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Look at this cunt which is Ivanka

Three day in row she make the photo in internet. She show no tity. She is cunt and not Best.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8702/22/2021

Here is cunt on Monday. She wear ugly swim costume. She look like sea beast.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 102/09/2021

I hope the Florida humidity curls her hair......irreparably.

by Melaniareply 202/09/2021

Why are they wearing masks? Covid is a hoax.

by Melaniareply 302/09/2021

She no comb her offspring hair. She bad mother unlike me who is best mom.

by Melaniareply 402/09/2021

An alligator park? Where is Mrs Patsy Ramsey when we need her?

by Melaniareply 502/09/2021

Tick tock, tick tock....

by Melaniareply 602/09/2021

So apparently the Daily Mail is going to be Ivanka's PR team, with regular photo features as with the Kardashian-Jenners, Liz Hurley, Hayley Bieber, and others.

Thanks a lot, DM.

by Melaniareply 702/09/2021

A gator's not a croc, r6!

by Melaniareply 802/09/2021

I hope the alligators attack the whole family.

by Melaniareply 902/09/2021

I can't believe she doesn't go to church.

by Melaniareply 1002/09/2021

How I’ve missed that old whore!

by Melaniareply 1102/09/2021

Close enough, R8!

by Melaniareply 1202/09/2021

Ivanka wear same dress Sunday and Tuesday. Each time, she wear panty.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 1302/09/2021

Nothing says "I've given up" more than a shirtwaist dress and mom sneakers.

by Melaniareply 1402/09/2021

Chomp chomp!

by Melaniareply 1502/09/2021

Her life has turned boring, for now at least. I'm sure she's plotting to be in a situation where she can dress up more and show off her wardrobe.

by Melaniareply 1602/09/2021

That is a woman who is not get any dick.

by Melaniareply 1702/09/2021

Insulting her father by wearing a face mask and even taking away the rights of her husband and children by making them wear masks as well!

What about the First Amendment rights of these young people? Won’t they be permanently scarred by wearing a mask?

Next thing we will learn is that she is not allowing them to wear orange bronzer when they go out in public. A real betrayal.

by Melaniareply 1802/09/2021

I want the mushroom-headed stubby cock & orange ass steadily, but am stuck with work in D.C. about defending him.

by Melaniareply 1902/10/2021

You said it, Melanie!

by Melaniareply 2002/10/2021

Why does her daughter appear so dark? The other children does not; neither her parents. What gives with the deep brown, or is it bronzer, like grandpa daddy?

by Melaniareply 2102/10/2021

She’s a massive woman with a small head.

by Melaniareply 2202/10/2021

I love the picture in r1, she looks like she's trying to explain to her daughter why all the peons are flipping them off

@r10, "I can't believe she doesn't go to church"

She's Jewish, Jennifer, you dingbat

by Melaniareply 2302/10/2021

That schmatta isn’t doing her any favors, she looks like a prison warden.

by Melaniareply 2402/10/2021

[quote] She's Jewish, Jennifer, you dingbat.

Oh, wow. In that case, I will pray for her.

by Melaniareply 2502/10/2021

The girl is just tanned from being out in the sun, R21, this isn't a mystery.

by Melaniareply 2602/10/2021

Her dress is from Dress Barn. No big deal, just visiting their relatives in the swamp. Polk Salad.

by Melaniareply 2702/10/2021

Arabella, aged 9, is already sprouting BGH-induced tatas and thighs thicker than her mom's. She's the next Lola Consuelos!

by Melaniareply 2802/10/2021

The sawgrass growing all over the Everglades is probably more dangerous than the gators. That shit will cut a bitch real good.

by Melaniareply 2902/10/2021


Lololol from the UES to Washington to a fucking alligator park in the Florida Everglades. How the mighty have fallen.

by Melaniareply 3002/10/2021

The sights and sounds of swampville, Floriduh

by Melaniareply 3102/10/2021

Unfortunately, they are all so nasty and distasteful, even WE give them a pass!

by Melaniareply 3202/10/2021

She is evil incarnate

by Melaniareply 3302/10/2021

I can’t picture these two being happy in that swampy shithole Florida. You know they’re both just itching to get back to NYC.

by Melaniareply 3402/10/2021

R33- Both of them are. She is a female clone of her "father-husband." ( we all know Jerald is gay, gay, gay)

by Melaniareply 3502/10/2021


by Melaniareply 3602/10/2021

Eef peepil dunt wantz Donild aneemore, vy cannot Vairst Letty meybee becum PREIZIDUNT?

by Melaniareply 3702/10/2021

R37- Because you are a worthless whore, darling and you have lop-sided tits.

by Melaniareply 3802/10/2021

I tried taking the child to a alligator park too.

Didn't work.

by Melaniareply 3902/10/2021

R39- Love Mrs.. Patsy Ramsey! 😄😄

by Melaniareply 4002/10/2021

I want a new pic of Jared in shorts. Up close and high resolution. His face looked so polished and dead for 2 years I wonder how the body is nowadays.

by Melaniareply 4102/10/2021

Jared needs a tan. He is so pasty white and he is either trying to shrink in embarrassment, or he has terrible posture.

by Melaniareply 4202/10/2021

Ivanka 2.0! She's getting her act together and takin' it on road.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 4302/10/2021

She looks like a walking, talking yeast infection. Geraldine must be miserable.😆

by Melaniareply 4402/10/2021

[quote] Arabella, aged 9, is already sprouting BGH-induced tatas and thighs thicker than her mom's. She's the next Lola Consuelos!

Ivanka at that age was a beautiful creature. Hopefully Arabella will blossom just like Ivanka did.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 4502/10/2021

Ivanka was probably hoping an alligator would snatch one of her kids so that she would get tons of sympathetic PR out of it

by Melaniareply 4602/10/2021

But who is their poppa?

by Melaniareply 4702/10/2021

Didn't these assholes refuse to wear masks? Now, they're trying to appear civic minded. Yeah, right...

by Melaniareply 4802/10/2021

Where did she get the Puerto Rican daughter?

by Melaniareply 4902/10/2021

Going from NYC socialite to going to gator parks with the trash of Florida.


by Melaniareply 5002/10/2021

I've hoped for a long long time now that one of those golfpond gators would get hold of Daddy, and drag him under for dinner.

by Melaniareply 5102/10/2021

Jared looks like a big ol’ queen with those gangly legs askew and clutching that purse.

by Melaniareply 5202/10/2021


by Melaniareply 5302/10/2021

Today we see ugly leg of cunt. Doo she wear panty? Perhaps.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 5402/10/2021

How dare they scare the alligators like that!!!

by Melaniareply 5502/10/2021

[quote] Nothing says "I've given up" more than a shirtwaist dress and mom sneakers

She's trying to play Mrs Orthodox Jew of America.

The Jews in Florida want nothing to do with the kushner klan. Ivanka is worried it will ruin her plans for public office

Stay tuned for lots of shilling about all things Jewish

by Melaniareply 5602/10/2021

Why doesn't Jared wear a yarmulke if his kid does?

by Melaniareply 5702/10/2021

R51 How very dare you! We have SOME standards here. The Gators.

by Melaniareply 5802/11/2021

The only reason Shit-stain 45 allowed his daughter-wife to marry him is because he is a big ol queen.

by Melaniareply 5902/11/2021

Does Donald know Ivanka is lezzie? He called Jared fruity when he met Jared.

by Melaniareply 6002/11/2021

In Daily Mail tooday we see white dog with white dog.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6102/11/2021

R61- I see two bitches.

by Melaniareply 6202/11/2021

Ha ha yes! r62 is smart lady which get my meaning.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6302/11/2021

She'd be more convincing in her portrayal of Rachel Goldblatz if she had kept her original face.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6402/11/2021

I have my witch show what 2025 look like for piece of shit princess. So spell can work with pins and grease on belly.

I leave on his bed in weekend. He no more jack his thing to thought of her. Drive crazy.


And Barron now eight foot four inch. Soon plan can become reality.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6502/11/2021

Converts often over do the obvious parts of their new faith. So the boys get the most expensive yarmulkes (which Ivanka will make a point of calling a kippah). The girl doesn’t matter, because she’ll basically be sold to the highest bidder someday, who might be a “sheik”.

by Melaniareply 6602/11/2021

" Look Daddy! I'm poli-ticking!!!! 🤡🤡🤡

by Melaniareply 6702/11/2021

Here is Ivanka as young Lady. She look much the same today.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 6802/11/2021

R68- 😂😂😂 Is your decrepit husband still dipping into that worn out daughter of his? You can us , Melania. We hate her too. 😙

by Melaniareply 6902/11/2021

Hi, Melania!

by Melaniareply 7002/11/2021

Hello. I want all lady to notice my warning. Please, Be Best. When lady is cunt, then she can marry only the Jew.

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7102/11/2021

DL are hateful people. We always knew that. Bitter queens!

by Melaniareply 7202/11/2021

"Her life has turned boring, for now at least"

They must all miss the balloons, confetti, applause and Laura Brannigan songs.

by Melaniareply 7302/11/2021

I wonder what evidence they tossed in the water...

by Melaniareply 7402/11/2021

I think Jared’s legs look pretty good. Of course, he is a vile, feckless cunt.

She looks like a top-heavy baboon with those giant implants.

by Melaniareply 7502/11/2021

Now she wears a fucking mask. Whore.

by Melaniareply 7602/11/2021

She had a good makeover- kudos to the surgeon.

by Melaniareply 7702/11/2021

Back on the beach! On the sabbath! Isn't that haram?

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 7802/20/2021

Jared looks really good. I would

by Melaniareply 7902/21/2021

Are her secret service agents still forbidden to use the toilets?

by Melaniareply 8002/21/2021

That Secret Service fellow sure is packing. Check out the VPL.

I'll bet you Jared bottoms for that one!

Offsite Link
by Melaniareply 8102/21/2021

How come Donny got to just "decide" to afford these whores Secret Service protection? Do the other former Presidential employees get this ? I don't think so. How are the Trump "children" allowed to have this? And at tax-payer expense? I object, I don't one cent of my taxes going to protect that bitch, her husband, or her hideous fucking children...How long does it go on? Can Joe Biden have it turned off?

by Melaniareply 8202/21/2021

Dear alligators:

You had one job.

by Melaniareply 8302/21/2021

Why doesn't Biden remove the Secret Service from Ivanka, Donald Cokehead Junior, and the other one? They can afford their own protection.

by Melaniareply 8402/21/2021

Guys, don't you think those are photos arranged with the Daily Mail? Look how relatively flattering those photos are. Very posed. Don't buy into this holding hands, strolling on the beach bullshit.

One thing I noticed is that Ivanka never strips down to her bathing suit or bikini, in photos. She probably only does that when she's absolutely sure there are not photographers around. Smart, actually.

Jared, on the other hand, loves to show off his body. As the years progress, we will see how far he goes with his plastic surgery.

by Melaniareply 8502/21/2021

How long before one of their kids starts calling their grandfather an asshole on social media?

by Melaniareply 8602/22/2021

[quote]Guys, don't you think those are photos arranged with the Daily Mail? Look how relatively flattering those photos are. Very posed. Don't buy into this holding hands, strolling on the beach bullshit.

And what of it? How else are we going to see so many high-quality pics of half-naked Jared? You'd prefer random smartphone videos shot in portrait mode?

by Melaniareply 8702/22/2021
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