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Corporations Withholding Donations From the Rethugs who voted against Certification

For the GOP, it's no longer about love of country, its selfishness, stupidity, votes and radical ideology and it's destroying the country. And Business and Corporations are getting sick and tired of it.

[quote] The insurrection at the Capitol has inspired companies to make their thoughts on the matter known. Many brands have announced that they have decided to stop supporting Trump-adjacent bodies, or to stop donations to lawmakers and groups that have expressed support for the baseless claims that the election was a sham. Our corporate overlords have decided to make their stance clear by way of making public statements, pulling funds, and other actions.

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by Anonymousreply 7Last Wednesday at 7:51 AM

[quote] It’s a high-stakes situation — taking a stand against President Trump could lose or gain a brand thousands of customers, depending on which brand and how the stance is expressed. It sometimes feels like corporations respond more promptly to the concerns of Americans in uncertain times than our legislative bodies do. Yet it can be of little comfort and vaguely condescending to have a brand let people know they’re on their team. Posturing aside, the decisions brands make can have a serious effect on our lives. Is corporate America really going to turn against the GOP, which arguably has been its biggest ally?

[quote] The insurrection may have spawned a new turning point — brands don’t want to be caught in the fallout of a potentially traitorous act. The decisions are mostly symbolic but could kick off real change in the future. Here, we’ve compiled information about corporate and brand responses to the insurrection, and their repercussions. We don’t yet know how long these decisions will last or what their future ramifications will be, but as we learn more, this story will be updated with new information.

by Anonymousreply 101/12/2021

Corporations - we generally think of them as supporting Republicans because of less regulation and lower taxes. Why do they want these things - because they enable their true love - making money.

What is really bad for consistently making money - mass government and societal instability.

Corporations have not done enough in light of this, and I'm not predicting any sort of permanent mass Exodus away from the Republican party. But, they sure as fuck are going to RIGHT NOW do things differently because they want their government and societal stability back ASAP.

by Anonymousreply 201/12/2021

Exactly, we need stability. In the old days, they would have kicked Trump out the next day and had him convicted and unseated those traitors. . That little Miss Rat with her gun needs a good kick in the bun.

by Anonymousreply 301/12/2021

Again, this is the world the Republicans have shoved down our throats for 40 years. They put corporations on a pedestal, and made them practically beyond the reach of mere mortal law enforcement and tax collection. The Republicans have imbued greater rights to corporations than people; that's why it was so comical when Mitt Romney said "corporations are people." No, they're super-people; they can decide when and how long they live. That alone sets corporations apart from people and their governments.

Nevertheless, business relies on a calm, steady and functioning society. Insurrection is bad for business. That the corporations are pissed off at the people who have destabilized our government makes sense. It's the first time in my lifetime (and I'm an eldergay) that corporations have criticized the Republican party as a whole, and while not the first time a company has not donated to a specific politician for a specific reason, it is the first time they've been widespread and vocal about it.

It's nice seeing the Republicans finally have to suffer in the world they created, too.

by Anonymousreply 401/12/2021

She needs a kick in her cuntbone, r3.

A hard kick.

by Anonymousreply 501/12/2021

We love to see it.

by Anonymousreply 601/12/2021

Home Depot just joined the group!

by Anonymousreply 7Last Wednesday at 7:51 AM
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