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Luxury Trains

Which have you ridden? Which would you like to ride and why?

Offsite Link
by Choo! Choo!reply 610/18/2020

I would like to ride all of them (except the ones in Russia and India).

by Choo! Choo!reply 110/17/2020

Le Train Bleu from Paris to Nice, overnight. We brought a little basket of wild strawberries and some cheap sparkling wine for a snack. That’s all I remember.

Life was better in the 20th century.

by Choo! Choo!reply 210/17/2020

Ugh. I read this headline as "Luxury Trans."

by Choo! Choo!reply 310/17/2020

"Train" and "train"! What is "train"?

Offsite Link
by Choo! Choo!reply 410/18/2020

I took a Spanish sleeper called Trenhotel. Not great. The cabin was very old and stained, and it smelled of toilet disinfectant (like the blue liquid in an Amtrak toilet bowl). I booked it through American Express Platinum travel and took a few photos of the compartment and sent them to AMEX. They refunded my fare. I remember also some nonsense about lounge access in the train station. It was all very confusing and expensive and a real ripoff. Earlier on the same trip, I switched from an Italian train to a Swiss sleeper service in Zurich. The difference was striking. The Swiss train was very orderly, the cabin was spotless, with pearl gray laminate surfaces, full spectrum LED lighting operated with highly chromed switches in several locations, a white desk surface that concealed a pop-up chrome faucet, a large glass bottle of mineral water set into a bowl of ice, and starched white bed linens and a triple sheeted down or hollowfill duvet. It was excellent. The dining car was a double decker and they served a mushroom casserole and decent wine and desert. They brought a basket with a warm baguette in a linen towel in a wicker basket and coffee with the International Herald Tribune to my cabin in the morning, and returned my passport (they passed through a customs check overnight). I enjoyed the Swiss rail passage from Zurich to Amsterdam way more than the Spanish train and Italian trains (Italian train had broken Air conditioning, hours late, delayed, and a mess and really loud and aggressive).

by Choo! Choo!reply 510/18/2020

R5, loud and aggressive, like my Italian leather boots!


JK. But it made me laugh because it reminded me of my mother, who isn’t Italian, yet my boots are, and are nicer than my mum.

by Choo! Choo!reply 610/18/2020
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