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The Prince of Tieds

Let’s play armchair psychologist to Armie Hammer. I believe he has an overbearing, histrionic mother who shamed him constantly because she’s a religious zealot. She would wake him up, speaking in tongues, and pouring holy oil on him to cast out his evil demons. He manifested his repressed hatred towards his abusive mother to women and, ironically, sought out damaged persecutors like her, hence the reason he has a gaggle of histrionic beauties ready to expose him for his “atrocities” which they were consensually complicit. He’s been made to feel like he’s evil by his mother, a seed she planted that festers and manifests externally. It’s an mental thought cycle that he continues and has to up the ante constantly to fulfill his mother’s prophecy. When a parent tells you who you are you believe them. He would be better off if he were gay. He obviously attracts the wrong type of women. Behind every horrible man is a worse woman.

by As praise, I say... Vucekovich, Vucekovichreply 202/21/2021

Are psycho bitches who run the Armie BBQ threads FF’ing this to hell?

by As praise, I say... Vucekovich, Vucekovichreply 102/21/2021

May have been more "Carrie" than "Prince of Tides".

by As praise, I say... Vucekovich, Vucekovichreply 202/21/2021
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