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Pandemic Eating and Cravings

Anyone else change their eating habits since the start of the pandemic? Obviously, like a lot of DL-ers I fell off the no drinking wagon and smoke again which I am desperately trying to stop and change my lifestyle, especially since my project is coming to an end and I have 3 months to get in shape before going home. But, without the structure of the normal work week and restaurants closed, I am eating one meal a day and I mostly have a strange craving for tomatoes, lemons, and salty foods. I am DESPERATELY trying to lose weight so I walk like 4 hours a day. Still I am less hungry and want a ton of salt and lemon.

How had your eating and taste changed?

by Anonymous reply 22Last Thursday at 6:54 AM

Has Covid taught you nothing?!


by Anonymous reply 1Last Wednesday at 12:06 PM

Been eating a lot more cold cereal

by Anonymous reply 2Last Wednesday at 12:11 PM

I haven’t changed my diet much at all; the main difference is that I no longer eat crappy snacks at the office, nor do I have huge takeout lunches. My husband and I have had 100% of our meals at home.

As a result, I’ve lost 10 pounds since COVID started.

I’ve also quit drinking.

by Anonymous reply 3Last Wednesday at 12:14 PM

I started Keto in January, my partner is down 40lbs and I am down 20lbs. Glad we started when we did, we'll both be fully vaccinated by end of April!

by Anonymous reply 4Last Wednesday at 1:05 PM

Had to quit coffee because it was giving me GERD and arrhythmia, but now I feel like I need hits of sugar a few times a day. I’m not overweight and eat a healthy diet, no soda or junk food or anything. I also don’t smoke or drink. So what gives, and what can I do about it?

by Anonymous reply 5Last Wednesday at 1:26 PM

I’ve gained 20lbs. I get my second shot on Monday. I went today and signed up at my old gym. I’ll be back there a week from today.

by Anonymous reply 6Last Wednesday at 1:28 PM

I started the pandemic eating like crap. Then, when it was obvious this all was gonna take a minute, I started working out and cooking for myself since I finally had time. Prior to the lockdown, I had given up sugar but I allowed myself that vice since again since I love ice cream. I've lost about 40-50 lbs. Not sure the exact number as that was another thing that I did during this...I threw out my scale because I have struggled with weight my entire life and was obsessed with checking it daily. I have gone down two sizes in pants so I know that only happens when I lose 20-25 lbs per size. The funny thing is, I was never a big pot user, but during this, I started doing edibles almost every night. I don't get the "munchies" like everyone says they do...and I'm totally good with that. But the THC helps me relax and I'm not a big drinker so it works for me.

Friends who haven't seen me since the start of this are going to be shocked. I look good and I feel even better.

by Anonymous reply 7Last Wednesday at 1:32 PM

I started craving fast foods of all kinds. For a few months I ate practically nothing but take out food. I slowly started eating regular food again and now I eat both. I lost 30lb but I think that had to do with leaving an alcoholic boyfriend that I drank with a lot. Like another poster, I seem to crave salty foods all the time especially at night. Right now i'm going through major depression and I don't care what I eat in terms of being healthy.

by Anonymous reply 8Last Wednesday at 2:27 PM

R8 yeah, can relate and feel that pain. The old spicy depression does make eating regularly and well really tough.

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget meals, or can only stomach a bowl or cereal or a piece of buttered toast where I should be eating a full nutritious plant-based/protein meal. My workaround crutches are smoothies, soups, oatmeal bowls, and snacking on nut butters, seeds and fruit where I can face it. I also set phone timers to remind me to eat.

Honestly, I still have the occasional potato chip or biscuit binge when having a particular dark day. Also, I live with other people and we eat communally, so to keep the peace there are some days where I have to eat ‘bad’ foods as part of the meal that someone else law has cooked I.e. gluten, sugar, sodium, lecithin.

by Anonymous reply 9Last Wednesday at 2:35 PM

How did some of you like R3 quit drinking? Seems I picked it up harder as it's one of the few "fun" things to do. Also R4 what diet plan did you do? There are so many keto put there.

by Anonymous reply 10Last Wednesday at 5:14 PM

Keto will destroy your kidneys. There is a lot of evidence out there to support that.

R10, I was never a big drinker. I can go out and have one drink and be good. I went out recently and had 3 glasses of wine and my body felt like total shit the next day. Pot is so much milder and kinder to your body and no calories. Switch if you can.

by Anonymous reply 11Last Wednesday at 8:07 PM

I get TERRIBLE cravings for sweets in the afternoon after lunch.

They're VERY hard to resist, as a result I've become a TOTAL FAT WHORE.

by Anonymous reply 12Last Wednesday at 8:14 PM

I've gained 30 lbs and was already 20 overweight. Hating myself. I'm 6'1 and big-boned but still, hate myself.

by Anonymous reply 13Last Wednesday at 10:46 PM

Got into a Diet Coke habit but quit. It was costing money, causing shopping hassles, and more trips to the recycling center. I still will order one at McD’s, but no more in my pantry / fridge.

by Anonymous reply 14Last Wednesday at 10:58 PM

I gave up booze for Lent after leaning on it hard all pandemic because there was nothing to do and I needed to be numbed to the horror of Trumpworld.

Then I calculated that I was consuming almost an extra three days' worth of calories, every week, just from alcohol. Not to mention all the greasy diner food that followed.

I don't miss it, especially after losing 10 pounds so far. Trump not being in office helps.

by Anonymous reply 15Last Wednesday at 10:58 PM

OP, have you ever heard of this thing called MAKING YOUR OWN MEALS?

by Anonymous reply 16Last Wednesday at 11:00 PM

I'm vegetarian for 30 years and I miss the salad bars, especially at Whole Foods Market. Even the soup bars, though they carry a few soups now at WFM but not the several varieties as before, and the clerk dishes it out for us. I prefer to do it myself.

Sure, WFM and supermarkets offer packaged salads, bit it's not the same experience or appeal for me. And certain more exotic items at a WFM salad bar are never included in a pre-made salad bowl, like grilled or marinated mushrooms or grilled tomatoes, or shredded swiss cheese.

I'll eat a Panera Greek salad occasionally. I think it's made to order? The Sweetgreens, Dig Inn, Cava, etc. chains available in cities don't seem to appeal to me.

by Anonymous reply 17Last Wednesday at 11:01 PM

R10 we are on the standard keto diet (aiming for less than 20carbs a day) it reminds me of early atkins but more emphasis on fat v protein.

We aren’t suffering. Keto can affect your liver (fatty liver). Low carb high protein is rough on kidneys.

by Anonymous reply 18Last Thursday at 4:41 AM

Been eating 95% of meals at home. Nothing crazy--making an egg and kale scramble for breakfast takes about 5 minutes and doing a lot of grilling.too, having leftovers from dinner for lunch sort of thing. Rarely drank even before pandemic and have not had any real cravings. No noticeable weight loss or gain either.

by Anonymous reply 19Last Thursday at 4:52 AM

I had a solid gym routine prior to Covid, and once everything shut down, I immediately knew if I gave into the fear and anxiety surrounding the pandemic, I'd wind up on the couch smoking weed every day and eating tons of snacks while stoned. Luckily I had dumbbells and the Beachbody app, so from day one of being stuck home, I made working out 4-5 days a week part of my new routine. It paid off nicely. I went from a fairly fit 161 lbs to a much leaner and muscular 148 over the past year. I'm in the best shape I've been in in years, and the best part is that on the weekends I still get stoned and eat a bunch of snacks and junk, but it's all offset by my workouts and healthy eating during the week!

by Anonymous reply 20Last Thursday at 5:02 AM

Discipline is much harder since the pandemic hit. I really have to struggle and not buy gelato every week.

by Anonymous reply 21Last Thursday at 6:14 AM

r20, which program did you use? I've done Body Beast and the one with the hot guy, Josh?

by Anonymous reply 22Last Thursday at 6:54 AM
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