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Dog Meat

Where can I purchase some? My current supplier ran into difficulties with the ongoing pandemic.

by Thanks reply 1111/22/2020


by Thanks reply 111/21/2020

R1 ? I’m being serious.

by Thanks reply 211/21/2020

Depends how much money you got!

by Thanks reply 311/21/2020

Sure, Jan r2

by Thanks reply 411/21/2020

How many pounds of dog meat are needed to fill up obese OP? I guess about 20 lbs.

by Thanks reply 511/21/2020

check korean restaurants. it's an off-menu item.

by Thanks reply 611/21/2020

Call Julie Chen Moonves

by Thanks reply 711/21/2020

OP =

Offsite Link
by Thanks reply 811/21/2020

Call your local Chinese restaurant OP. How dumb can you be?

by Thanks reply 911/21/2020

HEy EverYBOdy. WHere cAN I GEt dOG mEat?

What an idiot. Such an easy problem to solve with half a brain cell of thinking. Go to your local dog pound and adopt a dog; kill it, skin it, butcher it you literal dumb person.

There's a shit ton of dog meat just waiting for you courtesy of The Human Society and city animal control, dummy. And there's videos on youtube of how to skin and butcher coyotes for meat and dog would be almost identical you halfwit. Can you figure out how to work youtube, shitforbrains, or is that too much thinking as well?

Though with your lack of brain power, you dunce, you probably should re-examine your diet I recommend switching to fish, it's better for your lacking brain.

Offsite Link
by Thanks reply 1011/21/2020

R10 is a sociopath

by Thanks reply 1111/22/2020
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