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Tom Holland Thinks He Looks Like a Young Brad Pitt

"Tom Holland Feels Brad Pitt Has Got A Similar Body Type & Would Be Perfect Star To Lead His Biopic "

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by Oh my sidesreply 3302/22/2021

He is deluded.

by Oh my sidesreply 102/15/2021

Tom Holland is delusional.

by Oh my sidesreply 202/15/2021

They're both white and that's the only resemblance I see.

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by Oh my sidesreply 302/15/2021

Sure Jan

by Oh my sidesreply 402/15/2021

Tom only wishes he looked like Brad

by Oh my sidesreply 502/15/2021


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by Oh my sidesreply 602/15/2021

Delusion. Convince yourself!!

by Oh my sidesreply 702/15/2021

I'd take Tom over Brad anytime.

Tom looks like he bathes regularly.

by Oh my sidesreply 802/15/2021

He can used this guy if Brad is not available.

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by Oh my sidesreply 902/15/2021

New glass required.

by Oh my sidesreply 1002/15/2021

No, but he could pass for Joan Rivers's grandson Cooper if he took his glasses off.

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by Oh my sidesreply 1102/15/2021

This face is so bland and unremarkable, It's like one of those computational pictures of many people merged together. People without lips.

by Oh my sidesreply 1202/15/2021

Why is a 24 year old having a biopic done on himself, and why does he want a 57 year old to play him in it?

Mind you, at 57, Pitt’s still far hotter than Holland.

by Oh my sidesreply 1302/15/2021

Lol, tom average and bland at best. Pitt was beautiful in his twenties.

by Oh my sidesreply 1402/15/2021

THIS man will be playing Brad Pitt, not Tom Holland.

Offsite Link
by Oh my sidesreply 1502/15/2021

Tom must be joking. I'd say a pre-op Ellen Page would be a better fit.

by Oh my sidesreply 1602/15/2021

I am almost certain that he is joking, what with Pitt being older than Holland is.

That said, I prefer Tom to Brad. Never thought Brad was sexy. Something off-putting and assholish about the whole package.

by Oh my sidesreply 1702/15/2021

Holland's barely attractive and he won't age well.

by Oh my sidesreply 1802/15/2021

His glasses aren't working...needs a new prescription...

by Oh my sidesreply 1902/15/2021

Wow I don’t know he is THAT deluded. Young Brad Pitt was million times better looking than Tom ever is

by Oh my sidesreply 2002/15/2021

Tom is just “cute” at best. I don’t get the people who thirst over him. His face is meh at best. He’s very plain.

He does seem very sweet though.

by Oh my sidesreply 2102/15/2021

[quote]Holland's barely attractive and he won't age well.

Says this guy...

Offsite Link
by Oh my sidesreply 2202/15/2021

Man the queens around here miss an obvious joke SO OFTEN why am I surprised they're taking Holland's take seriously.

Pretty much every man would like Brad Pitt to play them in a Biopic. For most it would be a kick and obviously not accurate but, heck, why not.

You all are reacting WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Simmer down or you'll wear out your fainting couch.

by Oh my sidesreply 2302/15/2021

We are laughing and commenting in a gossip board, nothing "too serious " about that. If is a joke, well it worked.

by Oh my sidesreply 2402/16/2021

It was a joke, a silly one, even a dumb person like I can still get it.

by Oh my sidesreply 2502/16/2021

Yes, they're both White. Should be a no-brainer.

by Oh my sidesreply 2602/16/2021

[quote] Yes, they're both White.

They are?

by Oh my sidesreply 2702/16/2021

“I hope my name is something sexy, like ‘BRAD PITT’.”

“It’s not gonna be ‘Brad Pitt’, Pharoah.”

Offsite Link
by Oh my sidesreply 2802/16/2021


Offsite Link
by Oh my sidesreply 2902/16/2021

I don't understand, R28.

by Oh my sidesreply 3002/16/2021

Bless his heart.

by Oh my sidesreply 3102/16/2021

Tom's beautiful in his own way, he's got a lovely face. Stop clutching pearls about this comparison he never even made.

by Oh my sidesreply 3202/22/2021

Fortunately for Tom, he isn't paid to think.


by Oh my sidesreply 3302/22/2021
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