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Why did Donald Trump’s Career go Straight down the Shitter?

Tell me why.

Offsite Link
by Debbie H.reply 710/17/2020

Because he was born!

by Debbie H.reply 110/17/2020

Because he decided to venture into politics when he should've stayed out of it. If he didn't, his legacy would still pretty much be intact and the majority of people would remember him fondly after his death.

by Debbie H.reply 210/17/2020

I just think Donny is terrible with money. Hilariously bad.

Ultimately, his poor financial judgement was the architect of all of his horrific life choices.

by Debbie H.reply 310/17/2020

Greed, insecurity, jealousy, ignorance, morally bankrupt, lack of empathy, sever personality disorder, emotionally stunted at an early age, rage, unattractive.

by Debbie H.reply 410/17/2020

The real DL thread I want to see is

Donald Trump is DEAD to me

by Debbie H.reply 510/17/2020

Because he's monumentally stupid and lazy. And he can't keep his mouth shut. And he's a malignant narcissist.

Also, again, very very very stupid.

by Debbie H.reply 610/17/2020

I hate Trump with more passion than anyone else I can think of, but the asshole is the luckiest SOB I ever saw. He has zero talent for anything except lying and he isn't even very good at that, yet he won the Presidency of the US, is probably richer than any of us in here, survived Covid, has adoring crowds killing themselves to see him, survived several bankruptcies. He has had two beautiful wives, yes I know he has been married three times. He has probably committed more crimes than anyone I can think of and will also probably get off scot free because some people won't want to put an ex-President in jail.

by Debbie H.reply 710/17/2020
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