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Janet’s RHYTHM NATION album added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry

Each year, the National Recording Registry chooses 25 recordings for preservation that are judged to showcase “the range and diversity of American sound heritage.” The choices are made from hundreds of nominations. This year’s list of 25 includes Janet Jackson‘s record-setting 1989 album Rhythm Nation 1814, which received the most votes in the public nomination process last year.

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by Queenreply 266Last Thursday at 1:29 PM

Janet joins brother Michael as well as legends Elvis, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as artists bestowed with the honor.

None of Madonna’s albums are in there.

by Queenreply 103/24/2021

No one will ever forget Jane Jacket or that album, whatever it is called.

by Queenreply 203/24/2021

Legendary. The album’s social issues content is still timely all these years later.

by Queenreply 303/24/2021


One of the last great comedy albums.


OMG, I'm laughing so hard just thinking about it!

by Queenreply 403/24/2021

This is great. It’s one of only three albums from the 80s (and of all time) to have 7 top 10 Hot 100 hits (Thriller and Born in the USA are the other two).

by Queenreply 503/24/2021

[quote] None of Madonna’s albums are in there.

And I heard she just scrapped the work-in-progress script for her purported “biopic.” 🤣

by Queenreply 603/24/2021

I haven’t touched that shit since ‘89

by Queenreply 703/24/2021

I hope the shelf is reinforced

by Queenreply 803/24/2021

A juggernaut album that put her in a class with the pop legends. A very well-deserved honor indeed.

by Queenreply 903/24/2021

This is a prestigious accomplishment.

by Queenreply 1003/24/2021

Go J!

by Queenreply 1103/25/2021

Good for her. I believe some of the divas who are already there with either album or single are: Aretha, Cyndi, Whitney, Barbra, Judy.

by Queenreply 1203/25/2021

This should trigger several people on this board.

by Queenreply 1303/25/2021

Good on her. Fantastic album that is still relevant. And R7 has no taste.

by Queenreply 1403/25/2021

Kermit the Frog's The Rainbow Connection made it too, so it's not that great an honor...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 1503/25/2021

Kermit has joined legends Prince, Elvis, MJ, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and now Janet with this VERY prestigious honor. It's the music equivalent to the L.O.C. National Film Registry, which is also a big deal.

by Queenreply 1603/25/2021

She still fat. She still ugly. She still irrelevant.

by Queenreply 1703/25/2021

R2 LOL. She should forever be known as Jane Jacket.

by Queenreply 1803/25/2021

Ooh, look at R17 and R18, two loser queens sitting at home fuming about a woman who achieved more by the age of 25 than they ever did collectively OR apart.

by Queenreply 1903/25/2021

So says Janbot. The product of seven generations of brothers fucking their sisters. Stay pressed, hunty.

by Queenreply 2003/25/2021


Jump JABBA jump!

by Queenreply 2103/25/2021

R21 Talking to Janbot is like living the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. Like most psychotics, she has latched onto a revolting, fat, has-been from the 80s who had zero talents or abilities who used sex to sell herself but then eventually it destroyed her with Nipplegate.

by Queenreply 2203/25/2021

^So sayeth a depressed, sad queer sitting crossed-legged on dirty carpet in her trailer park home, tapping on a broke-down laptop. No one to love, no R&R HOF induction, no album in the Library of Congress, no millions of albums sold, no #1 films or albums, no Grammy Awards, no record-breaking contracts...

by Queenreply 2303/25/2021

Quit projecting, Janbot. We all know you're just describing yourself. Psycho.

by Queenreply 2403/25/2021

Excellent honor. Bravo Janet!

by Queenreply 2503/25/2021

Jump JABBA/R23! JUMP! Be our little lapdog bitch!

by Queenreply 2603/25/2021


by Queenreply 2703/28/2021

Despite the fact I prefer janet and The Velvet Rope to any of her other albums, Rhythm Nation is certainly a strong album, chock full of hits. The only songs I don't enjoy on it are "Living in a World (They Didn't Make)" - too depressing - and "Someday is Tonight" because I have never really liked listening to Janet fake orgasms on her albums (she's done sex songs better on the aforementioned albums, in my opinion). But the rest are all great songs, even if I haven't listened to the album for yonks.

by Queenreply 2803/28/2021

She deserves this so much. She's so talented and it makes up for what she did to her nose.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 2903/28/2021

Post a couple of tracks from it please. I don't know her.

by Queenreply 3003/28/2021

^Fake pic

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 3103/28/2021

[quote] Post a couple of tracks from it please. I don't know her.

Yes you do, Mariah...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 3203/28/2021

That's the Photoshopped version where they added a nose to make her look less repulsive R31. Janet's nose has fallen off now like her brothers did.

by Queenreply 3303/28/2021

R29 is photoshopped. Clearly.

by Queenreply 3403/28/2021

R31 is the photoshopped version R34. Clearly.

Janet's plastic surgery addiction is well-known and she has done serious and irreparable damage to her face just like her brother. That's the end result.

by Queenreply 3503/28/2021

Oh THAT'S why I don't know her!

by Queenreply 3603/28/2021

I heard she's broke. It's too bad she doesn't get any money with this award.

by Queenreply 3703/28/2021

There have been many threads here about her money troubles R37. She was fired from two record companies due to poor sales and she can't sell tickets to her concerts so now she can't get another studio to bankroll or sign her. She must self finance her own music and concerts. Since she is broke and has no money neither will be happening again. Her career is deader than the dinosaurs.

At least she has something like the Library of Congress adding one of her old eighties albums to their registry. Who knew that even existed or was relevant to anybody?

by Queenreply 3803/28/2021

That's sad. Janet, call me 🤙

by Queenreply 3903/28/2021

Janet Jackson has more money in one bank account than any of you AIDS-infected queers ever had in a shoe box. She is rich now, has been rich all of her life and will always BE rich. Unlike her contemporaries who've had infamous money woes because of spendthrift lifestyles, drug addictions, etc., Janet has always been known to be a shrewd businesswoman and has never had any issues with her finances. As for the record companies, she left Virgin after her LANDMARK, multi-million dollar deal was fulfilled, and she bailed from Island-Def Jam because LA Reid did not promote her album properly (despite it opening at #1). In other words, before you come on here to talk shit, make sure you know what the fuck you're talking about.

by Queenreply 4003/28/2021

That achievement is not to be taken lightly. Not only does it validate the album's perennial relevance and importance in pop culture, but it makes Janet only the fifth black woman to have an album on the Registry. She is now the only one of her female contemporaries to attain this achievement (Whitney has a song on the registry, but not an album. Madonna, Mariah, etc., are nowhere to be found on the list).

by Queenreply 4103/28/2021

R40 “AIDS-infected queers” really? I have no doubt Janet would think you are despicable. She doesn’t need fans like you.

by Queenreply 4203/28/2021

It's intersting to me that although Janet was no doubt massively influential, she doesn't have ANY songs that do well on youtube or spotify, at all. You would think for someone so massively influential on today's pop and R&B artists, that she'd at least have two or three songs doing well...but no.

by Queenreply 4303/28/2021

Janet SLAYS!

Madonna DECAYS!

by Queenreply 4403/28/2021

R43 Tying taste or success to what a bunch of semi-brain dead teenagers play is hardly credible.

by Queenreply 4503/28/2021

R45, I agree with you to an extent but the fact is that longevity is tied to new generations liking your music. There is a reason Queen, The Beatles and Michael Jackson are still talked about and remembered--it's because they are the three most streamed legacy artists.

by Queenreply 4603/28/2021

[quote][R43] Tying taste or success to what a bunch of semi-brain dead teenagers play is hardly credible.


by Queenreply 4703/28/2021

I think Jane Jacket looks awesome with her real nose at R29. She's cut from the same cloth as her twisted brother.

by Queenreply 4803/28/2021

The Jane Jacket thing isn't even funny on a basic level. Sorry to burst your bubble, R48, but...

by Queenreply 4903/28/2021

R49 But your single IQ point, and jello-like inbred ass are always funny, Jabba.

by Queenreply 5003/28/2021

[quote]Janet Jackson has more money in one bank account than any of you AIDS-infected queers ever had in a shoe box.

[bold]"AIDS-infected queers"[/bold] @ R40. This is from nasty homophobic Janbot who should be banned permanently from Datalounge.

by Queenreply 5103/28/2021

R51, I have no idea how Janbot is still allowed on here.

by Queenreply 5203/28/2021

Because she's a pervasive infestation like COVID-19 or Syphilis R52. We need a lockdown.

by Queenreply 5303/28/2021

R53, Janbot has probably been temporarily banned at least 3x times (if not more). DL should have a rule--if you are banned three times, you are banned permanently. No exceptions.

by Queenreply 5403/28/2021


CUNT staying true to form.

[quote]Janet Jackson has more money in one bank account than any of you AIDS-infected queers ever had in a shoe box.

Retard/JABBA/R40 is so desperate to insult the group it got this one wrong.

Didn't you mean to say "Janet Jackson has more money in one shoe box than any of you AIDS-infected queers ever had in a bank account"?

JABBA/R40, you fucking retard CUNT fuck.

by Queenreply 5503/28/2021

Library of Congress Registry. That's big. And she's the only one of her female contemporaries to achieve it? Amazing.

by Queenreply 5603/28/2021


by Queenreply 5704/02/2021

57 replies in this thread...

And most of them reek of the rotting stench of Janbot's late stage syphilitic rantings like his post at R57 above.

Just more proof that nobody cares about Janet Jackson in any way. Her career went down the shitter decades ago after she got fired from two separate record companies for poor sale and now nobody will sign her. Nobody even knows who she is in 2021.

by Queenreply 5804/02/2021

[quote] … the Registry chooses 25 recordings for preservation that are judged to showcase “the range and diversity of American sound heritage …

Does the Registry also choose recordings for preservation that are judged to be of great quality?

by Queenreply 5904/02/2021

[quote]Does the Registry also choose recordings for preservation that are judged to be of great quality?

As you can clearly see from this entry - the answer is no R59.

by Queenreply 6004/02/2021

I quite liked this album and I still have it on CD.

(Yes, get off my lawn!)

But, wow... blocking the alleged Janbot takes out a LOT of replies. GGG!

That GGG could be Good God, Gurl OR German Gay Guy is something...

by Queenreply 6104/02/2021

Take THAT, Vadgebot!

by Queenreply 6204/02/2021

Quality is a moot point in 'the eye of the beholder', R59. But then, so is "diversity".

by Queenreply 6304/02/2021

I've read a few articles that said except for MJ and Janet, none of the Jackson bros worked. They lived just to mooch off their two rich siblings. MJ would only pay them 1500 each when they performed on his tours. That's about what they're worth. What a fucked up family of loathsome parasites.

by Queenreply 6404/02/2021

A worthy achievement for an album that is still relevant to news headlines over 30 years later.

by Queenreply 6504/02/2021

And Madonna is busy posting embarrassing photos to Instagram and flailing on her own biopic.

by Queenreply 6604/02/2021

Just tweeted herself doing a split. Limber and legendary.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 6704/10/2021

Get that floor some Cipro. It's got the herp now.

by Queenreply 6804/10/2021

I recently listened to a few JJ songs while in my car...WHAT A BUNCH OF DRECK, Seriously...sme of the songs were catchy, but the vocals were just horrible...breathing, cooing, moaning...thats what killed Michaels career too.

by Queenreply 6904/10/2021

^Sure, Jan.

by Queenreply 7004/10/2021

Michael genuinely had talent and he's one of the few child singers that didn't lose his talent when he matured.

Janet, not so much.

by Queenreply 7104/10/2021

[quote] Janet, not so much.

Tell that to her Grammys, her multi platinum album sales, her RNR HOF induction, her legion of fans, her decades-long career...

by Queenreply 7204/10/2021

This was a colossal mistake!

by Queenreply 7304/10/2021

They already know, cunt JABBA/R72. Thing is, they're too stupid to think for themselves, including YOU.

by Queenreply 7404/10/2021

She didn’t get accepted into the rock n roll hall of fame.

by Queenreply 7504/10/2021

I always thought Janet was her best album

by Queenreply 7604/10/2021

[quote]She didn’t get accepted into the rock n roll hall of fame.


Offsite Link
by Queenreply 7704/10/2021

R74 ruins everything

by Queenreply 7804/10/2021

That whisper cooing sack of shit got inducted?! What a disgrace. They’ll let anything in.

by Queenreply 7904/10/2021

[quote]That whisper cooing sack of shit

But enough about your mother.

by Queenreply 8004/10/2021

^You'd think after lo these many years retard JABBA could come up with sharp retorts. But then again, we're talking about RETARD JABBA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

by Queenreply 8104/10/2021

Oh, LaToya worked, r64.

by Queenreply 8204/10/2021

Wow, this is a wonderful achievement.... for Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the real architects of this album. Fat ass Jackson was just a hired hand. She got writing credit the way Elvis used to get writing credit.

by Queenreply 8304/10/2021

The fact that Janet has this achievement (as do Elvis, Prince, MJ, The Stones, etc.) and Madonna does not is delicious.

by Queenreply 8404/11/2021

Apparently JJ is selling off a lot of her stuff in a celebrity auction. Why is that ? Is she that broke due to reckless spending like MJ...or is she still supporting her grifter family ? If her ass is broke, then someone needs to do an intervention.

by Queenreply 8504/11/2021

Janet is not broke. This is a charity event. She lives abroad and has no use for the iconic wardrobe pieces and artifacts anymore.

by Queenreply 8604/11/2021

^Sure, Jan.

by Queenreply 8704/11/2021

I used to love Janet but I hate the sjws in her fan base. They make me hate her. They love using her being a “black woman” as a shield like the Markle and Beyoncé fans do.

by Queenreply 8804/11/2021

It's because her money is long gone R85. She can't get signed to a record deal and will have to finance her own recording/concerts from now on and she's on the grift for money.

by Queenreply 8904/11/2021

^Sure, Jan.

Janet Jackson is beyond wealthy. Never a drug addict or a gambler, she has always been smart with her money and a wise investor (she initially wanted to go to college for banking). Having a decades-long career as a singer/actress that includes multiple #1 albums, two record-breaking album deals that pocketed her millions and gave her control of her masters, songwriting credits, real estate over the world, an art collection, massive concerts and various endorsement deals, this is a woman who will never be broke. Now YOU, on the other hand...

by Queenreply 9004/11/2021

Why doesn't Janet live in the United States?

She's not married anymore to a foreigner.

She hates the USA, like Tina Turner?

by Queenreply 9104/11/2021

The US isn't exactly the golden city atop a hill that it was once purported to be.

by Queenreply 9204/11/2021

So, Janet hates the USA?

by Queenreply 9304/11/2021

R90 she got money she used to own a bank

by Queenreply 9404/11/2021

Yes, she was one of the owners of an all black-owned bank in LA.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 9504/11/2021

Poor Janet hater. Calling everyone Jabba and Jane Jacket and yet Janet still gets added to the L of C.

Janhater right now....

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 9604/11/2021


Madonna DECAYS




by Queenreply 9704/11/2021

[quote] (she initially wanted to go to college for banking)


by Queenreply 9804/11/2021

Have some respect for the album that single handedly ended racism in America!!!!!

by Queenreply 9904/11/2021

Jabba forget to mention Baja Fresh's large donation to the Library of Congress.

by Queenreply 10004/11/2021

[quote] The fact that Janet has this achievement (as do Elvis, Prince, MJ, The Stones, etc.) and Madonna does not is delicious.

Yeah, it almost makes up for the fact that Madonna is more successful than Janet in every aspect of the business, is the biggest selling female artist ever (and fourth overall), biggest grossing female touring artist ever, and didn't have to rely on five submissions and BLM to get into the R&R HoF.

Oh, maybe it doesn't.

by Queenreply 10104/11/2021

[quote] biggest gross female


Offsite Link
by Queenreply 10204/11/2021

[quote] Madonna is more successful than Janet in every aspect of the business

Yeah, except she doesn’t have an Oscar nom, and she wasn’t the first female with 5 consecutive #1 albums, nor does she hold the record for biggest debut world tour, nor were her first three films US box office #1s. She also doesn’t have a single album that has 7 top 5 hits, and in the ‘90s, she couldn’t get one album to peak let alone debut at #1 stateside...

by Queenreply 10304/11/2021

You forgot this one, jabba. First in bankrupting state fairs.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 10404/11/2021

A wonderful accomplishment. Go J!

by Queenreply 10504/11/2021

r103, that's probably because Madonna never released 7 singles from one album, ever. True Blue had three number one hits and two top five hits.

by Queenreply 10604/11/2021

Even if she had've, do we think that Jimmy Jimmy or Love Makes the World Go Round, two filler songs if I've ever heard them, would have gone top 5? No.

by Queenreply 10704/11/2021

Why not? 7 filler songs went top 5 on Rhythm Nation

by Queenreply 10804/11/2021

R107, that comparison doesn't make any sense. True Blue had like 9 songs on it. Rhythm Nation had more than double that number. So of course it had more singles to choose from. Rhythm Nation had some crap on it too--Living in a World is a perfect example of "won't someone PLLLLLEEEASE think of the children!?",

by Queenreply 10904/11/2021

[quote]7 filler songs went top 5 on Rhythm Nation

Sure, Jan. And yet, RN was recognized as the STILL relevant and influential album that it is by this huge honor.

by Queenreply 11004/11/2021

[quote] Rhythm Nation had more than double that number

RN has 12 songs. The rest are interludes.

by Queenreply 11104/12/2021

R103 don’t forget how Madonnas record company paid her way into the rock and roll hall of fame...lucky for us Cyndi Lauper explained it all and the interview is out there on YouTube

by Queenreply 11204/12/2021

Yeah, because Cyndi, who's as big a has-been as Janet, would know. Sure, Jabba.

by Queenreply 11304/12/2021

JanBot is just desperately trying to keep this topic afloat because no one is talking about this supposed prestigious honor.

by Queenreply 11404/12/2021

3 Feet High and Rising by De La Soul is in this thing, so clearly they have a has-been quota they have to keep up.

by Queenreply 11504/12/2021

Cyndi Lauper has a better reputation than Janet and Madonna.

by Queenreply 11604/12/2021

I love Cyndi, but the idea that Madonna had to be bought in is absurd. It was pretty much a given she’d be in her first year of eligibility. Cyndi recently defended her good friend Sharon Osbourne, so Cyndi’s judgment clearly can’t be trusted.

by Queenreply 11704/12/2021

Cyndi is bitter that her music career lasted exactly five years. Five years and she never had another hit.

Janet's lasted 15. Fifteen years and she never had another hit.

Madonna is going on 38 years of hits.

by Queenreply 11804/12/2021

Madonna hasn’t had a hit since daddy Bush was president.

by Queenreply 11904/12/2021

[quote] [R103] don’t forget how Madonnas record company paid her way into the rock and roll hall of fame...lucky for us Cyndi Lauper explained it all and the interview is out there on YouTube

Lol, I remember that! Bwah-hahaha!!!

by Queenreply 12004/12/2021

[quote] Madonna is going on 38 years of hits.

This has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

by Queenreply 12104/12/2021

[quote]this supposed prestigious honor.

I’d be embarrassed to type that. The fact that you don’t understand the depth of this honor is pretty sad. Your trashy background is showing in SPADES.

by Queenreply 12204/12/2021

Madonna was A list through three decades of music--none of her contemporaries managed that. Britney barely lasted a decade yet she's considered a "legend".

by Queenreply 12304/12/2021

I'm sure Seymour Stein helped Madonna get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but so what? He probably did the same for the other artists under him like The Ramones and The Talking Heads.

by Queenreply 12404/12/2021

Madonna is Z list these days. And she was barely A list Stateside for a big portion of the ‘90s. But, this is not a thread about her, it is about how Janet has yet ANOTHER achievement that still happens to elude Madonna.

by Queenreply 12504/12/2021

How many times did it takes for Janet to be let in to the R&R Hall of Fame? Was it 23 or 24 times?

by Queenreply 12604/12/2021

Madonna is in the same league as Debbie Gibson as far as anyone under 30 is concerned ...two blonde pop tarts

by Queenreply 12704/12/2021

This thread has the stench of that fat black self-hating queen Jabba all over it.

by Queenreply 12804/12/2021

Madonna shits all over every single career achievement of Janet Jackson's R125 and you know it.

Jackson is a long forgotten eighties pop star who has a small following these days. Broke, unable to release or tour because of the lack of interest.

Madonna, on the other hand, is a global music icon, well-known throughout the entire world and is the biggest selling female recording artist and concert artist of all time and [bold]YOU KNOW IT[/bold].


by Queenreply 12904/12/2021

R129’s diatribe is both pathetic and fascinating

by Queenreply 13004/12/2021

[quote] Jabba is both pathetic and fascinating

Fixed that for you, fat ass.

by Queenreply 13104/12/2021

[quote] Madonna is in the same league as Debbie Gibson as far as anyone under 30 is concerned

I’d venture that Debbie is more popular and revered.

by Queenreply 13204/12/2021

R132 is weak!

by Queenreply 13304/12/2021

R133’s prolapsed anus is weak!

by Queenreply 13404/12/2021

My 🌹 is strong, bitch. Semper Fi

by Queenreply 13504/12/2021

Janet's latest honor is that her still-culturally relevant Rhythm Nation 1814 album was just added to the Library of Congress National Recording registry, which deems the album "culturally, historically, or artistically significant." This is an honor that she now has in common with her brother, Elvis, The Stones, Prince and many, MANY other legendary icons.

Madonna, Justin, Britney et. al., are still waiting in the wings.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 13604/12/2021

Koko did good.

by Queenreply 13704/12/2021

What’s with all these poop threads?

by Queenreply 13804/12/2021

[quote]Madonna, Justin, Britney et. al., are still waiting in the wings.

You mean like Janet had to wait in the wings for decades until she was finally allowed into the R&R Hall of Fame after MANY rejections?

by Queenreply 13904/13/2021

[quote] Madonna, Justin, Britney et. al., are still waiting in the wings.

LMAO, as they should be. Holding their mops and pails and brooms...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 14004/13/2021

One time I listened to that mess 30 years ago. I fell asleep as I recall.

by Queenreply 14104/13/2021

My doctor told me to not listen to it because it can cause epilepsy.

by Queenreply 14204/13/2021

I listened to it in my car and drove off the road, unconscious.

by Queenreply 14304/13/2021

^Too bad there weren’t any oncoming 18-wheelers in your path.

by Queenreply 14404/13/2021

Lol mean mean posters!

by Queenreply 14504/13/2021

Jabba the gorilla deserves all our hatred.

by Queenreply 14604/13/2021

Wonderful achievement. It's an iconic record for sure.

by Queenreply 14704/13/2021

[quote]Lol mean mean posters!

Was my "18-wheeler" post a bit much?

by Queenreply 14804/13/2021

I heard Janet's gonna receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the prestigious SFAA (State Fair Association of America).

by Queenreply 14904/14/2021

^But enough about JABBA^

by Queenreply 15004/14/2021

[quote] Was my "18-wheeler" post a bit much?

No, it was as weak as Janet's ticket sales.

by Queenreply 15104/14/2021

I hated that album

by Queenreply 15204/14/2021

[quote]No, it was as weak as Janet's ticket sales.

Aww...would you like a Kleenex for those butt hurt feewings?

by Queenreply 15304/14/2021

[quote]I hated that album

And this affects multi-platinum sales, decades of influence, a Grammy win, the title of biggest selling album of 1990 in the US, a gigantic world tour, multiple chart stats and this newly minted achievement how?

by Queenreply 15404/14/2021

Jump, Jabba, you fat ape.

by Queenreply 15504/14/2021

^Racist say what?

by Queenreply 15604/14/2021

How is that racist?

by Queenreply 15704/14/2021

Brava Janet! I'm always impressed whenever I see that a piece of art makes it onto that Library of Congress list, be it a film, an album or a music video.

by Queenreply 15804/14/2021

[quote]You’ve been FFd

And this affects R155 how, you fat inbred cunt JABBA/R156?

by Queenreply 15904/14/2021

It gave me epilepsy

by Queenreply 16004/14/2021

^That was probably caused by your trashy upbringing. Lack of nutrients and all.

by Queenreply 16104/14/2021

Or from listening to the musical equivalent of feces.

by Queenreply 16204/14/2021

[quote] ^That was probably caused by your trashy upbringing. Lack of nutrients and all.

Yes, maybe a steady diet of free Baja Fresh would help.

by Queenreply 16304/14/2021

And that ever popular Barrel O'Chicken, fat CUNT JABBA.

by Queenreply 16404/14/2021

^But enough about JABBA's Mother.^^^^^

by Queenreply 16504/14/2021

The "Jabba" loon is seriously mentally ill.

Jesus motherfucking Christ, get OVER it

by Queenreply 16604/14/2021


Jesus motherfucking Christ, get OVER it

by Queenreply 16704/14/2021

This whole thread is a marketing initiative from Baja Fresh.

by Queenreply 16804/14/2021

Jabba, if you don't want people talking about you, then you know what you need to do.

by Queenreply 16904/14/2021

JanBot talking to itself to up the thread reply count.

Meanwhile, this story gets no coverage because no one cares.

by Queenreply 17004/14/2021

This is major. As remarkable achievement.

by Queenreply 17104/14/2021

it isn't.

by Queenreply 17204/14/2021

It very much is. Yet another great achievement for this perennially relevant album.

by Queenreply 17304/14/2021

Jabba, you're the only one who thinks so.

by Queenreply 17404/14/2021

Wow! Yet another notch for Janet. Such a legend.

by Queenreply 17504/14/2021

Who is Jibbit Jackman?

by Queenreply 17604/15/2021

^The pet name you've given your 1-inch micropenis?

by Queenreply 17704/15/2021

^^But enough about you, JABBA^

by Queenreply 17804/15/2021


Offsite Link
by Queenreply 17904/15/2021

^Is that a live action version of Madame the Puppet?

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 18004/15/2021

Janet has this distinct honor and Madonna doesn't? LOL!

by Queenreply 18104/15/2021

The Library of Congress doesn't think that any of Madonna's albums are as socially or culturally relevant as Rhythm Nation, and they would be correct.

by Queenreply 18204/15/2021

Janet got in because of diversity, nothing more. Just like how she got into the R&R HoF (after fifteen tries). She's nothing more than a diversity hire.

by Queenreply 18304/15/2021

Janet got in because her album's topics are always timely, unlike the frivolity that most of her contemporaries were putting out at the time. And you will continue to be mad.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 18404/15/2021

I'm not mad. I love watching you jump, ape.

by Queenreply 18504/15/2021

Miss Chicken wing was referencing having everything at KFC of course. Her "spiritual garden" means her gullet she fills with nothing but soda.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 18604/16/2021

My gawd is she tacky as fuck.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 18704/16/2021

I remember when she came to the orphanage And was eyeballing us up like we were a bucket of Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders. She said she actually preferred dark meat, but I didn't really understand what she meant.

Now I do. I can't say for sure, cause I never met him, but I believe her brother like the white meat. I've heard stories ........

by Queenreply 18804/16/2021


by Queenreply 18904/16/2021

That's a really sweet picture of Janet and Michael @ r187.

They should do a hologram duet of " 🐭Ben "

by Queenreply 19004/16/2021

R189 I've seen pictures and coupons !

A boy can dream ........

by Queenreply 19104/16/2021

Baja Fresh coupons?

by Queenreply 19204/16/2021

[quote]I'm not mad.

Sure, Jan.

The racist at R185 is MAD, honey!

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 19304/16/2021

Why is R185 a racist, Janbot?

by Queenreply 19404/16/2021

Rhythm Nation 1814 is the Janet album that has aged the worst. Sounds very dated. Control and Janet are better records.

by Queenreply 19504/16/2021

Which isn't saying much.

by Queenreply 19604/16/2021

Only eldergays know who Janet Jackson is, but they're confusing her with Ja'Net DuBois.

by Queenreply 19704/16/2021

Anyone born between 1960 and 1990 grew up with Janet. They are hardly Eldergays, fucking moron.

by Queenreply 19804/16/2021

It's just trying to get a rise out of you, R198. Pay IT no attention.

by Queenreply 19904/16/2021

I keep confusing her with Janet Leigh.

by Queenreply 20004/16/2021

If you were born in 1960, you are 61 years old. In DL territory, that makes you an ElderGay.

If you were born in 1990, you're too young to care. But you're officially over thirty, and you've crossed the line.

At DataLounge, make no mistake, we worship and envy youth.

by Queenreply 20104/16/2021

Why is R198 talking to itself at R199?

by Queenreply 20204/16/2021

R201 ok gramps. I said anyone born in that period grew up with Janet. I never said they were all fucking eldergays. WTF. Do Jabba threads bring out the absolute fucking morons.

by Queenreply 20304/16/2021

R203 , Janet Jackson

by Queenreply 20404/16/2021

An incredible honor.

by Queenreply 20504/24/2021

For a forgotten artist.

by Queenreply 20604/24/2021

[quote]For a forgotten artist.

Madame WHO?

by Queenreply 20704/24/2021

This album (as well as Janet’s magnum opus The Velvet Rope) are the blueprint for Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

by Queenreply 20804/25/2021

^ Says no one but JanBot.

by Queenreply 20904/25/2021

'Jane Jacket' still makes me laugh.

by Queenreply 21004/25/2021

The only lesson Bey took from Jane Jacket was to not show her areolas all da time or she'd have to use payola to get radio/media to get heard. Nipplegate caused the industry to blacklist Jane and her career never recovered. Queen Bey can actually sing and dance, unlike Jane. So she has nothing to gain from Jane's sad nips.

by Queenreply 21104/25/2021

Janet created not only Beyonce, but her sister Solange as well, whose own work sometimes blatantly rips Janet off.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 21204/25/2021

[quote] Says no one but JanBot.

Sure, Jan...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 21304/25/2021

Solange's Losing You video...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 21404/25/2021

...was practically a tip of the hat to Janet's Got 'til It's Gone

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 21504/25/2021


by Queenreply 21604/28/2021

No, Baja Fresh is iconic.

by Queenreply 21704/28/2021

A wonderful honor. Impressive. Can’t think of any of her female contemporaries who have an entire album in the LOC.

by Queenreply 21804/28/2021


by Queenreply 21905/04/2021


Sad, fucking retard JABBA/Janbot is the only one bumping this stillbirth of a thread.

But do keep fuckin’ that chicken, fucking retard JABBA/Janbot.

Keep fuckin’ that chicken.

by Queenreply 22005/04/2021

Amazing! Janet is the consummate legend.

by Queenreply 22105/04/2021

^^^^Chicken Fucker^^^^^

by Queenreply 22205/04/2021

Jane Jacket looks less human w each passing year. What the fuck is she wearing and what the fuck is w her weird cheek implants and fucked up nose. She's surpassed her brother in botched plastic surgeries. Yikes.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 22305/04/2021

Jane broke the chair for this shoot.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 22405/04/2021

R223 is a moron. That was from a few years ago when Janet was presented the Worldwide Inspiration Award by BTS at the 2018 MAMAs.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 22505/04/2021

This is Janet from just the other day...

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 22605/04/2021

R225 Sure, Janbot. She looks more horrendous every day. Her face is an absolute nightmare and her fashion choices are just awful.

by Queenreply 22705/04/2021

Oh please, retard JABBA/Janbot/R226. Do continue to post items that confirm how Jane Jacket’s whittling her face down to the skull.

Your post only proves we’re right and you’re retard JABBA/Janbot.

by Queenreply 22805/04/2021

^Stay pressed, hunty!

by Queenreply 22905/04/2021

That’s the best you got retard JABBA/Janbot.


by Queenreply 23005/04/2021


by Queenreply 23105/04/2021

^^Do continue to prove my point, retard JABBA/Janbot.^^

by Queenreply 23205/04/2021


by Queenreply 23305/04/2021

^^^SO fucking retarded^^

by Queenreply 23405/04/2021


by Queenreply 23505/04/2021

^^JUMP, retard JABBA/Janbot lapdog JUMP^^

by Queenreply 23605/05/2021

An outstanding achievement. The socially conscious songs on the album are right out of today's headlines. A timely, prescient pop album if ever there was one.

by Queenreply 23705/05/2021

R237 Fuck off, Jabba.

by Queenreply 23805/05/2021

A masterful dance/pop/R&B album. One of only three albums from the '80s with 7 top 10 hit singles. The only album in history with 7 top 5 singles. The G.O.A.T.

by Queenreply 23905/05/2021

'85 to '93 was the nadir of good music and rise of non-singers, and crappy 80s, early 90s synth production. Janet was definitely the Queen of Crap in that unfortunate period.

by Queenreply 24005/07/2021

[quote]Janet was definitely the Queen of Crap in that unfortunate period.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 24105/07/2021

I did a count. With Jabba's one account, she's posted 84 responses on this thread. Probably 100 more with her sock accounts.

by Queenreply 24205/07/2021

R242, if that isn't a sign that Janbot is mentally ill, I don't know what is.

by Queenreply 24305/07/2021

R242 is not only pressed, but has WAY too much time on her hands.

by Queenreply 24405/07/2021

I leave this thread for two weeks and Jabba's smell is all over it. Goddamn, you ape. Someone needs to clean your cage.

by Queenreply 24505/07/2021

Retard JABBA sits hovered over the keyboard like Gollum, gnarled fingers just itching to respond to our posts.

JUMP, retard JABBA/Janbot lapdog JUMP!!!

by Queenreply 24605/07/2021

I wonder what stinks worse, Jabba's breath or Jabba's ass.

by Queenreply 24705/07/2021

JABBA's crotch stinks the worst of all.

by Queenreply 24805/07/2021

Amazing album. I remember buying the vinyl when it first came out. Even the videos are legendary.

by Queenreply 24905/08/2021

No they aren't.

by Queenreply 250Last Tuesday at 10:38 PM

Yes they are. Grammy-winning, influential and imitated for decades. But you already knew that.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 251Last Wednesday at 4:18 AM

No one remembers them, Jabba.

by Queenreply 252Last Wednesday at 11:29 AM

LOL at JanBot still trying to get people to care about this.

by Queenreply 253Last Wednesday at 11:33 AM

R252 is PRESSED and delusional as FUCK. R253 is a sad hater.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 254Last Wednesday at 3:01 PM

Jabba, have you been vaxxed yet or have they not gotten around to the zoo?

by Queenreply 255Last Wednesday at 3:47 PM

^Faggo say wha??

by Queenreply 256Last Wednesday at 4:44 PM

Jabba the dancing go-rilla. Jump, Jabba.

by Queenreply 257Last Wednesday at 4:46 PM

^Fairy tales.

by Queenreply 258Last Wednesday at 4:49 PM

say what, Koko?

by Queenreply 259Last Wednesday at 4:52 PM

^Dainty daisy pansy pantywaist.

by Queenreply 260Last Wednesday at 4:55 PM

Love the headline on this front page.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 261Last Thursday at 11:21 AM

What do you love about it, pansy? Who gives a flying fuck about the Grammys? A), she already has several. B), who knows how old that probably fake rag cover is? C), she was disinvited years ago after the SB brouhaha, but that was, as I said, LONG ago. What's sweeter is that Janet's influence is still felt at the Grammys even today.

Offsite Link
by Queenreply 262Last Thursday at 12:01 PM

I was saying that Janet is a shunned failure.

Sorry you're such a stupid fucking ape that you couldn't understand it.

by Queenreply 263Last Thursday at 12:38 PM

[quote]I was saying that Janet is a shunned failure.

And, as ALWAYS, you were proven wrong. And, projection is an ugly thing.

by Queenreply 264Last Thursday at 12:44 PM

[quote] And, Janet is an ugly thing.

Fixed that for you, KoKo.

by Queenreply 265Last Thursday at 12:50 PM

^Faggo say wha??

by Queenreply 266Last Thursday at 1:29 PM
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