 17 years. But they sold their house in Minnesota last year so they're not going back for the summer - other than a three week vacation.

The forecast for EVERY day is a high between 111 and 115. I know it's not "muggy" in Phoenix since it's the desert, but still, that's insane and I'm not looking forward to it. They told me to "think of it like winter in Minnesota" - it's the season when you stay indoors a lot of the time and only venture out for activity at certain times - early morning or late evening as the sun is going down or when it's completely dark. A lot of people run, play tennis, do other activities when it's dark or barely light - even though it can still be 95 degrees, but the lack of direct sunlight apparently makes a big difference.

by waftingreply 3606/06/2021

R36 - The big difference is that 95 or higher when it is dark won’t kill you. The 115 during the day can kill you. I live by Camelback Mountain and hear the fire engines and ambulance head up to rescue someone pretty much everyday. If the situation is real bad they call in helicopters.

by waftingreply 3706/06/2021

Yep, R37. May parents' yearly time in Phoenix metro (first Mesa, now Chandler) has grown over the years. When they were still partially working, it was only November or December (sometimes even January) until March or early April. Then eventually October to mid-April to early May. I almost always was dealing with pleasant weather and I could hike at South Mountain or Camelback or go running during the day or play tennis without too much problem. I won't do that on this trip. I'll run at 7 am or after dark or go to the gym. Like you said, that sun makes an enormous difference, and even 95 as the sun goes down or after it goes down is doable.

by waftingreply 3806/06/2021

109 in Vegas yesterday. Dry heat but hot af.

by waftingreply 3906/06/2021

OP, why do you stink? Hose out your hooch.

by waftingreply 4006/06/2021

[quote]I have B&Js mint cookie.

I got a BJ while eating some mint cookies!

by waftingreply 4106/06/2021

I’m with you Rescue Chick! I HATE hot weather and I’m already fed up - and it’s not even officially summer yet!😭 Where I live the humidity is terrible in the summer so I have to run both my air conditioner and my dehumidifier at the same time. I just love my electric bills in the summer.🙄

Oh, and you mentioned having to water flowers - this is exactly why I only have perennials in my yard. I’m not trying to go outside every day it doesn’t rain to water flowers in that hot ass humidity and sun. Nor do I need a big water bill on top of my electric bill. With perennials, I don’t have to water and it doesn’t matter how long it goes between the times it rains.

by waftingreply 4206/07/2021

It never gets truly hot here . And I never stink.

by waftingreply 4306/07/2021

R43 I want too live wherever it is you live!

by waftingreply 4406/07/2021

I've been following the weather up there, R-C, because I'm heading up for Laconia Bike Week in a few days, and it's been as hot in NH as it is here in FL!! I could probably live with that, but the temperature is going to drop to the low 70s/low 50s by the time I actually get up there, and I'm going to have to pack clothes that will prepare me for all kinds of weather. That's a lot of clothes even for my Harley Ultra (which has lots of luggage space).

Still, after not taking any trips last summer, I can't wait to get the fuck outta here and get out on the road.

by waftingreply 4506/07/2021

Yeah, it never gets hot on the West coast of Canada ever. I've never broken a sweat outside a gym. But the rain will break you. It's relentless

by waftingreply 4606/07/2021

R6 and R8 are right. The June gloom in LA and the dark and muggy hot days in Transylvania make me mentally and physically unwell.

by waftingreply 4706/07/2021

R35, Central Florida is 100% humidity today. Mother of all that is good and holy, I’m going to snap.

by waftingreply 4806/07/2021

OP, are you in New England too?

by waftingreply 4906/07/2021

R46 Cold weather AND nonstop rain? I’m moving there!

by waftingreply 5006/07/2021

Here in Pittsburgh, it's both 90 with 300% humidity AND dark and rainy every day. It's the worst of Pittsburgh summer and winter all in one week! Seriously, fuck Pittsburgh.

by waftingreply 5106/07/2021

r49, Vermont

by waftingreply 5206/07/2021

I condole you from Western Mass r52

by waftingreply 5306/07/2021

It's going to be this way until October, R48!

by waftingreply 5406/07/2021

I love heat

by waftingreply 5506/07/2021

We turned the heat on in our house yesterday. It was in the 60s and rainy in Portland, OR.

by waftingreply 5606/07/2021

I love manstink. Oh wait. Not fatmanstink.

by waftingreply 5706/07/2021

I have to laugh when I see it's 10° hotter in the northeast than it is in the southeast. It's hot as a fresh fucked fox fleeing a forest fire up there.

by waftingreply 5806/07/2021

9am, 82 degrees and climbing. I don't stink yet though.

by waftingreply 5906/07/2021

Where do you stink the most OP? Is it your moist underboob area?

by waftingreply 6006/07/2021

I'm fresh as a daisy today r60

by waftingreply 6106/07/2021

It’s hotter than the devils cooter here in Virginia and we have hoards of cicadas humming like an alien invasion from sunrise to sunset.

by waftingreply 6206/07/2021

No one cares about your fat people problems! Disgusting... I think I lost my 80calorie breakfast...

by waftingreply 6306/07/2021

you needed to lose it fatty r63

by waftingreply 6406/07/2021

I walked out this morning to water my plants on the porch and instantly broke a sweat. It’s in the 70s - but 85% humidity. Ugh.

by waftingreply 6506/07/2021

The Northeast is like a sauna right now. Hot and humid and sweaty. It's gross. You go outside and in five minutes you're sweating like a whore in church.

by waftingreply 6606/07/2021

When I was growing up, everyone had trees in their front & back yards. All suburban streets had woods on the corner. It was never as brutally hot as it is now. Towns cut down all the trees along all roads. The ends of the streets now have Subway shops and CVS instead of woods. It’s so, so much hotter. I live in an area where they’re tearing down houses and uprooting all greenery to build huge McMansions, pools, patios & driveways across every inch of space on earth. Why are people this stupid? Is it because they all grew up with air conditioning? So they see no need for trees to clutter up the earth with their obnoxious shade and oxygen producing capacities? Plant a tree, use less air conditioning. But noooooo….things live in trees! Ick! Furry-tailed things and things that have wings & lay eggs. Omg, little frogs live in trees. Can you imagine them LANDING in you when you walk under a tree? I’d just die!

by waftingreply 6706/07/2021

Hope you don't come down with vaginosis, OP

by waftingreply 6806/07/2021

you too r68

by waftingreply 6906/07/2021

Talking about stinky cunt now on DL? WTF.

by waftingreply 7006/07/2021

R57 How do you like Portland? I’ve heard it’s a really great place to live. The weather is definitely my preference.

by waftingreply 7106/07/2021

R56 I mean - Lezzie Lez!

by waftingreply 7206/07/2021

[quote] How do you like Portland? I’ve heard it used to be a really great place to live.

There, fixed that for ya.

by waftingreply 7306/07/2021

R73 what do you mean, used to be?

I love that kind of weather; a chilly spring doesn’t scare me.

by waftingreply 7406/07/2021

OP/Rescue Chick, it’s been the same here in Austin. Copious rain and thunderstorms + flood warnings for almost a month. On the days it isn’t storming, it’s been worse than Houston, humidity-wise. It’s like a stinky, steamy cloud is sitting on top of the US right now.

by waftingreply 7506/07/2021

yuck NPO, and you have to deal with Texans too :( my son lives in Austin actually and says in many ways it's remarkably like Vermont

by waftingreply 7606/07/2021

OP I don't know how old you are but a good trick is to wash 2 times a day all over and use lotion.

by waftingreply 7706/07/2021

[quote] my son lives in Austin actually and says in many ways it's remarkably like Vermont

Austin in January and February may be remarkably like Vermont in September but that's as close it is gets. In the summer it's as hot as 3 feet up a bull's ass in Austin.

by waftingreply 7806/07/2021

I meant in 'personality' because I had said you had to deal with Texans :)

by waftingreply 7906/07/2021

The NYC Subway is disgusting in this weather. Lots of people stink like they haven't bathed in weeks.

by waftingreply 8006/07/2021

Heat index 98 in Sleezport Louisiana. Humidity is a killer.

Offsite Link
by waftingreply 8106/07/2021

[quote]The NYC Subway is disgusting in this weather. Lots of people stink like they haven't bathed in weeks.

That's because they haven't. Many of the homeless live in the subway now. Thanks Wilhelm.

by waftingreply 8206/07/2021

No it's not the homeless, it's regular people. They stink of BO. Several times I've been sitting down and a woman stood in front of me, hanging on to a strap. I could smell her cunt, just like Silence of the Lambs.

by waftingreply 8306/07/2021

Plus the smell of sweaty beef curtains at eye level. Yuck. Enough to make you barf.

by waftingreply 8406/07/2021

THANK YOU R83 for destroying any chance of an appetite today.

by waftingreply 8506/07/2021

Me today

Offsite Link
by waftingreply 8606/07/2021

It's happened several times and I had to get up and move (on a packed train) because the stench of sweaty, unwashed cunt was just too much. It's awful, one of the worst things I've ever smelled. For the love of Christ wash out your cooters before you leave home, ladies.

by waftingreply 8706/07/2021

R-C is Vermont a nice state to live in? I imagine it being very pretty in the fall and winter, but I’ve never been there so maybe I’m wrong. What are the people like (uptight or laid back)?

by waftingreply 8806/07/2021

r88, I love Vermont. When I worked for FEMA all of the other workers were from the south (mostly Texas) and Puerto Rico, probably 90 percent were POC. None had been to Vermont (or New England except for Boston) and all were nervous about being here and going door to door in the boonies. Within weeks all declared Vermonters the nicest people they had dealt with.

by waftingreply 8906/07/2021

Can we go back to discussing climate and not stank vagines?!

by waftingreply 9006/07/2021

R89 Is the cost of living reasonable? What is the job market like? And do you get lots of snow in the winter?

by waftingreply 9106/07/2021

Do their cunts stink?

by waftingreply 9206/07/2021

We have a VERY high cost of living and a less than POINT 5 percent available housing. Job market is very tight and doesn't pay a reasonable middle wage, it congregates around high or low. Finding something in the middle is a fight with 100 other people. We get a literal shitton of snow.

r92, today, our cunt does not stink. does yours?

by waftingreply 9306/07/2021

I couldn't deal with the winters in Asheville and can barely deal with them in Manhattan. I bet Vermont is lovely for a weekend in the winter and for a few weeks in the summer but I'm sure I could never live there year round.

by waftingreply 9406/07/2021

Upper New England is hotter in the summer than I remember it being when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s.

by waftingreply 9506/07/2021

Hunkering down here for another sweat-ass summer. I hate it. I love to walk out the door in winter all bundled-up and feel a blast of cold air wash over me

by waftingreply 9606/07/2021

You have about 1 month of summer in Vermont right? No thank you.

by waftingreply 9706/07/2021

Jesus R87. Be a gentleman and offer the lady a moist towlette next time.

Offsite Link
by waftingreply 9806/07/2021

R97 I don’t think women are supposed to use stuff like that…

by waftingreply 9906/07/2021

r71, Portland has really changed in the past few years. We have homeless camps and garbage all over the city. Petty crime like auto breakins and thefts have really gone up. Housing is very expensive - it was really affordable when we moved here from Boston 30 years ago.

Also due to a lot of forest fires and an increase in people moving here the hiking and backpacking trails are starting to require permits which must be acquired in advance. Some of the trails haven't reopened after fires ripped thru the areas. It is very, very sad to know that what was once a beautiful and lush forest was turned to ash.

We head to Palm Springs Jan - April to avoid the cold and rain.

Given all of the above, the PNW is absolutely gorgeous and the Fall mushroom hunting is amazing.

by waftingreply 10006/07/2021

100 today. Humidity is 90%. South wind. No sea breeze. Could cut the air with a chainsaw. Thermostat set at 72. Did all my errands before 10am. In for the rest of the day.

by waftingreply 10106/07/2021

I’m in the Bay Area where the humidity is very low, but I’m very spoiled & finicky when it comes to weather. The other day it was 74 in the house & I was fit to be tied, I was cranky & could’ve bit someone’s head off. I don’t get how 74 in the winter is comfy, but in summer it’s too hot in the house.

by waftingreply 10206/07/2021

I always wash my feet and secret garden with Hibiclens in the shower, keeps me drier and cleaner during the muggy season

by waftingreply 10306/10/2021

Ok. It’s super hot and humid here in south central Illinois. My AC was apparently low on freon so it wasn’t cooling properly. Made me bust a sweat bead on my forehead! Tim just filled me up and sprayed me for $130. I am now cool as a cucumber! My unit is 4 yrs old. Never been filled until today. 😃

by waftingreply 10406/11/2021

It's so hot here in Croatia. But better hot than cold.

by waftingreply 10506/12/2021

Weather is getting worse. Too many people.

by waftingreply 10606/12/2021

If the heat gets any worse…clothing may become optional

by waftingreply 10706/12/2021

I hope not r107. Public exhibtionists tend to be the last people you would ever want to see naked.

by waftingreply 10806/12/2021
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