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Michigan Officials having drinks at the Trump Hotel last night...

After supposedly discussing COVID aid with Dump and purportedly standing up to his claims of election fraud. Hm.

Riddle me this: Why?

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by Nancy Drewreply 1711/21/2020

They had an hour before the hookers showed up?

by Nancy Drewreply 111/21/2020

You should show up at their houses and threaten their children by name, like a freedom fighter.

by Nancy Drewreply 211/21/2020

Nail on head:

[quote] So I’m supposed to believe that Michigan Republicans, who have never cared about covid before, spent an hour discussing aid with trump, stood up to him over the election and then went to Trump hotel to drink champagne and celebrate their independence?

Get ready, girls. Something shitty is a brewin’!

Offsite Link
by Nancy Drewreply 311/21/2020

They must be the only employed people in Michigan.

by Nancy Drewreply 411/21/2020

They're facing social ostracization and professional obstacles for sticking their necks out for him. Some of them will end up having to move because of harrassment and threats. He's showing them some love, and some support.

by Nancy Drewreply 511/21/2020

They caved tomTrump and want to delay certification for 2 weeks. So the champagne is a reward.

by Nancy Drewreply 611/21/2020

Well MI and PA are due to certify Monday, so we'll know very soon if there is skullduggery.

by Nancy Drewreply 711/21/2020

WTF r2 warranted that comment? The Democratic governor just had a plot to kidnap and murder her thwarted. Not saying there won’t be minor repercussions for supporting him, but they’re Republicans and they stick together and support each other like glue. No one is moving or losing a job.

by Nancy Drewreply 811/21/2020

Definitely republicans...NO masks and NO social distancing! I'm coming in!

by Nancy Drewreply 911/21/2020

R8, he's a troll. I actually already had him om ignore.

by Nancy Drewreply 1011/21/2020

These people are too stupid to live.

God only knows how Trump set them up, with cameras capturing all of it.

by Nancy Drewreply 1111/21/2020

Can January get here already!

by Nancy Drewreply 1211/21/2020

I can hardly wait until whoever acquires the Trump DC hotel at bankruptcy sale removes his name from everything. I will travel to DC just to stay there.

by Nancy Drewreply 1311/21/2020

R13, we need it to happen here first. We deserve to end that shit name here. "Trump Tower" needs to be GONE

by Nancy Drewreply 1411/21/2020

I'd be drinking too if I were stupid enough to have gotten myself involved in this clusterfuck.

by Nancy Drewreply 1511/21/2020

[post redacted because thinks that links to their ridiculous rag are a bad thing. Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. Or not. We don't really care. They do suck though. Our advice is that you should not click on the link and whatever you do, don't read their truly terrible articles.]

Offsite Link
by Nancy Drewreply 1611/21/2020

Are they staying there on the taxpayers' dime?

by Nancy Drewreply 1711/21/2020
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