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Post your SSN

What could possibly happen?

by 344-27-9778reply 4002/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 102/21/2021

I could seriously see this becoming the next tick too trend

by 344-27-9778reply 202/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 302/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 402/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 502/21/2021

What was the number on the old Woolworths card everyone used?

by 344-27-9778reply 602/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 702/21/2021

000 00 0002

by 344-27-9778reply 802/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 902/21/2021

R8 who had 000-00-0001?

by 344-27-9778reply 1002/21/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 1102/21/2021

Do you find that a lot more businesses are asking for SSNs as if they're just asking for your address and telephone?

by 344-27-9778reply 1202/21/2021

no R12

by 344-27-9778reply 1302/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 1402/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 1502/22/2021

Some states used to print your SSN on your Driver's License.

by 344-27-9778reply 1602/22/2021

I won't disclose my SSN, but my phone number is BEechwood 4-5789.

by 344-27-9778reply 1702/22/2021

Your SSN.

by 344-27-9778reply 1802/22/2021

Post your PENIS size

What could possibly happen?

by 344-27-9778reply 1902/22/2021


That spells out "not-no-wayy".

by 344-27-9778reply 2002/22/2021

Don't forget to post your mother's maiden name too!

by 344-27-9778reply 2102/22/2021


Offsite Link
by 344-27-9778reply 2202/22/2021

R17, can I call you up and have a date, any old time?

by 344-27-9778reply 2302/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 2402/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 2502/22/2021

R17, BUtterfield 8.

by 344-27-9778reply 2602/22/2021


Offsite Link
by 344-27-9778reply 2702/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 2802/22/2021

"Mrs. Whitcher recalled coming back from lunch one day to find her fellow workers teasing her about her new-found fame. They were singing the refrain from a popular song of the day: "Here comes the million-dollar baby from the five and ten cent store."

Although the snafu gave her a measure of fame, it was mostly a nuisance. The FBI even showed up at her door to ask her about the widespread use of her number. In later years she observed: "They started using the number. They thought it was their own. I can't understand how people can be so stupid. I can't understand that.""

Offsite Link
by 344-27-9778reply 2902/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 3002/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 3102/22/2021

Can I fax it to you?

by 344-27-9778reply 3202/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 3302/22/2021

I am very proud of you ladies. I was half expecting someone to post an ex’s SSN out of spite.

by 344-27-9778reply 3402/22/2021

[quote][R8] who had 000-00-0001?

Some Welsh actress with the initials CZJ.


by 344-27-9778reply 3502/22/2021


by 344-27-9778reply 3602/22/2021

My SSN starts with 5 but i was not born in Colorado.

by 344-27-9778reply 3702/22/2021

SSN 001-01-0001: Grace D. Owen of Concord, New Hampshire, who applied for her number on November 24, 1936 and was issued the first card typed in Concord, which, because of the area number scheme, also happened to be the card with the lowest possible number.

Offsite Link
by 344-27-9778reply 3802/22/2021


Offsite Link
by 344-27-9778reply 3902/22/2021

I have an unlisted number.

by 344-27-9778reply 4002/22/2021
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