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In Praise of Muriel

We've grown to hate the site some of us, and sometimes even Muriel herself. It's almost Valentine's Day - What do we love about her and can't live without?

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 4106/09/2021

She raped me.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 102/02/2021


by SHOW THE LOVEreply 202/02/2021

We love that “she” allows anti-gay psychopaths like the “woman” in this photo to grey-out and have deleted all threads pertaining to the eradication of gay rights in the West:

Offsite Link
by SHOW THE LOVEreply 302/02/2021

I still have scars from when she would put her cigarettes out on my arms.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 402/02/2021

Mur-IEL! Mur-IEL! Mur-IEL! Mur-IEL! Mur-IEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 502/02/2021

I'd like to know why I can no longer like/FF/ignore posts anymore. Those functions disappeared for me over a week ago...

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 602/02/2021

R3 Muriel has gotten so much better about allowing criticism of trannies. When I started posting here a couple of years ago you could not do anything less than sing their praises without being greyed out. Somebody got through to her.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 702/02/2021

Miss OP, you'll love it in a few hours when the Divine Miss M deletes this thread,

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 802/02/2021

I eat piles of shit.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 902/02/2021

Muriel seems to have stopped believing in Russian trolls, which is a Godsend.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1002/02/2021

R9 You will never be a woman.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1102/02/2021

I adore her, but she needs to fix the thread watcher.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1202/02/2021

There’s no such thing as “feeling like a woman”. Woman is a biological sex classification for the half of the human species that has a reproductive system organized around the production of large immobile gametes.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1302/02/2021

I wish you could hover over the R numbers that people use to sign posts like R9 did, because I'd love to know what R7 said, but I'm not going to take his stank ass out of ignore to find out.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1402/02/2021

R6 Try a different browser. I went from Chrome to Firefox and now I can do it.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1502/02/2021

I've grown accustomed to her cuntiness.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1602/02/2021

Oh, I see it's a rightwing anti-trans troll at r7.

These cunts always forget that they were the ones deleting their own threads, they would FF Dataloungers who pointed out their lies so much that the automated moderation system would delete the thread. They also would FF the thread itself if they got their asses kicked, which was pretty frequently. Of course, they would pretend like some evil admin had deleted their thread and they were victims.

And yes, Muriel DID fix the problem, by getting rid of the function that automatically deleted a thread because of the number of FFs it had received. He does delete a lot of anti-trans threads manually though; just last week he got rid of a ton posted by an alt-right spammer troll. So thank you, Muriel!

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1702/02/2021

Misgenders Muriel in his wall of text ranting about all the nefarious anti-trans "trolls."

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1802/02/2021

I love that Muriel leads a glamorous life, constantly cruising through exotic ports, her caftan billowing in the wind.

Her purse is a wine box with handles.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 1902/02/2021

Thanks, r15!

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2002/02/2021

The anti-trans threads are not started by gay men.

They're started by women who are as homophobic as they are transphobic and they are not censored in any way -- as the huge number of them proves.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2102/02/2021

You're still not getting a free subscription OP

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2202/02/2021

I dont know her...

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2302/02/2021

Am I the only one for whom picture previews doesn't work anymore despite being logged into my account?

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2402/02/2021

She is very pretty on the inside and the outside.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2502/02/2021

R6 didn't understand the assignment.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2602/02/2021

[quote]R24 Am I the only one for whom picture previews doesn't work anymore despite being logged into my account?

No. That was an “improvement.”

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2702/02/2021

I love how she communicates.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2802/02/2021

I would literally drink her bathwater.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 2902/02/2021

I say this with love, but "you're terrible, Muriel".

Offsite Link
by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3002/02/2021

Ban the anti-trans trolls and any mention of A*mie and might praise a little.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3102/02/2021

R11 I don't want to be.

But no matter how much you try, you'll never be a human. Just a sad, unfuckable Muppet.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3202/02/2021

[quote]What do we love about her and can't live without?

I used to love being able to ignore threads.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3302/02/2021

[quote]R28 I love how she communicates.

Exactly! She doesn’t bore you with a lot of mindless chatter.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3402/02/2021

I named my daughter Muriel after her - but she never even responded to the request she serve as godmother.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3502/02/2021

Her ability to smoke 60 a day.

That's impressive.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3602/02/2021

Muriel puts the FU in fun , the ho in hopeless!

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3702/02/2021

The complainers in this thread are just jealous of the vast and powerful social media empire Muriel has enmassed for herself here.

Why can’t they give her the RESPECT that she’s ENTITLED TO? Why can’t they treat her like she’d be treated by any STRANGER on the STREET?

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3802/02/2021

Because I an NOT one of her FANS!

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 3902/02/2021

I don't understand the disparity between the number of Likes showing in the actual thread compared to the number of Likes showing in the Notifications Thread?

Does this mean the number of Dislikes is being weighed up alongside the number of Likes?

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 4006/09/2021

Purr, purr OP.

Illiterate and no number of "Oh, dears" are going to straighten her head out.

Muriel needs no praise from you people. She earns that $8.37 per hour and that's all she expects. For her, it's a vocation. But if you really want to show your appreciation I suggest you silly twits pool your resources and get her a shit-bra for Christmas. It's all she's talked about for the last 17 years and you kids have just left her hanging every year.

by SHOW THE LOVEreply 4106/09/2021
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