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Basic and Beautiful Skin

We've had a lot of skincare threads over the years. What I'm after is the most basic, sustainable and sensible routine for me.

About 20 years ago, someone wise told me to stop using soap on my face completely, which I did, and I've probably only used actual soap on my face less than 50 times since then.

Also, he told me to apply a dime-sized amount of jojoba oil to my face after each shower, while the skin is still a bit moist.

I really feel that these two bits of guidance have made the biggest difference in my facial skin, especially considering I was still smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish when I received such advice.

I've found that I need a good exfoliating solution. I've heard that some people use cornmeal with great results. Any recommendations here? I'd love the input.

Any other natural or simple skincare secrets - share them here!

by Anonymousreply 71July 24, 2021 10:12 AM

sunblock. sunscreen. even on cloudy days.

by Anonymousreply 1November 6, 2020 1:11 AM

drink lots of water.

by Anonymousreply 2November 6, 2020 1:11 AM

Dr. Dennis Gross 2 minute peel exfoliating pads. It is directed to use daily, but I find 2-3 times a week will suffice.

by Anonymousreply 3November 6, 2020 1:12 AM

You don't soap your face? Well, then with what do you wash your face?

by Anonymousreply 4November 6, 2020 1:13 AM

I wash my face very well a few times daily, with warm water and a cloth, R4

by Anonymousreply 5November 6, 2020 1:15 AM

Yep, basic means sunscreen always when you're outside, at least spf50. Hats and even (mary!) Satin glove while driving to prevent age spots on the back of your hands. Drugstore moisturizer if you are still young, avoid ponds which has AHA which makes you prone to sunburns, therefore kinda nagative the sun avoidance tips listed above.

by Anonymousreply 6November 6, 2020 1:16 AM

Exfoliating is actually bad for my skin - makes me break out. I don't like astringent either. I wash with a cleansing gel and moisturize.

by Anonymousreply 7November 6, 2020 1:18 AM

I just saw my dermatologist today. No soap on the face, and no irritating oils. Sunscreen with moisturizer in the AM, and Retin A in the PM.

by Anonymousreply 8November 6, 2020 1:24 AM

Warm water and wash cloth, only.

Oh, and sunscreen, always. SPF 50+

by Anonymousreply 9November 6, 2020 1:25 AM

No sun. No smoking. No drinking. No sugar. There’s very little mystery to it.

by Anonymousreply 10November 6, 2020 1:36 AM

[R10] maybe not a lot of mystery, but how dreary. We want to do whatever we want.

by Anonymousreply 11November 6, 2020 1:44 AM

I have found over the years that the more aggressive approaches to skincare were in fact irritating my skin and triggering breakouts (i.e. doing the opposite of what I wanted). I finally stopped using all "exfoliating cleansers" and anything with salicylic acid a few years ago, and my skin improved dramatically. I will use benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments during the rare breakout, but other than that I keep it limited to products aimed for sensitive skin—gentle, no fragrance, etc.

As far as products go, I swear by Eucerin. I use their hydrating face cleanser everyday, as well as their SPF 30 face lotion. At night, I put on their Q10 face lotion, which is supposedly an "anti-wrinkle" cream, though I don't really care about that so much—I use it because it hydrates my face really well and I wake up glowing—and no zits!

by Anonymousreply 12November 6, 2020 1:45 AM

This stuff made a marked improvement in my skin. I use the Refreshing Face Wash and the Essential Renewal Cream.

You do have to be careful in the sun when using these products, but I am okay with that.

I'm interested in doing a mini peel, but I am also completely chicken.

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by Anonymousreply 13November 6, 2020 1:45 AM

I can take spots and lines, but it's these pores I can keep a roll of dimes in that I wish I could shrink. Ugh.

by Anonymousreply 14November 6, 2020 1:48 AM

Tretinoin (prescription strength retinol), moisturizer, sunscreen. That’s all anyone needs.

by Anonymousreply 15November 6, 2020 1:51 AM

Oracea (low dosage, slow-release doxycyline).

by Anonymousreply 16November 6, 2020 1:53 AM

Copious amounts of hot cum.

by Anonymousreply 17November 6, 2020 1:56 AM

[Quote] No drinking. No sugar. There’s very little mystery to it.

Well then i'm fucked 😄

by Anonymousreply 18November 6, 2020 12:05 PM

Two cheap and cheerful exfoliation tips from an esthetician:

- homemade milk mask with dried milk. Milk has lactic acid, which is a large molecule acid that is more gentle on skin than other acids. It gives skin a nice glow.

- for large pores including those that get those darker, oxidized sebaceous filaments (pre blackheads) - take two uncoated aspirin - which has salicylic acid - a beta hydroxy (oil soluble acid). put a few drops of water on them in a dish. use a gentle brush to mix it up. Add a little honey to give it shape. also honey has antioxidants and soothing properties. Apply to the skin and leave on for 15 - 20 mins. A more pricey option is to get a clarisonic (or similar) and use that to work in dermalogica daily microfoliant. that pulls all of the gunk out of my nose.

And of course, a good vitamin c serum or sunscreen with a good antioxidant cocktail like la roche anthelion or neutrogena.

by Anonymousreply 19November 6, 2020 12:24 PM

It's not like "no soap" means "no washing", just use a lotion/oil type facial cleanser - they float the dirt and whatnot off of your face, instead of stripping it with detergents. No soap really means no detergents.

by Anonymousreply 20November 6, 2020 12:33 PM

I like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.^

by Anonymousreply 21November 6, 2020 1:03 PM

R1 and r2. Thread closed.

by Anonymousreply 22November 6, 2020 1:04 PM

So, no face washing at all, R22?

by Anonymousreply 23November 6, 2020 1:06 PM

Whaddabout ass washing?

by Anonymousreply 24November 6, 2020 3:17 PM

Anyone tried one of these at-home high-frequency wands? The pics and reviews are good. Only $50.

This dermatologist is gonna trigger DLers though.

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by Anonymousreply 25January 30, 2021 6:23 PM

I started using Oil of Olay SPF 15 moisturizer this year at the recommendation of my mother who's in her late 60's and has some of the most beautiful skin I've ever seen. I'd only been using it for a month or so when we went out to lunch and she noted what a difference it's made to my skin. It took me another month to see the difference, but it's been a real game changer for me. It also helps that I try to stay out of the sun anyway and always have. Sun, booze, and smoking will wreck your appearance eventually.

by Anonymousreply 26January 30, 2021 6:27 PM

I like the la roche posay and ordinary stuff.

by Anonymousreply 27January 30, 2021 6:34 PM

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque keeps the face fresh and tight.

by Anonymousreply 28January 30, 2021 7:00 PM

Olay Daily Facials, for sensitive skin for me (oily skin one is like sandpaper) to wash my face. I use the Olay moisturizing creams too.

They're great for traveling too - wet one cloth and wash. Nothing to add. I'm 59 and look 39!

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by Anonymousreply 29January 30, 2021 7:06 PM

I'm 72 and look 14!

by Anonymousreply 30January 30, 2021 7:10 PM

I'm very pale and my skin is naturally drier and on the sensitive side (which I attribute to my Irish/Swedish ancestry). I wash my face twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) with Eucerin's hydrating cleanser. It's basic, no frills, non-drying (obviously), and I've never broken out from it. I order it online because I've weirdly never seen it in a store. At night, I put on Eucerin's Q10 face lotion mixed with a little CeraVe hyaluronic acid serum. I also wear sunscreen every day. My skin is flawless. It wasn't always, though. I had bouts with acne throughout my twenties, but a couple years ago, I finally stopped using anything with salicylic acid in it. I found through trial and error that the salicylic acid was actually irritating my skin, triggering inflammation which leads to—you guessed it—acne! I was stripping my skin barrier every time I washed my face, and worst of all, I was averse to using moisturizer because I (like many people) had been programmed to think that putting any moisture/oil on the face would cause acne. How wrong I was!

by Anonymousreply 31January 30, 2021 7:13 PM

I’ve pretty much always had nice skin except for a period when I started shaving and was doing it badly and it was causing skin irritation. I went to so many doctors to try and find out what was going wrong. Every doctor suggested my skin was fine and that they had worse skin than me. It was true. I hated going to docs and dermatologists that had bad skin and complaining about my “little” skin problems

by Anonymousreply 32January 30, 2021 7:15 PM

Paul Newman used to swear by ice-cold water. But he’s dead now

by Anonymousreply 33January 30, 2021 8:04 PM

Speaking of which, did Joan Crawford have a freezer in her bathroom where she stored ice to use on her face? It was the opening scene in Mommie Dearest

by Anonymousreply 34January 30, 2021 8:06 PM

The secret to excellent skin over the years is Retin A. It's not even a secret. I've done cycles for decades.

And sun screen.

by Anonymousreply 35January 30, 2021 8:08 PM

Sorry, which his what R15 said as well.

Also see a dermatologist as often as you see a dentist to take care of little issues that might arise. They and scan your whole body by the way, and pick up warnings.

by Anonymousreply 36January 30, 2021 8:09 PM

R35 - is the good Retin-A still only available by prescription? I get confused because so many products claim to have "Retinol" and other "retin"-type ingredients.

Does anyone know - is Retin-A and Retinol essentially the same thing? Is it about strength or percentage of retinol in the cream? I'm confused!!!

by Anonymousreply 37January 30, 2021 9:00 PM

Pretty sure Carol Ann just stuck a bowl of ice in there, R34. I wonder if she ever slept...

by Anonymousreply 38January 30, 2021 9:42 PM

I wish I had a dollar for everyone of our DL skin threads.....you’ve all taught me a lot, though it’s always ultimately the same info lulz.

by Anonymousreply 39January 30, 2021 10:37 PM

Vanicream gentle cleanser. Skinceuticals vitamin C serum. Sunscreen. Retinol if needed. LaRoche Posay moisturizer. Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads 3 times a week. You’re welcome.

by Anonymousreply 40January 30, 2021 11:18 PM

Retinoids are stronger than Retinol. Retinol is widely available, Retinoid is attained through a derm.

by Anonymousreply 41January 30, 2021 11:19 PM

Sunscreen daily, Vanicream in the tub, Vanicream bar soap and Philosophy daily exfoliating wash.

by Anonymousreply 42January 31, 2021 12:17 AM

All of that stuff just makes my face red. And exfoliating makes me break out. This is not a one-size-fits-all topic.

by Anonymousreply 43January 31, 2021 12:30 AM

Sunblock everyday, Japanese and Korean sunscreens are the best, they don't leave you looking like Casper. American ones are filled with toxic chemicals.

Tretinoin is a must.

Vitamin C/Ferulic Acid serums are great too.

by Anonymousreply 44January 31, 2021 12:46 AM

I found a knock off of that Skinceutucals, the brand is Eva, I get it on Amazon, works exactly the same (and yes, you need to use it, it is amazing).

I have issues with exfoliation, sebum in nose pores and chin that I am forever extracting — I feel like I’m cursed. I think I know what is causing my problems, but I don’t have the solutions yet. For example, I’ve always battled dandruff (even though I have plugged pores around my nose!). Sometimes I even get flakey in my brows. After years and years of trying things, I think I finally diagnosed myself correctly in having some type of yeast imbalance, that causes the flakes. I also started getting red irritated cracks on the corners of my mouth — again, yeast. I have bad allergies, perhaps that is somehow tangled up in this yeast business.

The sebum in my nose/chin pores I cannot figure out what to do. I’ve tried it ALL, nothing makes it better. It suuuuuucks, what, I’m going to be 90 in a nursing home extracting sebum from my now 5” diameter pores by then? Fucking bullshit.

by Anonymousreply 45January 31, 2021 1:52 AM

I wash my eyebrows with Head & Shoulders to take care of my eyebrow dandruff. I wash my face before bed with Cetaphil. CeraVe night cream. Kheil’s facial fuel with spf. Neutrogena dry touch spf (50 or higher) for outdoor activities. Vaseline on my lips. Cetaphil or CeraVe unscented cream on my body.

I’m 54 and have never had any issues with my skin.

by Anonymousreply 46January 31, 2021 1:56 AM

No soap on face, hydration, Nivea cream, avoid the Sun

by Anonymousreply 47January 31, 2021 2:02 AM

Warm water and a cloth alone don't work if you're wearing makeup.

by Anonymousreply 48January 31, 2021 2:06 AM

[quote]Retinoid is attained through a derm.

And India.

by Anonymousreply 49January 31, 2021 2:28 AM

My secret is to avoid any trauma, ensure there are no unsightly tattoos, moles or scars, and to keep the skins moisturized with a good-quality lotion [bold]OR IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN.[/bold]

by Anonymousreply 50January 31, 2021 2:35 AM

r46, if you have "eyebrow dandruff" you have issues with your skin.

by Anonymousreply 51January 31, 2021 7:53 AM

Anyone ever have subciscion for scars?

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by Anonymousreply 52February 6, 2021 2:58 AM

African black soap is amazing for washing your face

by Anonymousreply 53February 6, 2021 4:09 AM

R46 I’m only 29, but I get flakes in my brows as well as my scalp. My (white) skin is dry and dehydrated, with lifelong rosacea. It’s hard to find hydrating products that really work on it.

by Anonymousreply 54July 21, 2021 12:16 PM

URTH face scrub.........I've tried them all and it is the best for MEN......(not women)....

....I also use a dab of COSRX snail mucin 92%.........I rub it into slightly damp skin after shaving..........

I know what you are thinking "snail mucin.....you must be kidding"..........it has been an ingredient in face creams for eons.............COSRX just has the balls to list it and call it what it really is..............

And..............I stay out of the sun............at all costs................

by Anonymousreply 55July 21, 2021 12:20 PM

R55 why doesn’t the snail goo work on women?

by Anonymousreply 56July 21, 2021 12:26 PM

r56 URTH facial scrub............ and COSRX snail mucin are two DIFFERENT products..........produced by different companies...... I was saying that the URTH scrub is probably too aggressive for women, and is designed for people with beard stubble.......... The COSRX snail mucin moisturizer is for everyone.......

by Anonymousreply 57July 21, 2021 12:49 PM

R57 ok, cool, thanks for clarifying.

How do they harvest it, though? I hope it’s ethical practise; I really love snails...

by Anonymousreply 58July 21, 2021 12:59 PM

Harvesting is indoor humane snail farms.........snails on glass sheets, snails leave mucin behind, mucin is collected off the glass sheets, micro-filtered and sterilized, then bottled........that is at least my understanding of the process.............these snail farms are gigantic, as almost all facial creams from most manufacturers (worldwide) list "mucin" as an ingredient.......check out the ingredient list(s) the next time you are in the drugstore...........illuminating........

by Anonymousreply 59July 21, 2021 1:07 PM

Sunscreen, Retin A. I don’t use soap on my face.

Exfoliation can damage skin cells so no.

Use as little as possible on your face.

by Anonymousreply 60July 21, 2021 1:07 PM

Yet another thread, the gist of which is "I may be fat, bald and ugly, but damn does my skin glow like a nuclear reactor!!!"

by Anonymousreply 61July 21, 2021 1:09 PM

Joan pored witch hazel in a bowl of ice dunked her face in it.

by Anonymousreply 62July 21, 2021 1:09 PM

^ and dunked her face in it. Girl was a drunk and needed to sober up for those 3am call times!

by Anonymousreply 63July 21, 2021 1:12 PM

Yes R49. I have used All Day Chemist for Retin A for years.

by Anonymousreply 64July 21, 2021 1:21 PM

The "no soap on your face" thing seems to work for me, even though I dismissed it for years.

by Anonymousreply 65July 21, 2021 3:05 PM

For the no soap regime, do you wash with something else? Cleansing oil? Toner?

by Anonymousreply 66July 24, 2021 4:46 AM

R66 Cetaphil all the way. Or a generic version of it.

by Anonymousreply 67July 24, 2021 4:59 AM

Retin A

by Anonymousreply 68July 24, 2021 5:24 AM

R66 Vanicream facial cleanser is great. For those who wear makeup, there is a makeup cleanser cloth called Original MakeUp Eraser that only needs water to remove your makeup - it's antibacterial as well. I don't use makeup, but I use this cloth to remove my sunscreen at night.

by Anonymousreply 69July 24, 2021 6:12 AM

R66, I used to use the Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser, which is soap free (I think), but now I just use a washcloth and warm water. I don't even moisturize during the summer. I do use witch hazel and maybe lotion after I shave.

by Anonymousreply 70July 24, 2021 7:08 AM

R19 drinking store-bought milk is so bad for you—it’s full of hormones, antibiotics, blood and shit. Why would you put it on the face? Doesn’t seem like a great idea, unless it’s grassfed organic straight from the udder.

by Anonymousreply 71July 24, 2021 10:12 AM
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