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Jeopardy Thread #21

With Alex gone, guest hosts will be trying to fill his shoes for the rest of the season.

This is the thread where we discuss each day's episode and our various impressions of the contestants.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14616 hours ago

I can't believe they're getting snake-oil salesman Dr. Oz to guest host.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 102/06/2021

Link to the previous thread in case anyone is interested.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 202/06/2021

On Friday's show, Final was completely obvious to me. Super surprised no one got it.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 302/06/2021

Are we going to officially abandon the other two Part 21 threads now?

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 402/06/2021

Just curious, I haven’t been sure where to post and now there’s three threads.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 502/06/2021

Ditto, R3.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 602/06/2021

How much longer is Ken Jennings going to be guest hosting before they start trying out others?

And when they do try out others, will it be for a single episode or a whole week's worth of episodes?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 702/07/2021

I can't believe I am saying this, but I'm actually enjoying Ken as host. I thought I would hate him but I don't mind him. I"m actually not looking forward to getting used to new hosts.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 802/07/2021

I got FJ! Also, Michael was quite handsome.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 902/08/2021

I didn't think I'd like Ken Jennings but I like him. I hope the other 'guest hosts' have only a day or two so we can be back to Ken.

Aaron Rodgers and Katie Couric will be fun (cute!) but let's get back to a real host.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1002/08/2021

I guessed Rhode Island for Final. Maryland didn't cross my mind.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1102/10/2021

How long is Ken Jennings going to be guest host? I don't mind him but I hate to think of being stuck with Katie Couric or Aaron Rodgers for more than a week.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1202/10/2021

Me too, r11.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1302/10/2021

I got Maryland.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1402/10/2021

I know nothing about geography. I bet zero dollars and guessed New York!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1502/10/2021

I idiotically thought it was New Hampshire.

Maryland never occurred to me.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1602/10/2021

I'm really liking Ken Jenniings. Didn't think I would. Now I hope he gets the job and the producers don't waste our time with Katie Couric and Aaron Rodgers.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1702/10/2021

North Carolina was a terrible answer.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1802/10/2021

R18 FU. Sometimes the most outrageous answers are the best.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 1902/10/2021

R17, Is Dane Cook really going to be a guest host?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2002/10/2021

The state had only a small Atlantic coast. That rules out North Carolina.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2102/10/2021

Ken is doing a very good job, I'm surprised to say. He's following Alex's style to the letter. Clearly had lots of grooming from the producers. It clearly looks like he's the one they want since we're now of Week Five of him guest hosting.

I suspect all these other guest hosts they're going to have is just to go through the motions of looking like they tried out other people for the job.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2202/10/2021

R22 I hope so. I don't think I can watch more than a week of Couric and Rodgers.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2302/10/2021

As much as I didn't like Ken, I feel he is the right choice. He's one of the most well-known - perhaps THE most well-known - Jeopardy players, and the show needs someone who understands Jeopardy and who has an extensive history with it. I get why they chose Ken to host (for now).

The one thing I do like about him is that he keeps the focus on the game. I appreciate that he is not overcompensating or trying to make it about himself. He also shows genuine warmth which I didn't expect.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2402/10/2021

That was another hard FJ. I was thinking airplanes and didn't even consider dirigibles...

I'm on the Ken bandwagon too: whatever the knack is for hosting the show is, he's quickly discovered and mastered it.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2502/10/2021

I don’t see current champ John leaving anytime soon.

Nice story of his marrying husband Jeff.

FJ was incredibly easy, I thought.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2602/10/2021

I missed it last night; was hooked on the impeachment trial. I'll have to go the website to find out the FJ.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2702/11/2021

Initially I wasn't looking forward to seeing Ken host either, but he's doing a really good job and it's becoming a better fit for him as the weeks go on.

But having said that, I still wouldn't mind still seeing Aaron Rodgers and Katie Couric either because they could just as easily win people over.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2802/11/2021

Katie's gummy smile will drive me away.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 2902/11/2021

Ken is doing a great job, I think. But I still think his face looks like a cartoon character.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3002/11/2021

When will Jennings be gone?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3102/11/2021

Ken is growing on me. He treats the contestants with respect; I thought he'd be cocky. Ken isn't as attractive as Alex but he's doing a good job. The 'celebrity hosts' should only be on for a few days each. They're not interested in the job. I'd like to see Levar Burton try out for the job; he was often mentioned in the DL link about Alex's replacement.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 3202/11/2021

Another interesting thread about best guesses for Alex's replacement. No one recommended Aaron or Katie so their choice is definitely a network / Jeopardy choice not a fan choice.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 3302/11/2021

I wonder how Mormon Ken felt when the champion mentioned marrying his husband. Mormons are beginning to seem more accepting of LGBT people (not all Mormons are and I still think it is one of the more ludicrous faith “traditions”).

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3402/11/2021

Final was incrediblely easy. What else could it have been but the Hindenberg?

Love that champ John came out so casually in talking about marrying his husband, Jeff.

John wasn't setting off my gaydar, so that was a surprise. A pleasant one. Go John!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3502/11/2021

I thought FJ was a giveaway, too.

I didn't think John was gay only because so many past guests whom I thought were gay turned out to have had wives. So I just presumed John was going to be yet another one.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3602/11/2021

I guessed Messerschmitt last night (oops), but thought tonight's Oscar question was the giveaway. John for the win.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3702/11/2021

I like Anderson Cooper, but not for "Jeopardy." He has not enthusiastic.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 3802/12/2021

Wow, this is really shocking and sad. Brayden Smith has passed away.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 3902/12/2021

I was stumped on Final. The clue was clearly written to indicated Walt Disney but that just went over my head.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4002/12/2021

I wonder what happened r39?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4102/12/2021

RIP Brayden.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4202/12/2021

Sad news about Brayden. Anyone know how he died? He was adorable.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4302/12/2021

[quote]I was stumped on Final. The clue was clearly written to indicated Walt Disney but that just went over my head.

R40 Are we watching the same episodes? Tonight's was about the philosopher who led the cynics movement...

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4402/12/2021

No clue, even though I'm a cynic. Had hoped John would run up five wins....

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4502/12/2021

[quote]Family members tell 8 News Now that Smith died following complications after surgery.

Muriel is rejecting the link, but you can search his name at 8newsnow dot com.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4602/12/2021

Lance was super fast buzzing in.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4702/13/2021

The schlub who beat John on Friday is a very annoying guy.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4802/14/2021

R48 i agree. Lance thinks he's cute and I hate the way he brandishes his buzzer. OH, that sounds so sexual!!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 4902/14/2021

He was so PUMPED when he won, Dude.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5002/14/2021


by Johnny Gilbertreply 5102/14/2021

Lance = gay boy. He's sweet but way too dramatic.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5202/14/2021

He is twittering the fuck out of his moment.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 5302/14/2021

Film PhD student. This could get really annoying.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5402/14/2021

He's annoying. I miss John.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5502/14/2021

PLEASE let someone take him out tonight!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5602/15/2021

Bye, Schlub!👋

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5702/15/2021

So sad about Brayden. He always seemed a bit melancholy while he was playing, maybe he knew he was dying.

Glad to see the insufferable Lance go tonight.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5802/15/2021

Brayden was a sweet soul, such a shame that he died so young.

He had a knack for finding DDs and it was amusing how each time he would lean in and scrunch up his face while reading the clue.

I'm sure in the next TofC, they will honor him as they honored the female contestant who died of cancer a couple of years ago.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 5902/15/2021

Who was the lunkhead who guessed Sondheim instead of August Wilson?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6002/16/2021

I think maybe Lance saw the South Park where Sondheim is revealed to be a huge Steelers fan.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6102/16/2021

There's a sweetness about the champ that I like.

Both guys have what I call gay hands - you know, the way they move their hands around when they talk.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6202/16/2021

Lance guessing "Sondheim" made me laugh.

The new guy (second win) seems so shocked to win! I really liked the woman...

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6302/16/2021

The Jeopardy! guest host schedule at the link. Ken Jennings turn ends this week, and they apparently have not rethought Dr. Oz.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 6402/16/2021

^^Ken Jennings' turn...

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6502/16/2021

I'd rather they just have the other hosts do one week to get it or with. I don't like all this change.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6602/16/2021

Had no clue about Final.

Why would Mount Everest be hard for the natives to pronounce?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6702/17/2021

Everest was so hard, I don't think I'd have picked it on a multiple choice...

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6802/17/2021

Well, for one thing, it’s not even in India.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 6902/17/2021

Wow, that winter sports FJ was fucking impossible.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7002/17/2021

It was easy if you know anything about figure skating, such as why they call it “figure skating.”

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7102/17/2021

R70 I agree! It was such a specific piece of knowledge. Usually, I can make a couple decent guesses but this one was a fucker.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7202/17/2021

I want to know more about Paul Hoffman. He won a few times and was shocked that he did. It was all due to luck; his competitors bet the bank and he won by default. It's as if he came on the show with no expectations. Also, his backstory intrigues me: He is 'originally' from New Jersey...why doesn't he tell us where he lives now? He speaks 4 languages - including Farsi - and finds that useful when "looking for a job" or qualifying "for a graduate class." He looks to be in his 30s minimum...

What the hell does this guy do for a living? Knowing Farsi and Turkish means he's familiar with the Middle East - wouldn't the US government hire him in a heartbeat? No backstory, no family shoutout. Is he in Witness Protection or the Intelligence Community or what? I'm sorry to see him go but he seemed relieved.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7302/17/2021

Here, R73. Not exactly secrets...

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 7402/18/2021

R74 This provided no new information other than his age but thanks for posting.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7502/18/2021

Figure 8s are something I never would have come up with.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7602/18/2021

R75 - While I'm not R74, I just read the information he provided and I learned Paul Hoffman is "studying for a doctorate in history at UCLA," and also that he "previously worked as a research analyst for humanitarian aid projects in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan and writes about American foreign policy and politics in the Middle East."

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7702/18/2021

I just took a look at the schedule for upcoming hosts. Up next is Mike RIchards who is billed as the exec producer of both Jeopardy and WoF. I thought he looked familiar though and I see further down he was the host of Beauty and the Geek. Loved that show!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7802/18/2021

R77, Exactly.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 7902/18/2021

R74 Thank you!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8002/18/2021

Writing "Bryant" for "Bryan" was one of those tiny mistakes that must have had the contestant kicking himself all the way home.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8102/19/2021

Now I wonder if I knew it was Bryan and not Bryant.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8202/19/2021

I want to make love with Alan.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8302/19/2021

I always through it was William Jennings Bryant. That's what I've heard my whole life. So, I would have gotten that wrong too.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8402/20/2021

R83 by far 1 of the hottest winners we've seen. He's a software engineer too. Too bad he only lasted 1 day but he had a decent finish on Friday.

Alan Johnson is such a common name though it'd be impossible to find out if he has social media

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8502/20/2021

He twitters r85 and his hometown named 2/18/21 “Jeopardy Johnson Day”

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 8602/21/2021

I know this would make most DLers heads explode, but I like that Alan has "he/him" in his description, which I think is pretty cool for a straight guy.

Now I like him even more, and it makes him even sexier to me

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8702/21/2021

So the producer serving as host is a hot top.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8802/22/2021

R88, Mike Richards is hot as fuck.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 8902/22/2021

Reading off a teleprompter is a subtle art that Mike has yet to master.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9002/22/2021

Will Aaron Rodgers be hosting shirtless?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9102/22/2021

lmao the cocky challenger was so deflated when he risked too much money and then was out of contention for winning. Then he got final jeopardy correct while the winner had no idea but it didn't matter

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9202/22/2021

shame that Alan didn't last longer. Loving his twitter. Good find R86

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9302/22/2021

David looked like he might cry after the Double Jeopardy blunder. If only he knew gnu...

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9402/22/2021

R92, And could FJ have been any easier?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9502/23/2021

No, but I still guessed Chopsticks.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9602/23/2021

The key was “lullaby”

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9702/23/2021

As much as I wanted to dislike Mike Richards as host, he actually did a decent job. He was not as stiff as I expected him to be and actually showed some personality.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9802/23/2021

I enjoyed Mike Richards a lot. I mean A LOT.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 9902/23/2021

Not liking him.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10002/23/2021

He gives me Joseph Gordon-Leavitt energy.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10102/23/2021

Mike is good looking but i don't like his delivery. Ken and Alex made it seem effortless.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10202/23/2021

I thought Ken was a little awkward in the beginning, but I really warmed up to him as his first week went on, and eventually he won me over as a satisfying host.

Now Mike is a different story. But I'll excuse a lot if a guy is attractive, and he is certainly that.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10302/23/2021

He should have introduced himself as the guest host, just like everyone else.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10402/23/2021

Aaron misspelled Coppola. That matters sometimes, sometimes not.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10502/23/2021

R105, Aaron's cockiness is borderline annoying, but the man is sexy as hell. The chest hair seen at his open shirt collar only confirms his hotness.

I thought FJ was pretty obvious.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10602/23/2021

R102, Alex and Ken were/are used to appearing on camera. Mike is more behind the scenes. Cut him a break, he's doing fine.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10702/23/2021

Mike hosts a game show; he's used to being on camera.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10802/24/2021

Mike is cute and I like the way he hisses slightly when he pronounces '"s".

I missed FJ. Ding dong.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 10902/24/2021

I thought FJ might've been Peter Jackson but then I settled on Coppola

by Johnny Gilbertreply 11002/24/2021

R108, Which game show?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 11102/24/2021

R109, I also noticed the way he pronounces "s" - like a slight but discernable lisp.

It made me look the guy up to see if he were married. (Not that only gay people lisp.)

by Johnny Gilbertreply 11202/25/2021

I’d like to hear him mention my dear friend, Bigus Dickus.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 11302/25/2021

During the first round on Thursday's show, Mike didn't go to break at the proper time. Alex (and Ken) always went to break after the 15th question. Mike went all the way to the 17th question.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 114Last Friday at 2:15 AM

Amazingly, I guessed correctly for Final.

Ethiopia popped in my mind when I heard the question because of the bit about it being landlocked since 1993 (when Eritrea gained independence).

by Johnny Gilbertreply 115Last Friday at 2:17 AM

I’m amazed that Ethiopia has 110 million people.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 116Last Friday at 6:04 AM

I didn't know Eritrea was on the Red Sea. Hard final.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 117Last Friday at 7:17 AM

I thought Ollie was sexy tonight. Damn Final!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 118Last Friday at 4:28 PM

If Ollie had bet just $4.00 less, he would have won.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 119Last Friday at 5:07 PM

I knew FJ because I took AP American History.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 120Last Friday at 5:07 PM

I'd never heard of the XYZ affair.

I really liked Ollie. Shame he bet wrong. losing by $4 has got to really sting.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 121Last Friday at 8:05 PM

I guessed the siege of Tripoli out of sheer desperation.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 122Last Friday at 8:10 PM

Amazed to hear myself say this, but Mike Richards is doing a good job as host.

Clearly comfortable in front of camera and has a good camera presence.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 123Last Saturday at 12:54 PM

I guessed the Trent Affair but that’s Civil War period.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 124Last Saturday at 5:37 PM

Jon is really smart. He's a double for Mr. Peterson from "The Bob Newhart Show".

Unlike Jon, I was way off with Final Jeopardy.

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 125Last Tuesday at 6:19 PM

I got it, but I’m a Jew, so I had an advantage.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 126Last Tuesday at 8:20 PM

Give the hosting to Mike.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 127Last Tuesday at 8:31 PM

I do love the way he says “No” as a two syllable word.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 128Last Tuesday at 8:34 PM

Mike with glasses

Offsite Link
by Johnny Gilbertreply 129Last Tuesday at 8:48 PM

I guessed Netanyaho because that was the only non-European prime minister I could think of. But I had no confidence in that answer, so I was amazed to find I was correct.

Liking Mike more each episode. He's letting his personality show and clearly he does have some personality. So many bigwig execs are ultra stiff and don't have a personailty. I assumed Mike would be that way. Nice to see I was wrong on that.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 130Yesterday at 12:25 PM

I wish he’d stop with the ending mantra. Alex was great, but he wasn’t Mahatma Gandhi.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 131Yesterday at 12:45 PM

Is Mike a homosexualist?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 132Yesterday at 12:45 PM

His wife thinks not.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 133Yesterday at 12:53 PM

Great finale to tonight's show.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 134Yesterday at 4:24 PM

R132, My gaydar says no.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 135Yesterday at 4:39 PM

R134, You weren’t kidding!!!

by Johnny Gilbertreply 136Yesterday at 5:31 PM

Great FJ clue. I was stumped and guessed Versailles.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 137a day ago

Mike Richards is hot.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 138a day ago

I had no idea for FJ. I figured France, based on the architect’s names, but wasted too much time thinking about Notre Dame, which is much too old. Can’t believe the lawyer didn’t know Esquire.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 139a day ago

With Ken, it's like you're watching the Ken Jennings Show: you always know he's there.

Mike is more effacing: he pretty much melts into the set, letting you pay attention to the game, not the host.

Ken also has a somewhat distracting high pitch to his voice, while Mike's got the usual professional MC voice.

So while it was interesting to watch Ken host, I'd say Mike is more viable over the long term.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14021 hours ago

Mike does two things that Alex Trebek used to do which made him an effective game show host: stay out of the game, and keep the game moving.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14120 hours ago

omg that ending was epic!

funny thing is heading into final jeopardy I was thinking to myself it'd be funny if the player with the lowest score won and that's what happened. Both the guys were overly confident

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14220 hours ago

R142, Weren't they both forced to bet everything, seeing that they had equal totals and had to assume the other guy might bet it all?

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14317 hours ago

R140, Plus, Mike is easier on the eyes.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14417 hours ago

One of the best endings ever! Winner will be crushed tonight.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14516 hours ago

Great Final. I guessed Notre Dame, which obviously was wrong.

by Johnny Gilbertreply 14616 hours ago
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