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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Take Their Daughter To Vote

Faith Hill Accepts Michelle Obama's Challenge and Votes with Husband Tim McGraw

On Thursday, Faith Hill shared a post on her Instagram and Twitter announcing that she and her husband, Tim McGraw, were encouraged to vote by former first lady Michelle Obama.

Wearing masks in the photo because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hill captioned her post, "Challenge accepted Michelle Obama! My #VotingSquad and I voted together today."

Her voting squad also includes the pair's youngest daughter Audrey, 18.

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by Anonymousreply 16Last Saturday at 7:48 AM

Lol, and who do you think two country music stars are going to be voting for?

by Anonymousreply 1Last Friday at 3:16 PM

R1 Biden as they are Democrats

by Anonymousreply 2Last Friday at 3:18 PM

they are out proud dems have always been since their careers started.

by Anonymousreply 3Last Friday at 3:21 PM

Tim McGraw can punch my ballot any day

by Anonymousreply 4Last Friday at 3:24 PM


by Anonymousreply 5Last Friday at 3:25 PM

I’d love to inspect his hanging chad, r4

by Anonymousreply 6Last Friday at 4:11 PM

R1 reading comprehension. Michelle Obama challenged her. Tim & Faith are well known Democrats.

R1 is probably the type who screams about not stereotyping people too.

by Anonymousreply 7Last Friday at 7:30 PM


by Anonymousreply 8Last Friday at 10:46 PM

Love Faith and Tim. I love that they don't hide their politics to please their conservative fans.

Also, loved it when Faith when was getting her life to Beyonce's performance with the Dixie Chicks a few years ago at the Country Music Awards. All the racists pressed by Bey's appearance on stage while Faith was having a blast.

Love her.

by Anonymousreply 9Last Friday at 11:06 PM

I love Tim and Faith too.

by Anonymousreply 10Last Friday at 11:07 PM

Don't celebrity endorsements have the opposite effect?

by Anonymousreply 11Last Friday at 11:21 PM

No, R11. You’re an idiot.

by Anonymousreply 12Last Saturday at 12:30 AM

I like her but I think she’s crazy. She has bipolar vibes.

by Anonymousreply 13Last Saturday at 6:25 AM

Did anyone see the Architectural Digest spread of their hosue in the Bahamas a few years ago? Absolutely stunning. It would leave Tasteful Friends mute.

by Anonymousreply 14Last Saturday at 7:39 AM

Both of them are very vocal Democrats, which is refreshing. Love the subtle detail of the entire family being dressed in blue.

by Anonymousreply 15Last Saturday at 7:46 AM


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by Anonymousreply 16Last Saturday at 7:48 AM
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